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If we could read the scripture into current events what would we find? When we lay what we see happening against the scriptures it enables us to see these events from God’s perspective. And when we do we will not be in fear, but in faith and hope. Because we know that God is in control. 

If I am understanding the scriptures correctly, and I believe I have, the time of peace and safety Paul spoke of is yet future because there is no time in the recent past that fits that description. Then this is how I believe the scripture says things will play out going forward.

I recently heard an interview regarding the military program known as “devolution” in which it was stated that because Trump appointed 10 of 11 of the generals that oversee 10 regions of the world these generals are in control. And that everything that is happening is happening to bring all the bad actors out into the open so that all can see. 

And with the crazy tyrannical statements Mr. Buyden came out with this week concerning his enforcement of the jab on all gov’t workers and companies contracted with the gov’t, it is clear that he is playing out a scripted part meant to build an evil straw man. One that the “good guys” on their white horses will knock down with such ease the world will wonder after them. While most of these actors do not even know that satan is using them. 

In that interview one of the participants made what was to me a startling statement when he said “it is like there are 10 heads of a corporation that are over 10 regions”. 

As I listened to this exchange I remembered what John wrote in Rev.17 when he said, “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” 

And I also remembered that the club of Rome came up with a design for the world that made the world into 10 regions back in the late 1960’s. 

As I considered these things it came to me that these 10 generals may very well be the 10 horns John spoke of in Rev.17. And I was reminded that whenever I read Rev.17 and saw the 10 horns I knew that they would not be exposed until the time for the fireworks to soon begin that marks the demise of the harlot run system represented in the scriptures as “the woman that rides the beast”. And that soon they would receive their kingdoms with the beast. 

Because I always knew that as long as we did not know who these kings were it meant that it was not yet time for them to receive their kingdom. But, when we would discover who they are it means their time to receive their kingdom with the 7th beast system is very near. 

This means that what we are now witnessing is the takedown leading up to the complete destruction of the harlot run system. And the arrival of the 7th of the 7 heads of which John said at the time of his writing “5 have fallen(Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Medo Persia, and Greece) one is(Rome), and one(the 7th) is yet to come”. 

With this in mind we can see that the kingdom that is coming next is not the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. Nor is it the kingdom of antichrist. But, is instead the 7th kingdom that the angel told John will “continue for a short space” that John wrote would come just before the kingdom of antichrist begins with the “sudden destruction” of 1Thes.5:3 and his reign of terror. 

This “short space” kingdom will be the time of ‘peace and safety’ Paul spoke of in 1Thes.5:3. The kingdom that is reigning when Daniel said a little horn will rise up among the 10 and pluck out 3 of the 10 horns by the roots in Dan.7. Leaving 7 heads with only 7 horns representing his kingdom.

There is a school of thought that says a nesara/gesara system is to replace our current global harlot run system. And when one reads the intent of this system it appears to be very benevolent. A system where all debts are forgiven that were accrued during the previous harlot run system. And where large sums of money are paid out to everyone in it. 

There will be such peace and prosperity after the old system and her minions are “destroyed and burnt with fire” that the whole world will “wonder after the beast whose head wound was healed”. So impressive will this victory over the harlot run system be that the Bible tells us the whole world will say “who is like the beast? Who can make war with him?” 

I am not writing this so that people will believe this time of peace and safety is to be the kingdom of God come to earth. I am writing this so that the true believers in Jesus will not be deceived into believing that this harlot destroying counterfeit system is of God. But, they will understand it to be the 7th kingdom John said would come just before the coming of antichrist. 

Because even though this peace and safety system may seem to some to have many of the earmarks of a godly system, it’s true purpose is to deceive those who love not the truth. It will not be based on a true belief in the kingdom our savior is to bring. But, will only be a counterfeit. A strong delusion that Paul said in 2Thes.2:11-12 will damn all those to hell that have never come to a love for the truth, so seductive will be the things it offers. 

