Xinjiang Police Files Leaked Provides ‘Shocking’ Evidence of Mass Persecution.


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According to Andrew Bremberg, the foundation’s president and a former US ambassador to the United Nations, a report released by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation presenting leaked documents from the files of the Xinjiang police offers “absolutely shocking” evidence of the chronic abuse and brutality inflicted on the Uyghur population in China’s far west region.

The “Xinjiang Police Files,” as they’re known, are a “massive data dump that is unparalleled of its sort,” according to Bremberg, who claims the files contain the personal information of hundreds of thousands of detainees. Analysts believe that over 1 million Uyghurs and other ethnic Muslim minorities are being held in a network of concentration camps across the area by the Chinese state.

The files contain “significant damning facts from within China’s detention camp system,” according to a May 23 news statement from the organization, which went on to outline the files’ contents in further detail. Thousands of photographs of Uyghur inmates, ranging from youngsters to old men and women, are purportedly revealed in the files, as well as images showing police officials and guards putting handcuffs and shackles on captives during drills.

The files allegedly contain the wording of high-level directives and commands from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders regulating the categorization and treatment of the jailed Uyghurs, as addition to photos of detainees and guards. According to the foundation, one such command is Chen Quanguo’s urging to authorities and police to regard people of other nationalities as dangerous criminals. Chen Quanguo is a former Xinjiang CCP party secretary.

The papers also include a speech by an anonymous “central government official” claiming that Chinese President Xi Jinping issued orders to increase funds and the number of guards available for Xinjiang’s overcrowded jails, as well as to extend the region’s internment system.

Bremberg told EpochTV’s “China Insider” show that while most of what the files have revealed is consistent with what watchers of the human rights situation in Xinjiang already knew, the photographs of very young captives and those of elderly age are nevertheless alarming. He mentioned that one of the captives was a girl who was photographed at 14 and imprisoned at 15.

“Seeing those photographs was surprising and awful. “I’d say the same thing about some of the other images, which show not just individuals who have been imprisoned, but also the real security forces within those internment centers and how they function,” Bremberg added.

Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, visited China for the first time since 2005, and the former ambassador had harsh words for her.

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights’ current visit to China is deeply concerning. I’ve had several conversations with her in the past. We’ve always pushed for her office’s role in exposing and resolving human rights violations in Xinjiang, but it’s sad that she chose to depart now, in a way that inhibits her capacity to have any type of independence or conduct any kind of inquiry,” Bremberg said.

According to Bremberg, neither Bachelet nor the Chinese authorities see Bachelet’s visit as an inquiry into human rights violations in China, particularly in Xinjiang, and Beijing may utilize the timing of Bachelet’s visit to thwart any questions Bachelet could make. Bachelet is in a “very closely regulated, closed-loop with no journalists roaming around” because of the ongoing epidemic and the lockdown of Shanghai and other parts of China, according to Bremberg.

If the government insisted on such limitations as a condition of Bachelet’s visit, Bremberg said that the proper reaction would have been to refuse to visit China at all, citing the lack of sufficient circumstances.

“She’s now there, and the public has been informed that she’ll do a news conference shortly before she departs. “This visit gives me a lot of anxiety,” he remarked.

Apart from his immediate misgivings about Bachelet’s visit, Bremberg expressed a greater worry about a lack of openness in the UN office’s dealings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on human rights and other problems.

“Have they had any communication with the Chinese government?” And what has been their response? They don’t have to criticize or pass judgment on China; all they have to do is be transparent,” he remarked.

“It is then up to other nations to step out and ask China, ‘Why have you refused to satisfy the requirements that [Bachelet’s] office has requested?'” “However, by keeping all of it a secret, she prevents the United States, European nations, and other governments across the world from supporting her office’s work,” Bremberg added.

The former ambassador described the visit as a blunder and stated that under the current conditions, a transparent investigation of the concerns raised in the Xinjiang Police Files is impossible. He went on to say that he is worried about how CCP leaders may portray the visit in public pronouncements.

“You have no control over what others say about you.” However, imagining how the Chinese government would depict this visit from a home or international messaging or propaganda standpoint is really frightening. And if they represent her as having had a nice visit, she has a moral obligation to answer quickly and publicly, stating what the terms of the trip were, what was allowed and what was not,” Bremberg claimed.

In response to an email from The Epoch Times asking if Bachelet’s travel to Xinjiang will be an independent probe, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres replied it was “an important requirement.”

