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Up-Date: 7/14/2020 @ 1:35 PM CST…They Don’t Want YOU To Know The Truth, MSM, High-Tech & Reddit Engaged in Heavy Censorship of Truthful News Sources…

The Number Of Americans That Have Died From COVID-19 Is Greater Than The Number That Has Recovered

The information that I am about to share with you is quite disturbing, and it has some very alarming implications.  One of the great mysteries of this coronavirus pandemic has been the widely varying death rates that we have been witnessing all over the world.  For example, South Korea has had 8,981 confirmed cases so far.  Of those cases that have been resolved one way or the other, 111 victims have died and 3,166 victims have recovered.  So that would seem to indicate a very low death rate in that nation.  But in Italy, things are very different.  Up to this point, there have been 59,138 confirmed cases.  Of the cases that have been resolved, 5,476 victims have died and 7,024 have recovered.  Needless to say, that would seem to indicate a very, very high death rate in Italy.

Nobody really knows why this is happening.  Scientists in China claim that there is more than one strain of the coronavirus and that one is more deadly than the other.  So it has been theorized that the strain hitting Italy and other European countries is different than the strain that is affecting South Korea.

Alternatively, there are some that believe that certain pain killers used in the western world greatly accelerate the multiplication of the virus, and this is something that I wrote about a few days ago.

But the truth is that we really don’t know for sure why death rates in different countries are so vastly different.

With that being said, let me share with you the latest numbers from the United States.

At this moment, there are 34,717 confirmed cases, but the vast majority of them will not be resolved for some time.

Of those cases that have reached a final resolution, 452 have died, and only 178 have recovered.

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Over time, I expect the number that has recovered to eventually greatly surpass the number that has died, and there are a couple of reasons why I believe this.

  • For one, it can take many weeks to recover, but those that die can do so relatively quickly.
  • Secondly, expanded testing will ultimately reveal a lot more mild cases, and most of those mild cases will eventually recover.

Having said that, the numbers that the U.S. is reporting so far are nothing short of horrifying.

If most of the country eventually catches this virus, it looks like the death toll could be in the millions.  And at this point, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is warning that 80 percent of the population of his state will eventually become infected…

NEW York Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned that 80% of New York state’s population could become infected with the coronavirus and said the crisis could last as long as nine months.

Cuomo’s stark assessment came hours after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin warned that the lockdown, currently impacting 80 million people across the country, could last 12 weeks.

Over the past few days, victims in New York City have been dying at a rate of more than one person an hour, and we are being told that New York hospitals are “like a war zone” right now.

Sadly, this is just the beginning.

Over on the west coast, things have gotten so bad in L.A. County that they have mostly given up on testing people

Los Angeles County health officials advised doctors to give up on testing patients in the hope of containing the coronavirus outbreak, instructing them to test patients only if a positive result could change how they would be treated.

The guidance, sent by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to doctors on Thursday, was prompted by a crush of patients and shortage of tests, and could make it difficult to ever know precisely how many people in L.A. County contracted the virus.

In other words, we will no longer really have any idea how bad the outbreak is in the Los Angeles area from now on.

And without identifying those that are infected and making sure they are isolated, all hope of containing the pandemic in California is completely dead.

Of course many are hoping that the current “shelter-in-place” order in California will help slow down the spread of COVID-19, but what will happen when it ends?

At this point, many Californians are already getting restless.  In fact, Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife seems quite concerned that her family will “run out of toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex tomorrow”

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the actress wife of Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom, sent out a tweet on Wednesday complaining that “we run out of toilet paper, paper towels, and Kleenex tomorrow.”

Her husband on Thursday ordered that all Californians stay in their homes except for certain essential excursions—on pain of being arrested.

The truth is that most Americans are simply not equipped to handle any sort of an extended crisis, and that appears to be what we are heading for.

On Sunday, the entire country was stunned when we learned that U.S. Senator Rand Paul has tested positive.  Let us be in prayer for him and his entire family.

But pretty soon so many famous people will be testing positive that we won’t be able to keep track of them all.  The attending physician of Congress believes that up to 150 million Americans will eventually become infected, and if that happens the virus will literally be everywhere.

That doesn’t mean that you should give up on trying to avoid COVID-19.  If you doubt the deadliness of this virus, I would like for you to consider what a medical worker in Louisiana is saying

“Reading about it in the news, I knew it was going to be bad, but we deal with the flu every year so I was thinking: Well, it’s probably not that much worse than the flu. But seeing patients with COVID-19 completely changed my perspective, and it’s a lot more frightening.”

“I have patients in their early 40s and, yeah, I was kind of shocked. I’m seeing people who look relatively healthy with a minimal health history, and they are completely wiped out, like they’ve been hit by a truck. This is knocking out what should be perfectly fit, healthy people. Patients will be on minimal support, on a little bit of oxygen, and then all of a sudden, they go into complete respiratory arrest, shut down and can’t breathe at all.”

