Update: 4/18/22 The 4th, 5th, and 6th Bus From Texas Arrives in Washington,Don’t Mess With Texas D.C., A Special Surprise From Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Arrived in Washington, D.C.

HNewsWire: According to Gov. Greg Abbott's office, a fifth and sixth bus of illegal aliens hauled up along the southern U.S. border was taken to Washington, D.C., late on April 17.

According to WUSA-9, footage from the bus showed the illegal immigrants arriving to D.C.'s Union Square that evening.

Abbott, a Republican, acknowledged the bus was dispatched from Texas to Washington in a statement on April 17. He said that it had to be done this way owing to the Biden administration's mishandling of the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico.

"The sixth bus conveying a group of illegal migrants to Washington, D.C. from Texas will arrive in the nation's capital today, April 17," he stated, confirming that the illegal immigrants will be dropped off near Delaware Avenue and Columbus Circle. "Governor Abbott's busing approach is part of his reaction to President [Joe] Biden's persistent inability to secure the border."

A fifth bus transporting illegal immigrants landed in Washington that morning, according to Abbott's office in a second statement.

Earlier this month, Texas Governor Rick Perry began busing illegal immigrants to Washington, bringing acclaim or censure from various organizations. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, has declared that illegal immigrants in his state will be deported to Delaware, President Joe Biden's home state.

Border Patrol officers detain illegal immigrants after they cross the Rio Grande from Mexico into the United States on January 14, 2022, in La Joya, Texas. (The Epoch Times/Charlotte Cuthbertson)

The White House earlier condemned Abbott's idea as a "publicity stunt," claiming that he lacked the power to carry it out.

"I'm not sure what authority the governor would be acting under," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said earlier this month. "I believe it's rather obvious that this is a PR stunt." His own office concedes that a migrant must willingly be transferred, and he cannot compel them to do so since, once again, enforcement of our country's immigration laws is the responsibility of the federal government, not the states."

Meanwhile, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke, a former congressman who is expected to face Abbott in a statewide race later this year, slammed Abbott.

"If Abbott had focused on solutions rather than stunts, Texas might have made some genuine progress on this problem over the previous seven years," O'Rourke stated a few weeks ago.

Title 42, a Centers for Illness Control and Prevention regulation that barred individuals from claiming asylum if they came from a nation where a communicable disease, COVID-19, was being transmitted, was repealed earlier this month by the Biden administration. The regulation, which was put in place under the Trump administration, is set to expire on May 23.

Republicans and some Democrats have urged Biden to revive the rule, warning that allowing it to expire would result in even more illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Update: 4/16/22 4th Texas Bus Drops Off Illegal Immigrants Near US Capitol

HNewsWire: On April 16, the fourth bus transporting illegal immigrants from Texas landed in Washington.

According to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's office, the bus dropped the immigrants off near the U.S. Capitol at 7 a.m.

Requests for more information were not met with a response from the office.

According to Fox News, there were only approximately ten people on board, and the immigrants were received by personnel from the Central American Resource Center.

Before bringing the immigrants to Union Station, the facility supplied them with food and drink.

Catholic Charities has previously assisted organizations.

A 23-year-old Venezuelan immigrant from Texas told Fox News that he fled his home country due to high food costs and corruption.

"You may labor for a month and only generate enough money to feed your family, truly, for one day," the unidentified guy remarked.

Another Venezuelan resident, Luis Alberto, told NTD after arriving on an earlier bus that he accepted the offer of transportation because he heard "there would be someone to assist travel" and "since there is no aid in Texas."

Abbott, a Republican, announced a multi-pronged plan in early April to deal with the expected influx of illegal aliens following the Biden administration's decision to schedule the end of Title 42, a pandemic-era power that enabled the rapid expulsion of many illegal immigrants who crossed the southern border.

One prong was authorizing the Texas Division of Emergency Management to respond to local authorities' requests for information on illegal aliens freed from federal detention and to assist in coordinating their transportation to Washington and other locations outside of Texas.

On April 13, the first bus arrived. A bus has came every day since.