Bremberg argued vehemently for an end to the human rights violations and repression in Xinjiang.

“We are well aware of the 100 million people who have died as a result of communism during the previous century, under various communist governments. And we know that the only way to stop the victimization is for other countries in the world community to stand up and force regimes, such as the Chinese Communist Party, to alter their ways,” he added.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to global politics that this is happening. However, one could speculate and say that tensions across the board are running higher than ever for the Chinese Communist Party. Something has got to give, America and the rest of the world are no longer able to turn a blind eye from persecution due to the rapid spread of information in this digital age. António Guterres proves to be a good example of this case. The question remains, who will stop the CCP from committing further violations against human rights, and how much longer until that takes place? The people could surely rise up and put a stop to it, but i guess we’ll have to see if the CCP will be able to survive the tumble it’s currently Taking. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

The German foreign minister demanded that the UN provide a report on the plight of China’s Uyghur Muslim minorities.

On Thursday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock encouraged the UN Human Rights Office to release a report on the plight of Uyghur Muslims in China that it has compiled. Baerbock said in a video statement to the 47-nation United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva that the global organization needs “greater transparency.”

According to Newsmax, Baerbock said during his speech, “We encourage the High Commissioner (for Human Rights) to publish your findings on the incarceration of members of the Muslim Uyghur community – and we call on Beijing to give free access.”

Diplomats in Geneva have been claiming for months that the Uyghur report detailing their situation in China’s western Xinjiang province under the Chinese communist dictatorship is nearing completion. However, the office of United Nations Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet stated that the report was delayed.

In the meantime, China continues to persecute Uyghur Muslims and others who advocate for them. According to The Print, a Chinese edict has ordered the closure of up to 160 groups committed to researching and teaching traditional Uyghur culture and other languages, as part of the communist regime’s attempt to eradicate Uyghur culture.

“The Chinese government’s program of elimination, or, in its own words, this ‘war on terror,’ is a war on the Uyghurs,” Kasimjan Abdurehim, founder of the Atlan Vocational Training School of Uyghurs, told Radio Free Asia.

Abdurehim countered, “This is evidence. The cancellation, or removal, of these Uyghur-run institutions and organizations from the list is one little piece of evidence that the Chinese government’s policies are reaching new heights.”

Abdurehim now lives in the United States and is emphasizing how many Uyghurs formed the “canceled” social groups, research institutions, and schools on the list. He went on to say that the communist administration began cracking down on Uyghur cultural institutions roughly four years ago.

According to Chinese media reports on the websites of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and the Urumqi municipal government, the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) issued a “notice of revocation of registration certificates and seals of the legal representatives of social organizations” on February 22.

The order to close Uyghur organizations, according to Abdurehim, demonstrates that the new Xinjiang Communist Party Secretary Ma Xingrui will follow in the footsteps of previous Chinese officials in the region who have attempted to persecute the Uyghurs. According to Kasimjan, Chinese officials have already closed down a vocational school founded in 2013, as well as the Atlan Language School founded in 2006.

The Atlantan School, which has branches in different Xinjiang prefectures, taught Uyghur pupils foreign languages and computer programming. Between 2006 and 2017, it served up to 100,000 pupils.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is pursuing cultural relics of the Uyghurs, such as the Uyghur muqam, a “musical mode and set of melodic formulas that drive improvisation and composition in Uyghur music.” Other repertoires are also being targeted by the communist regime in nations across Europe.

The European Uyghur Ensemble, which has played Uyghur muqam, denounced the Muqam Research Society’s closure, calling it “one piece of clear evidence of Uyghur culture’s continuous annihilation.”

It’s imperative that we take note of China’s use of DNA sequencing data to produce biometric facial recognition software. This armed the Chinese communist party with the ability to find any face, as long as they’ve attained DNA samples from the subject before hand. But as we know, the CCP has already done that among other jurassic measures. So the question remains, why has the American public not been made aware of the lengths that the CCP has gone to persecute these people?

The answer to that is simple, it’s because many Americans will see the most raw results of malicious intent behind a computer. This single topic of conversation alone is enough to make someone who takes interest in technology wonder what is next for America. Considering the divide we’ve seen in society due to COVID-19 propaganda. The person next to you on a bus could be experiencing life in America completely bought into Fauci’s lies. But your choice to refuse vaccination could become troublesome for the sleeping sheep. Only because the lying “omniscient” medical practitioners suggest as such. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.



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