Update: 8/17/21 At 4:55 PM Death Angel On The Loose, Delta Pestilence Has Arrived Evidence is Emerging to Suggest That


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The Delta Covid Variant Poses a Very Real Threat…

Delta ” Virus” HOAX Turned Pestilence

New Zealand Thrown Into National Lock-down Over 1 Assumed Delta Case

Satan Soldiers Showing Their Power, We Should Pray These People Lose Their Ability to Torment the World Peoples…

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern put the country under national lockdown after authorities detected a single case of the CCP virus, likely the Delta variant, in the city of Auckland.

The entire nation will go into “alert level 4” for at least three days, starting from 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 17, the ministry of health announced. The regions of Auckland, the country’s largest city, and Coromandel will be under strict rules for seven days.

“The best thing we can do to get out of this as quickly as we can is to go hard,” Ardern told reporters at a press briefing. “We have made the decision on the basis that it is better to start high and go down levels rather than to go low, not contain the virus, and see it move quickly.”

Under level four, the highest level of lockdown in the country, everyone is required to stay at home and are only allowed to make physical contact with those in their household bubble. Businesses and schools will be closed and only essential services will be operational. The Oceanian island nation has not been in a level 4 lockdown in more than a year.

Epoch Times Photo
People jog past a social distancing sign on the first day of New Zealand’s new COVID-19 safety measure that mandates wearing of a mask on public transport, in Auckland, New Zealand on Aug. 31, 2020. (Fiona Goodall/Reuters)

Health officials said in a statement that they were assuming the 58-year-old man from Auckland, who has not been identified, contracted the Delta variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, although genome sequencing had yet to be completed.

The patient became symptomatic on Aug. 14 and had likely been infectious since Aug. 12, officials said. His movements are currently under investigation, including several locations of interest in Auckland and the Coromandel, which will be under the highest level lockdown for seven days.

“Both the case and his partner are currently self-isolating at home and will be transferred to an Auckland quarantine facility,” according to health officials. “The man is not vaccinated but was actively attempting to book a vaccine,” they said, noting that the test results of the patient’s partner came back as negative.

The Auckland Regional Public Health unit is interviewing the patient for contact-tracing purposes, and COVID-19 vaccinations are to be suspended for at least 48 hours.

In response to the rise in alert levels, Minister of Finance Grant Robertson announced that officials will provide government support for businesses and workers affected by the new restrictions.

Epoch Times Photo
New Zealand Finance Minister Grant Robertson speaks to the media during a press conference at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand, on Aug. 17, 2021. (Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)

“The Minister for Social Development and Employment Carmel Sepuloni and I have activated a number of business support measures to provide certainty to businesses and workers and ensure we get money out the door quickly to protect jobs and keep firms’ operating,” Robertson said in a statement.

The last reported community case in New Zealand was in February. Its citizens have been living without restrictions although international borders have largely remained closed.

Last week, Ardern announced that the border will remain shut for international travelers for the rest of the year, adding that she hopes for a cautious reopening in a phased manner starting after the New Year.

On a global level, the island nation has amongst the lowest infection and death rates. Only 1 in 1,675 citizens have had a confirmed case of COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP virus, according to an Aug. 12 government statement.

Reuters contributed to this report. theepochtimes

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Australia’s Outbreak Worsens Despite Authorities’ Draconian Lock-downs

Update: 8/17/21 New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, suffered one of its darkest day yet over the weekend, as it reported 478 new cases, and 7 deaths, during a single 24-hour period. The worsening outbreak has raised concerns about the potential impact on Australia’s mostly unvaccinated aboriginal population.

Elsewhere in Australia, public health officials have confirmed another 19 new cases in Canberra, which imposed its first lockdown in more than a year last week. That lockdown has already been extended by 2 weeks, as paranoia  over the delta variant is amplified by Australia’s relatively low vaccination rates.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, asserted Monday that authorities wouldn’t hesitate to go “door-to-door” in their efforts to help carry out mandatory COVID tests on Australians.

Andrews made the comments during a press conference, where he doubled down on his commitment to pursue Australia’s ludicrous “zero COVID” policy, which requires draconian, economy-crushing lockdowns in response to just a handful of new cases.

