Update: mRNA Technology Is Pretty Much Worthless Against Flu, However the Kill Shots Works Great Eliminating Useless Eaters

SRH: At My First Defense No One Came to Stand By Me, but All Deserted Me. May It Not Be Charged Against Them! But the Lord Stood by Me and Strengthened Me, so That Through Me the Message Might Be Fully Proclaimed and All the Gentiles Might Hear It. So I Was Rescued From the Lion’s Mouth. The Lord Will Rescue Me From Every Evil Deed and Bring Me Safely Into His Heavenly Kingdom. To Him Be the Glory Forever and Ever.

HNewsWire: Data suggests sudden adult death syndrome due to vaccines, The Government Exempted Itself and Big Pharma From Litigation, Then Told Everyone They Had to Drink the Juice or Lose Everything

So, which government official, Biden,Trump or Johnson, will be arrested first? There are plenty to select from, and they are all guilty of genocide. Which doctors are losing their licenses and going to prison as a result of mandatory gene therapies? The whole Nuremberg Code and medical ethics were thrown out. Those who promoted this should be harshly punished.

Political leaders, as well as useless, illiterate attorneys and judges, should be removed and tried for crimes against humanity, if not murder. Period. Forcing therapy on someone in order to rescue another is medically unethical. If someone are forced to take a "vaccine" and die as a consequence of the treatment, this is not informed consent and may be considered assault and even murder. This is true even if the "vaccine" was ineffective.

Forcing a vaccination on anybody when the treatment's efficacy is questionable in order to (maybe) save others is immoral. Many persons involved in this medical fraud should be imprisoned.

For years, people have been speaking out against so-called "kill shots," even before they were accessible, but Google and the mainstream media have successfully suppressed their voices.


Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of MRNA technology) has spoken out once again against the dangerous COVID-19 inoculations. This time, he’s detailed the serious side effects associated with MRNA vaccination of small children. Below this report, is evidence of his previous accusations. Claiming that vaccinated individuals are “Super Spreaders”. In a public statement.

Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the mRNA technology utilized in mRNA vaccinations, said that the true "super-spreaders" are those who received the experimental COVID injections, not those who did not, as totalitarian regimes and the establishment media reported.

"The notion that if everyone in the workplace gets vaccinated, there would be no viral propagation is just untrue." "A complete fiction," Dr. Malone said on a recent edition of the podcast The Hidden Gateway.

Dr. Malone spoke with host Jesston Williams about the invention and early testing of mRNA technology, how government agencies have used violence and intimidation to increase vaccination rates, and how public health agencies lack the necessary and relevant safety and efficacy data for a global vaccination program. The issue of governments and public health institutions misrepresenting the public "for their own good" was also raised. One of the most intriguing things Malone claimed in his interview was that people who had the experimental injection were "super-spreaders" because of their proclivity to infect others.
Unlike other vaccinations, influenza injections are given once a year, although they provide less protection than other frequently recommended immunizations, ranging from 10% to 60%. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the flu vaccine this season was just 16 percent effective (CDC).
On October 8, 2004, three 10-dose influenza virus vaccination vials are spotted at Ballin Pharmacy in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images) )

Scientists intended to create a universal flu vaccine that would protect against several strains of the virus and could be administered every five or ten years, removing the need for yearly flu jabs. They predicted that the universal flu vaccine would be ready in eight to ten years, but the study has yet to produce fruit more than a decade later.

With the messenger RNA (mRNA) technological platform, major pharmaceutical companies want to improve the shot's lackluster protection as well as the present flu production method.

If the businesses are successful, the "new flu jabs might become profitable or help preserve position in a worldwide industry predicted to approach US$10 billion by the end of the decade," according to a Nature article.

According to Dr. Robert Malone, who helped develop the mRNA vaccine technology, flu shots are a "significant commercial market in the United States" that is annually recommended to "drive a market need so that the manufacturing plants can be kept running and certified" in the event of an outbreak similar to the 1918 influenza pandemic.

"The government wants to guarantee that they always have adequate influenza capacity in case anything awful occurs," Malone told The Epoch Times. "They accomplish this by creating market incentives for producers to develop seasonal influenza vaccinations even if we don't actually need them."
Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on total doses of flu vaccination distributed since 1980. (CDC/screenshot courtesy of The Epoch Times)

According to Fortune Business Insights, which provides market research and consulting services, flu vaccinations earned around $5.86 billion in 2020 and $6.59 billion worldwide in 2021, and are expected to expand to $10.73 billion in 2028 at a CAGR [compound annual growth rate] of 7.2 percent.

"The coronavirus epidemic inevitably affected regular vaccination programs and campaigns carried out globally in both developing and developed nations," the business said in its study. "However, flu vaccination rates have increased significantly during the pandemic due to reasons such as pressure from health experts/health departments, as well as the extension/expansion of different government programs that give free flu immunization."