I have heard from so many people out there that believe that this coronavirus is about the same as the flu.

What a huge mistake.

Coronavirus victims have told us stories of being curled up in a fetal position crying for mercy as “blinding pain” roars through their bodies.  As their lungs fill up with fluid, many reports feeling like they can barely breathe for days on end.

The unlucky ones end up dead, but even many of the “lucky ones” end up with permanent lung damage.

Please do whatever you possibly can to boost your immune system now, because it looks like a large percentage of the population will be grappling with this virus at some point.

When New Jersey Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli was asked if she was worried about catching the virus, she warned that everyone will be infected eventually

“Are you worried,” I ask, “that you’ll get the coronavirus eventually?”

She smiles.

“I’m definitely going to get it. We all are,” Persichilli says matter-of-factly. “I’m just waiting.”

I don’t believe that is true, and I believe that there are many Americans that will never catch the virus.

But without a doubt, it is sweeping across America at a speed that is absolutely breathtaking, and the death toll is ahead of even the most pessimistic projections that were originally issued.

A great plague has hit America, and we are still only in the very early chapters.

This is the moment in our history when everything starts changing, and the days ahead are going to be exceedingly challenging. Source: ZeroHedge HNewsWire

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Half Of Americans Don’t Trust Mainstream Media’s COVID-19 Coverage

Americans are split on whether to trust news media with information regarding the coronavirus outbreak, according to a new poll.

As Statista’s Willem Roper notes, a joint poll conducted by NPR, PBS NewsHour and Marist, shows that 47 percent of U.S. adults responded by saying “not very much” or “not at all” when asked how much they trusted news media with coronavirus information.

This poll also included questions asking how much Americans trusted President Donald Trump, with 60 percent saying they didn’t trust him with coronavirus information, and on public health experts, with 13 percent saying they had little to no trust.

Unsurprisingly, American’s views on the news media were split along partisan lines. For Democrats, only 33 percent said they had little to no trust in the news media. Republicans, however, responded at a substantial 60 percent on their lack of confidence in the news media handling coronavirus information. Independents were equally high in their skepticism at 47 percent

Infographic: Polarizing Views on Coronavirus Information from News Media | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

Democrats and Republicans have been pointing fingers at news organizations since the coronavirus outbreak began to reach the U.S. Some Republicans believed liberal-leaning news outlets were blowing the outbreak out of proportion to damage the presidency and economy, while some Democrats believed conservative-leaning outlets were endangering American lives by not taking the outbreak seriously enough.

Lock Down The USA, Don’t You Understand, Its The Time Of Great Trouble…

On Thursday night, Governor Gavin Newsome took unprecedented action and locked down the entire state of California.  The following day, Governor Andrew Cuomo locked down the state of New York and Gov. J.B. Pritzker locked down the state of Illinois.

Today, as of the time of publication, 70 million Americans are in mandatory isolation at home in the hopes of stopping – or at least slowing down – the Covid-19 virus that is beginning to spread exponentially across the country.

Borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico have also been closed by mutual consent between the three governments.

While this may be necessary to curb the virus so as not to overwhelm the medical system, many Americans are feeling distinctly uneasy about their movements being restricted. Especially worrisome is the idea of the National Guard being brought in to enforce the lockdowns, as has been discussed. Somewhere, there’s a fine line between maintaining our constitutional rights and the need to stop a global pandemic.

What do the lockdowns entail?

In all three states, non-essential businesses will be closed and residents have been ordered to stay in their homes unless they must leave for “vital reasons.” Many of our largest cities are encompassed in the lockdown: New York City, Chicago, Los Angelos, San Francisco, and San Diego.

All sorts of euphemisms are being used for the situation. Cuomo prefers to call this a “pause.” California is referring to this as “safer at home.” And Illinois is calling it “shelter in place.”

But for all the nice-sounding words, it is what it is: a lockdown on a massive scale.


The most populous state in the country with 40 million residents, on March 19th, California was the first to lock down entirely and the situation will remain in effect “indefinitely.”

“We’re going to keep the grocery stores open,” he said. “We’re going to make sure that you’re getting critical medical supplies. You can still take your kids outside, practicing common sense and social distancing. You can still walk your dog, you can still pick up food at one of our distribution centers, at a restaurant, at a drive-thru — all those things we will still be able to do.” (source)

Newsom is confident that Californians will be cooperative.

The order will not be enforced by law enforcement, he added.

“I don’t believe the people of California need to be told through law enforcement that it’s appropriate just to home-isolate, protect themselves,” Newsom said. “We are confident that the people of the state of California will abide by it and do the right thing.” (source)

However, Newsom instructed the National Guard to be on alert and has activated about “500 guard personnel to help with humanitarian work and food distribution.”

New York

Interestingly, only 3 days before locking down the state, Cuomo said that the effort would be ineffective.

