Mark Strahl, a Canadian Politician, Stated on Feb. 20 That a Single Mother Working Minimum Pay Had Her Bank Account Suspended After She “Legally” Gave $50 to the Freedom Convoy, Tribulation in Play

Strahl, a Conservative, moved to Twitter to attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for using the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history to address the effect of truckers' and their allies' continued demonstrations against COVID-19 requirements and limitations.

On Feb. 20, Strahl stated on Twitter, "Briane is a single mom from Chilliwack working a low pay job."

"She gave the convoy $50 while it was completely lawful." She hasn't taken part in any other activities. Her bank account has been frozen as a result. This is who Justin Trudeau's Emergency Act directives are really aimed at."

Other Twitter users quickly questioned Strahl for further information and proof of his allegations about the single mother and her purportedly blocked bank account.

The Chilliwack-Hope MP, on the other hand, declined, claiming that he did not want to post identifying information about the lady online that may be used maliciously.

In a second post, he said, "Thank you to all who have read this and volunteered to help someone you've never met."

"Those who read it and assaulted someone they've never met should be ashamed." I'll continue to work with Briane to help her bank fix this issue, and I'll keep you updated as new information becomes available."

"To those of you, especially the media, seeking additional details on Briane, I am not going to assist you dox her, having seen what has been written about her online today and what has been done to other convoy contributors in the previous weeks," he continued. I know who she is, and I'm not going to give up on her."

On Feb. 19, 2022, a police officer smashes a vehicle glass as officers deploy to evict demonstrators in Ottawa. (AFP/Getty Images/Dave Chan) )

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in a statement on Feb. 21 that account-freezing powers under the Emergency Economic Measures Order (Emergencies Act) applied to "individuals who were influencers in the illegal protest in Ottawa, and owners and/or drivers of vehicles who did not want to leave the protest area."

The RCMP stated, "At no point did we share a list of contributors to financial institutions."

"We're currently working with the banks to develop a framework for dealing with the frozen accounts," the RCMP noted.

On Feb. 20, RCMP deputy commissioner of federal policing Mike Duheme revealed that 206 financial instruments, including bank and business accounts, of persons and firms allegedly participating in the current protests in Ottawa had been frozen by police.

The RCMP had also supplied the information of 56 organizations related with automobiles, persons, and corporations, according to Duheme. Officials reportedly shared 253 bitcoin addresses with virtual currency exchanges, as well as freezing a $3.8 million payment processing account, according to Duheme.

The RCMP has not stated what will happen to the funds that have been frozen by banking institutions, nor has it stated whether or not people who gave to the Freedom Convoy were involved.

"We're still gathering important information on people, cars, and corporations, and we're in regular contact with financial institutions to help them," Duheme told reporters.

However, when asked if regular people making donations to support the Freedom Convoy were having their bank accounts frozen at a press conference on Feb. 21, Trudeau responded that "the measures we put in place are designed and focused on ensuring the people in the current illegal occupations leave," according to the Vancouver Sun.

"Right now, that has been the intention and focus." If there are particular situations that Conservative ministers can bring forward to show that this isn't the case, we'll gladly look into them and try to fix them," Trudeau added.

The financial fines, according to Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, are intended at leaders and others who participated in unlawful occupations and blockades.

"It's critical for all of us to be really careful to get our facts just correct in every case, and I would encourage all of us to do so in every situation," she added.

"The RCMP has sent identities of protest leaders and organizers, as well as persons whose vehicles were involved in occupations and blockades, to banking institutions." According to the RCMP, that is the only information they have supplied to banking institutions."

The left worships government. They don't believe in God, so government is their god. They truly believe that with enough government intervention, with enough money, with enough force - government can do anything. They even think that the government can change global temperatures! These people are exactly as you said, nothing more than religious zealots that want their "benevolent god" - the government - to fix all of the problems in their life. If you disagree, you are "morally reprehensible" in their eyes.

Putin: Blah    Blah    Blah    Blah    Blah    Blah    Blah



In America, it's coffin time! There will be so many corpses in the coming days that Americans will get immune to them all and simply step over them. We shall one day witness bodies on America's streets who have died of famine. AIDS patients are already dying on the streets because they have nowhere to go!

People's hearts are worried, and their brains are perplexed; the Bible foretells a period of tremendous deception for the people; that time has arrived; politicians must devise increasingly substantial and plausible lies in order to usher in the antichrist; the Tribulation has begun.

"You will be worn out by the hostility of men and spirits unless God has brought you up for this precise purpose"...

The Watchman distinguishes between truth and consensus. The Watchman does not conflate God's message with the words of those in authority at the time, or with the majority's view. This is because powerholders and the general public may be deceived by a lying spirit, which is defined as a power that seizes the majority of specialists, political leaders, and the general people


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