This Is What the People Who Follow the NWO Rules Can Expect, Russians Attempting to Use Apple Pay or Google Pay Discovered Their Access Was Denied, Generating Widespread Confusion in the Moscow Metro System.

HNewsWire- Irish journalist Jason Corcoran tweeted the following photograph, which depicts lengthy waits at a Moscow metro station after the failure of both payment methods for Russians.

"Apple Pay and Google Pay are no longer accepted on Moscow's metro system, resulting in lengthy lineups as people scramble for cash," Corcoran tweeted.

Following the imposition of severe economic sanctions on Moscow, residents with Russian bank cards are now unable to use payment systems, including Samsung Pay.

"Customers at a handful of banks in Russia are no longer able to use their bank cards with Google Pay or Apple Pay as a result of the country's recently enforced financial sanctions," the Verge says, adding that such payment methods are less common in Russia than in the west.

"While users may continue to use these institutions' bank cards inside Russia, they will no longer function when traveling overseas or making online payments to businesses and services operated by countries that imposed sanctions on Russia," the report reads.

Fearful of the economic effect of sanctions, Russia has seen bank runs, with individuals racing to ATMs to withdraw significant sums of cash.

"Entrusting firms like Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and the digital world with the keys to our life is the worst mistake humanity has ever made," one article commenter said.

In a similar development, domain name provider Namecheap has also prohibited Russians from utilizing its service.

Presumably, the corporation will likewise cut any relations with Saudi consumers in light of Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign against Yemen.

Or maybe not.

Apart from any debate on the merits and wrongs of the Russia-Ukraine war, the narrative demonstrates how hazardous it is to give Big Tech businesses the ability to govern payment systems based on moral judgements.

If these companies continue to pursue monopolies over certain areas of the economy, what will happen when these systems become the only payment option available?

In other circumstances, Uber currently prohibits users from reserving a vehicle if they previously refused to wear a face mask.

What's to stop Apple and Google from restricting your ability to pay for anything if you voted for the 'wrong' political party or were banned from social media for a 'offensive' post in our collective dystopian future?

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Additionally, Lavrov said that Russia would face "serious danger" if Ukraine were to obtain nuclear weapons. Ukraine made no effort to obtain nuclear weapons from the West, and Ukraine dismantled its nuclear arsenal in the early 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union.



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SRH: What's to stop Apple and Google from restricting your ability to pay for anything if you voted for the 'wrong' political party or were banned from social media for a 'offensive' post in our collective dystopian future?


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