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HNewsWire: Emergency meetings are being held by the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to a wave of monkeypox outbreaks.

The timing of this epidemic couldn't be better for the WHO, which may soon be awarded powers to regulate rules on global health outbreaks and which is weirdly well-positioned for a monkeypox outbreak after a recent "germ-games" appeal and previous occurrences linked to Microsoft millionaire Bill Gates.

"The World Health Organization is apparently organizing an emergency conference investigate the frightening spread of monkeypox throughout the world—including a probable case in the Big Apple," according to the New York Post. There will be "a number of top scientists" at the discussion, which is expected to be focused on how the virus has suddenly spread so extensively, according to the Telegraph. Among other things, it is believed to investigate the frequency of the virus among gay men and the "vaccination scenario."

Nowhere near a large number of people have been infected. On May 23, Oxford University and Harvard Medical School reported a total of 245 worldwide cases that were either confirmed or suspected. Health Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted: "Most instances are minor."

On March 13, 2020, a lady is observed riding in Rome's Navona Square in an otherwise deserted state. On the second day of a statewide shutdown of schools, stores, and other public areas, the city's streets were hauntingly empty. By (Marco Di Lauro) (Getty Images)

It's critical that this all happen at the same time. It offers the WHO an opportunity to exhibit its value since it is in the process of attempting to get additional and more broad powers—under the banner of controlling global health emergencies—to demonstrate its worth.

It's possible that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director general, may be given the unilateral ability to declare a public health emergency, with far-reaching powers over national legislation, during the United Nations' 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Not only would this provide Tedros the authority to declare a public health emergency in any country, based on any evidence he chooses, but it would also empower him to impose measures on that country in response to the United Nations' proclaimed emergency. As long as a nation does not comply, a proposed modification would allow the WHO to penalize that country.

It seems that President Joe Biden has the answer if you're wondering whether delegating such powers to a U.N. institution that cannot show its independence from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) might violate U.S. law: Biden's government is not only permitting this transfer of authority to the WHO, but it's also actively advancing it.

Earlier this year, the United States submitted revisions to the WHO, which will be discussed at the United Nations conference in Geneva. Amendments included a provision that would enable the WHO to make public announcements on a health crisis without consulting the target nation or obtaining verification from local authorities. Another $2.47 billion would be allocated to the CDC under Biden administration plans, which would be used for "enhancements to domestic sentinel monitoring programs" and "investments in global genomic surveillance methodologies," as well as for other projects.

"Respiratory surveillance platforms include video cameras and recorders that alert authorities when members of the public are seen coughing or otherwise acting in a manner that could indicate the presence of an infectious disease or help spread one already present in a population," according to The Epoch Times. In China, this kind of equipment is often used.

On March 4, 2020, when a new coronavirus epidemic hits China, a guy with a protective face mask walks under the gaze of security cameras.

However little the threat of monkeypox may be to public health, it represents a grave danger to individual liberties. As a Trojan horse, the virus might contain all the arguments to allow the WHO a dictator's dream of worldwide authority and offer the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a system of monitoring that Orwell could only have dreamed of.

In most cases, monkeypox isn't a significant viral threat. Because respiratory droplets may only travel a few feet between people, the CDC recommends "prolonged face-to-face contact" as the primary method of transmission.

It's not only Biden who's changing his tune on monkeypox; he's also explaining that it isn't nearly as significant a danger as COVID-19.

A worldwide debate about monkeypox vaccinations began in 2021 when Gates warned of a smallpox bio-terrorist strike as a possible future pandemic, despite its inability to spread extensively under normal conditions. "Germ games" should be held and the WHO given additional powers under a new WHO "Pandemic Task Force," according to him.

Identical to what the Biden administration planned, Gates also asked for pandemic monitoring systems, which seem to be disturbingly similar.

