I Think the Bigger Question Is: If Monkey Pox Is Prevalent in Homosexual Men, How Would Children Get It? And Why Would Any Child Need to Be Vaccinated to Prevent It? Perhaps Monkeypox Is a Different Kind of Bioweapon, God Sent (Pestilence)… They Would Otherwise Go Unnoticed and Point the Finger at the Pedophiles Who Victimized Them

SRH: If monkey pox was first released in May, or possibly earlier, it should have mutated into a less contagious virus by now, unless a new version was released.

The bio-weaponization of “medicine” is married “to gain of function”. A match made in hell. The “masks” are off. Ironically, as the “big guy” stated: “get real pal” ushering in global medical tyranny. It’s here.

This is just another extreme measure, similar to COVID-19 – SCARE the wits out of people, NO LOCK DOWN this time around. So much depression was rampant-thus the high death rate-the "vaccine" does not work-DO NOT BELIEVE THE CDC OR ANYONE ELSE PUSHING FOR SIMILAR METHODS USED DURING COVID TO THE MONKEYPOX.

Anti-viral drugs are the ultimate virus prevention, whether engineered or not. Just like COVID, Ivermectin is VERY effective at prevention AND treatment... But there’s the rub. Widespread use of Ivermectin would also prevent GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE. You now understand WHY you can't buy ivermectin over the counter, and why most "doctors" refuse to recommend it.

A Doctor Has Warned of a Suspicious Pattern Behind the Monkeypox Outbreak

HNewsWire: There has been widespread speculation that the novel coronavirus was created in a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lab. Now, an American doctor believes that the new monkeypox outbreak may have similar sinister origins.

According to Dr. Syed Haider, the evolution of the monkeypox outbreak appears to be identical to how COVID-19 was introduced to the world.

Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus, which is part of the same virus family that causes smallpox, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms, but they are much milder and rarely fatal.

Monkeypox was discovered in 1958, after two outbreaks of the pox-like disease infected research colonies of monkeys. However, the disease's origin is unknown.

While African rodents and monkeys may carry the virus and infect humans, the first human case of monkeypox was recorded in 1970.

Human cases of monkeypox had been reported in several Central African and West African countries prior to the 2022 outbreak. Almost all cases outside of Africa, however, were linked to international travel.

Haider said he learned about "Event 201" about a year after the COVID-19 outbreak, which was a tabletop exercise held a few months before the coronavirus began to spread.

"It really set the tone for government responses all over the world," Haider explained. "They implemented the recommendations made during that tabletop exercise in terms of lockdowns and masks, as well as how to deal with misinformation online." They talked about everything."

Haider mentioned another tabletop exercise hosted by the Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Munich Security Conference in March 2021, prior to the current monkeypox outbreak.

It was for "a strange variant of monkeypox" that was hypothetically bio-engineered and released to the world as a weapon on May 15, 2022, by a terrorist group. This hypothetical strain of monkeypox was also defined as being resistant to smallpox vaccines, which Haider claims are also effective against monkeypox.

"What's strange is that the actual outbreak began within a day or two of the date predicted in the tabletop exercise," Haider explained. 'Out of the Ordinary' "It's a rare variant," Haider said. "We've never had a monkeypox variant that primarily spreads among homosexual men." Other signs, according to Haider, indicate that the current strain of monkeypox was engineered.

He claims that the monkeypox virus mutates slowly and that the last known precursor to this variant is so different that it could not have happened naturally, adding that there simply wasn't enough time for natural evolution to create the variant that is currently spreading. While it is not "proof" or a "smoking gun," Haider said it is very suspicious and that there is "concern that this is also a bio-weapon or some sort of bio-terrorism event that is unfolding."

According to Haider, during the monkeypox tabletop exercise, the researchers involved recommended that mandatory masking and lockdowns be implemented, as well as that people be vaccinated. "My main concern is that this could be used to take away our freedoms in the same way that the COVID pandemic was used," he said. Haider did point out that this does not rule out the possibility of monkeypox causing harm to some people or that it is a real virus.

"Some people may end up in the hospital, and some may die, especially with the health-care system being overburdened," he said. "Right now, we're seeing that 10% of people with monkeypox have been hospitalized simply because of the pain of the lesions." It can last for weeks, and they may require strong analgesics."
Repurposed for Command and Control

The key message Haider wants to send to the public is that authorities should not insist on trying to control an outbreak with methods they know don't work. Rather than widespread lockdowns of entire societies, it is preferable to implement a program involving "case isolation."

"That works," Haider commented. "That is what prevents the spread of monkeypox." It's a virus that moves slowly. It spreads more slowly than COVID. All you really need to do is isolate the cases until they are no longer symptomatic. There is no asymptomatic spread at this time, or it is extremely rare. If something is vanishingly rare in terms of public health, it doesn't really enter the equation." What people should be concerned about, according to Haider, is the usual route of transmission.