“We’re not at a point where we need to be going door to door,” said Andrews. “We’re not at a point where we need entire suburbs to come out and get tested. If we get to that stage, then we won’t hesitate. I think we’ve shown, in fact I know we’ve shown that we’re prepared to do what has to be done, popular or otherwise.”

Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson mused about members of the Australian military helping to enforce lockdowns, and wondered how members of the military and the public who refuse vaccines and tests might be treated. PJW warned that going from door-to-door testing to door-to-door testing might be too big of a step.

“This is a difficult conversation to have with people now, in an almost threatening tone, when people who want to get vaccinated can’t because we don’t have enough stuff. There will come a time though when I think restrictions will apply to those who have not been vaccinated, rather than restrictions applying to all of us.”

Andrews also signaled that those who refuse to take the vaccine could be forced to submit to lockdown rules indefinitely.

“This is a difficult conversation to have with people now, in an almost threatening tone, when people who want to get vaccinated can’t because we don’t have enough stuff. There will come a time though when I think restrictions will apply to those who have not been vaccinated, rather than restrictions applying to all of us.”

“Now if that’s not an incentive to go and get vaccinated I don’t know what is. But I can see a time when to get into a venue, to attend a major event, to participate fully as a customer, a client, a ticket holder, a patron, a viewer, however you want to look at it, being vaccinated will mean that you get in, and being vaccinated will mean that you don’t.”

Aussies have also been told not to go anywhere near their grandkids and not to engage in conversation with each other, even if they’re wearing masks.

Here it is ⬇️ threats to the unvaccinated pic.twitter.com/DXFOb4TW6e— ValGlass2.0 (@AussieVal10) August 13, 2021


Fresh hell coming to your street – threats ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/AjSCJzh8VT— ValGlass2.0 (@AussieVal10) August 13, 2021

Let’s not forget: one Australian was involuntarily admitted to a mental institution in Australia after refusing to get the COVID jab. The patient was “involuntarily” taken to a hospital in Perth, where he was told that he had suffered a “nervous breakdown”

Substantially More to Patients Who Have Already Been Fully Vaccinated — Man Made Pestilence of Biblical Proportions Has Mutated Into the Global Communities…The Truth is That All of the Warnings of Alleged ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Ignored…

When are the mask wearing, side skipping, empty headed, doubled-jabbed dead eyed zombies/Politicians realize,wish that none of this will ever end. They’re living the new normal promised to us by Klaus `Anal’ Schwab, Bill Gates and Prince Charles – who, incidentally, behaves more and more like the yappy little dog he sounds as if he should be. A Prince Charles Spaniel, perhaps.

It’s a new normal managed and controlled by some of the worst people(Politicians)the world has ever seen. Right from March 2020 I have believed that Fauci,Trump in the United States, and Whitty in the UK have been operating not on behalf of the people they are paid to care for but by the cabal now intent on the sort of world domination previously associated with villains in James Bond films.

Pestilence of MAN MADE Biblical Proportions Has Mutated Into the Global Communities…The Truth is That All of the Warnings of Alleged ‘Conspiracy Theorists’… As Delta continues to spread across the world, a mysterious illness has been detected in India,Israel and the U.K. with hundreds of people admitted to local hospitals and many MAY be dead. 

Sydney, Australia’s largest city by population, was the first major city to enter lockdown seven weeks ago.

So far at least, it doesn’t look like it’s had much success. But Australian authorities are unfazed.

The results of seven weeks of lockdown in Sydney (NSW cases) pic.twitter.com/zQCdXzNy7q— Mike Bird (@Birdyword) August 16, 2021

In other lockdown news, Victoria, which includes the city of Melbourne, tightened its lockdown restrictions, imposing a curfew of 2100 local time to 0500 and closing outdoor playgrounds. The Northern Territory, whose capital is the city of Darwin, went into a snap 72-hour lockdown after the discovery of a single asymptomatic infection.

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Delta ” Virus” HOAX Turned Pestilence

This Time Around Hard Lock-down Will Be Brutal, FEMA Will Get Involved and the Military…

We Are Close To a Complete Global Hard Lock Down, “ Month 16 Into Tribulation” 

Luciferian death cult

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