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Update 6/27/2020 @ 12:05 AM CST, San Francisco pauses coronavirus reopening as cases spike; Gov. Newsom urges stay-home order for the hard-hit county

San Francisco has temporarily halted planned reopenings scheduled for next week amid a surge in coronavirus cases while Gov. Gavin Newsom urged one Southern California county to reinstitute stay-at-home orders after a spike in positive COVID-19 tests there.

The city recorded 103 new cases Thursday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed said in a Friday announcement, affecting a number of businesses and activities that include outdoor bars, barbershops, hair salons, tattoo parlors, museums, zoos and outdoor swimming.

“Our reopening process is guided by data and science,” Breed said. “COVID-19 cases are rising throughout California and we’re now seeing a rise in cases in San Francisco too. Our numbers are still low but they’re rising rapidly. While I know this pause is disappointing to residents and businesses [sic] owners, we need to temporarily delay the re-openings that were scheduled for Monday.”

The city initially reopened outdoor dining and indoor retail stores on June 15, when only 20 new cases were recorded, Breed said. She urged people to wear face coverings, maintain social distancing and to practice good hygiene.

“At our current rate, the number could double rapidly,” she said. “If that continues and we do not intervene, we will be at such a high number that our only option would be to shut down.”

California recorded nearly 4,900 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours, Newsom said Friday. The state is monitoring 15 counties for worsening coronavirus trends, including Los Angeles County.

He specifically called out Imperial County, which sits on the U.S.-Mexico border east of San Diego. The county has a population of 175,000 people and has seen high rates of positive tests — 23 percent in the past week compared to 5.3 percent in the rest of the state, he said.

In a Friday update, Newsom urged Imperial County leaders to reimpose restrictions to combat the spread of the virus.

We are advising and counseling them to move forward and reinstitute the stay-at-home order, but they will move at their discretion,” he said. “If they are not able to come to some consensus, I am committed to intervening as is my role and responsibility as governor.”

Newsom noted that he is confident officials will heed his call. Source: FoxNews

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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Update 3/26/2020 @ 10:35 AM CST… Nearly Half Of All Patients At Bay Area Hospital Are Confirmed Or Suspected Coronavirus Cases…

Approximately half of the patients at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in San Jose, California are either confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases, according to a hospital vice president.

A drive-through COVID-19 testing site is operational at Kaiser Permanente – San Jose Main Campus Tuesday, March 17, 2020, in San Jose, Calif. Photo: Jim Gensheimer via the San Francisco Chronicle

“Our San Jose facility in California actually has almost half of the hospital filled either with COVID-confirmed or persons under investigation,” Dr. Stephen Parodi told the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). “So we’ve literally had to revamp the hospital to make sure that we’ve got enough capacity from a personnel standpoint. Because to provide the care to these patients requires resource-intensive personnel.”

Parodi, a Kaiser executive VP, is an infectious disease expert and national incident commander for the company’s COVID-19 response.

Santa Clara County is currently the hardest-hit area in the state in terms of fatalities, which currently stand at 17 – the whole total case count is 459. There are 3,166 cases in California as of this writing. In terms of infected, Los Angeles County is the worst-hit, with 662 cases and 13 fatalities.

Based on Oakland, Kaiser has 12 million patients and 39 hospitals, as well as 706 medical offices across the US. They also operate in Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Georgia, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and Hawaii.

The Los Angeles Times has summarized the rest of Parodi’s interview (emphasis ours):

Younger adults also unable to breathe on their own

It’s not just the elderly who have deteriorated clinically, Parodi said; it’s also younger adults who are unable to breathe on their own and require being placed on a mechanical ventilator, in which a tube is placed into the throat of a patient so the machine can push oxygen directly into the lungs.

“I think the jury’s still out about who is actually going to end up being the cohort that ends up in the hospitals. We have people that are as young as in their 30s and 40s who have clinically deteriorated and required mechanical ventilation,” Parodi said.

“There is, of course, the other cohort, the older cohort, in their 80s and 70s that are also in our ICUs,” Parodi said.

Big increases in coronavirus positive tests in NorCal and Washington

Kaiser has been seeing significant increases in the number of patients confirmed positive in its hospitals, particularly in Washington state and Northern California. “Those appear to be the current hot spot,” Parodi said.

The number of calls Kaiser is receiving from patients complaining of cold-like symptoms has been rising dramatically. Typically, at this time of year, Kaiser gets about 4,000 calls daily complaining of cough and cold; on Friday, they were getting 14,000 to 15,000 calls a day.

And that comes as positive flu tests have been significantly dropping.

That tells me we’ve got COVID circulating. I can’t tell you what percentage of those calls are actually COVID positive. But I can tell you that this is the most calls we’ve ever gotten, period, writ large, over the last 10 years that I’ve been following the data,” Parodi said.

An intensive care unit just for COVID patients

“Essentially we have filled one entire ICU just with COVID patients, which means that we have had to repurpose another unit to take care of the regular ICU patients as well,” Parodi said.

Of Kaiser’s two hospitals in Santa Clara County — San Jose and Santa Clara — “about a quarter of the patients are in the ICU relative to the others that are not,” Parodi said.

A two-week stay in the ICU

Once in the ICU, patients typically need somewhere between 10 to 14 days of mechanical ventilation, Parodi said.

“So this is a long-term proposition, in terms of vent days, ICU days and personnel days,” he said. “And I am concerned about planning for having enough ventilators — I’m talking about across the country — to be able to have this level of response.

Preparing for a sudden surge in ICU patients

There can be a sudden increase in intensive care patients. “This thing can come on very quickly. So when you go from zero to having 10 patients — that happened for us … in the ICU within one week,” Parodi said. “So you’ve got to be prepared for that level of a surge.”

Planning for running out of ventilators

That means planning for an unthinkable situation, where the hospital may have to choose who gets a ventilator and who doesn’t.

The experience in Italy suggests that the hospital would have to do mass triage, and determine “who are the best patients that need mechanical ventilation, who are the patients that may not benefit from it.”

A sudden deterioration after a week of mild illness

Some of those who end up in the intensive care unit actually come in as outpatients a week earlier before they need ICU care, Parodi said.

“They were relatively doing well,” Parodi said. “They had a cold and cough. And then they rapidly deteriorated the second week.

The deterioration can be rapid — within hours. And patients suffering from difficulty breathing can suddenly need a breathing tube inserted into their throat and need to be hooked up to a mechanical ventilator to push oxygen into their lungs.

Slow coronavirus tests

Current testing is slow. Most areas across the country are still limited by manual testing, Parodi said. Depending on the state you’re in, it can take one to two days before a test for an in-patient test result to come back, and five days or longer for an outpatient.

How to deal with N95 mask shortages

To deal with the national shortage of tightly fitting N95 masks, also known as respirators, that are designed to filter out 95% of airborne particles, Kaiser is moving toward reusing them and getting some from a national strategic stockpile, some of which have expired.

N95 masks are particularly important when healthcare workers do procedures that aerosolize a patient’s saliva into tiny airborne particles that can float in the air, which happens when a breathing tube is inserted down a throat to hook up the patient to a mechanical ventilator to help them breathe when they can no longer do so.

