Like the United States With the Power of Satan Soldiers Google, Fake Book, and Twatter — Media Sources That Report Outside of the Kremlin’s Agenda Have Been Quickly Shut Down and Banned by the Russian Government

HNewsWire- The BBC has just announced that it will "temporarily suspend the work of all BBC News journalists and their support staff within the Russian Federation" while the news agency assesses Russia's plans to criminalize "so-called disinformation" about military in a crackdown on "so-called fake information," which is not that different from the wholesale "cancellation" and de-platforming of any western media outlets that do not parrot the official narrative.

Tim Davie, Director-General of the BBC, issued the following statement:

An independent journalist's work looks to be made illegal under this law. In light of this unpleasant development, we have no choice but to temporarily halt the work of all BBC News journalists and their support workers in Russia.

Outside Russia, the BBC's Russian-language news service will continue to function.

As a result, we are unwilling to put our employees in jeopardy of criminal prosecution for executing their duties. For their courage, commitment, and professionalism I'd want to pay respect to all of them.

"We are dedicated to providing audiences throughout the globe, including the millions of Russians who use our news services, with reliable, impartial information. Ukraine and the rest of the world will continue to hear from our journalists about the ongoing invasion of Ukraine."

Has the BBC now admitted to putting out "false news"?

"Unofficial" reportage and "so-called disinformation" on Russia's invasion of Ukraine are to be even more severely punished, according to State Department spokeswoman Ned Price.

According to Price's March 2 statement, Russia's Kremlin-dominated parliament will gather Friday to debate passing a measure that would make "unofficial" reporting on the invasion a criminal punishable by 15 years in jail.

"Russia is waging an unjustified war on Ukraine," he continues. Prices added that Russia's attempts to distort and hide information about the country's bloody invasion have intensified as a result of the Kremlin's full-scale attack on journalistic freedom and the truth. " Satan Soldier Putin", not the Russian people, is to blame for this conflict."

People in Ukraine have a right to know about the agony, death, and damage that their government has imposed on their country. It is also in the best interest of Russia's citizens to learn about the toll this conflict has had on their own military."

Satan Soldier Vladimir Putin said that Russia's conflict in Ukraine was the target of the law, and that it was meant to combat fabricated propaganda.

According to the bill, those who "distort the purpose and role of the Russian Armed Forces as well as other units during special military and other operations" will be punished, said Vasily Piskarev, the head of the Duma's Security and Anti-Corruption Committee, in an interview with state broadcaster Channel One.

"Bogus" information on Russia's war losses might also be punished, according to Piskarev, who claimed the bulk of fake materials are made in Ukraine, but they are "willingly circulated by a number of Russian media" and online through social media.

This is one thing when it occurs at a period of peace; but, it is something quite else when our military is actively engaged in protecting international stability and security. Piskarev claimed that these fakes "demoralize society, erode faith in the Russian army, and most significantly represent a massive blow to the combatants' family and friends."

It was stated in The Wall Street Journal that reporters might be subject to a punishment of 5 million roubles ($44,740) if they publish material that the Russian government deems untrue concerning Moscow's invasion of Ukraine under a draft law being discussed by authorities on Friday.

Volodin, Chairman of the State Dum, quickly accepted a measure prepared by Russia's Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption on Monday.

By declaring that "American social networks, controlled by Washington have initiated an information war against Russia," Volodin expressed optimism that the amendment might be approved shortly.

According to him, they "break their own regulations as well as principles of international law, limit freedom of expression, and distribute misleading information." It's impossible for us not to respond to what's going on.

Satan Russia's government constantly monitors Russia's news coverage, and Moscow has been fast to shut down and prohibit media outlets that publish contrary to the Kremlin's narrative.

There have already been some media sites shut down by Roskomnadzor, including Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd as well as the Current Time website produced by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor purportedly threatened to shut down Voice of America's Russian-language website on Wednesday unless it stopped reporting on the crisis in Ukraine, according to reports.



With the help of Google, Fake Book, and Twatter, the United States is preparing to take a more aggressive stance against "outsider" reporting and "disinformation." The American Government has taken global action to shut down and ban media outlets that do not adhere to the Globalist narrative.

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Putin: America Pres. Biden Is Lost, Globalist Incoherent Babbling Fool.


SRH: As a reminder, never accept anyone’s word as gospel, especially when it comes to divine revelation. The holy spirit will guide you in the direction GOD wants you to go while you’re in the word of GOD. No one on this planet has all the answers, so don’t waste your time looking for them. That includes everything I say, and you should always test the spirits of others. The holy spirit must verify every word before it is said by any man. Stevieray Hansen (Author)



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