In New York, where coronavirus has killed 32 people, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has no plans to impose a statewide mandate.
“My job is to make sure that the state has a coordinated plan and it works everywhere,” he said this week. “I don’t think shelter-in-place really works.” (source)

However, on March 20th, the day after California locked down, he changed his mind, saying, “I want to be able to say to the people of New York — I did everything we could do. And if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.”

“No, this is not life as usual,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said as the death toll in the U.S. topped 200, with at least 35 in his state. “Accept it and realize it and deal with it.” (source)

Cuomo has banned all businesses except grocery stores, hospitals, laundromats, gas stations, veterinarians, and doctor’s offices. Restaurants can operate on a take-out or delivery basis. Residents can go outside to walk their dogs or exercise but must maintain a 6-foot distance from others.

And breaking the rules will have consequences.

“These provisions will be enforced,” Mr. Cuomo said at a briefing in Albany. “These are not helpful hints.” (source)

In New York City, police officers will patrol and begin giving out warnings on Sunday evening.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said summonses and arrests would be issued as a “last resort.” (source)

The state of New York has a population of close to 20 million people.


In Illinois, Governor JB Pritzker instituted a “stay at home” order which will begin today, March 21st, and remain in effect until April 8.

Pritzker has said that no matter how tight the lockdown becomes, “interstate highways, gas stations, grocery stores and pharmacies would remain open.” He asked people to keep this in mind when stocking up.

“There is no need to run out and hoard food, gas and medicine,” the governor said Thursday. “Buy what you need within reason. There is enough to go around, as long as you do not hoard.” (source)

Although Pritzker activated the National Guard earlier in the week, he says that they will not be taking quarantine enforcement roles.

Instead, 60 service members will be deployed to establish drive-up testing sites, help with food delivery to disadvantaged families impacted by school closures and possibly prepare closed hospitals to reopen.

The vast majority of currently activated troops are health care professionals — doctors, nurses, medical technicians — who would not be tapped for an law-enforcement assignment. (source)

Illinois has a population of about 12.6 million people.

Where and when will the lockdowns spread?

Other states already have strict rules in place but are not quite “locked down.” Maryland was the first state to order “drastic actions.” Pennsylvania has closed down all non-essential businesses. Hoboken, New Jersey has instituted curfews. It’s really only a matter of time before this spreads across the country, whether by state mandates or on the federal level.

Last week, I wrote an article about when the lockdowns would occur based on the patterns established by China and Italy. The first lockdowns occurred right on cue, on the 19th and 20th.

We have already had some small regional lockdowns and people in quarantine after traveling, but the quarantining of large groups of people has not yet occurred in the US. YET. We are on day 50 since the initial case was diagnosed in the United States. However, the first case of community spread was on February 26, and this may be a more important marker than the first case in a country the size of ours. “Community spread” means the illness was not contracted through traceable means, like a family member with the virus or travel history to places where the illness was running rampant. So if we’re counting from the first day of community spread, the US is on day 15.

If massive lockdowns are occurring on about day 22-23 in other countries, that means we may have 7-8 days before we see major lockdowns and quarantines here. That would put us at March 19th or 20th. We may see some early lockdowns of cities or regions where the virus is rapidly spreading like Seattle and New York City. The lockdowns in other countries expanded in about a week to encompass greater geographic areas and larger numbers of people. This would put us at approximately March 26-27th. (source)

So if this pattern still holds true, we may see many more regional lockdowns coming within the next 5 or 6 days.

States that already have restrictions in place, like Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are likely to increase those restrictions next. Places with a large exponential spread like Washington state are also likely to mandate lockdowns.

Is a national lockdown in the works?

It depends on who you ask.

President Trump has said as recently as yesterday that he doesn’t think that there will be a need for a national lockdown.

Despite approval for the states’ actions, Trump said he does not think a national lockdown order will be needed, adding that other areas don’t have the same hotspots as California, New York and Washington.

“We are working with the governors, and I don’t think we’ll ever find it necessary,” he said. (source)

On the other hand, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert for the National Coronavirus Task Force, has said for at least a week he believes stronger measures need to be taken and that he’d like to see “dramatic reduction inactivity” to curb the spread of the virus.

Asked by CNN’s Brianna Keilar on “State of the Union” if he’d like a “national lockdown” where people are being told they need to stay home and out of restaurants and bars, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said he’d “like to see a dramatic diminution of the personal interaction that we see” in those places.

“Whatever it takes to do that, that’s what I’d like to see,” Fauci added. (source)

Given the speedy turnaround made by Governor Cuomo, it is certainly not impossible that we might see a lockdown mandated at the federal level. If you aren’t yet prepared for what this entails, check out this article and this PDF guide that is specific to the Covid-19 pandemic. If supplies are low in your area, you may be able to find some ideas for substitutes here. And finally, this article has some advice on how to prep for potential lockdown without spending any more money.

The National Guard has been activated in many states and other Guard members are on “enhanced readiness” status. But don’t worry, all the governors assure us that they’re only there to help dispense supplies, not to enforce lockdowns.

