The EU Renews Digital COVID Pass Despite 99% Negative Public Feedback, European Citizens Do Not Have Control; Their Politicians Do. America is Headed Down This Path. Set Down and Shut Up


The Digital COVID Pass has been renewed by the European Union. Europe's population have little authority over their leaders despite 98.9 percent unfavorable input.

On July 1st, 2021, the EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation will go into effect. It is now possible for all EU citizens and residents to have their digital COVID certificates issued and authenticated within the EU.

First introduced in June of last year, it was meant to enable "safe travel" between EU member states. It didn't take long for this home "health" or COVID pass concept to spread and become the foundation for a slew of new social restrictions in the year to come.

Despite the largely unfavorable findings of a public consultation organized by the European Commission under the banner of "Have Your Say" and accessible to the public from February 3 to April 8, the EU has chosen to prolong the COVID certificate. Over 385,000 individuals responded to the survey, and it seemed that the majority of them were opposed to its renewal.

Virginie Joron, a French member of parliament, sent the following to the European Ombudsman in a letter she shared on Twitter:

My team and I randomly selected comments from hundreds of submissions. None of those I spoke to were in support of extending [the digital certificate] the QR code. Almost majority of the responses in this massive poll were negative.

A clear trend of disapproval was immediately apparent in the comments. You can see the first full page of answers here, all of which date back to February 4. In addition to English, they are available in the EU's official languages: French, German, and Italian.

This translation of only the first few comments (from the bottom of the page) can give readers a better sense for what's going on:

In light of the EU's terrible handling of COVID, I strongly oppose the creation of this certificate.

Vaccine passports, such as the "cst" (perhaps a nod to Belgium's "Covid Safe Ticket").

The draft text makes statements that aren't backed up by evidence. The COVID certificate, for example, is said to be an effective method of preventing the virus from spreading. What evidence does this assertion have?

Hello, European Union actions that stifle individual liberties have startled and appalled me... This "European certificate" concerns me. Because it is based only on PUNITIVE actions against civilians, the COVID certificate or green pass MUST BE ABOLISHED IMMEDIATELY. It is both discriminatory and unlawful.

Because it does nothing except create more inequity, I am against expanding the use of the green pass...

It is my sincere hope that I will never again have to deal with a prejudiced certificate...

The digital COVID certificate should be terminated at the earliest opportunity. In reality, in nations with the highest levels of vaccination and regulation, infection rates are out of control, as shown by the overwhelming amount of data indicating that digital passports have no beneficial effect on transmission rates....

If member states decide to renew their Digital COVID Certificates, this does not always indicate that the infrastructure will stay in place and that it may be applied at any time.The existing EU Digital COVID Certificate requirements not only discriminate against the unvaccinated but also against natural immunity, which is seen as more transitory than vaccine-induced immunity..

270 days of certificate validity is granted for evidence of initial vaccination, whereas proof of booster immunization grants certificate validity for the time being. Proof of "recovery," on the other hand, is only valid for 180 days if a positive PCR test is performed.

It is hoped that the EU Digital COVID Certificate would make it easier for people to travel throughout the EU freely. It is not a prerequisite for EU citizens' right to free movement. However, you may be subject to testing or quarantine if you don't have a certificate. Member nations have the authority to impose travel restrictions. Please visit Re-openEU for the most recent information.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate also includes test certificates and certifications for those who have recovered from COVID-19 in order to guarantee that there is no discrimination against those who are not vaccinated. As a result, the EU Digital COVID Certificate will be accessible to anyone. The European Parliament, following the Commission's lead, decided yesterday to extend the EU Digital COVID Certificate's validity by one year. With 453 in favor, 119 against, and 19 voting not present, the resolution passed with flying colors.

A deadline of June 30 had been set for the certificate rule to expire. Earlier this month, a parliament delegation and the Commission reached a "political understanding" on renewing the certificate. As a result, the outcome of the election held on Tuesday seemed all but certain.


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