"The busing approach is part of Governor Abbott's continued reaction to President Biden's failure to secure the border," Abbott's office said in a statement.

Chris Magnus, a Biden nominee who leads US Customs and Border Protection, has accused Texas of failing to "cooperate sufficiently" with federal agents.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, first labeled the plan a "publicity stunt," but when the buses arrived, she said, "It's good the state of Texas is assisting" the immigrants get to their ultimate destination while they await the conclusion of their immigration procedures.


Update 4/15/22: 3rd Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants From Texas Arrives in Washington

HNewsWire: According to the chief of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Texas is sending illegal immigrants to the nation's capitol without properly coordinating with the federal authorities.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is "moving migrants without fully collaborating with the federal government and local border towns," CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said in a statement.

CBP has traditionally worked closely with and supported Texas border towns, many of which are home to CBP workers.

We all have a vested interest in ensuring safe, orderly, and compassionate immigration procedures, and governmental support should be carefully planned with us," he said.

The Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's office did not immediately reply to requests for comment.

On April 15, the third bus carrying illegal immigrants from Texas arrived in Washington.

According to video obtained by Fox News, the bus arrived at 8 a.m. It carried roughly 30 immigrants.

The video showed men, women, and children conversing in Spanish outside the vehicle.

According to WJLA-TV video, the gang headed to Ebenezer's Coffeehouse after disembarking. They then entered a white van and drove away to an unknown destination.

The arrival marked the third day in a row that a bus from Texas arrived in Washington.

The first bus came on Wednesday, followed by the second on Thursday.

It was Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's order earlier this month directing the Texas Division of Emergency Management to accept requests from mayors and county judges dealing with illegal immigrants released from federal custody in their jurisdictions and assisting them in traveling to Washington and other locations outside Texas by bus or plane.

The division sent queries to Abbott's office, which did not respond on Friday.

The effort was part of a multi-pronged strategy to address what both federal and Texas authorities anticipate will be a spike in illegal immigration when the Biden administration finishes its use of a pandemic-era law that allowed for the swift removal of foreigners.

The administration and many congressional leaders "have no concept about the havoc they have created with their open border policy."

"And they refuse to come down and witness firsthand and speak to the individuals who are truly most negatively impacted," Abbott said this week to reporters in Laredo.

With the influx of illegal immigrants, "Washington will have to react and deal with the same difficulties that we are," he continued.

After the immigrants arrive in Washington, Catholic Charities provides them with food and transportation to school.

Most of them have relatives or friends in the location where they desire to travel. If they wish to remain here, we're pleased to assist them. "Sister Sharlet Wagner, executive director of the Newcomer Network, which the charity manages," NTD reported.

On Thursday, one of President Joe Biden's top immigration enforcement officials spoke out for the first time against the busing, claiming that Texas authorities were transporting people "without effectively coordinating with the federal government and local border towns."

The chief of US Customs and Border Protection, Chris Magnus, said that any assistance from other nations should be "well planned" with the US.


2nd Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants Arrives Near US Capitol

HNewsWire-Don't anger Texas. On April 14, a second bus transporting illegal immigrants from Texas arrived in Washington.

According to Fox News video, the bus arrived about 4:30 a.m., roughly 28 hours after the previous one.

The passengers were allowed off the second bus on First Street, one block from Union Station.

Officers from the United States Capitol Police Department questioned the immigrants, who were then permitted to go to Union Station a few minutes later.

It's unclear which officials have been processing them when they get in Washington, but the Catholic Charities organization has been supplying them with food and bus tickets while they're being processed.

In an email, a DHS spokesperson informed The Epoch Times that illegal immigrants who aren't subject to Title 42, a pandemic-era provision that allows for the speedy removal of select aliens, are put in immigration enforcement procedures. Some of the immigrants may be detained and deported immediately, while others may be freed with a notice to appear in court at a later date. Those who have received a notification are free to travel inside the United States.

"Through its Southwest Border Coordination Center, DHS is carrying out meticulously planned strategies to oversee the processing and transportation of noncitizens arriving at the border." "Any individual state's interest in aiding in the implementation of our goals should be properly discussed with us," the official added.

