“God Created Humanity. But Humanity Has Created the Way to Destroy Itself—Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Now They Are Using Food as a Weapon. We Have to Move Closer to “God.”


According to Robert Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods, policies leading to a war on fossil fuels, as well as Russia's invasion of Ukraine, will contribute to a food catastrophe.

"We are on the verge of a food shortage." On December 21, 2020, Goya Foods President Robert Unanue and Venezuelan Ambassador Carlos Vecchio, who is recognized by the United States, held a news conference together in Doral, Florida.

The two convened the news conference to promote Goya Foods' recent donation of humanitarian help to Venezuela. Unanue remarked on EpochTV's "Crossroads" show that Russia and Ukraine supply half of the fertilizer used in the United States, and fertilizer costs have tripled.

However, the fourfold increase in fertilizer prices will hurt African and European countries more than the United States because the latter is currently more self-sufficient in terms of food, according to Unanue, with the main issue being that it's planting season in southeastern Ukraine and people are fighting a war.

"There are 2.5 million acres of sunflowers that need to be planted," he stated. Farmers there will plant less and produce less as a result of increased expenses and a lack of excellent yield. "It will cause food costs to skyrocket."
On July 17, 2020, a combine harvester picks wheat in a field near the hamlet of Hrebeni in Kyiv region, Ukraine.

Ukraine and Russia are both big producers of wheat and grain in the globe. They contribute for around 29% of world wheat exports, 19% of global corn supplies, and 80% of global sunflower oil exports.

Furthermore, irrigation systems in southern Ukraine have been blasted, and ports have been blocked off, according to Unanue. Mariupol, an Azov Sea port, has already been shut off, and Odesa, a Black Sea port, is the next target, according to him. "This will encircle Ukraine and prohibit it from exporting."

Transportation is the most expensive component of food costs, hence the present battle on fossil fuels has rendered the United States oil reliant. "Shipping via a pipeline is free," he said. "However, when you put it on a ship, the prices are ten times what they were two years ago, and we're purchasing oil at retail."

Because nitrogen-based fertilizers are manufactured from natural gas, the war on fossil fuels and energy independence has an influence on fertilizer prices, according to Unanue.

The CEO used the example of coconut water, which his firm buys in bulk from Thailand, to demonstrate the effect of the increase in transportation costs.

A case of coconut water used to cost $1.44, but the price has risen to $15 owing to increasing transportation costs, he claims. "That's a tenfold increase in inflation."
On July 11, 2020, this illustrative picture was shot of a range of Goya food goods in a Los Angeles supermarket.

Goya has set out on a humanitarian and spiritual journey to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland. According to Unanue, the firm has teamed with groups and people such as the Knights of Columbus of Poland, Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), and ex-US green berets to deliver food supplied by Goya from its European factory as well as rosaries donated by Americans.

He described the ex-green berets as brave warriors who had gone into 40 Ukrainian towns with food and medication. "We're there to nurture the body, but we also want to nourish the spirit," he said of the company's mission.

"Humanity was created by God. "However, mankind has invented the means to kill itself—nuclear, chemical, and biological," Unanue said. "We're now using food as a weapon." We need to become closer to God."

"We must love and build instead of hate and destroy." That is our purpose." On April 30, 2022, firefighters react to an industrial fire that threatened a Perdue Farms factory in Virginia.

With a food crisis coming, major fires and other incidents at a number of food processing plants in recent months have raised worries about adding to an already fragile food sector.

According to Unanue, such occurrences often occur as a result of postponing preventative maintenance of these facilities during the COVID-19 epidemic. When most organizations and enterprises were placed under lockdown, the food sector continued to operate.

Since then, Goya's capacity has increased and its facilities are operational around the clock, but "every manufacturing has to stop for maintenance at least once a year," he added, adding that Goya's factories pause for maintenance twice a year.


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Argentina halted soy and soy oil exports; agribusiness behemoth Bayer declared a halt to key shipments to Russia because "crop supplies are reliant on peace." and Russia warned it may suspend wheat, barley, maize, and rye exports until June 30, with exceptions for allies, as it does with fertilizer shipments. FOOD HAS BECOME A WEAPON.

India is proposing a rupee exchange with Russia in order to purchase Russian oil at a lower price. Many people believe that the US dollar's reign as world's superpower is coming to an end. The majority of them looked at the size of the two nations on a map rather than the $2.6 billion in commerce between Russia and India. Yes, oil, fertilizers, and weaponry are all important categories in "Risk," but this is a rounding mistake for the global Eurodollar... even if it is a possible geopolitical misstep for a White House with little such "game." In that regard, the US has officially backed off from talks with Venezuela to get its oil, but US energy businesses have indicated that they are willing to engage in debt-for-oil swaps with it. The US claims that the Iran nuclear agreement has reached a stalemate and that it is seeking for "diplomatic options" to prevent Tehran from gaining a nuclear weapon - while Saudi Arabia invites Xi Jinping to visit in May, demonstrating its diplomatic alternative. ENERGY HAS TURNED INTO A WEAPON.

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