In Light of the Impending (3Yrs) Armageddon — The World Has Come Undone — Border Patrol Agents Are on High Alert for Any Cartel Assassination Attempts

While the Pentagon is more concerned with deploying National Guard troops to Washington, D.C. to assist in dealing with upcoming trucker convoy protests, the situation at the southern border continues to spiral out of control, with Border Patrol agents on high alert that Mexican drug cartels may be plotting to assassinate them.

Due to new information, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents stationed at Fronton, Texas, between Miguel Aleman and Los Guerra, Tamaulipas, Mexico, should wear full kevlar (commonly known as body armor) and be equipped with long-arm guns, such as lightweight semi-automatic rifles.

"According to information, cartel organizations were contemplating assassinating US law enforcement officials near Fronton, Texas, between Miguel Aleman and Los Guerra, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

"While doing Border Patrol operations, agents are advised to stay aware of their surroundings. When reacting to illicit activities near the immediate border, it is suggested that all agents wear ballistic armor, use long weapons, and, if feasible, work in groups," the notice adds.

A frightening video of alleged cartel members shooting machine guns over a National Guard observation was tweeted by a Fox News reporter in mid-October.

Members of the cartel are now dressed in military fatigues and armed with AK-47 rifles, according to the Washington Examiner.

"We've seen a group of guys come across — they're smuggling people — but what they're doing is they come across the river into the United States and smuggle people, then they go back into Mexico and collect their weapons," Texas DPS spokesperson Lt. Christopher Olivarez said.

Russ Vought, a former director of the Trump administration's Office of Management and Budget, recently cautioned that the situation at the southern border is fast deteriorating and that a new administration cannot wait another three years.

"We have a true problem along our border: record apprehensions; the drug cartels are effectively in operational control of our border; tremendous volumes of drugs are flowing through the southern border," Vought said in a Feb. 12 interview with NTD's "Capitol Report."

"So, from the sense of where we are as a country, we're no longer in a situation where the country can just wait three years for a new government to take office."

President Biden's poll scores have suffered as a result of his inability to handle the border problem before of the midterm elections. Biden's polling ratings are falling as news articles about the "border crisis" intensify, as demonstrated below. Other variables, such as some of the greatest inflation rates in four decades inflicting havoc on consumers, are now dragging the president's numbers down.

Meanwhile, other gangs are shifting their focus away from drug and people trafficking and into the multibillion-dollar avocado sector. Americans can't get enough of the creamy green fruit, much like they can't get enough of narcotics. As military patrols are intensified in Michoacan, the key center of Mexican avocado production, to ward against cartels, these gangs have made headway in their quest to monopolize the avocado trade.

It's not only the southern border or avocado crops that are causing havoc in Mexico. Across the country's most popular beach resort locations, there is widespread violence.

SRH: Out of Fear for Their Lives a lot of politicians, police officers and judges have decided to remain neutral in the face of this crisis. Things Will Get Bad, So Get Your Act Together and Pray for the Best. Tribulation Will Be Very Ugly.


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