Numerous sources have reported being given “federal travel papers” over the past 48 hours. People working in food delivery, the medical field, distribution, and grocery stores have said under cover of anonymity that they’ve received papers from their employers to “show to the police” if they’re stopped during their travel to and from work.

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Whether our country is turning into one in which authority figures demand to see your “papers” remains to be seen.

  • The financial system is cratering. Banks will begin to fold soon. Many deposits will be wiped out. Some are moving into T-bills (US Treasury), even knowing the dollar will lose a lot of value this year due to monetary debasement. “America will end as we know it. I’m sorry to say so unless we take this option,” – Bill Ackerman,, imploring Trump to shut down the entire nation for 30 days.
  • Pensions are being wiped out right now, exactly along the lines we’ve been warning about for years (see for historical articles). If you had exposure to the bubble stock market, those assets are being eviscerated by the day. Expect an 80% loss.
  • Real estate will begin to crater soon. Expect a 40% plunge on average, nationwide. Unemployment will skyrocket to Great Depression levels in less than 90 days. This is not a drill.
  • The “free money” insanity being pushed by the Trump administration will result in rapid price inflation across America, putting us on the path toward a Venezuela-type scenario and more money printing goes to insane levels to bail out everybody and everything in the economy. Dumpster diving for food, the national sport of the failed state of Venezuela, will soon be commonplace in many US cities.
  • The food supply is cratering in many regions, with food distribution hubs gutted, and many local retailers cleaned out. City dwellers are “hunting” for grocery stores in rural areas that have more food. We anticipate gun battles over food to commence soon.
  • Speaking of guns, every round of ammunition and every firearm in America is just about gone as of today. Retailers still have some supplies, but wholesalers are wiped out everywhere. If you didn’t arm up before now, you will have to pay a sweet premium to acquire anything in this area.
  • More and more experts and even CDC officials are now openly talking about “millions of deaths” in the USA over the next 18 months. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory. “The new coronavirus could kill millions across the U.S., said Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine.” –
  • Gold and silver supplies are VERY difficult to acquire now (physical), even as spot prices for silver are cratering. But real-world “bid” prices for physical silver are much, much higher, and that’s even if you can find physical silver rounds anywhere.
  • Once-secret military control plans have been leaked to the media, describing the total military lockdown of the USA. The plan names are “Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac.” From “The three most compartmented contingencies – Octagon, Freejack, and Zodiac – call upon various military units in Washington DC, North Carolina, and eastern Maryland to defend government operations if there is a total breakdown. The seventh plan – codenamed Granite Shadow – lays out the playbook for extraordinary domestic missions that involve weapons of mass destruction.” (In other words, tactical nukes deployed in America.)
  • The masses of unprepared, oblivious, clueless sheeple are about to lose their stuff. Expect looting, robberies, and “gang”-level raids of grocery stores and pharmacies soon. Law enforcement will be very quickly overrun. Chaos is about to commence. Prepare your chest rig with level IV ballistic plates.

In a stunning admission that the speed of the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus has overwhelmed government officials and health care providers in California, Los Angeles County has now surrendered to the coronavirusAccording to the LA Times, “Los Angeles County health officials advised doctors to give up on testing patients in the hope of containing the coronavirus outbreak, instructing them to test patients only if a positive result could change how they would be treated.”

The paper goes on to report the cause behind this catastrophic abandonment of any last hope of containment:

The guidance, sent by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to doctors on Thursday, was prompted by a crush of patients and shortage of tests and could make it difficult to ever know precisely how many people in L.A. County contracted the virus.

As the LA Times openly says, the tipping point of containment has long since passed. That’s not even the goal anymore, and the number of infections being reported out of LA will no longer even come close to describing the real situation on the ground there:

The department “is shifting from a strategy of case containment to slowing disease transmission and averting excess morbidity and mortality,” according to the letter. Doctors should test symptomatic patients only when “a diagnostic result will change clinical management or inform public health response.”

The guidance sets in writing what has been a reality all along. The shortage of tests nationwide has meant that many patients suspected of having COVID-19 have not had the diagnosis confirmed by a laboratory.

We can thank the CDC for that shortage, of course, and the “Don’t test, don’t tell” policy that brought us to this catastrophe.

Expect 140,000+ deaths in LA County alone, over the next 18 months

There are over 10 million people in LA County. Thanks to this new policy of abandoning any attempt to test people or contain the virus, we can now expect the Wuhan coronavirus to burn through the greater Los Angeles area with incredible speed.

Sooner or later, the infections will likely reach something on the order of 70% of the population, even with attempted social distancing measures in place. That’s around 7 million people becoming infected. Here’s how this breaks down based on current conservative numbers:

For LA County alone:

  • 7 million infected
  • 1 million requiring hospitalization
  • 140,000 – 420,000 dead (2% – 6% case fatality rate)
  • Widespread collapse of health care infrastructure
  • The collapse of law enforcement, emergency responders and anyone attempting to “police” the region (including National Guard troops)

Expect chaos. Expect looting and violence. It’s LA, after all, and the gangs are barely kept in check even during good times.