Kaiser’s cancellation of elective surgeries earlier in March is also helping preserve masks and other personal protective equipment. Doing so has reduced the number of patients in the hospital by 15%, Parodi said, and instead of having just five to 10 days on hand of personal protective equipment, that’s increased to more than 30 days of supply.

Kaiser is also resorting to unorthodox measures — “literally going to hardware stores” to pick up personal protective equipment and finding “different vendors local to us to be able to provide masks and literally surgical masks, sewing them together, [and] getting the face shields made from hardware store material.”

Source: HNewsWire ZeroHedge

Homosexuality is not the only sin mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6:9–10.

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

It’s not the only sin mentioned, but it is different from all the rest, at least right now. At this moment in history, contrary to the other sins listed here, homosexuality is celebrated by our larger society with pioneering excitement. It’s seen as a good thing, as the new hallmark of progress.

To be sure, the masses increasingly make no bones about sin in general. Innumerable people are idolaters, not to mention those who are sexually immoral, or who commit adultery, or who steal and are greedy and get wasted and revile neighbors and swindle others. It happens all the time. And each of these unrepentant sins is the same in the sense of God’s judgment. They all deserve his wrath. And we’re constantly reminded that “such were some of you” (1 Corinthians 6:11). You in the church.

The Bible doesn’t speak of homosexuality very often; but when it does, it condemns it as sin.  Let’s take a look.

  • Leviticus 18:22, “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.”1
  • Leviticus 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.”
  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”
  • Romans 1:26-28, “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way, also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. 28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”

Homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Bible.  It undermines God’s created order where He made Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, to carry out his command to fill and subdue the earth (Genesis 1:28). Homosexuality cannot fulfill that mandate. Also, homosexuality undermines the basic family unit of husband and wife which is the God-ordained means of procreation.  Again, homosexuality cannot do that. And, believe it or not, homosexuality is also dangerous to society. (See Is homosexuality dangerous? for the statistics)

Homosexuality has a heavy judgment administered by God Himself upon those who commit it and support it.

Romans 1:26-27, “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27 and in the same way, also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.”

As a result of being “given over,” they can no longer see the error of what they are doing.  They will not seek forgiveness, and they will not repent.  They will then die in their sins and face God’s righteous condemnation. But, their rebellion against God does not stop there.  Those who are judged by God this way, also promote their sin and condemn others who don’t approve of their behavior.

Romans 1:32, “…and, although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.”

So, in their “hearty approval” of homosexuality, they encourage others to accept their practice, and so their sin and rebellion against God spread. This means they will reject Christ’s redemptive work on the cross.  Without Jesus, they will have no forgiveness.  Without forgiveness, they will have no salvation. Without salvation, there is only damnation in eternal hell.  We Christians don’t want this for anyone.  We want them to experience the great love of God through the person and work of Christ who died for our sins (1 Peter 2:24).

Persecution of the non-politically correct?

The Bible’s view of homosexuality is not politically correct – and this is a concern. Will the Bible soon be considered hate speech by the moral-less majority? There is already significant social pressure being put on the American populace to accept homosexuality as normal and healthy.  Homosexuality is promoted in movies, television, magazines, schools, etc. Social re-engineering is well underway. Yet statistically, only 3% of the population are homosexuals.2 Christians, on the other hand, occupy a far higher percentage, 70%3 yet they are not fairly represented in the media.  Instead, Christians are routinely portrayed as bigots, narrow-minded idiots, hypocrites, and worse. Why?  Because there are little tolerance and equality from the left for those who disagree with them.  The social attitude of America is slowly being engineered to accept liberal sexual behavior while condemning and silencing those who disagree.  Since behavior follows belief, what is to stop our increasingly liberal society from acting on its silence-the-opposition attitude and become harsher and harsher in its dealings with Christians?  Nothing. In fact, there are increasing calls to get Christians kicked off of social networks for speaking out against homosexual marriage.  Silence the Christians! At work, many Bible believers are told to go through sensitivity training in favor of the LGBT community, even though such “sensitivity training” is highly offensive to them. If they don’t go, they can be fired.  It seems that sensitivity must be shown towards homosexuals, but never towards the Christians.  This hypocrisy is blatant and dangerous.

And then there is the increase in lawsuits.  Will homosexuals attend churches for the purpose of asking pastors to perform a wedding and then when they are refused, they sue?  Will they seek out Christian owned businesses and ask to have a cake baked, a wedding photographer or music played at their homosexual wedding and then file a lawsuit when Christians who are holding to their religious convictions refuse to comply? It is already happening, and such legal attacks are on the increase.  In light of this, I suggest that you look at history to see what politically correct momentum can do in and to society. Think of Nazi Germany and the Jews. Do some research on communist Russia and its persecution of dissenters in the 1900s.  History is full of examples of how those in politically correct power oppress those who don’t agree with them. If you think the comparison is too extreme, then you join with many throughout history who said “It will never happen,” and then sat by and watched it manifest.

The redefinition of marriage will stop where?

Will the redefinition stop with homosexual marriage?  Don’t bet on it.  It is human nature to push the envelope, to find new levels of permissibility, and to invent ways to justify our personal preferences and behaviors.  The United States Supreme Court has said that same-sex marriage is legal all across America.  Marriage has been profoundly redefined by legal precedent, not by popular vote. So, what is to stop further redefinitions?  What are we to do when other groups who claim a certain “sexual orientation” start pushing their particular agenda through the court system? Where does it stop?  Pedophiles are now asking for rights, too, and they are using the same arguments initially presented by the homosexual movement decades ago4).  Will marriage be further redefined to include a father and a daughter, a mother, and son, a man and a young boy, polygamy, polyandry, open marriage, marrying one’s self, marriage to dead relatives, temporary marriage, trial marriage, marriage to animals, etc.?  If you think such categories are ridiculous, think again. Each of them has its proponents here in America as well as other countries.  Many will be emboldened to move forward and push their minority-held-sexual-views on the populace, just as the homosexual community has done.

Without an anchor, a ship can drift into the rocks. Without the anchor of marriage being between a man and a woman, the redefinition can drift so far that marriage becomes meaningless, sexual protections are relaxed, and anything-goes can become the norm.  Is this good?  Is it safe?  Is it going to help society?

What right do they have to redefine marriage?

I want to know what right do the politically correct, pro-homosexual minority have to redefine marriage and impose their values on the majority? What right do they have to condemn Christians, call us names (homophobes, bigots, etc.), and be so very intolerant, when we disagree with their behavior and say it is sinful? They are successfully getting homosexuality promoted in schools, TV, and movies as “normal” and healthy.  Healthy?  Check out the health statistics of homosexual behavior.  As a result, their confidence and successes have pumped up their bravado so much that they even oppress those who oppose homosexuality, a fact blatantly ignored by the double-standard-liberal-media.  But what are we to expect when dogmatism is king and all opposing views are condemned? The pro-homosexuals want everyone to think like them and approve of their “inborn sexual orientation“; and if you don’t, well, then you’re labeled a bigot – and worse!  What they want is for everyone to think that homosexuality is normal.  After all, it exists in the animal world, doesn’t it?  Yes, it does, and so does eating their young and cannibalism.  Just because animals do it, doesn’t make it right.