"While it's possible to get it from kissing someone or being one inch away from their face for six hours," he explained, "that's not what's going to drive the pandemic forward." "It will not spread like wildfire throughout society." Contact with lesions or the fluid that comes out of the lesions will result in widespread transmission.

So we need to educate people so that if they suspect they have monkeypox, they can isolate themselves and not spread it to others. This is how you put an end to a pandemic. Masking is an absurd measure for monkeypox, even more so than it was for COVID."

However, Haider explained that the monkeypox outbreak "can easily be repurposed as a way to take control away from people, especially as we approach the midterm elections to try to get us to avoid going to the polls or to use mail-in voting rather than in-person voting." He also stated that it could be used as a "economic weapon."

"COVID became an economic weapon that destroyed economies and impoverished people all over the world," Haider recalled. "It destroyed small and medium-sized businesses and concentrated wealth at the top." It then spreads beyond economics. People die when an economy fails, according to Haider, a phenomenon known as "deaths of despair."

The American Council on Science and Health defines "deaths of despair" as "mortality resulting from suicide, drug overdose, and alcohol-related liver disease," which became increasingly problematic during the COVID-19 lockdowns. According to statistics, easy access to handguns, alcohol, and opioids—whether prescribed, diverted, or obtained illicitly—increases the likelihood of these deaths.

People may die at home of a heart attack or stroke, just as they did during the COVID-19 pandemic, because they are too afraid of contracting monkeypox to leave their homes to go to a hospital, according to Haider. Haider also stated that the majority of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 occurred "with COVID, not from COVID."

According to the CDC, 95 percent of Americans who died from COVID-19 as of Aug. 7, 2022, had comorbidities such as influenza or pneumonia (44.2 percent), hypertension (18.2 percent), diabetes (13.6 percent), Alzheimer's disease and other dementias (10.3 percent), and sepsis (11 percent). COVID-19 deaths included those caused by heart attacks and even a motorcycle accident.
Fight the Fear

According to Haider, the COVID-19 pandemic's preventable death toll, and what should be avoided with this monkeypox outbreak, are self-inflicted death tolls caused by mismanagement, lockdowns, and unnecessary mandates that force people into depressive conditions of isolation.

According to Haider, most people are not at risk of contracting monkeypox because it is primarily transmitted sexually among gay men.

"I don't want to be fear-mongering," Haider insisted, citing the fear he witnessed in younger patients who had little to no risk of COVID-19 and asked him how many masks they needed to wear or if a biohazard suit would keep them safe.

"Fear is harmful to your immune system," he explained. "It activates immunosuppressants, making your body more susceptible to infections and illness." The main message Haider wants people to take away is "don't be afraid of this thing."

"If it grows and spreads more, we will develop protocols, just like we did with COVID," Haider assured, noting that promising preparedness protocols are already available to his patients through his online practice.

"We must not allow governments to seize control as they did the last time," Haider warned. "Anyone who thinks it's ridiculous and that we'll never put up with it again, think again." When the mainstream media decides to give monkeypox 24/7 coverage, as they did with COVID, people will be convinced, afraid, and willing to accept society-wide lockdowns once more.

"We need to get to work right away to prevent this from happening again."

The bigger question, in my opinion, is how children would get monkey pox if it is prevalent in homosexual men. And why should any child be immunized to prevent it? Maybe monkeypox is a different kind of bio-weapon... God-engineered bio-weapon (Pestilence) to identify helpless victims who would otherwise go unnoticed and point a finger at the pedophiles who victimized them...


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SRH: Hard Lockdown Coming This Fall, Mandatory Kill Shots Vaccines: Satan Soldier Known Liar Fauci Says It’s Likely U.S. Will See a Surge in Coronavirus and Monkeypox Cases in the Fall.

Rather than the lockdowns, it was the conditioning of American citizens, particularly, to move from a mindset where our rights come from God and are individual rights, to one where we care more about other people and their perceptions than we do about our own critical thinking and our own self-determinations.

To deal with issues such as COVID and monkeypox, the world is engaged in an ideological struggle: on one side are those who believe in individualism as the foundation of freedom; on the other, there are those who believe that this pandemic and the associated fear can be used to build a massive collectivist EVIL society.

According to Satan Soldier Klaus Schwab, who founded the World Economic Forum as its executive chairman, "The Great Reset" is a good example of this.

This chance to establish the global reset that we all need has now opened up because of China's leadership in combating the epidemic and reviving its economy, Schwab said during a virtual address at the 2020 Beijing Forum, the WEF conference in China. This "global reset" that we all need is now within our reach.

As a starting point, the goal is to leverage this epidemic into something much larger, something that can reset the whole world's economics and reset the entire world's societal structure. " In StevieRay Hansen's view, the pandemic is a literal manifestation of Hell on Earth.

Sources: ET  HNewsWire  HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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