Oh, and on top of all that, it’s going to be difficult to get food, too, since food production is cratering and food supply lines have largely collapsed.

California Gov. Newsom Warns 25 Million Could Be Infected in 8 Weeks, Which Would Lead to Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths in California Alone

The Governor of California has declared that current projections put the state on track for 25.5 million Californians to be infected within 8 weeks if strong social distancing factors are not immediately put in place.

We did some math on this projection, and we concluded the Governor likely believes the number of infections doubles each week, which means this is 8 doublings, or 2 ^ 8, which is 256. If you divide 25.5 million by 256, you get the number of Californians the Governor believes are infected right now.

That number is 100,000 (or, specifically, 99,609).

That’s a very large number, considering the entire country is only known to have 14,250 confirmed infections so far. Clearly, the Governor is getting information about the likely number of infections that state officials probably know are already circulating around the state.

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Do the math: 510,000 deaths

If 25.5 million Californians become infected over the next 8 weeks, that would translate into 510,000 deaths by around the 12th or 13th-week mark, due to the lag time required for people to die. This assumes a 2% case fatality rate.

Even worse, if 25.5 million people get infected, and if 15% require hospitalization, this scenario would end up needing 3.8 million hospitalizations.

California is one of the worst states in terms of the number of hospital beds per capita. There are nowhere near 3.8 million hospital beds in California. In fact, there aren’t even 100,000 that are available. Once hospital beds are overrun, the death rate skyrockets to something closer to 15%.

However, in an effort to stop this frightening scenario from happening, Gov. Newsom has essentially locked down the state, issuing a “stay at home” order, “directing all 40 million residents to remain at their place of residence except for essential activities amid the growing pandemic,” reports The Epoch Times.

Source: NewsTarget ZeroHedge HNewsWire

Office of the Governor of California✔@CAgovernor

Governor Gavin Newsom makes a major announcement on California’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. …Major Announcement on CA’s Response to COVID-19Office of the Governor of California @CAgovernor1,5498:33 PM – Mar 19, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy1,824 people are talking about this

This means the estimated 510,000 deaths may be avoided, at least by some degree, but it seems highly unlikely that California will escape this pandemic with anything under 100,000 deaths in the long run, given how many people are already infected (and the extreme transmissivity of the virus).

Essentially, what Gov. Newsom is trying to do with the “stay at home” order is #FlattenTheCurve, or spread out the infections over time so that the hospitals don’t get overrun.

California will run out of hospital beds if the trend of infections isn’t significantly slowed

Via The Epoch Times:

Newsom said that modeling suggests that some 56 percent of California residents are expected to be infected, requiring up to 20,000 hospital beds more than the state can currently provide.

“This is a moment we need to make tough decisions,” Newsom said. “This is a moment where we need some straight talk and we need to tell people the truth: We need to bend the curve in the state of California.”

Under the order, residents, except key workers, are advised to remain home at all times. Grocery and convenience stores, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, and laundromats will remain open, Newsom said. Restaurants will operate as delivery-only.

Newsom said the order, which he hopes will encourage “social distancing,” won’t be policed by law enforcement, but the other will rely on citizens up uphold a “social contract.”

In other words, it’s not medical martial law yet, but if stupid, complacent, ignorant people keep insisting the coronavirus is a “hoax” (i.e. many Trump-supporting conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and The Gateway Pundit), Gov. Newsom will eventually have little choice but to roll out the National Guard and start “policing the non-compliant masses” who are too stupid to do the right thing and stay home on their own.

This current voluntary order is probably the prelude to a much more draconian order yet to come, so if you’re reading this from California, please #StayTheF##kHome and help slow the spread for the next few weeks. We can all get through this, but only if we work together to achieve some social isolation without causing the government to go into full draconian quarantine mode.

Hear all our coronavirus podcasts at

CA Governor Issues State-Wide “Stay At Home” Order, Warns 56% Of Residents Will Be Infected


