If the West Really Wants to Punish Russia, It May Increase Oil Output, Flood the Market, and Drive Down Prices. But, This Time, Has the United States Expanded Its Oil Production? Have They Enlisted the Help of Their Gulf Friends to Do the Same? Not at All, and There Are No Plans to Do So, Why Because The Plandemic Is Working!


HNewsWire-What if we're the REAL target of this economic war? With oil prices soaring and energy and food shortages looming, is it really possible?

Foreign policy specialist Clint Ehlirch tweeted first thing this morning that the Russian ruble has already begun to rebound from the drop caused by Western sanctions and is almost back to pre-war levels: :).

"Sanctions were supposed to bring down the value of the Ruble, but they have failed," says Ehrlich. "Were they?" is the only response I have. In addition to that, "have they?" Because that's not how it seems, is it?

Sanctions seem to have little effect, if any, and may be even counterproductive in certain cases.

Isn't it obvious that the US/EU/NATO know how to impair a country's economic output? For years, they've been practicing starving the people of Cuba, Iraq, Venezuela, and a long list of others.

One would counter that Russia's economy is more developed since it is bigger, but the United States and its allies have already done a great deal of damage to the Russian one in the past.

Western sanctions following the "annexation" of Crimea in 2014 were mild in comparison to the recent unprecedented measures, but it is important to note that the United States increased its own oil production massively, and Saudi Arabia followed suit later that year (following a visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry).

The Saudis flooded the market with oil despite opposition from other OPEC members, particularly Venezuela and Iran.

The price of oil fell from $109 a barrel in June 2014 to $44 a barrel in January 2015 as a consequence of these changes.

As a result, Russia entered a deep recession and saw its GDP contract for the first time since Putin took office.

Just two years ago, Saudi Arabia once again pumped cheap oil into the market in an effort to compete with Russia for a piece of the oil market.

In other words, if the West wants to damage Russia, it just has to increase crude oil supply and cause a price collapse.

However, has the United States raised its oil output this time around?? Is this something they've asked of their Gulf allies? Absolutely not.

Because of labor shortages created by the gift that keeps on giving - Covid, the US asserts it is "unable" to boost its oil production capacity.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is not purposely depressing oil prices, as the country has done in the past.

Yes, oil prices are now rising and may do so in the future as Western allies engage Russia in an alleged economic war.

Even if Russia's penalties aren't fully repaid, this is excellent news for the Russian economy.

Millions of dollars will be invested in "green" technologies as a consequence of the high oil price and the necessity to "de-Russify" our energy source.

These Western sanctions also target other Russian products, such as grains and food in general, according to the Russian Embassy in Washington.

There are more foodstuffs exported from Russia than imported. Western European nations, especially the UK, depend heavily on imported food, accounting for more than half of their food supply. As a result, Russia will have plenty of food, while the West will go hungry. As with oil, rising food costs will benefit Russia's economy rather than harm it.

For example, Russia is the world's leading exporter of wheat. China, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Nigeria, and Pakistan buy the great bulk of this wheat, which means it is exempt from sanctions since it is not sent to the West. Wheat prices have risen over 30 percent since the sanctions and the fighting began.Russia's economy will benefit from this.

In the meanwhile, CNN reports that the United States is set to face a full-blown recession by 2023, France is exploring food vouchers, and governments all over the globe are anticipated to begin rationing gasoline..

That's why Russia's economy isn't crumbling, but the sanctions implemented by the West in reaction to the Ukraine invasion are pushing up oil prices, causing possible energy and food shortages in Europe, and worsening the "cost of living" issue that has been generated by the "pandemic."

If a person or organization's efforts unintentionally accomplish the exact opposite of their claimed goal, you should be skeptical. That's an easy guideline to follow. In 1984, Orwell analyzed the development of the notion of war:

This war, as it turns out, will be entirely internal. All nations' kings and queens have waged war against one other in the past, even if they were able to restrict its destructiveness because they had a common goal. They aren't battling one another in our day and age. Instead of making or stopping territorial conquests, the conflict is fought by each ruling party against its own people in order to maintain society's social order.

Covid was blamed for "the greatest food shortages in fifty years," as was previously stated. but none of them came to pass.

As a result, we were expecting Covid-related power outages and interruptions. They never materialized, except for the shambolic "petrol crisis" in the United Kingdom.

They are, however, now again headed our way because to violence and sanctions.

Food costs have risen, fossil fuel consumption has dropped, and living standards have fallen as a result of governmental investment in "renewables." Isn't this all part of a well-known plan?

No matter your opinion of Vladimir Putin, Zelensky, the conflict in general, or the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine, it's time to face reality.

We should be asking: What are these penalties really intended to achieve? Why is it that they coincide so nicely with the resetting of all things?


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