The Watchman Gives a Warning. Satan Soldiers Are Coming For Us: Australian Health Authorities (Satan Soldiers) Call For More COVID Boosters… But the Public Says No. Americans Are Next!

HNewsWire: Australia and New Zealand saw among of the harshest pandemic mandate conditions of any Western country, crossing the line into dictatorship on several occasions. The Australian authorities (Satan's Soldiers) limited residents of larger cities to living close to their homes, with residents not permitted to travel more than three miles from their residences. Curfew hours were imposed between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. They were prohibited from entering public parks and beaches without a mask, despite the fact that it is practically impossible to spread a virus outside and UV light from the sun functions as a natural disinfectant.

In the worst cases, Australian residents were visited by police and government officials (Satan's troops) for expressing their opposition to the mandates on social media. Some were even arrested for calling for anti-lockdown protests. COVID camps were created in Australia and New Zealand to house patients infected with COVID. Some facilities were for people who had recently traveled, while others were for anyone who had gone out of line.

As people's anxieties about COVID fade and they understand that the virus's genuine infection death rate is extremely low, limitations are being lifted and life appears to be returning to normal. However, it is critical to remember what happened and how many countries faced potentially permanent totalitarianism in the shadow of vaccine passports. We would be living in a very different world today if the passport rules had been successfully implemented.

Fortunately, the passports were never widely used. The Australian health authorities (Satan's Soldiers) are once again urging the public to get a fourth COVID booster shot, but with little success. Only 40% of citizens took the third booster, and according to fresh polling data, 30% are taking the fourth booster.

With an extraordinary increase in excess heart failure deaths in Australia correlating precisely with the introduction of the COVID mRNA vaccinations, perhaps people are now opting to err on the side of caution. Why risk an experimental vaccination against a virus that 99.8% of the population can readily survive?

The Watchman reports that mandatory kill shot vaccines are on their way. Will you accept or reject the Kill Shot COVID-19 vaccine? When it becomes available, as predicted by 39% of those polled? If you refuse the kill shot, you will be breaking the law and will face tribulation.

The implementation of mandatory death shots is on the horizon. Almost every government on the planet intends to use lethal force or face a financial burden in the form of fines and taxes in the years 2022-2023-Spring 2024.

HNewsWire: One of the most common queries I get from unvaccinated people is about "shedding."

Because the mRNA vaccines have been under development by the US Department of Defense's DARPA since 2011, one would think that all necessary preclinical testing would have been finished before the announcement of Operation Warp Speed. The FDA guidance on gene product shedding studies with gene therapies, which are defined as "all products that exert their effects by transcription and/or translation of transferred genetic material and/or integration into the host genome and that are administered in the form of nucleic acids, viruses, or genetically modified microorganisms," was issued in 2015.

According to this assertion, mRNA vaccines are gene therapy products that should have been submitted to these excretion trials by DARPA-funded researchers a long time ago. [ii] Unfortunately, in our military-style vaccine development program, these careful development steps were skipped from the start, and now the public is grappling with the issue of nucleic acid and spike protein shedding as a potential concern among those who have worked so hard to remain healthy and free of COVID-19 vaccination.

Former Inserm researcher Dr. Helene Banoun published the basis for the high likelihood that mRNA on lipid nanoparticles or within exosomes circulates in the blood and is secreted in every body secretion that one would naturally expect to contain particles of this size in the most comprehensive paper on shedding to date.

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Fertig et al, have shown mRNA is circulatory in blood for at least two weeks with no reduction in concentration out to that time point.[iv] Likewise, Hanna et al, have found mRNA within breast milk.[v] Less data exist on Spike protein shedding but it is not a far stretch to understand this is well within the realm of reality.

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