In this letter to the Thessalonians Paul was not writing to warn the world, but to warn the church. To show that only those who have come to love the truth, and haven’t been deceived by false doctrine, will be able to escape the strong delusion. 

He wrote this to them so that they would know that all those who have simply claimed to be joined with and to have trusted in the Jesus of the Bible, but who have really only ever trusted in a system of religion, will become a part of the great falling away that Paul spoke of in 2Thes.2:3. Not falling away from a true salvation, but from a system of belief that is not taught in the Bible. 

What we are currently experiencing, even though it may seem to be a great deception because people are already so blind they can not see the truth that the shot they are being coerced to take is a death shot, is not the strong delusion Paul spoke of. It is only a conditioning taking place so that people will gladly accept the strong delusion that is yet to come. And the mark of the beast that will soon follow. 

The conditioning

A conditioning not unlike that which so many who have claimed to be believers have been going through for centuries. The conditioning of false religion based upon the false doctrine of original sin and sin nature. 

It is because people have believed these lies, a form of godliness that denies it’s power, that they have never come to love the truth. And because they have never come to love the truth, but have accepted a salvation by works counterfeit in it’s place, that the strong delusion will damn them to hell. 

But, those who have seen through satan’s lies will not be deceived by the deception that comes with the healed head wound of the 7th kingdom that continues for only a short space. We who love the truth will see through the deception. Because we have not been deceived to believe that we are saved by the work of Christ. Or by the works of anyone else. 

But, instead because we have loved the truth we know that we are justified by the faith of Christ. For no flesh shall be justified by works. Not Jesus’ or anyone else’s. As Paul plainly tells us in Gal.2:16.

If you trust in works done by anyone for salvation you have been deceived. It is my hope that you will turn from that deception to trust in the saving GRACE of God in Christ Jesus. A grace that saves without even the mention or thought of works. And a grace that keeps one saved without even the mention or thought of works. 

This is why true believers are still here. To occupy until He comes. Taking God’s message of loving grace to a lost and dying world right up until the very last possible moment. 

As Heb.9:14 says we must have our conscience purged from thinking that works play any part in how we are saved or how we stay saved. For without this purging the strong delusion, that is coming to damn all who have been deceived by it, will take the opportunity to wrap it’s lying tentacles around all who love not the truth. 

The truth we must realize is that the Father was not punishing Jesus in our place when He was tortured to death. That’s not the truth at all. The truth is that Jesus loves us so much that He became a man so that He could join with man in our death. A physical death. Not as punishment for bad behavior. But, so He could conquer death by His resurrection. For Himself and all who will believe in Him and His resurrection. 

This is why He had to die. It had nothing to do with the payment of a penalty for sin. It had nothing to do with satisfying God’s wrath toward man for all the bad behavior men have done. It had nothing to do with making bad people good. It had only to do with His great love for us that moved Him to conquer our death for us by dying the same death all men die. So that we could live with Him forever in the same kind of intimate and loving fellowship the Godhead experiences. 

Free from death’s grip. Free from the pain and anguish it wielded that Col.2:15 says was exposed by Jesus’ torturous death. Made sons of God who alone are then heirs to His kingdom. A kingdom of which Paul says “eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

God knows your heart. So if you want to have the things eye has not seen nor ear heard. If you want to know and love the truth. If you really want to know Him. Then repent of your belief in the salvation by works in the doctrine of original sin and sin nature. Turn from it to trust in the true and living God and His Son whom He has sent. Do this and you will know the truth intimately. And the truth will set you free. 

And if you will believe what the Bible plainly says you will not fall for the great deception that is just around the next bend. The 7th kingdom that continues for only a short space leading to the kingdom of antichrist. But, you will see it for what it is and be kept from it’s deception. Even as you see so many you may have thought were godly people fall into it’s trap. 

Dear Jesus, thank you for your delivering power. Thank you for showing us the truth. Thank you that you gave your earthly life for me so that I could gain eternal life with you. If these are truth to you now then I can now truly say, See you there or in the air! This message can also be heard at Rumble


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