  • Coronavirus death toll in Italy surpasses China
  • Mnuchin says wants to get checks in Americans’ hands within 3 weeks
  • CA Governor issues state-wide ‘stay at home’ order
  • The UK nears 3k cases
  • BoE cuts rates, launches QE after ’emergency’ meeting
  • Confirmed cases in the US climb ~50% as testing ramps up
  • Carnival confirms it will lend government ships for virus response
  • Connecticut reports 2nd death as US death toll hits 137
  • Cuomo reports nearly 2k new cases, bringing NY total north of 4k
  • Covid-19 ‘cluster’ confirmed in South Brooklyn
  • Minnesota designates grocery workers as ‘essential employees’, giving them access to child care
  • Total number of Covid-19 cases passes 10k
  • Cuomo signs NY unemployment-benefit expansion benefit package warns of ‘astronomical jump’ in cases
  • China reports zero new cases in Wuhan for the first time in months.
  • Treasury weighing 50- and 25-year bonds to finance stimulus package
  • South Africa case total passes 150
  • India halts incoming international flights for a week
  • Hong Kong doctors find virus inside 2nd dog
  • Spain total cases climb 28% overnight
  • Italian death toll expected to pass China’s on Thursday
  • Pentagon says 2,000 nat’l guardsman deployed around the country
  • NY implements 90-day delay on mortgage payments due to hardship
  • FedEx says a drop in deliveries in China was smaller than expected
  • Trump and Xi reportedly agree to deepen medical research ties
  • State Department advises Americans not to travel abroad
  • UK gov’t denies plans for London lockdown
  • Amazon closes warehouse for ‘deep clean’ after worker tests positive
  • Germany death toll climbs to 43
  • Treatment trial in Wuhan yields disappointing results
  • Germany’s Bafin bans short-selling
  • Russia reports first death
  • SPR to buy 30 million barrels immediately, will eventually buy 70 million
  • Wuhan police erase the record of ‘admonition’ delivered to Dr. Li Wenliang
  • German gov plans to suspend debt brake on Monday
  • The Netherlands reports another jump in cases after unveiling stimulus package outline
  • Switzerland warns situation rapidly deteriorating along the Italian border
  • Tiffany closes all US stores

*  *  *

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Newsom: 56% Of Californians To Be Infected With COVID-19 Within Eight Weeks

During a Thursday evening announcement that California is now under a ‘stay at home order,’ Newsom clarified that the 22.5 million infected figure is a worst-case scenario in which nothing is done (in a letter to Trump asking to borrow a Navy medical ship).

The next day he announces a major action to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

*  *  *

California Governor Gavin Newsom says that an estimated 56% of the state’s population – some 25.5 million people – will be infected with coronavirus within the next eight weeks.

Newsom made the sobering claim in a Wednesday letter to President Trump asking for the US Navy’s Mercy Hospital Ship to be stationed at the Port of Los Angeles until September in order to provide backup to the region’s healthcare system.

“The acquisition of the Mercy here off the coast of the state of California would provide additional 1,000-bed capacity, provides support for pharmacists and other diagnostic equipment,” said Newsom, adding “This resource will help decompress the health care delivery system to allow the Los Angeles region to ensure that it has the ability to address critical acute care needs, such as heart attacks and strokes or vehicle accidents, in addition to the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases.”

“We have the community-acquired transmission in 23 counties with an increase of 44 community-acquired infections in 24 hours. We project that roughly 56 percent of our population – 25.5 million people – will be infected with the virus over an eight week period,” the letter continues.

A spokesperson for the governor said the projection shows why it’s so critical that Californians take action to slow the spread of the disease – and those mitigation efforts aren’t taken into account in those numbers. The spokesperson added that the state is deploying every resource at its disposal to meet this challenge and is continuing to ask for the federal government’s assistance in this fight. –ABC 7

Newsom is working closely with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to try and protect the state’s enormous homeless population from the disease – particularly those with pre-existing conditions. The city is also working with the American Red Cross to open 6,000 beds at 52 recreation centers.

California will also supply local governments with $150 million.

“If we take these emergency shelter beds and add in our bridge shelter beds, this means we can bring 7,000 unhoused Angelenos off the streets and into emergency housing – the most in recent memory, maybe even in the city’s history,” Garcetti said.

Ten years ago, then-Los Angeles Police Department Chief Bill Bratton “said what would it take to clean up skid row and he actually said a pandemic,” said Any Bales, CEO of the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. “It’s unfortunate that that’s what it’s taken, but man am I glad to see so many people making so places for people to go.

Bales with skid row’s Union Rescue Mission praised all the resources that are coming together to protect the homeless population against COVID-19. Three hundred hand-washing stations and 120 mobile bathrooms have already been set up at encampments.

I’m hoping we don’t return to putting people on the streets,” said Bales. “That this all teaches us that we all live a better life housed than unhoused together when we immediately help people get off the streets and stay off the streets.” –ABC 7

Newsom said that the state’s typical 2,000 unemployment insurance claims had skyrocketed to 80,000 over the last week.

Update (2145ET): California Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a state-wide “stay at home” order amid the virus outbreak: “…let’s do what is necessary to bend the curve…” Additionally, Newsom estimated 56% of the state’s population, about 25.5 million people, will become infected.

Office of the Governor of California✔@CAgovernor

Governor Gavin Newsom makes a major announcement on California’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. …Major Announcement on CA’s Response to COVID-19Office of the Governor of California @CAgovernor3918:33 PM – Mar 19, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy555 people are talking about this

We would expect every state to follow.

*  *  *

Update (1455ET): The UK has just reported another 676 cases, bringing its total to 2,626 cases…

In other news, it looks like Trump wasn’t joking when he said the cruise companies would help with the government’s response. Carnival, the world’s largest cruise company, has offered its ships to the US government as temporary hospitals to use as temporary hospitals, the company said.