But, believe it or not.  We, Christians, aren’t judging homosexuals.  We are informing them.  God has declared that homosexuality is a sin.  It isn’t our preferences we’re declaring.  It is God’s.  I know.  I know.  Some will say the Bible isn’t true, that it is archaic, sexist, homophobic, etc.  I’ve heard it all before.  Kill the messenger and let’s all jump into bed together and have our fun. Sorry, I’m not interested in freedom without responsibility and the resulting promiscuity and diseases and oppression that accompany the politically correct, sexually promiscuity of liberal morality.  Instead, I’ll follow my Lord, who calls all to repentance (Acts 17:30), myself included. Source HNewsWire HNewsWire

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Everything is right on schedule and, now, the time has come to remove one of the final obstacles standing in the way of a New World Order: The United States Constitution – even if, over the course of many decades, it has already been greatly diminished by the B.E.A.S.T. system; or, more specifically, Bullshit Emerging As Strategic Totalitarianism (B.E.A.S.T.)…

Update 3/20/2020 @ 11:35 PM CST…Inside America’s First Locked-Down Major City, “Everything’s Out Of Our Control”

Infographic: Where COVID-19 Has Been Confirmed in the U.S. | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US has more than doubled in the last several days. California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a state-wide “stay at home” order amid the virus outbreak – the strongest and most restrictive measure passed by a governor yet.

On Tuesday, there were about 5,700 confirmed cases in the US. But by Thursday the number exploded to 11,500. Now, on Friday morning, confirmed cases stand at 14,000.

The announcement comes after San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area issued ‘shelter in place’ orders after a surge of deaths and confirmations in the state. As of Friday morning, there are 18 virus-related deaths.

Several days into one of the most extreme lockdowns, Bay Area residents have been forced to stay at home, only allowed to leave for essential travel, such as shopping for groceries, medications, fuel, caring for others, and exercise. 

NBC News spoke with one resident, Trish Tracey, who had to shutter her restaurant on Tuesday in the Mission district. She laid off her entire kitchen staff of 17 employees and has tried to renegotiate her lease. 

“Everything is out of our control,” Tracey said.

The uncertainty of where the city is in the pandemic curve has left everyone confused. Strict social distancing rules have been enforced to slowdown infections to prevent local hospitals from becoming overburden with virus patients.

“The goal is to get up and running again and put all my employees back to work,” Tracey said. “I wish I could say with certainty that would happen, and I’m very determined, and I lasted five years because of that, but everything is on pretty shaky ground right now.”

The mass lockdown in San Francisco is serving as the blueprint of how other local governments in the state might have to resort to Martial law-style lockdowns. Other states, such as New York and Maryland, could be days or weeks away from a major lockdown to flatten the curve.

Bay Area hospitals have started seeing an influx of COVID-19 patients in recent weeks:

“This is a challenge unparalleled to any challenge I have faced in the last 28 years of my career,” Dr. Baldev Singh, a pulmonary critical care physician in nearby San Jose.

Singh warned that the local hospital system could experience a worker shortage.

“Protecting your teammates is as important as ever, as the number of infected individuals needing support is anticipated to exceed the number of healthy providers able to serve those in need.”

Another problem for local hospitals is an influx of virus patients could lead to a shortage of hospital beds and ICU-level treatment for the most vulnerable, and this is the point when mortality rates could surge.

On Thursday, Newsom estimated 56% of the state’s population, about 25.5 million people, will become infected.

Office of the Governor of California@CAgovernor

Governor Gavin Newsom makes a major announcement on California’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. …Major Announcement on CA’s Response to COVID-19Office of the Governor of California @CAgovernor1,7258:33 PM – Mar 19, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy1,988 people are talking about this

As the local economy grinds to a halt, tens of thousands of people have already lost their jobs, grocery stores run out of food, millions forced to shelter in place and watch Netflix, and the hospital system at risk of being overrun with patients, here are some views inside America’s first locked-down city:

SF TESLA CLUB@sfteslaclub


Downtown San Francisco Financial District rn. It’s a ghost town

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

563:12 PM – Mar 19, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee SF TESLA CLUB’s other Tweets

Mike Snodgrass@water_boy01235

San Francisco airport. Ghost town. Most shops and services closed. We also did not get screened or asked a question about our health or where we came from.

View image on Twitter
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33:46 PM – Mar 19, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy

Michelle Tuegel@michelle_tuegel

Currently, the empty streets of downtown San Francisco!we are a ghost town! Not my photos shared by a group member of our San Francisco natives group on fb.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

17:20 PM – Mar 19, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee Michelle Tuegel’s other Tweets

Source: ZeroHedge HNewsWire

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Update 3/17/2020 @ 11:35 AM CST San Francisco Bay Area Ordered to Shelter In Place

Update: Santa Cruz County has joined the shelter in place order. Undoubtedly many surrounding counties will do so, as well.

Millions of people in 6 counties in the San Francisco Bay Area – including Santa Clara (where Silicon Valley is located), San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo, Contra Costa and Alameda – have been ordered to “shelter in place” starting at 12:01 in the morning tonight (March 17th). 

Millions of Bay Area residents received emergency alerts on their phones today announcing the lockdown.

Not only do millions live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but Silicon Valley and other very affluent areas are included in the shelter-in-place area.

Only “essential businesses” – such as hospitals, gas stations, banks, internet service providers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and hardware stores – can remain open.

How affluent?

The Guardian reports:

Residents in California’s tech belt out-produce almost every nation on the planet. The valley’s output, pegged at $275bn by the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis, is higher than Finland’s.

Half the world’s tech billionaires live in Silicon Valley; a sizable portion of the remainder live just north in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And the Guardian notes that surrounding areas are no slouches, either:

San Francisco, Oakland and their suburbs [all subject to the shelter-in-place order] comprise America’s third most productive metro area by GDP, generating $89,978 per capita, a number that puts it in the company of Singapore and Brunei.

And at least as of 2017, Marin County was one the 5 richest counties in America.

And San Mateo is also very affluent.

Indeed, the Mercury News wrote in 2018 that – as a whole – the San Francisco Bay Area would be the world’s 19th largest economy if it were a nation.

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Update 3/16/2020 @ 6:55 PM CST Brace yourself SF, Ca for chaos: in a few days, the next person to sneeze may be arrested quietly pulled aside by the authorities and tested for the HIV Coronavirus. But if you are a Homosexual, you may get a pass for now, until Christ Returns

SAN FRANCISCO,  The Church of Satan and the city by the Bay are celebrating their 50 year anniversary this year, and the LGBTQE culture in San Francisco lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender community in San Francisco is one of the largest and most prominent LGBTQE Sin communities in the world and is one of the most important in the history of LGBTQE rights and activism for Satan alongside New York,  San Francisco is a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah…

SF Orders Residents To ‘Shelter In Place’: Live Updates

Update 3/16/2020 @ 6:55 PM CST  As we previewed earlier, San Fran Mayor London Breed has put the city on lockdown until April 7, requiring residents to stay home as of midnight.

