Watchman: Muslims Burn American Flags in NYC on Independence Day


**On Independence Day in NYC, American Flags Were Burned by Muslims.**

By SRH,  A large group of individuals, including Muslims and those protesting against Jewish people, gathered at Washington Square in New York City. They set fire to several American flags and proudly displayed numerous Palestinian flags. This disturbing incident took place on Independence Day, a day dedicated to celebrating America's freedom. Shockingly, a young American citizen, who was draped in the American flag, was attacked. It is imperative that all Muslim protesters and their supporters be identified and sent back to Gaza immediately. Despite our generosity in welcoming them into our country, they have shown disrespect by burning our flag. The time for deportation is now.

Remember One of Satan Soldiers Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Message to “Muslims” Let’s Not Let Fear Defeat Our Values, Mr. Pichai Is a Practicing Muslim, It is Interesting That He Sucked Up Our Educational Resources…Lived in this country free of religious persecution, Sundar Pichai terrorizes Christians in America and all over the world by supporting the satanic Muslim, anti-Christ cult religion. The guy is Satan soldiers, the other exciting point–he went back to Pakistan and found a Muslim girl to marry. You are witnessing the persecution of Christians by Google, their Board of Directors, the founders, and their CEO Sundar Pichai, who has a strategy to dismantle and destroy Christianity. The truth is Christians (CHRIST) are the mortal enemy of Muslims. If you still believe Google is a wholesome high-tech company, you are part of the problem, stand up and be heard stop using Google and its products, they are evil

Muslim (Mr. Pichai) Can Lie to You Anytime He Needs to Advance Islam. the Other Is a Muslim Can Lie to Another Muslim If It Will Make the Situation Better. and a Husband and Wife May Lie to Each Other as Long as It Smooths the Relationships in the Household. So Deception Is Part of Islam. Allah Is a Deceiver. Read More



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