As Johnson scrambles to make up for a lost time, his government is reportedly in talks with vacation parks and hotels across the country to house hospital staff.

The latest celebrity to catch the virus is South Korean-American actor Daniel Dae Kim, who tested positive in LA.

Update (1355ET): NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio just released the latest figures on infections in NYC.


By the looks of it, the rumored cluster in Borough Park, an ultraorthodox neighborhood, is real. A report published by Gothamist claimed that more than 100 members of the ultra-orthodox community in Borough Park and Williamsburg have tested positive at a clinic in the area. Source ZeroHedge HNewsWire

The Pentagon just confirmed that 2,000 national guard soldiers are deployed across the country as more governors have called up the national guard to assist with the virus response effort. According to the Military Times, governors across 23 states have mobilized components of the Army and Air National Guard to assist in their state’s response to the pandemic.

The states where guardsmen have been mobilized include California…

View image on Twitter

Source ZeroHedge HNewsWire

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UP-Date: 3-7-2020 Over the last several decades, have we ever seen a year start as strangely as 2020 has? Global weather patterns have gone completely nuts, large earthquakes are popping off like firecrackers, it looks like the plague of locusts in Africa could soon develop into the worst in modern history, and a massive plague of bats is severely terrorizing parts of Australia. On top of all that, African Swine Fever is wiping out millions upon millions of pigs around the globe, the H1N1 Swine Flu is killing people in Taiwan, there have been H5N1 Bird Flu outbreaks in China and in India, and the H5N8 Bird Flu has made an appearance at a poultry facility in Saudi Arabia. Of course, the coronavirus outbreak which is causing people to literally drop dead in the streets in China is making more headlines than anything that I have mentioned so far, and it could potentially turn into a horrifying global pandemic that kills millions of people…

U.S. Administration Still Lying to the Public by Claiming It’s All Under Control

The last hope of turning from a Godless Nation back to a Godly Nation rests with the lowly ordinary citizenry.  If you are a veteran, of past or current service, you need to remember something you once said.  Before you put on that uniform, you raised your hand and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic

The American Psychiatric Association, or APA, for instance, and their creation and periodic revision of their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) used to qualify or disqualify sexual perversions. The 1952 DSM classified homosexuality as a sociopathic personality disturbance. In 1968, DSM II re-categorized it as a sexual “deviation.” In 1973, DSM III declared that homosexuality was only considered a problem when the homosexual was bothered by it or considered it to be a problem, which is to say, it was only a disorder if the disordered person felt it was a disorder.

Subsequent versions of the DSM manual do not mention homosexuality at all; homosexuality has been officially cured by APA redefinition. The members probably all congratulated each other, shook hands and drank a toast. The 1994 revision of the manual, DSM IV, tells practitioners that pedophilia, meaning sexual child molesting, is not a disorder unless it bothers, not the victim, not the parents of the victim, not potential future victims, not society, but the perpetrator.

It is not sufficient for actual acts of sexual child molestation or fantasizing about sexual child molestation to be considered to “cause clinically significant distress or impairment of social, occupational or other important areas of functioning.” In other words, it’s not a real personal or social problem unless it bothers the pervert; if he isn’t bothered by it, he’s healthy. See? This is Freudianism today.

Even sadomasochism is no longer considered a disorder. How an abnormal person feels about what he is more important than what he actually is; there is no more abnormal unless the abnormal one feels bad about being abnormal. The American Psychiatric Association, collectively, is nuts. The proper, full, unabbreviated term may be Nutsie-Cuckoo; while I’m pretty sure that’s not a good technical term, every one of us regular people know exactly what it means, which is, that the judgment of the APA cannot be trusted even with very simple, unimportant things; their thinking is clouded and their judgment is therefore always suspect.

So it isn’t just entertainment, Hollywood and celebrity news that is degrading society and becoming increasingly degenerate in public.  The field of medicine is deeply involved in it, thanks to the degeneration of upper academia, where they all earned their medical degrees. All of American society now stands aside for the open professed unrepentant sodomite.  No one speaks a word against them.  In fact, they are praised and well established on the public stage, and children are taught that they are good and not evil. They enjoy legislated and regulated special rights and protections under the law. 

Did all the Scriptural prohibitions change while you were sleeping?  If belief or interpretation of the Word of God changed, then, by what authority did it change?  Is there no such thing as sin anymore?  Are we still Christians and Jews?  Is there anything – anything at all – worthy of anathema?  Why not? 

The Koran instructs all faithful followers of Islam to lay in wait for us, to ambush us, to make a wide slaughter among us, to strike off our hands and feet on opposite sides, or to crucify us entirely so that the birds may feed on our heads.  Islam demands, by decree of their prophet, that we stop believing in God, submit to Islamic religion and law, or, pay a tax (50% of all that we have) and submit to Islamic law, or, die, perhaps horribly.  And, fools that we have become, we tolerate this absolutely intolerant “religion” that seeks our eventual doom. We have already gone nationally insane. 