Immigrants must chose the transportation provided by Texas government.

One of the immigrants, Luis Alberto of Venezuela, told NTD that he was robbed by cartels and Mexican police officials before crossing into the United States.

"We had nothing when we arrived in Texas because they had seized everything." "We heard there was assistance and a bus to Washington, and that there would be someone to help us go since there is no help in Texas," he said.

"It's great that the state of Texas is assisting them in getting to their ultimate destination as they await the conclusion of their immigration processes," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a news conference hours after the first bus arrived.

There have been no reports of White House officials meeting with the immigrants, many of whom expected to fly from Washington to other regions of the country.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, claims his state is transporting illegal immigrants as a result of the Biden administration's lenient immigration enforcement tactics.

"One thing is very clear: the Biden administration and many leaders in Congress have no concept about the turmoil they have created with their open border policies," Abbott told reporters in Laredo. "And they refuse to come down and witness firsthand what's going on and speak to the folks who are truly suffering the most." If they don't come to the border, I'll bring the border to them and Washington, D.C."

More illegal immigrants would be bused or flown to Washington so that the White House and Congress can "react to and deal with the same difficulties that we're dealing with," he said.


First Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants Arrives Near US Capitol

HNewsWire-Texas Is Not To Be Messed With, A special surprise from Texas Governor Greg Abbott arrived in Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning, when a bus carrying scores of illegal immigrants came to a halt mere blocks from the US Capitol building at roughly 8:00 a.m. local time. Texans are not going to take a butt kick lying down, particularly from the likes of Washington's politicians.

A special surprise from Texas Governor Greg Abbott arrived in Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning, when a bus carrying scores of illegal immigrants came to a halt mere blocks from the US Capitol building at roughly 8:00 a.m. local time. Texans are not going to take a butt kick lying down, particularly from the likes of Washington's politicians.

The bus was sent in response to Abbott's declaration last week that the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) would arrange charter buses or aircraft to carry illegal aliens released into the United States by the federal government to Washington, D.C.

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas.

Individuals departed one by one, save for families who left together, according to Fox News. The migrants checked in with authorities while wearing bracelets that had been taken off before to their release.

Abbott's approach, according to TDEM, is already working. According to the agency, several of the municipalities that first requested assistance – from the Rio Grande Valley to Terrell County – report that the federal government has ceased dumping immigrants in their areas since Abbott's April 6 proclamation.

Some questioned Abbott's sincerity in proposing to transport migrants. The White House characterized it as a "public relations stunt." Even Republican state Rep. Matt Schaefer of Texas referred to it as a "gimmick." News from Fox

According to The Epoch Times, Abbott's order came in reaction to the Biden administration's withdrawal of Title 42 earlier this month—a CDC mandate that was activated in March 2020 by President Donald Trump to limit the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring that only necessary travel happened across US borders.

As a safeguard against plandemics, it instructed that illegal immigrants be returned to Mexico immediately rather than being processed under Title 8, which is a considerably more lengthy procedure within the United States.

As the Biden administration prepares to repeal the policy on May 23, border patrol personnel and municipal leaders along the border are ready for a surge in illegal immigration.

The TDEM reports that buses were sent to border settlements over the weekend, where authorities collaborated to locate the migrants.

"Texans want and deserve a robust, comprehensive approach for border security—not President Biden's ineffective leadership," Abbott said in a statement. While the federal government continues to pull back common-sense rules that previously kept our communities safe, local law enforcement has stepped in to defend Texans from dangerous criminals, lethal narcotics, and illegal contraband flowing into the Lone Star State.

HNewsWire-DeSantis Promises to Deport Florida's Illegal Immigrants to Biden's Home State of Delaware

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has promised to deport illegal immigrants from Florida to Delaware, the state of former Vice President Joe Biden's birthplace.

Florida Gov. Rick DeSantis said on Wednesday that "what we're doing in Florida is saying, 'We're not going to allow the irresponsibility of those policies effect our state.'" You know, we're going to go after firms and contractors that are dumping illegal immigrants into Florida from southern Texas if that's what they're doing."

