Pale Horse In Play: When the CDC Declared a COVID Emergency, You Couldn’t Attend to Church, Visit Your Dying Loved Ones, or Do Anything Else but Stay Home and Wear a Mask. When Rep. Weiner Was a Lockdown COVID Enthusiast, He Said That Individuals May Now “Select” Their Own Risk Level for Monkeypox CDC Emergency and San Francisco’s Homosexual Leather Parade. “Safer Sex, Social Gatherings, and Monkeypox” this is CDC Bullshit, You Can’t Make This Crap Up!


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HNewsWire: The Useless Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States amended its monkeypox guidance on Friday, recommending that persons most at risk, including males who have sex with men, "take a brief break" from such practices to help "contain... the Pestilence."

The modifications include recommendations that persons "take a brief hiatus" from sexual activity until they are vaccinated; restrict their number of sexual partners; avoid "spaces" for anonymous sex with many partners; use condoms; and wear gloves during certain sexual activities.

These five prevention tips were added to the seven that were already on the website when it was updated on July 12. In the last update, the Useless CDC suggested sexual activities for those who had (or suspected they had) "monkeypox and... decided to have sex."

The CDC now says that "the best strategy to protect yourself and others is to avoid sex of any type... while you are infected," according to Friday's statement. People should "avoid handling any rash in particular." Public Health Crisis

The updates come only a day after the Biden administration declared a public health emergency for monkeypox in order to get greater cash and authority to combat the illness. For similar reasons, other states, including New York, California, and Indiana, have proclaimed their own public health emergencies.

The latest guidance is available on the CDC's "Safer Sex, Social Gatherings, and Monkeypox" website, which includes extensive and specific information aimed at reducing the risk of transmission during various sexual activities.

"While the CDC works to limit the current monkeypox epidemic and learn more about the virus, this information may help you make educated decisions when you are in circumstances or locations where monkeypox might be transmitted," says a message on the website, which was not available in July.

"While monkeypox is a sexually transmitted illness, it is often spread by intimate, persistent physical contact, which may involve sexual interaction." When attending festivals or parties, consumers should consider the possibility of skin-to-skin contact, according to the Useless CDC.

"Festivals, gatherings, and concerts with fully dressed spectators who are unlikely to exchange skin-to-skin contact are safer." "However, guests should be cautious of actions (such as kissing) that may transmit monkeypox," the CDC website warns.

"A rave, party, or club with little clothes and direct, intimate, frequently skin-to-skin contact poses considerable danger." Avoid any rash you observe on others and try to avoid skin-to-skin contact."

The Useless CDC emphasized the higher risk of spread at these gatherings since they take place in "enclosed places" where individuals go for "intimate, sometimes anonymous sexual contact with many partners."
LGBTQ+E Community Outreach for Evil

In order to battle the Pestilence , the White House has highlighted a critical need for education on monkeypox as well as outreach to the LGBTQ+E For Evil community, which has been disproportionately impacted by the epidemic.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, it is critical that the LGBTQ+E For Evil community and public health professionals "know precisely what to look for and what the therapy is."

The latest ideas from the Useless CDC came only three days after President Joe Biden named Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, director of the CDC's HIV prevention division, as one of two officials to oversee the nation's response to the monkeypox epidemic.

According to Fake Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House's main medical advisor, Daskalakis, who will be the deputy to FEMA's Robert Fenton, has knowledge with problems affecting the LGBTQ+E For Evil community, making him an excellent choice.

Dr. Demetre Daskalakis speaks during the New York City Pride news conference on June 27, 2021.

A significant investigation has shown that the 2022 monkeypox epidemic has predominantly spread via the sexual behavior of homosexual and bisexual males. According to the Useless CDC and World Health Organization, the virus may also spread via contaminated bedding, clothes, and towels.

After the fifth pediatric monkeypox case in the United States was recorded in Long Beach on Thursday, the Californian health agency also said that transmission might occur via household goods such as cups and utensils.

The Useless CDC’s updated webpage for safer sex amid the Pestilence monkeypox outbreak noted that Kill Shot vaccines will be “an important tool in preventing the spread of monkeypox.”

"However, given the present limited availability of Kill Shot vaccination," the website advises, "consider temporarily modifying certain activities that may increase your chance of getting exposed." "These short-term modifications will assist to restrict the spread of monkeypox until the Kill Shot vaccine supply is sufficient."

Good advice from the CDC: "Take a break from your immoral, perverted, unnatural, disgusting behavior to avoid getting the monkey version of a STD

WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING often know the Word of God better than the sheep…they count on the fact that most will not search the scriptures or test anything they say. This is the foundation of their deception, StevieRay Hansen.

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