Watchman Reporting Government Gone Rogue, to Such Levels That Are Linked to Their Absurdly High Levels of Stupidity, Hypocrisy, and Incompetence EVIL Wicked Behaviour

SRH: If they are going to prohibit gas stoves because of supposed dangerous air pollutants connected to respiratory sickness, etc., then they should also ban Democratic politicians and bureaucrats because of their ridiculously high levels of idiocy, hypocrisy, and ineptitude, for the same reasons.

HNewsWire: The United States government poses serious health risks. Everyone must join the power grid and give up their independence or perish of hunger, they say. Some of these individuals have gone renegade. They need to be taken out of positions of power and authority where they may spread their nonsense no longer goes unanswered. How inefficient!

Natural gas stoves have been linked to a number of health issues, including respiratory distress, and a government agency is considering a countrywide ban.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) director Richard Trumka Jr. told Bloomberg News that the agency plans to hold a public hearing on gas stoves in the winter of 2023 and may implement emission restrictions or perhaps prohibit the appliances altogether. Forty percent of American households likely use a natural gas stove.

Trumka said, "This is a concealed threat," to the news agency in an interview that was published on January 9. Every potential course of action is on the table. Banning unsafe products is one option.

A spokesman for the CPSC informed media outlets on January 9 that despite having issued a call for information seeking evidence on the claimed dangers linked with gas stoves and suggestions for remedies, no regulatory measures have been recommended. A request for comment from The Epoch Times was not answered before publication by agency representatives.

Trumka told reporters last month that such a request for information and comments "is the first step in what might be a lengthy path toward regulating gas burners." Trumka, a Biden appointee, is the son of the late Richard Trumka, the head of the AFL-CIO, one of the most influential unions in the United States, and a former staffer for the Democratic Party in Congress.

He said at the time that a ban on producing and importing new gas stoves is a "serious possibility." The Consumer Product Safety Commission "might have a rule on the books by this time next year" if there is significant public pressure, he added.

Natural gas ranges, according to industry associations, do not always produce more dangerous pollutants than other kinds of stoves. The American Gas Association and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers both spoke out against the potential ban.

Jill Notini, a vice president of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, told Bloomberg, "Ventilation is really where this conversation should be, rather than prohibiting one specific kind of technology." Suppressing an entire category of cooking equipment won't solve the problem of poor indoor air quality. We may have to get folks to alter their habits a little bit and start using their kitchen vent fans.

I can't stand it when the government tries to tell me and my loved ones how to live our lives. The founding fathers' fears of a tyrannical central authority were realized here. They have to be stomped right out of our regular existence. When it comes to asthma, gas stoves have little to do with it. This is only the latest salvo in the assault against natural gas and, more broadly, the war against the American people being waged by climate alarmists. Rapid transition is required now.

Is it because the terrible WEF objective is to poor and starve Americans, or is it simply another foolish nanny-state limitations on our right to chose for ourselves? Natural gas has significant cost savings when compared to electricity. RESIST!

That's just double-talk. By alleging a health danger, they believe they may avoid punishment. There's little doubt that this is just more green drivel from the leftists' arsenal of tools for population control, which ultimately ends in death.

The CPSC may be an organization you'd want to tell to take a trip, but they operate as part of the Deep State bureaucracy, which makes regulations without being held to account. They will be used to exert control over YOU by the soon-to-arrive Global One World Government. Natural gas, petroleum fuels, coal, etc., that do not need their supervision, such as nuclear power, are all things they want to outlaw. That way, if they don't like your politics or you're opposing their agenda, they can just cut off your power and you won't be able to do anything about it.

In addition to outlawing the use of gasoline and diesel automobiles by the year 2035, they want to eradicate gas appliances as part of their plan for total dominance (in California). Yes, some kids might be impacted, but with 40% of households using gas and no major complaints of problems from physicians, I find it hard to believe this is serious. As a parent, I was aware that our daughter suffered from asthma and had no internal combustion engine (such as in an oven or stove). We just took certain precautions to make sure she was healthy. She outgrew her asthma as an adult and switched to gas appliances.

We should all keep in mind that electricity is a costly energy option since it is produced by burning fossil fuels like natural gas. Electricity may be 90–100% efficient at the end appliance, but there is still likely a 30% efficiency loss during the conversion and transportation processes. Gas appliances also have inefficiencies, although the loss is often far less than it would be if the gas had to be converted to electricity first. This is a con once again!



SRH: "Death's most dreadful power comes from the hands of those who wish to be alone. They work really hard to keep their heads down and provide for themselves and those they care about. They suppress every urge to fight back, knowing that it would result in a forced and irreversible change of life. They understand that the minute they fight back, their lives as they have known them would end. When a guy who wished to be alone is compelled to fight back, he commits himself. They are practically annihilating their former selves. As a result, when forced to resort to violence, these guys who longed to be alone battle with unholy fury against those who slaughtered their previous life. They battle with raw anger and a determination that people who are just interested in politics and terror can not understand. will knock on these people's doors, crying, shout, and plead for mercy... However, it would fall on deaf ears of guys who just wished to be left alone."


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