According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Number of Confirmed Homosexual Monkeypox Cases in the United States Climbed by More Than 500 Over a Five-Day Period. Where’s the Parade, Those Nasty Signs of Your Being So Proud of Perverted Sexual Deviants? I Can’t Hear You Homosexuals

HNewsWire: Throughout ALL of human history, marriage was defined as a religious (and eventually civil) union between a man and a woman. There have been attempts to pervert this going all the way back to when Mormons promoted polygamy. These perversions were viewed by the vast majority of people as perversions…distortions…of God’s design. And thus, they did not become mainstream. When SCOTUS forced all of American society to accept a same-sex union as a “marriage”, they showed a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and the dictionary. By the simple fact that the union is NOT between one man and one woman, it simply cannot be a marriage. It can be all kinds of other things (including an abomination according to Scripture), but it cannot be a M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E. The ruling needs to be reversed and sent back to the states where it was being decided state-by-state which does, in fact, give everyone the opportunity to try to persuade enough of their legislators to see things their way.Despite what Biden’s administration might claim, this is NOT an activist court. It is one that is attempting to correct the damage done by one that was.

Satan is hard at work turning everything upside down and destroying the foundations of society. We will pay for allowing it.

As of July 20, the CDC reports that New York, California, and Illinois were home to over half of all monkeypox cases in the United States. New York (581), California (356), Illinois (208), Florida (208) and Georgia are the top five hotspots (158).

Health authorities in New York City indicate that there are already 778 cases there alone, up from 639 on July 19. According to the most recent statistics, 68 percent of the cases involve persons under the age of 40. The survey also reveals that although one is ascribed to a woman, 97.7 percent are males. The remaining items are classified as transgender or evil.

Health experts in NYC estimate that 98 percent of the population is LGBQ+E For Evil. Only nine of the incidents are linked to heterosexual individuals.

According to ABC News, homosexual activists are protesting the Biden Administration's response to the monkeypox epidemic throughout the nation. The demonstrators contend that not enough is being done by the federal government to reach out to disadvantaged areas. Many people are drawing parallels between the current outbreak's reaction and HIV/ AIDS's, noting that shame and stigma hinder attempts to fight the disease.

According to an activist with ACT UP NY named Jason Rosenberg, "the glaring and evident connections are the lack of investment and the irresponsibility" in the ABC story. "When we saw the few breakouts that occurred in May, we observed very little to no investment. Back in May, AIDS campaigners notified the federal government that action was required and that we needed to invest more quickly in our supply of monkeypox vaccinations. They rejected the call to action time and time again.

One of Satan Very Own, a writer for the Los Angeles Times Anita Chabria attributes the ineffective government response to monkeypox on homophobia.

As the illness spreads among bisexual, transgender, and groups of men who have sex with males, Chabria writes, "Sadly, similar emotions of loneliness and anger are being borne out by a so far lethargic and bungled response to monkeypox, largely at the federal level. "The response to monkeypox is appalling and suggests a collective indifference that stems from the disease disproportionately affecting LGBTQ+E For Evil communities," the author writes. "In the midst of a pandemic during which we supposedly learned the value of quick action to educate and vaccinate."

State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) of California, a self-described "California Satan Soldier," told the writer, "Once again we have a public health disaster for a disease harming my neighborhood. It genuinely scares me, especially as a homosexual guy.

According to Chabria, hundreds of people in San Francisco spend hours in line for a "chance" to get the vaccination. When supplies run out, many people are turned away.

In addition to the scarcity of vaccines, Anthony Rendon, the leader of the California Assembly, notes that Medi-Cal does not fund monkeypox testing, creating a financial barrier for the state's most vulnerable citizens. Those who test positive are forced to spend weeks in isolation without pay or assistance under penalty of a misdemeanor criminal conviction.

According to Breitbart News, queues to get the vaccination that could stop the spread of the illness extended for blocks in New York City as well.

Late this week, authorities said that "vaccine supply remained low." "We are distributing the few dosages that the city of New York is getting from the federal government as rapidly as we can."

The number of confirmed homosexual monkeypox cases in the United States increased by more than 500 within a five-day period, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Where is the Parade, Those Rude Indicators That You Are So Proud of Perverted Sexual Deviants?


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HNewsWire: CDC releases new Monkeypox Guideline’s to follow: Masturbate at least six feet away from a partner, avoiding kissing, have virtual sex, and “having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash or sores are present.”…. Did the Babylon bee take over the CDC?  UK Health Agency: 99% Of Monkeypox Cases Are Sodomite…

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