Despite the pandemic, Seqirus, one of the world's largest manufacturers of flu shots and owned by CSL Limited, experienced vaccine sales growth, with the company's chief executive officer reporting (pdf) total revenue of "over $1.7 billion, up 30 percent at constant currency" for fiscal year 2021, "driven by the very strong sales growth in seasonal influenza vaccines of some 41 percent."

Seqirus is differentiating itself from competition by creating flu vaccine candidates based on the next generation of mRNA technology, self-amplifying messenger RNA (sa-mRNA).

Similarly to mRNA vaccines, which educate cells in the body to produce a protein that triggers the immune response in order to establish immunity, sa-mRNA "instructs the body to copy mRNA, multiplying the quantity of protein produced."

"This might allow vaccine producers to possibly design more effective vaccinations with a lower dose and reduced rates of reactogenicity, underlining the use in both pandemic and seasonal situations," the vaccine maker said in a news statement in August 2021.

Seqirus said that clinical trials of its seasonal and pandemic flu vaccine candidates will begin in the second half of 2022.

In 2021, Pfizer, Moderna, and Sanofi will begin testing their mRNA flu vaccines in persons 18 and older, while Curevac stated this month that it will perform a limited Phase 1 study in Panama.

Moderna revealed that their two-dose vaccination achieved impressive antibody titers with "no notable safety issues" noted, even at the lowest dosage of 50 micrograms, for the Phase 1 study of its quadrivalent (four-strain) seasonal flu vaccine candidate, mRNA-1010.
A schematic illustrating how Moderna's mRNA flu vaccine candidate, mRNA-1010, creates proteins that target the virus's hemagglutinin (HA). (Moderna/screenshot courtesy of The Epoch Times)

While Moderna's vaccine candidate developed antibodies after two doses, it was not as effective in older individuals who received Sanofi's Fluzone, a one-dose standard flu vaccination. According to Reuters, after a presentation of its statistics to investors, Moderna's shares fell 10% after a rapid selloff of its shares the same day.

In addition to lower antibody production, all three different dosages of Moderna's vaccine triggered more adverse events than placebo in both the 18 to 49 age group and those 50 and older.

Malone said that at the 100 microgram dosage (the same level used in its COVID-19 vaccine), "90% of the participants in this research had adverse effects compared to 30% in the control group." A high proportion of the adverse events were grade 3 out of 4, with grade 4 being fatalities or hospitalisation."

"So what we observed was that the toxicity connected with the mRNA tech that's being implemented internationally right now isn't only related to the spike protein... but it's also due to the underlying components," he said.

Gary Nabel, a former Sanofi executive, told Nature that although mRNA is a "tool with considerable upside potential," the "main stumbling block is safety."

In a study published in Cell Press, researchers from Thomas Jefferson University discovered that the lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) that encapsulate mRNA to allow it to enter cells are extremely inflammatory (pdf).

"Overall, the strong inflammatory milieu created by LNPs, in combination with presentation of vaccine-derived peptides/protein outside of antigen-presenting cells, may cause tissue damage and worsen adverse effects," the experts stated. "Because self-antigen presentation in an inflammatory milieu has been associated to the development of autoimmune illness, this warrants additional inquiry."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu vaccination this season provided very little protection against mild to severe influenza infection.

According to the CDC, the vaccination was only 16 percent efficient in a trial of 3,636 children and adults in seven states from October 2021 to February 2022, a figure that the health agency deems "not statistically significant."

Since the CDC started measuring and monitoring flu vaccine efficacy in 2004, it has consistently been between 40% and 60%.

However, when we break it down further, we notice that just one season (2010–11) of the 18 seasons that the CDC has been monitoring vaccination effectiveness was 60 percent. Whereas in eight seasons, it ranged from 40% to 56%, and seven seasons witnessed less than 40% efficacy, with the lowest being 10% in 2004–05.

The CDC did not provide a report for the 2008–09 season but claimed that vaccination efficiency was 41%, and for 2020–21, the government agency said that it did not estimate vaccine effectiveness due to "poor flu virus circulation" during that season.

The flu vaccine for this season has been upgraded to incorporate four distinct viral components, all of which are either inactivated or live-attenuated. Two of the components are influenza A virus subtypes, whereas the other two are influenza B viral lineages.

According to experts, the poor vaccination efficiency this season is due to a mismatch between the vaccine viral components and the circulating viruses. Nonetheless, Moderna demonstrates that even in "well-matched years (90 percent matching), effectiveness for all participants varies from 38-60 percent," with lower efficacy values less than 40 percent perhaps owing to egg-adaptations.
A snapshot of flu vaccination efficacy and vaccine virus strain matching in the United States since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started measuring effectiveness in 2004. (Moderna/screenshot courtesy of The Epoch Times)

Despite this, the CDC recommends that persons 6 months and older be vaccinated as long as the flu season is not finished, unless where contraindicated, since it may "avoid adverse consequences."