Essential stores will remain open.

London Breed@LondonBreed

Effective at midnight, San Francisco will require people to stay home except for essential needs.

Necessary government functions & essential stores will remain open.

These steps are based on the advice of public health experts to slow the spread of #COVID19.6,6281:57 PM – Mar 16, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy5,327 people are talking about this

A total of 6 Bay Area counties will also adopt these same shelter in place measures, as we noted earlier.

Earlier, the mayor introduced a $10 million fund to help workers who pay because of the virus.

Source ZeroHedge HNewsWire


  • Australia prepares 2nd stimulus package
  • Canada closes borders to foreign travelers
  • Dutch PM says experts believe ‘most’ citizens will catch a virus
  • New Jersey reports 80% jump in cases
  • Italy reports another 3,233 cases, 349 deaths
  • EU finance ministers announce ‘coordinated fiscal response’ worth 1% of GDP
  • White House releases new ‘national guidelines’ to stop a virus
  • San Francisco earmarks $10M for those who miss work due to outbreak
  • SF mayor orders residents to shelter in place beginning at midnight
  • 6 Bay Area counties to issue ‘shelter in place’ order
  • Actor Idris Elba tests positive
  • WH conference set for 3:30pmET
  • G-7 releases communique about ‘coordinated’ virus response
  • Trump tells governors to try and get their own respirators
  • Washington State shuts down bars, restaurants for 2 weeks
  • First cases confirmed in Tanzania, Somalia
  • Ohio requests to delay primary until June 2
  • Russia ‘limits’ entry of foreigners
  • The UK reports 18 new deaths, asks citizens to avoid all non-essential contact and travel, but avoids public closures
  • Chile tightens borders, bans foreigners from entry
  • Kudlow teases helicopter money; Romney pushes plan to hand every US adult $1,000
  • Cuomo warns the US might not succeed in flattening the curve enough
  • Lombardy reports the smallest jump in new cases since the beginning of the outbreak
  • Greenland reports the first case
  • Google’s virus website booked up on the first day of operation
  • Moscow bans all events with more than 50 people
  • Top Iranian cleric dies
  • Germany closes restaurants, bars, gyms, and nightclubs until further notice.
  • EU Commission bars “non-EU citizens” from entering the area, but refuses to cave on internal controls
  • NY, NJ, Conn bar large gatherings
  • Israel mulls national lockdown

Update (1520ET): During this afternoon’s press conference, the White House task force has released a set of ‘national guidelines’ that it asks all Americans to follow over the next 15 days, including avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, and that states with community spread must close bars, gyms, restaurants, and other public areas, as well as schools.

Across the Atlantic, EU Finance ministers have reportedly agreed to a ‘coordinated fiscal response’ equivalent to 1% of GDP to stop the economic fallout from the virus. Christine Lagarde must be thrilled. And Mario Draghi probably can’t help but feel a little slighted.

*  *   *

Update (1515ET): As we previewed earlier, San Fran Mayor London Breed has put the city on lockdown until April 7, requiring residents to stay home as of midnight.

Essential stores will remain open.

London Breed@LondonBreed

Effective at midnight, San Francisco will require people to stay home except for essential needs.

Necessary government functions & essential stores will remain open.

These steps are based on the advice of public health experts to slow the spread of #COVID19.1,4181:57 PM – Mar 16, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy1,499 people are talking about this

A total of 6 Bay Area counties will also adopt these same shelter in place measures, as we noted earlier.

Earlier, the mayor introduced a $10 million fund to help workers who pay because of the virus.

*  *  *

Update (1500ET): Earlier this afternoon, the Washington Post managed to get its hands on leaked comments from President Trump’s call with state governors (that the Democratic governors on the call would leak a damaging, out-of-context comment to undermine the president during a national crisis is hardly surprising).

After President Trump repeatedly promised that the ‘private-industry partnerships’ negotiated by the administration would help alleviate shortages of medical supplies across the country, the president reportedly told the governors to try and get ventilators and other equipment on their own if they can.

Instead, states should try to work on obtaining respirators, ventilators and other equipment on their own, according to two officials briefed on the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private teleconference.

Trump tweeted on Monday that he had a good call with the governors.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

I just had a very good teleconference with Nation’s Governors. I went very well. Cuomo of New York has to “do more”.33K1:32 PM – Mar 16, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy17.2K people are talking about this

In response to Trump’s alleged ‘request’, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has taken steps to maximize camera time since the outbreak began, holding multiple daily press conferences and appearing on CNN and other news channels, took a swipe at the president, demanding that he ‘do something’.

Andrew Cuomo@NYGovCuomo

I have to do more?

No — YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the President. …45.4K12:53 PM – Mar 16, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy16.8K people are talking about this

Meanwhile, after Louisiana delayed its primary, Ohio is now seeking to delay its primary to June 2.

*  *  *

Update (1450ET): The San Francisco Chronicle reports that six San Francisco Bay Area counties are about to declare a “shelter in place” order, asking residents not to leave their homes and stay away from others as much as possible for the next three weeks.

The directive is set to begin at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday and will include San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties – a combined population of more than 6.7 million.

The order falls just short of a full-on lockdown – the order doesn’t explicitly forbid people from leaving their homes without permission – and it’s unclear how it will be enforced, and to what degree.

*  *  *

Update (1435ET): Actor Idris Elba, the “Luther” star once rumored to be the next James Bond, has tested positive for the virus, he revealed in a tweet a few minutes ago.

At this point, the fact that tourist attractions are closing down is hardly a surprise. But on Monday, the National Parks Service announced that the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island would be closing ‘temporarily’.

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SAN FRANCISCO,  The Church of Satan and the city by the Bay are celebrating their 50 year anniversary this year, and the LGBTQE culture in San Francisco lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender community in San Francisco is one of the largest and most prominent LGBTQE Sin communities in the world and is one of the most important in the history of LGBTQE rights and activism for Satan alongside New York,  San Francisco is a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah…

Brace yourself SF, Ca for chaos: in a few weeks, the next person to sneeze may be arrested quietly pulled aside by the authorities and tested for the HIV Coronavirus. But if you are a Homosexual, you may get a pass for now, until Christ Returns, Enjoy LGBTQ E For EVIL Reprobates.

When a society of people start promoting and supporting this dark path, that society has unleashed darkness upon itself. What can be the end except for an utter war against the Holy Bible and the godly citizens that will not compromise with such sickness? America is on the precipice of complete sorrow and deceit.

Can you imagine a city so wicked that careers are provided for people simply because they’re homosexual, while no such provisions exist for born-again Christians? This is evil. There was a time in America when an employer would hire someone who was a Christian because they knew they were hiring a trustworthy employee. Nowadays, taxpayers are forced to support homosexuals, regardless of their personal character or skills. This is wrong. Homosexuals are demented and immoral people. Fifty years ago in America, psychologists considered homosexuality a disease! 

The homosexual agenda has infested American culture, corrupting our nation. From the Food Network to Home and Garden TV, homosexuals are being featured to maintain political correctness. The tragic result is that society is being desensitized to the evils of homosexuality. Gay-marriage is rebellion and sin against God. No one is born homosexual because God doesn’t make mistakes.

