Human Rights Bill In The Works To Criminalize Forced Organ Harvesting; All Will Come To Light.


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Human rights organizations are lobbying for a bill to establish an international sanctions network to punish China’s communist leadership for what they call the “unprecedented horror” of forced organ harvesting.

Anyone who forcibly removes organs from another living person against their will, stores or transports the organs, operates facilities to host transplant surgery for those organs, receives the organs, or advertises, funds, brokers, or profits from the heinous practice in any way would be breaking the law.

According to Theresa Chu, a Taiwan-based human rights lawyer and chair of the advocacy group Legal Commission of the Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting, the measure was borne out of a need to stop the abuse at a national level when international bodies had done little to address the issue.

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, practitioners are the most common victims of Beijing’s forced organ harvesting. Since 1999, adherents of the spiritual practice, which includes contemplative exercises and moral precepts based on the values of sincerity, compassion, and tolerance, have been subjected to a massive repression effort by the Chinese Communist Party.

Chu, who has spent the last 20 years defending Falun Gong victims, remembered visiting with United Nations officials about a decade ago and presenting a petition signed by 1.5 million people from 53 nations and regions urging the UN to denounce organ harvesting.

Chu informed the government about “death camps” and “hidden concentration camps” where Falun Gong convicts are “murdered through forced organ harvesting.” According to her, these camps may be found in almost every Chinese metropolis. She emphasized that it was the officials’ job to investigate and discover the sites.

“The officials did not question the source of the ‘death camp’ allegations,” Chu said at a U.N. Human Rights Council virtual side discussion on organ harvesting on March 22. “They sat quietly and listened, taking notes but not responding.”

The United Nations made no denunciation at the time, and it continues to do so today. Last year, human rights experts connected with the organization expressed their shock and dismay over credible reports of forced organ harvesting. This announcement comes 14 years after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights raised the problem with Chinese officials in 2007 but received no adequate answer.

The burden is on “everyone of us with a conscience to take any democratic and legal means” to end the atrocities, Chu added, citing the international judicial mechanism’s “indifference and passivity.” She called it “critical” for all countries to embrace the text, which she described as a fundamental “remedy” for preventing the “destruction of human ethics.”

At the discussion, current and past parliamentarians from the US, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Taiwan agreed that the issue had gotten far too little attention.

“This horrible technique permits China to maintain an almost on-demand organ transplant policy, which is unheard of even in most modern developed countries,” said Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio), calling it “one of the most cruel procedures in human history.”

The issue of “illegal organ harvesting” should be at the top of the agenda for the China–EU summit on April 1, which is expected to discuss a trade deal that has been stalled due to concerns about Beijing’s human rights record. Dutch politician Peter van Dalen, who serves on the European Parliament’s Committee on Human Rights, said he wants to see the issue of “illegal organ harvesting” at the top of the agenda for the China–EU summit on April 1.

During the panel of doctors, attorneys, officials, and medical ethics advocates’ discussion, the word “silence” came up several times.

“Living individuals in China who seek to be kind and tolerant are slain for their organs. “If you don’t have a gut-wrenching, visceral reaction at this point, you haven’t fully grasped the anguish and terror that Falun Gong practitioners face every day in China,” said Dr. Torsten Trey, executive director of the Washington-based advocacy group Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH). For its efforts to bring attention to the illegal practice, DAFOH was awarded the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice in 2019.

Participants highlighted that, although Russia’s action against Ukraine has sparked international concern, Beijing’s elimination campaign against Falun Gong practitioners has remained mostly unnoticed.

Trey speculated that the lack of attention might be attributable to the Chinese regime’s conduct of these crimes behind closed doors, given the undisclosed number of people slaughtered for their organs during the previous 23 years.

“Everyone is rightly appalled by the human tragedy and loss of human lives in Ukraine,” he continued, “but how would we respond if we witnessed hundreds of thousands of people being organ harvested in China on social media and television?”

“Silence is not neutral” in the face of brutality, according to Trey. “Silence denotes a decision to refrain from actively choosing righteousness.”

Annick Ponthier, a member of the Belgian parliament, seems to concur.

She claimed that the regime is primarily concerned with human lives to the extent that it can use them to further its worldwide communist agenda. As a result, she explained, standing up to the Chinese Communist Party “becomes a stand for human rights all around the world.”

Taiwan, China’s neighbor, has already laid up a path in response to Chu’s plan.

Tien Chiu-chin, a former legislator and member of Taiwan’s National Human Rights Commission, was a driving force behind the island’s 2015 effort to outright outlaw organ transplant tourism.

Patients going overseas for transplants must now register the country, hospital, and doctor involved in their procedures, or risk losing national coverage for anti-rejection medications that they must take for the rest of their lives. Taiwan also has a blacklist of Chinese doctors who are involved in organ harvesting and are not allowed to enter the country.

According to Tien, who urged on all world states to explore emulating Taiwan’s oversight system, this gatekeeping has drastically reduced transplant tourism to China.

“We’re well aware of how lucrative forced organ harvesting can be. “This is why such a heinous crime cannot end on its own,” she explained.

Despite the fact that Taiwan is not a United Nations member, Tien urged the UN Human Rights Council to establish an investigation task group.

“At the very least, we need to comprehend the issue; we need to look into what is going on in the world in this area,” she said.

“We have to go in search of the truth,” she continued. “We must uncover and confront the situation in order to address it and put an end to such a heinous crime against humanity and human rights.”

Communism has brought famine, poverty, and an endless war against the Chinese people. Chinese culture was always believed to be uniquely valuable. But communist ideology is against humanity and against human nature. Anything that represents traditional culture and principles stands in the way of the CCP enforcing its ideology.

You’re sadly mistaken if you think that the Chinese communist party are the only ones participating in these heinous acts behind the scenes. The truth is, the world has always had its dark corners. The public just never thought to question the moral integrity of their governing officials.

Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops. Luke 12:3.

Personally, I don’t know what the future holds. But I do know that as time goes on, man finds thousands of new ways to get us all killed. Innovation is the goal, and in communist China if you’ve found something of interest, the government demands to know about it. It wont be long before we see the end result of these governments attempting to play the role of God. No matter the challenges ahead, we must all pick up our crosses and continue to do the things that keep our little worlds spinning. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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