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Commentary By StevieRay Hansen

Religious censorship is a form of censorship where freedom of expression is controlled or limited using religious authority or on the basis of the teachings of the religion. This form of censorship has a long history and is practiced in many societies and by many religions and NOW by Tweeter, FakeBook and YouTube…

Mass murders in San Bernardino California today, at least 12 dead and possibly many more. Parents have not taught the 10 commandments to their children. The churches have thrown the 10 commandments out the window. We are a nation reaping what has been sown. California, and Rotterdam is the most perverse sinful state or place’s in the world.

Free speech and the freedom of religion, the right to speak up and out regarding what we believe, and the right to practice our faith without fear of government retaliation or censorship.

This is what Christians in the world are up against, government retaliation and censorship.  The unhindered ability for us to share our faith, to spread the gospel, and to expose darkness in the world is becoming unheard of in many parts of the world.  This control is spreading to the Western world, and will soon overtake us!

Just how much longer will many of us be able to continue worshiping God the way that we do?  How much longer will we be allowed to speak up about Jesus Christ?  How much longer will we be able to freely spread the truth of God’s word over the internet?

Isn’t it strange that any person can speak up about any other religion in most of the world, without any fear of retaliation?  Of course this is not the case in Muslim countries, however, it is in most other countries in the world.  If you speak up about Jesus Christ or God Almighty, then you more than likely will suffer some sort of persecution, and in the West it’s getting worse.

Why is that?  Is it that they fear the truth?

We now have the ability to speak up and out for Jesus Christ.  We can share the gospel, discuss the gospel, and share God’s love all over the internet, but for how much longer?  How much longer before we are censored from sharing our faith?

There will come a day when this is not the case.  We will be silenced from expressing our faith in Jesus Christ, from encouraging one another and building each other up.  Websites such as this will be censored and more than likely shut down completely!

My point is that we don’t have much time.  We need to do what we can for the Lord with what we have, while we have it.  When Christian internet sites are shut down, then we must rely on communicating with each other face to face, not that this is a bad thing, however, it will lessen our effectiveness in communication and spreading the gospel.

Face to face communication is another thing we should be doing anyway, however, with the coming persecution this will also force many believers underground.  Think about it, just how many so-called friends and neighbors will blow the whistle and turn you in for believing in Jesus Christ?  When you mention the name Jesus in public, you never know who it will offend, then they will turn you over to the authorities.  Do you think that I’m going overboard, that what I’m saying is not going to happen?  Think again, it will happen!

Most Americans feel safe and secure in their rights under the Constitution, but haven’t we already seen it trampled upon and disregarded?  There is a force out there changing laws and times, doing away with what is good and righteous.  It will only get worse my friends, worse until the second coming of Christ on earth!

Tribulation is coming our way, and just how bad it gets before the beginning of the Tribulation Period, no one knows for sure.  Put on the armor of God each and everyday, and know that He is with you!  This is the time to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, to increase your faith, to stand firm in your beliefs, don’t wait until it’s too late!

Commentary By: Gordon King

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