While most people today are becoming sympathetic and accepting of homosexuals in society, Christians must be vigilant to criticize and cry aloud against such wickedness. Homosexuality is a sin. 

Carlson: How will LA, San Fran, Portland, and Seattle control the spread of coronavirus with their MASSIVE homeless populations?

03/16/2020 / By News Editors

(TNS) Most rational people understand that even in normal times, leaders who allow tens of thousands of people to live in squalor on the streets of their cities are irresponsibly putting citizens at risk in terms of crime and sanitation alone.

(Article by Jon Dougherty republished from

But when you throw a good, ol’ pandemic into the mix, the potential for an unmitigated health disaster is downright likely.

As local Democratic leaders in California, Oregon, and Washington state demand that the Trump administration steps up its response to the widening coronavirus outbreak, their homeless policies have led to the creation of thousands of mini-camps full of desperate people living in Petri dishes filled with feces, urine, drug needles, and trash.

In other words, conditions that more resemble those in Medieval times when the spread of disease due to a combination of filth and close contact was rampant.

During his Fox News program Friday evening, host Tucker Carlson and Seattle-area talk radio host Jason Rantz noted that while there is no direct epidemiological link — yet — between filthy homeless conditions and the spread of coronavirus, it’s clear that such large homeless populations living closely in squalid conditions make it much easier to spread it cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

Rantz noted that the arrival of coronavirus ought to be a wake-up call for the local Democrat leaders and the citizens of these cities that their homeless policies need to change.

“I am growing increasingly concerned. The more we hear about what we need to do to make sure the coronavirus doesn’t spread seems to make sense to me because I live in a home where I have access to hand sanitizer, soap, and water. Homeless people do not,” he said.

Noting that he and Carlson talked last week about the where homelessness and the coronavirus might “intersect,” Rantz recounted an incident in Seattle a day earlier in which a homeless person diagnosed with the virus was quarantined by health officials in “an isolation sight.”

But the man wound up leaving self-quarantine, walked across the street, allegedly robbed a convenience store, then hopped a bus and disappeared.

“That is a problem,” Rantz said, noting that Democrat leaders in these cities have so far not come up with a plan about how to protect the public from infected homeless persons who may also have additional behavior health problems like depression and addiction.

“So in other words,” Carlson noted, “if you allow your society to fall apart as they have in Los Angeles and Portland and Seattle when a crisis comes, it might collapse completely.”


Read more at NewsTarget

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SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — With the first U.S. death from the coronavirus being reported Saturday morning, a new interactive map from Johns Hopkins lets people track the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 in real-time.

Coronavirus Tracker Map from Johns Hopkins University

The interactive map is the work of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins and it shows the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases by location worldwide plus the total number of deaths. On the positive side, the map also displays the number of people who have recovered from the disease.

The data for the tracker comes from the World Health Organization Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as official European and Chinese sources.

Washington state officials issued a terse news release Saturday announcing the death, gave no details and scheduled a news conference. A spokesperson for EvergreenHealth Medical Center, Kayse Dahl, said the person died in the facility, but gave no details.

State and King County health officials said “new people (have been) identified with the infection, one of whom died.” They did not say how many new cases there are.

Amy Reynolds of the Washington state health department said in a brief telephone interview: “We are dealing with an emergency evolving situation.”

The World Health Organization says the risk of the new coronavirus expanding worldwide is now “very high.”

There are now more than 85,000 cases globally — most of them in China where the virus originated — and more than 2,900 deaths. As health officials try to contain the virus, it continues to put millions of people in the U.S. on edge and roil international equities markets.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases from Johns Hopkins University

Despite being normally reserved for the flu season, Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose pushed to have their tents set up in light of the steady increase of COVID-19 infections. According to Mark Brown, Chief Nursing Officer for Good Samaritan Hospital, this was done to keep the incoming patients safe and to make sure that the patients are not co-mingling together.

The military-grade disaster tents, which measure 15 feet by 30 feet and stand about 10 feet tall in the center, are large enough to handle up to six patients at a time, while still allowing the minimum “six-foot exclusion zone” or the distance that health officials say is sufficient to prevent human-to-human transmission of the disease.

“We’re taking an overabundance of caution to do the right thing, and we feel for our patient population and for our community, this is the best way to serve them,” Brown said.

Sanjay Kurani, medical director of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, said that in addition to setting up their own sets of tents, their hospital has assembled a dedicated team of medical specialists, from epidemiologists to respiratory therapists, to help deal with the influx of patients.

Tom Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security likens the preparations of the area’s hospitals to that of a city building a fire brigade.

You build a fire department ahead of time. You don’t wait for a fire,” Inglesby said. “There is an under-appreciation for the amount of time and resources required to build a prepared system.”

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Police Quarantine California Neighborhood After Coronavirus Death

Major Cities All Over The Globe Are Paralyzed By Fear Of Covid-19

Police in the Sacramento suburb of Rocklin, California ordered residents on one residential street to stay inside their homes as officers in protective gear patrolled the area as a sheriff’s helicopter circled overhead, according to WIBW.

The reason? A man who became California’s first coronavirus victim lived on the block.

Residents were kept in the dark until after they were allowed to leave their homes, according to the report.

The Placer County Health Department issued a brief statement shortly after the police presence, stating: “Law enforcement partners are currently responding to enforce a health officer’s order. We cannot share any additional information to protect patient confidentiality.”

The orders were given under sections of California Health and Safety Code that allows Placer Health to “enforce regulations requiring strict isolation, or quarantine if the action is necessary for the protection of the public health.” –WIBW

The quarantine order came one day after Placer County Public Health announced the death of the 71-year-old resident.

“I understand the sensitivity of the situation, but of course more information is always better,” said Justin Rodgers of Rocklin.

The report notes that nobody from the Placer County Health Department was seen entering any homes, while the county is not commenting on whether law enforcement will be involved in the days ahead. ZeroHedge

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Book That Matters

The Book Long-Journey-Home-Stevie-Hansen

Prison Yard

I smelled the musty scent of fear mixed with body odor, bad breath and something so nasty I couldn’t identify it as I stepped out onto the prison yard. Surrounded by some of the meanest men on earth, I wished more than anything to be invisible, unnoticed.

“Hey, handsome! Where are you going?” A man almost as terrifying as my first Hell’s Angel cellmate spoke to me, putting out a hand to stop me.

I played dumb and kept walking.

That many criminals shoved together in a small space felt like stepping into a nuclear reactor. Anything could spark an explosion. My first day in the yard, I made a heart cry to God. I knew it would take a miracle to get me out of this alive and unscathed. With sudden clarity, I realized that while I knew about God, I had no relationship with Jesus.

I could meet my maker any moment of any day and I needed to prepare myself for that encounter. The problem was that it took constant awareness and watching to stay alive. Any moment that my mind wandered might be my last.

I existed in full-blown survival mode.

My third day in the yard, two Mexican gangs got in a fight right in front of me. I kept my eyes straight ahead and kept walking while they stabbed one another, turning it into a bloodbath. I made it to the other side of the yard in full-blown panic, splattered with blood.