In the United States, flu season typically lasts from October through May, with peaks occurring between December and March. According to the CDC, there has been a modest increase in flu activity throughout the nation, with at least 2.7 million illnesses, 26,000 hospitalizations, and 1,500 fatalities recorded so far this season, although this is still below baseline.
Flu Vaccine Evolution

The flu vaccine was first developed for American troops in the 1940s, and after receiving FDA clearance in 1945, it became accessible to the general public a year later. However, it wasn't until 1964 that federal health officials officially advised the vaccination to those who were at high risk of flu complications. In 1986, flu vaccines were extended to cover those who had contact with high-risk patients.

According to an in-depth 2012 report (pdf) by scientists at the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, the flu vaccine was recommended for every healthy American 6 months and older by 2010, a move that was claimed to be based on "expert and organizational opinion" rather than solid clinical data.

"Changes were made in part on the basis of expert and organizational opinion," the authors said. "The shift toward a universal recommendation for vaccination did not occur largely as a consequence of a majority of newly released data."

"Furthermore, the ACIP [Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices] has not always accurately reflected the evidence used to support the recommendations and has routinely cited studies with suboptimal methodology (e.g., using serology as an endpoint for infection among [trivalent inactivated vaccine] recipients) as supportive," they added.

ACIP, formed in 1964, is a CDC group comprised of medical and public health specialists that gives recommendations on how to utilize vaccinations.

The 2012 paper was not the first research to focus on the limitations of the flu vaccination. A 2010 Cochrane analysis of data on the effects of giving the flu vaccine to healthy persons found that "vaccination had a moderate impact on time off work and had no effect on hospital admissions or complication rates." Furthermore, it was shown that "inactivated vaccines caused local injury as well as an estimated 1.6 extra occurrences of GuillainBarré Syndrome per million doses." The evidentiary foundation for hazards is limited."

The Cochrane authors evaluated 52 research with nearly 80,000 participants in an updated 2018 analysis, but only focused on data from 25 clinical trials because they were unable to "establish the influence of bias on almost 70% of the included studies owing to poor reporting of information."

The scientists discovered that the flu vaccination had a "modest protective impact against influenza and ILI [influenza-like illness] (moderate-certainty evidence)," as 71 individuals would need to be vaccinated to prevent one incidence of influenza and 29 people would need to be vaccinated to avoid one instance of ILI.

"Vaccination may have little or no meaningful influence on hospitalizations (low-certainty evidence) or the amount of working days missed," they noted.

Nonetheless, Malone, like other knowledgeable doctors, stressed the importance of early treatment.

“Don’t let fear dominate your lives,” he reiterated, adding that it’s what the ruling elites want to happen in order to maintain control over the populace.

We’ve come far enough to believe that there is a hidden hand, or an ulterior motive associated with the fear mongering radical media. Interestingly enough these are the same people promoting the social unrest at hand in American society. Everything that the right side of the isle has deemed evil was taken and metaphorically ran with by Joe Bidense (Joe can’t run, he’ll turn to ash.) and his admin. All that’s left is to watch global politics, we need to be aware of the influence that foreign nations have on our own nations politics. Only then can you step back, and watch the dominos fall. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

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Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology used in mRNA vaccines, said that it’s those who got the experimental COVID shots that are the real “super-spreaders” and not those who didn’t get jabbed as totalitarian states and establishment media claimed. “The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody’s vaccinated, you’re not going to have virus spread is totally false. A total lie,” said Dr. Malone on a recent episode of the podcast The Hidden Gateway. During host Jesston Williams’ interview with Dr. Malone, they discussed the invention and initial running tests of mRNA technology, how government agencies have been using violence and intimidation to increase vaccination rates, and how public health agencies lack the necessary and relevant safety and efficacy data for a global vaccination program. Also brought up was the idea of governments and public health agencies misleading the…


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Twitter has banned Dr. Robert Malone, a fundamental contributor to mRNA vaccination technology and an outspoken opponent of COVID-19 mandates and guidelines. Malone, who had amassed over 500,000 followers, announced on his Substack page that his account had been “permanently suspended from Twitter” and asserted that “we all knew it would happen eventually.” “Over a half million followers gone in a blink of an eye. That means I must have been on the mark, so to speak, ” said Malone. “Over the target. It also means we lost a critical component in our fight to stop these vaccines being mandated for children and to stop the corruption in our governments, as well as the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industries.” “Substack is absolutely the best way to see my writings. I appreciate everyone’s support in signing up for my newsletter. It truly…


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As Pestilence Continued to Sweep the Globe, Mankind Continues to Poke God in the Eye, a Strong Delusion Has Been Placed on the Ungodly Revelation 2:23 I will kill her children with Death, and all the assemblies will know that I am he who searches the minds and hearts


SRH: As Pestilence Continued to Sweep the Globe, Mankind Continues to Poke God in the Eye, a Strong Delusion Has Been Placed on the Ungodly Revelation 2:23 I will kill her children with Death, and all the assemblies will know that I am he who searches the minds and hearts.


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