"Two in the morning," DeSantis said, "government authorities fly illegal immigrants from the U.S.–Mexico border to Florida." DeSantis claimed that Florida now has "money where we can divert them to sanctuary states like Delaware—and we're going to do that—to ensure we're keeping people safe here."

As a long-time senator from Delaware, Joe Biden is well-connected to the state.

As a result of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's announcement that he would bring buses full of illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C., Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seemed to reaffirm his support for immigration reform.

When the Biden Administration drops down hordes of illegal immigrants in towns, "Texas is providing charter buses for these illegal aliens who have been dropped off in Washington, D.C," Abbott stated in public comments on Wednesday.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management was empowered to lead the operation under Abbott's directive. When and how many people are on board the charter buses is unknown.

In the meanwhile, the Biden administration stated that it would rescind the Title 42 immigration order, which had barred a large number of illegal immigrants from entering the United States since it was established in early 2020 under the Trump government. These statements. There will be no new COVID-19-related regulation after May 23, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDD).

Reversing the policy, according to some current and former federal law enforcement officers, would lead to an increase in the number of persons attempting to enter the United States from Mexico.

They will go to Washington, D.C., where the Biden administration can better handle the concerns of those who breach our border illegally, Abbott said, drawing condemnation from activist organizations.

According to General Glen Vanherck, head of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), his organization will "provide additional capability or capacity based on the potential for additional immigration, or folks coming to the southwest border," to the Senate Armed Services Committee this week.

A rise in "irregular migration along the southwest border," as Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told media outlets, prompted Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to authorize funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which supervises federal immigration operations.

Texas Governor Directs State To Bus Or Fly Illegal Immigrants To DC As Title 42 Ends

HNewsWire-State government will help illegal immigrants who are released from federal custody in Texas get to Washington, D.C., Gov. Greg Abbott said on Wednesday.
When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks in Austin, Texas, in June 2021 at a press conference at the Capitol, he says he wants to help people. It was taken by Montinique Monroe.

The Republican said that his state on the southern border has been "overwhelmed" by "hordes of illegal immigrants" who have been dropped off by the Biden government.

"We are sending them to Washington, D.C., where the Biden administration can more quickly deal with the needs of the people they are letting into our country," Abbott said.

There is now a new law because the Biden administration took Title 42 off the books a week ago.

The public health provision is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order that President Trump used in March 2020 to try to keep COVID-19 from spreading by making sure only people who needed to travel to the United States did so.

It said that illegal immigrants could be sent back to Mexico quickly as a precaution against a pandemic. Instead, they would have to be processed under Title 8 immigration law, which takes a long time in the United States.

It's going to be a lot more illegal immigrants coming across the border now that the Biden administration is going to drop the measure on May 23.

In a statement that came soon after the governor's press conference, Abbott's office said only those who want to go will be transported, and they must show proof that they have been checked out by the Department of Homeland Security.

Abbott: "The Biden Administration's open-border policies have made it easier for dangerous cartels and deadly drugs to come into the United States, and this will only get worse if Title 42 expulsions are stopped."

A few weeks from now, the end of Title 42 expulsions is coming, and Texas will start taking "unprecedented action" to secure the border that no state has ever done in American history before, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Our response to the Biden border disaster will get even better with the new strategies announced today and next week. We will use all of our legal powers to stop the flow of drugs, human traffickers, illegal immigrants, and other contraband into Texas.

Abbott also said that more strategies would be used right away to "secure the border."
On Oct. 20, 2021, Kinney County Sheriff's deputies arrested a US citizen who was trying to smuggle illegal immigrants to San Antonio. A Border Patrol agent took the four illegal immigrants away from the US citizen. By Charlotte Cuthbertson and the Epoch Times:

DPS and the Texas Military Department (TMD) are making more boat blockades, putting razor wire at low-water crossings and places with a lot of traffic, and installing container blockades to stop illegal crossings, Abbott's office said.

The governor's office said that the state may come up with new policies in the next few weeks to deal with the "expected surge in illegal immigration."



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