It felt as though I’d grown up and been thrown back in Ontario among gangs on steroids. Only this time there was no escape. Trembling in my cell that night, I wondered if any of the boys who’d beat me bloody as a kid were here filing down shanks and stabbing people. A shudder shook my body. I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.

Murder in prison wasn’t like murder on the outside. If you killed someone inside, you didn’t go back to court for a trial. You went before a committee. The maximum an inmate got for murder inside was an extra three years attached to their sentence.

“You pledging allegiance to us?”  a white guy asked me the next morning on the yard.


“Why? You’re going to need us!”

I remembered the advice from the lifer in the county jail and walked away.

On the outside, money was the currency that people would kill to get. On the inside, a candy bar was enough. Candy bars, I learned, were a big deal. A powerful currency. If an inmate borrowed a candy bar and didn’t pay it back by midnight, one thing was certain.

The next time I met with my counselor, he looked at me with sad eyes and shook his head. “I don’t understand it,” he said. “There are no white-collar criminals in this prison. None. Except you. So I wrote to your judge and asked for a lesser sentence.” The Book

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Passenger Who Died Of Covid-19 Probably Caught The Virus In California, Carnival Says

The latest alarming twist in the ‘Grand Princess’ saga is that the 71-year-old former passenger who died in California’s Placer County may have already been infected with the virus when he boarded, meaning that the virus may have been circulating in northern California as early as late January.

It’s certainly a disturbing discovery as officials in California and Washington State have stumbled upon an alarming rash of potentially infected individuals many of whom have been unable to secure a test, even though federal officials said Saturday that tests are being shipped.

Though, as USA Today points out, this is only a theory at this point; investigators stressed that nothing has been confirmed. That would also seriously undermine the Trump Administration’s response, as President Trump has at times seemed dismissive of the threat posed by the virus, something that Democrats are already exploiting for political points, even as the administration is “catching up” – in the words of former FDA director Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

However, “if true, it could mean there was so-called community spread of the virus in California earlier than authorities have previously disclosed,” one official said.

During a conference call with reporters on Saturday evening, Carnival Corp Chief Medical Officer Grant Tarling said the man boarded the ship in San Francisco on Feb. 11, when it set sail for Mexico.

Tarling said the man sought medical treatment from the ship’s medical center on Feb. 20, when he reported symptoms of an “acute respiratory illness” for about a week.

Since the virus has an incubation of roughly five to six days for the first symptoms to emerge, it’s reasonable to suspect that he picked it up before boarding, meaning it was likely acquired in Cali then brought on board the ship. 

“We believe this case was community-acquired in California and brought on the ship,” Tarling said.

Interestingly, Placer County health officials are disputing the company’s claim: They’re insisting he probably picked up the virus aboard the cruise.

“The Placer County health officer, however, disputed Tarling’s statement and said the passenger probably contracted the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease while on the cruise.”

Is this just the latest example of authorities refusing to accept the true gravity of the situation?

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San Francisco Cruise Ship Passengers Stuck ‘in Limbo’ After Passenger Dies From Coronavirus

Health officials in the Bay Area yesterday conducted tests on about 3,500 passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship to determine if any of them have contracted the novel coronavirus. The ship was scheduled to dock in San Francisco on Thursday but was prevented from doing so after one 71-year-old man, who had been onboard the Grand Princess on a previous trip, died from the virus.

“That ship is currently being delayed to provide ample opportunity for the CDC in partnership with the Coast Guard and with state health officials to conduct tests because we have a number of passengers and crew members that have developed symptoms on this cruise,” said Governor Gavin Newsom of California said in a statement on Wednesday.

Newsom also claimed that the state was declared a state of emergency as an aggressive response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, which rose to about 54 cases in California alone – the highest in the country.

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Passengers’ in limbo’

San Francisco city officials claim that the cruise ship is carrying a total of 2,383 guests and 1,100 crew members. The ship’s voyage from Hawaii to California was cut short after several guests and crew started exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus. The ship will remain under quarantine just off the coast of San Francisco until the results are released.

Officials believe that an older adult who was on the ship’s previous trip to and from Mexico harbored the virus. The same man, discovered to be from Placer County near Sacramento, was considered to be the first documented coronavirus fatality in California, according to a report by Reuters. Health officials claim that the individual likely contracted the virus while on the cruise ship, and they are trying to contact the 2,500 passengers who disembarked the Grand Princess in San Francisco on February 21, immediately after the earlier cruise to Mexico.

According to Mary Ellen Carrol, the head of the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, about 35 people have shown flu-like symptoms during the 15-day cruise. However, many of them have already recovered from their symptoms.

“Testing protocols are being put into place on the ship for those passengers and crew that have shown flu-like symptoms or may have been exposed to the virus, and that is happening today,” Carrol added. “Once we have resulted from the tests, the CDC and the state will determine the most appropriate location for the ship to berth, and the location needs to provide for the safety of the surrounding community as well as the passengers and crew.”

The Grand Princess is a cruise ship belonging to Princess Cruises, the same company which operated the Diamond Princess – a similar cruise ship that was quarantined off the coast of Japan just last month. More than 700 people tested positive with the virus, six of which succumbed to illness. The company has already canceled its next scheduled departure of the Grand Princess bound for Hawaii, which was set to depart on March 7. (Related: “High-risk” Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers sent to NEBRASKA for quarantine – what could possibly go wrong?)

The company recently released a statement saying fewer than a hundred people on board will be tested for the virus — mostly guests who were present during the previous Mexico voyage and remained on the ship for the Hawaii trip.

“In an abundance of caution, these guests and other potential close crew contacts have been asked to remain in their staterooms until screened by our onboard medical team,” it said.

As of writing, Princess Cruises claims that there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 onboard the ship. However, test samples have already been delivered to the California Department of Public Health in Richmond for analysis. According to the statement, the results of the tests are expected to come out within the week. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are a total of 99 cases of coronavirus infection across 13 states in the United States. Source NewsTarget

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There has been a moral collapse in America of colossal proportions. America has gone from a morally healthy, God-fearing country to a world center of gross depravity and immorality, a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. We live in a country that has lost its moral bearings, a country that doesn’t know right from wrong. It is a society where shocking, numbing, gut-wrenching things are happening. Anti-discrimination laws enacted by our Congress are forcing professional photographers to go against their personal religious beliefs and convictions, to go against their conscience, and to take pictures for gay weddings. The same laws are forcing owners of bakeries, against their personal convictions, to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings. Our country is forcing local courts in Utah, against their wishes, to conduct gay marriages. This is a moral outrage! Homosexuality is a gross sin, high wickedness! For the government of a country to officially support high wickedness is the wickedness of a far higher order! Our government is trampling the natural, inherent rights of the Good and Moral in order to advance the homosexual agenda. Our supreme court has openly affirmed the dominance of the rights of the gays. Our country has openly taken its stand — a stand against Goodness, Righteousness, and Morality. It has affirmed its commitment to Immorality and Depravity. It has demonstrated where its sympathies and feelings lie. It is all an obscenity against that highest God, an obscene finger raised at Him! A shocking obscenity! How could any young person growing up in America today see anything to believe in, engulfed on all sides as he is by our degenerate, wicked society? It is a criminal injustice to our youth!

