Dr. Malone Shares Dire Warning: mRNA Vaccines Are Being Injected Into Our Food Supply…

SRH: So Clueless Klaus WEF Schwab's brain Dead Demonic Little Moron has said that "we," referring to the satanic globalists, only want 500 million people on the planet. I'm sure Gates, Schwab, Harari, Soros, and the rest of the usual suspects are upset that many individuals avoided their bioweapons and will not die on time.

As a result, I'm not shocked that they'll attempt to murder as many of us as they can via our food supply. Nothing will change unless the international community says enough is enough. They fear us because we are the majority, and they are a very tiny, elitist minority. You can bet your last dollar that no one will tamper with their food supply.

Here's an article from September 2021 about how they were already working on putting it in salads: UC Riverside Team Studies Ways to Put mRNA Vaccines in Salads: https://www.campusreform.or... Between the food supply and the shedding, they're trying to make it impossible for anyone to avoid their evil KILL shots.


‘I have been talking about gene therapy vaccines being introduced into the food supply without providing people informed consent on my Twitter account (@RenzTom) as well as pushing Missouri HB1169 which is our best bet of stopping this happening. This is a nightmare scenario whereby people’s genetics are potentially altered with “factory foods” without them even knowing.

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HNewsWire: This might be one of Dr. Malone's most concerning warnings ever. He wrote an article on how mRNA vaccines are administered to cattle and companion animals.

That is, the mRNA vaccine enters your body if you ingest the vaccinated animal. Malone, Dr. The situation of mRNA "vaccines" for animal "health" is examined in today's substack. I will analyze what is known and unknown regarding commercial liaisons and collaborations, the firms engaged, continuing research, and products in different stages of development, using public sources.

Dr. Malone says they've been working on mRNA vaccinations for cattle and companion animals for over six years. Bayer collaborates with BioNTech to create mRNA vaccines and drugs for animals.

News about Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Health.

May 10, 2016 Bayer will collaborate with BioNTech to develop innovative, first-in-class mRNA vaccines and treatments for animal health conditions, the companies said today. The value of the cooperation was not revealed.

Bayer agreed to acquire the exclusive rights to BioNTech's mRNA technology and intellectual property in order to develop mRNA vaccines for animal health applications.
According to the organizations, their collaboration is the first of its type, focusing on producing mRNA therapies exclusively for animal health applications.

One of the three therapeutic platforms BioNTech is developing using mRNA technology is focused on infectious illness vaccines; the other two are cancer immunotherapies and protein replacement. The three technologies are intended to generate pharmacologically tailored protein-coding RNA for in vivo targeting.

Dr. Malone goes on to suggest that it's safe to predict that cattle and companion mRNA vaccinations and RNA treatments will be available shortly.

New mRNA vaccines are being developed by Bayer and BioNTech.

Feedstuffs.com May 16, 2016

Companies work together to create innovative ways to preserve companion and farm animal health using cutting-edge technology.

Remember the year: 2016. This implies that Bayer and BioNTech have been working on mRNA vaccines for cattle and companion animals for almost six years.

BioNTech has been developing three therapeutic platforms for livestock and companion animals using mRNA technology. Vaccines against infectious diseases

Immunotherapies for cancer and Protein substitution.

Dr. Malone thinks these facilities were created to manufacture veterinary vaccinations.

In Germany, Bayer will produce mRNA vaccinations.

1 February 2021, Bayer Website

"Following conversations with the German government, it has become evident that present vaccine production capacity must be enhanced, notably for future SARS-CoV-2 virus types." This involves the need to increase production capacity as well as manufacturing competence in Germany.

Bayer will assist even more by making additional vaccinations accessible to aid in the battle against the pandemic. Merck currently sells swine mRNA vaccinations.

Website of Merck, accessed January 2023

Merck Animal Health's SEQUIVITY may help you combat existing and future swine illnesses. Sequicity is a game-changing swine vaccination platform that uses RNA particle technology to generate tailored prescription vaccines against influenza A virus strains in pigs, porcine circovirus (PCV), rotavirus, and other viruses. It's backed up with a smart dashboard packed with extensive data and insights to keep you on top.

Dr. Malone provides several further instances. You may read his complete article on his Stack, which can be found here.

"I wouldn't bet on that," Dr. Malone responded when asked whether the government will label containers as "vaccinated beef." "In fact, I'm betting—no."

Dr. Malone responded to another Twitter user who emphasized that this needs to be halted "IMMEDIATELY," saying, "We have to establish other methods." I don't believe we can stop them, but we may refuse to purchase their food, pharmaceuticals, or mRNA vaccinations. We have the option of not using their "health care professionals." "We can be our own people, independent of their hellscape."

It's time to locate a reputable local meat farmer in your neighborhood...

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SRH: At My First Defense No One Came to Stand By Me, but All Deserted Me. May It Not Be Charged Against Them! But the Lord Stood by Me and Strengthened Me, so That Through Me the Message Might Be Fully Proclaimed and All the Gentiles Might Hear It. So I Was Rescued From the Lion’s Mouth. The Lord Will Rescue Me From Every Evil Deed and Bring Me Safely Into His Heavenly Kingdom. To Him Be the Glory Forever and Ever.

We have to awaken to the fact that the COVID scamdemic has rapidly accelerated the technocratic and transhumanistic aspects of the New World Order (NWO) to the point where people are blindly lining up to get injected with a “treatment” which is also a chemical device, an operating system, a synthetic pathogen and chemical pathogen production device.

This new COVID vax is a completely new kind of technology, potentially even more dangerous than your average toxic vaccine.

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