This Is Just the Beginning of Global Civil Upheaval, People Are Tired of Satan’s Soldiers Abusing Humans Like Animals. Beijing Sent Soldiers to Shanghai as the Lock-Down Is Tightened Even More, Prompting Even More Turmoil

HNewsWire-This is just the beginning of global civil upheaval. People are tired of Satan's minions abusing humans like animals. Beijing sent soldiers to Shanghai as the lockdown is tightened even more, prompting even more turmoil.

As local authorities extend what was supposed to be a nine-day lockdown in Shanghai (China's most populous city and financial center), the CCP has decided to send in the military as the backlash grows in a city that has become a critical battleground in the government's fight to legitimize its "Zero COVID" policy.

Following the city's claim of 9,000 COVID instances, the CCP announced the deployment of thousands of troops and military people to Shanghai to aid in the mandated screening of all 25 million residents (the latest in a seemingly interminable policy of mandatory testing). On Monday, the second round of nucleic acid testing will begin. According to CNN, the reinforcements include about 2,000 military troops and another 30,000 "medical workers."

According to the BBC, the new lockdown would be "especially expensive" for China's economy, as well as for western corporations like as Tesla and Disney, who have significant operations in the city (including Tesla's Shanghai gigafactory).

Furthermore, Shanghai is a center for semiconductor, electronics, automobile production, and China's financial services sector. It is also the busiest maritime port in the world.

The CCP has struggled to satisfy the requirements of the local people, which has become restive in the face of food and medication shortages. Cases of residents dying after being turned away from local hospitals for ailments unrelated to COVID have also alarmed them.

The Economist Intelligence Unit's China economist, Xu Tianchen, cautioned that short-term supply chain disruptions caused by the city's lockdown might have a major effect on China's economy.

"There will also be rippling effects elsewhere due to the interconnection between Shanghai and other parts of China, particularly the Yangtze River Delta industrial powerhouse," he added.

Furthermore, consumer spending in a city noted for its opulent stores has plummeted. Shanghai's yearly GDP might be reduced by 3.7 percent as a result of lost business at merchants, hotels, and restaurants.

All of this threatens to undercut China's GDP aim: the CCP has predicted 5.5 percent growth this year, but a rising number of observers doubt that the government will meet this target (unless its resorts to even larger-than-normal distortions in its official economic data).

Shanghai is not the only Chinese metropolis that has been subjected to huge lockdowns. Shenzhen, China's technological powerhouse, and the Province of Jilin, located in the country's industrial heartland, both had lockdowns earlier this year.

However, as President Xi has called for increasingly "targeted" COVID restrictions to reduce the impact on residents, some have taken to the country's heavily censored social media platforms to address the growing chorus of concerns, accusing the CCP of breaking its "social compact" to care for the population. Locals were especially outraged by the CCP's decision to remove COVID positive youngsters from their parents, which sparked a wave of protest on China's social media.

Political pressure has mounted on Shanghai officials to both contain the epidemic and address citizens' rising worries about the costs and inconveniences of the tough measures.


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