The position of the Bible on homosexuality is crystal clear. There is no ambiguity in it. Its position is that it is the wickedness of the n-th degree, that it leads to hell, that those who practice it will be damned. The pro-homosexual attitude of our government (and a large portion of our society) of great sympathy and concern for the homosexual (and of bias and hostility against people who believe homosexuality is wrong), is a lot more than might appear on the surface. It represents an audacious defiance against God. It constitutes a bold contradiction of God and an implicit condemnation of Him. For, of course, if homosexual conduct is morally OK, then God’s condemnation of it is necessarily unjust, wrong, and evil. Condemnation of Christians for their attitude toward homosexuality is also necessarily a condemnation of God’s position with regard to it. The entire modern liberal’s position on homosexuality amounts to an arrogant judgment on God. The modern liberal has set himself up as a moral authority with the power to decide right and wrong and to judge and condemn God himself. The modern liberal is arrogant in the extreme and a tyrant at heart. You have to do things his way. He is totally intolerant of opposition. We see that in all the “political correctness” that has so taken over America. People are no longer allowed to have their own opinions.

Laws are made to intimidate those who refuse to fall in line. Modern liberalism is slowly leading man towards an intolerant, anti-God, coercive ideological state that will reduce its citizenry to serfdom. An ugly, oppressive state that will destroy the spirit of man. A state that will crush him. An evil state that will become an incubus on his back from which he will be unable to free himself. Modern liberalism is evil. There is a power in this world who is a great enemy of God. He is referred to in the Bible by such names as the “Prince of this World” and the “Great Deceiver”. He hates God, Virtue, Decency, Morality, Goodness and all that God stands for with a passion. He is the original great rebel against God. His name is Satan. To understand America and the modern western world, you must understand Satan. His fingerprints are all over modern liberalism. For a real understanding of things, you must understand sympathies, where sympathies lie. The sympathies and attitudes of the modern western world are those of Satan. The masses follow him without even knowing it.

Americans have become very sympathetic to homosexuals. They are showing great empathy and concern for him. I think it is very interesting, very curious, that it just happens that that behavior that they have become so tolerant and sympathetic toward is that great sin of sins of the Bible, that very sin toward which God has shown himself to be so very intolerant and hostile. What a very interesting coincidence! It shows the depth of the godlessness of the country.

America, a wellspring of moral corruption, wickedness, dirt, and filth. America, wicked in the n-th degree, extending herself around the world, corrupting and polluting the world. America, a great wide sewer, a great evil-smelling cesspool of filth. Great technological advances and increasing personal wealth accompanied by ever and ever-increasing moral depravity and wickedness.

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The “gay life” is short, lonely, and filled with cheating, insecurity, disease, and danger. Although held captive by sexual addiction rather than brick and bars, homosexuals exhibit many of the same psychological traits as those imprisoned in death camps. The pathologies of homosexuals fit the traditional social-psychiatric view: Happiness and well-being are earned through social and sexual productivity, not “sexual freedom.”

California has certainly lived up to its reputation as “the granola state” (i.e., the land of fruits and nuts). Whether it be false cults, financial scams, sexual immorality, or weirdoes—California seems to produce a steady supply of them. It is no secret that San Francisco has a high concentration of homosexuals. San Francisco is a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah…

Gerald Hannon is a pedophile who openly lobbies for the abolition of the age of consent laws. While these laws vary from country to country and state to state, each set a minimum age below which an adult is prohibited from having sexual relations with a child. But Hannon and his homosexual allies want to decriminalize sex with our children.

As part of his campaign to legalize sex with children, Hannon and homosexual militants are pushing for aggressive recruitment programs in public schools. If you want children, what better place to find them than in public schools? After all, since homosexual couples can’t reproduce, they will simply go after your children for seduction and conversion to homosexuality. Hannon, writing in the New York University Press book, Lavender Culture, laments the fact that the “gay rights movement” has not had large numbers of children involved. This must change, says Hannon. “At present, we do not have organizations that are chock-a-block full of young people…To attract young people to the gay movement in large numbers should be the challenge to the next phase of the movement. It is a challenge we have set ourselves.”

How are Hannon and his fellow sexual predators going to recruit children? Hannon’s answer is simple: “proselytize.” How? By establishing homosexual youth clubs with adult advisors to serve as mentors. Hannon says that these clubs should consider children as “initiates” into the homosexual world—a bizarre world where “their feeling of belonging makes the heterosexual conventions they must obey at home, school, or work seem unreal as if they belong to another time and place … [where] Parents are a constant source of exasperation and amusement.” Note Hannon’s contempt…

His “Homosexual” mentors are to create a world in which parents are considered a nuisance and an object of ridicule for their old-fashioned beliefs about traditional morality. The young “initiates” into the strange world of homosexuality are to be trained to reject the moral beliefs of their parents. Dr. Judith Reisman, the author of Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences, has recently written a major research paper on Hannon and the plans homosexuals have for our children. She observes, “As the homosexual movement has long advocated ending the age of consent laws, those familiar with the movement literature realize that parental fears of pederasts and pedophiles using school access to recruit children into sex is realistic.”

As homosexuals continue to make inroads into public schools, more children will be molested and indoctrinated into the world of homosexuality. Many of them will die in that world. Reisman points to research conducted by Dr. Gene Abel on the vastly different rates of molestations committed by homosexual pedophiles (known as pederasts) versus molestation rates of girls among heterosexual pedophiles. In a sample of 153 self-confessed homosexual pederasts, they admitted to a total of 22,981 victims. This comes to 150.2 boys per offender. Self-admitted molesters of girls committed 4,435 molestations or 19.8 girl victims by each heterosexual pedophile. According to Abel, homosexual child molesters, “sexually molest young boys with an incidence that is occurring from five times greater than the molestation of girls

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The Bible is God’s Word, which condemns all forms of lesbianism, homosexuality, cross-dressing, transgender (sex change) and same-sex marriage.

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The only sure way to protect your child is to either homeschool your child or enroll them in a private school that doesn’t homosexualize children. At a minimum, teach your kids the truth, i.e., that homosexuality is a sin that brings the wrath and judgment of God (Romans 1:32).

A transgender person has reached the bottom of human depravity.

The next step down is eternal judgment Path HELL: When a society of people start promoting and supporting this dark path, that society has unleashed darkness upon itself. What can be the end except for an utter war against the Holy Bible and the godly citizens that will not compromise with such sickness? America is on the precipice of complete sorrow and deceit.

The true church of Jesus Christ is a healing station. The world has suffered the wounds of Satan and his horde of fallen angels for her entire history. Satan is a deceiver and his wounds are total destruction unless the Bible is allowed to bring healing and deliverance. The reason God’s church cannot compromise with sin and depravity is that there is no healing unless there is a conviction. The Blood of Jesus is helpless to deliver until we repent and turn to righteousness. The transgender person is hopeless unless we give them the wonderful truth of deliverance by His sacrifice of blood at Calvary.