"A pandemic task force at the WHO level, which is performing the monitoring and really doing what I term "germ games," where you practice," would probably require around $1 billion a year. According to Sky News, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates stated in 2021. Imagine if a bio-terrorist were to transport smallpox to ten different airports. That's an interesting question, isn't it? "

The reference of smallpox by Gates was reportedly used to promote additional talks on a smallpox vaccine that could also cure monkeypox, despite the fact that the statement was minimal. Within days, Precision Vaccinations published the article "Gates Germ-Game Warning Drives Smallpox Vaccine Talks" on November 8, 2021.

It was about the Jynneos Vaccines, which were licensed for use in 2019 against smallpox and monkeypox. It is "the only FDA-approved non-replicating smallpox vaccination and the only FDA-approved monkeypox vaccine for non-military usage," according to Precision Vaccinations' website.

On Nov. 3, 2021, the CDC started to go in the right direction. "The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices evaluated the two presentations centered on the smallpox vaccine Jynneos," it reads in the statement.

Later, in an even more bizarre turn of events, Gates' suggestion of a "germ game" was actually implemented.

At the Élysée Palace on April 16, 2018, Bill Gates met with the French president to talk about the BMGF in Paris.

The Munich Security Conference (MSC) and the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) collaborated to envisage a monkeypox epidemic. Because of Gates' hypothetical warning, the germ game created a variant of monkeypox that is resistant to immunizations and is transmitted through bio-terrorism.

Tabletop game results were disclosed by the NTI on Nov. 23, 2021, showing how the virus propagated over the span of 18 months.

There were more than 3 billion cases and 270 million deaths globally by the conclusion of the fake epidemic, according to the report.

This year's monkeypox outbreak was predicted nearly to the minute by an experiment from previous year, which predicted that it would occur in mid-May.

There was also a comprehensive report by the NTI. The first epidemic of monkeypox was expected to infect 1,421 individuals and kill four people in May 2022, according to a schedule on page 12 of the study. It will have spread to 83 nations, infected 70 million people, and killed 1.3 million people by January 2023. A vaccine-resistant strain of monkeypox would then be found, making an effective response more difficult due to supply chain issues.

480 million people will be infected and 27 million will die one year later, on May 10, 2023, when it will be discovered that a bio-terror assault on a civilian bio-lab was to blame. The virus is expected to infect 3.2 billion people by December 1, 2023, and kill 271 million of them.

According to their estimations, a monkeypox strain developed to be immune to vaccines is the most crucial caveat. It doesn't matter whether the scenario is accurate or not, since it provides authorities with a basis for justifying "pandemic response" tactics. And it's happened before.

At a vaccination facility in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on December 16, 2002, vials of smallpox vaccine are displayed on a counter.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, a similar "germ game" was staged, with many of the same persons making noise about monkeypox and a new "pandemic."

Public health specialists from across the world assembled in New York City two months before the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 surfaced in central China for a simulation. "The virus presently creating worldwide devastation is very similar to the one suggested in the simulation, called 'Event 201,'" it said.

The World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were participants in the exercise.

The coronavirus "germ game" before the coronavirus epidemic produced forecasts of a high death toll scenario, similar to the monkeypox "germ game" before the monkeypox outbreak. An estimated 65 million people would perish as a result of this catastrophe.

On the 24th of January 2020, the Center for Health Security released a statement on their coronavirus exercise. As the simulated virus was distinct actual CCP virus, it indicated that they were not forecasting that COVID-19 would kill 65 million people.

However, what really mattered was how the "germ game" and its players were used to influence government policy.

We've come to a similar standstill with monkeypox. A "germ game" simulated the virus's effects and created exaggerated numbers of fatalities and infections from a model that was resistant to vaccines: an artificial form of monkeypox. In addition, the international community is debating whether the World Health Organization should be given the authority to handle global health crises.

Governments may now be more tempted to utilize a seasonal virus, which has already been certified endemic, to establish an indefinite worldwide emergency. As a side note, tiny epidemics may also be used to justify authoritarian tactics that aren't confined to health care.

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