In a blatant example of Newspeak, the New World Order controllers (through the psychiatric DSM V) have tried to rename pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons” and redefine pedophilia as “sexual orientation”. This makes no sense since sexual orientation has to do with gender, not age, with whether you are attracted to males or females, not how old they are. There are even organizations (like which are claiming that pedophiles are being unfairly stigmatized for their feelings! Psychiatry, it should also be noted, has a history of inventing fictitious diseases such as ADHD (as admitted by its inventor on his deathbed by Leon Eisenberg).

“Have I, therefore, become your enemy by telling you the truth?”
If the greatest warrior of all times, King David was sent back to earth by God Almighty, the Pharisees and Sadducees the hypocrites the homosexuals would be in a frenzy, you see- great warriors like King David, Paul of biblical proportions would expose their ungodly doctoring. Those men would expose the treacherous path most of the world is on (inclusiveness) in other words sin must be accepted Or you’ll go to jail, those pastors in Canada (coming to America soon) are experiencing that following Christ can be by the world standards “dangerous”. Your job as warriors, shepherds of the flock is to speak out, expose ungodly behavior, oppose Injustice for the poor, the weak, Orphans and widows, the battle cry is “justice justice”. But for those Saints, salt of the earth Christians we know our life on earth is temporary, heaven is our eternal home, what’s in your heart, applause from the world which is temporary, Christ outstretched arms which is eternal? StevieRay Hansen

Everything is right on schedule and, now, the time is come to remove one of the final obstacles standing in the way of a New World Order: The United States Constitution – even if, over the course of many decades, it has already been greatly diminished by the B.E.A.S.T. system; or, more specifically, Bullshit Emerging As Strategic Totalitarianism (B.E.A.S.T.).

U.S. Administration Still Lying to the Public by Claiming It’s All Under Control

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Source: HNewsWire “Chinese Virus” AKA CoronaVirus

StevieRay Hansen

Our social media platforms (reprobates) continue to hide the truth from the American people, by shadow banning. The blood of GOD’s people is on their hands…StevieRay Hansen

The truth is that all of the warnings of alleged ‘conspiracy theorists’ have turned out to be correct The word translated “pestilence” is often translated as “plague” or “disaster” …

This day is here– get ready, the virus WILL spreads throughout the US and Europe, governments will respond the same way China’s government has; martial law and full-blown concentration camp culture. This would lead to civil war in the US because we are armed and many people will shoot anyone trying to put us into quarantine camps. Europe is mostly screwed. The establishment then suggests that paper money be removed from the system because it is a viral spreader. China is already pushing this solution now. Magically, we find ourselves in a cashless society in a matter of a year or two; which is what the globalists have been demanding for years. Everything goes digital, and thus even local economies become completely centralized as private trade dies. “AntiChrist Is On His Temporary Thorne”
StevieRay Hansen

The truth is that all of the warnings of alleged ‘conspiracy theorists’ have turned out to be correct The word translated “pestilence” is often translated as “plague” or “disaster” …

The Bible predicts the rise of this type of societal control within the frightening prophecies about the Antichrist, the final world empire called the Beast, and the final economic system using the Mark of the Beast. The electronic tyranny of technocracy that is now being developed and implemented throughout the world is in preparation for the Antichrist’s rise to power. As we see this final empire taking shape in our day, we can know for certain that the End Times is upon us and the Coming of Christ is drawing near. Now is the time to turn away from sin and evil and believe in Jesus before it is too late!

The Un-Godly — Those That Suppress the Truth, the social media giants built multi-billion dollar empires by giving everyone a voice, but now that they have such a dominant position on the Internet they have decided that many prominent conservative voices should be completely silenced.

In order for sin to work, there has to be a “suppression of the truth.”

The World leaders Are Having Trouble With The Truth, and The World Has been “Quarantined” Tribulation Is Here…

Thousands of People Are Basically Trapped in a Petri Dish of Disease

Demon Virus
Asked about the virus while traveling abroad last week, Trump said: “We have it totally under control”. In a separate Twitter posting, he offered reassurance but scant detail for his confidence. By Associated Press Updated On: 05:53 PST, Jan 31, 2020

Yes, are we seeing a slowdown in new virus cases reported this morning. We now have 31,481, which does show a day-to-day decline away from an exponential rate of growth if accurate. Yet for those market participants merrily saying this is “just the flu” (there are some) we also have 4,824, 15% of the total, in critical condition and 638 deaths. Further, one arguably cannot measure the death-rate of any virus against the number of currently sick people: you surely measure it against those who eventually recover vs. those who don’t. Given we have 1,563 who have recovered vs. 638 dead (and 4,824 critical) that is a worrying ratio of 29% dead as an end-outcome, which is right up there with the MERS virus from a few years ago – although, yes, there is real reason for us all to hope that number will decline sharply as milder cases will be fully curable. But the simple flu this is not.

WASHINGTON: Wuhan coronavirus: Donald Trump says deadly outbreak ‘very well under control’ as WHO declares a global emergency. President Donald Trump regaled a friendly New Jersey campaign crowd with his thoughts about impeachment, the economy, the border wall, local politics and much more.

But he was conspicuously quiet on January 28 about one big issue keeping much of the globe on pins and needles: the spread of a deadly new type of coronavirus. It has killed more than 170 people in China, sickened thousands more there and led to a handful of confirmed cases in the US, including the first US case of person-to-person transmission reported on by health officials. The State Department on January 30 advised all US citizens against traveling to China.

Trump, a self-described germaphobe, generally has discussed the virus in broad terms, but he offered some of his most extensive comments on the issue to date during an appearance on January 30 at a Michigan manufacturing plant. “Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as some people think it could be, but we’re working very closely with them (Chinese) and with a lot of other people and a lot of other countries, he said. “We think we have it very well under control.”

The Birth Pains Are Growing Stronger….

One of the signs of ruling class collapse is when they can no longer enforce the rules that maintain them as a ruling class. When the Romans started making exceptions to republican governance, it was a matter of time before someone simply decided the rules no longer applied to them. Perhaps the robot historians will consider Obama our Marius or Sulla. Maybe that person is in the near future. Either way, the rule of law is over and what comes next is the rule of men.

“Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.” as in Nancy Pelosi (D-San Fran-feces)

Our government has been overthrown. As evidenced by Trump’s capitulation on the border, his recent servitude to the GMO industry and his acquiescence to the warmongers, our President has been compromised. Our liberties are being eliminated one by one. Gun confiscation is next. The Constitution is gasping its last breaths. Our borders are destroyed and our culture has been turned upside down by every perversion known to man.

The watchman does not confuse truth with consensus. The Watchman does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and this means a power that actually seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.

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Everything is right on schedule and, now, the time is come to remove one of the final obstacles standing in the way of a New World Order: The United States Constitution – even if, over the course of many decades, it has already been greatly diminished by the B.E.A.S.T. system; or, more specifically, Bullshit Emerging As Strategic Totalitarianism (B.E.A.S.T.).

They are tolerant of everything except dissenting values and opinions — meaning, of course, they are tolerant of nothing that matters, only themselves.”

The Watchman does not confuse truth with consensus. The watchman does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and; this means a power that seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.StevieRay Hansen

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We are living in exciting times. The Signposts point to Jesus soon return.

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