There was no time limit and no expiration date on that oath; once taken, it was taken for life.  You are duty-bound, and you are honor-bound, to disobey any order that violates the Constitution you swore to defend.  You are duty-bound, and you are honor-bound, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. 

Of course, such things as duty and honor are meaningless to the Godless man, and the given word of a Godless man is worthless. To return to the status of a Godly nation, we must become worthy; we must return to being a Godly people. It is now up to us.  We will gather, or we will scatter. I am going to pray now; I suggest you do the same. 

Jesus specifically warned us that there would be “pestilences” in the end times, and so if we really are approaching the time of His return this is one of the things that we should be watching for.  Of course, we don’t know if COVID-19 is one of the “pestilences” that Jesus was referring to, but in recent days it has greatly distressed me to see so many Christians attempting to downplay the severity of this virus.  The number of confirmed cases and the global death toll have both been rising at an exponential rate day after day, and experts are warning that over half of the population of the world could eventually get this virus, but so many voices out there are boldly assuring people that they don’t have anything to be concerned about even though they don’t have any medical credentials at all.  Personally, I think that it pays to listen to the experts during a crisis like this, and the experts are telling us that millions could soon die.  In fact, as you will see below, a doctor that sat on the White House Homeland Security Council is saying that this is the most “frightening disease” that he has ever encountered.  After everything that we have already learned about this virus, anyone that is not taking this pandemic seriously is not being wise.

But is this just another pandemic that will come and go, or is this one of the “pestilences” that we were warned about almost 2000 years ago?

In Luke chapter 21, Jesus explained to His disciples what conditions would be like just prior to His return, and in verse 11 He specifically warned that there would be “pestilences”.  The following comes from the King James Version…

11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

We have definitely seen a rise in seismic activity in recent years, billions of locusts are devouring crops from eastern Africa all the way to China right now, and Australia just had the worst harvest season that they have ever recorded.

So it is interesting to note that the stage is being set for some of the other signs that Jesus mentioned at the very same time that this coronavirus outbreak is starting to spiral out of control.

The Book Long-Journey-Home-Stevie-Hansen

“I want to start an orphanage,” I told Laura over dinner one evening. “Not necessarily an orphanage, but something like that.”

“That’s really hard, Honey,” Laura replied. “Let’s just give to them.”

That didn’t seem like enough to me. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened to me without Buck and the other cowboys who became like family. Without men like Robert who kept stepping into my life to help me…

The more I learned about the plight of the kids leaving foster care, the more concerned I became. Most of them didn’t have a support system. One study found that within a year of leaving the foster care system, 66 percent of the kids were homeless, in jail or dead. A staggering 80 percent of the prison population had come out of foster care. Girls in foster care were 600 percent more likely than their peers to get pregnant before age 21.From, A Long Journey Home. Purchase on Amazon.

As Americans scramble to prepare themselves for the possibility that the coronavirus outbreak becomes a pandemic, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is also preparing.  FEMA is “aware of the gravity of the situation” and ready to assist in a coronavirus response.

Top Overnight News from Bloomberg

  • California declared a state of emergency to give authorities greater leeway in combating the coronavirus. The declaration in the most populous U.S. state followed passage in the House of Representatives of a $7.8 billion spending package to fund measures to combat the outbreak
  • Italy announced a nationwide closing of its schools until March 15 as it redoubles efforts to curb the worst virus outbreak in Europe
  • Incoming Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said the central bank will work hand-in- hand with the Treasury to help the economy withstand the virus fallout
  • Michael Bloomberg endorsed Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination as he ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday and pledged to continue working to defeat President Donald Trump. (Bloomberg is the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News.)
  • Oil firmed in Asia trade on Thursday after an emergency U.S. spending bill to combat coronavirus lifted optimism on the outlook for demand
  • The coronavirus outbreak is re-firing enthusiasm for a debt market that many bond buyers had long since written off.
  • The Bank of Japan is likely to consider the introduction of a new lending program to help companies affected by the outbreak of coronavirus this month, according to people familiar with the matter.
  • Other Asian governments have stepped up their fiscal response to the virus.
  • One of the world’s largest metals and mining giants has tumbled to record lows in the bond market, adding to a growing list of commodity companies that are selling off as the coronavirus epidemic hits demand for raw materials.

Fighting the Coronavirus Epidemic Has Given America the Perfect Excuse for Unleashing the Full Force of Its Surveillance and Data Collection Powers, The Beast

FEMA officials are preparing for an “infectious disease emergency declaration” by the president that would allow the agency to provide disaster relief funding to state and local governments, as well as federal assistance to support the coronavirus response, according to agency planning documents reviewed by NBC News.


  • CDC says “no national spread of coronavirus in the US”
  • Cook County reports “presumptive” coronavirus case
  • S.Korea reports another 376 new cases
  • Another Chinese doctor dies in Wuhan
  • China reports 573 new cases.
  • The US reports first death from Covid-19 (in Washington State)
  • Washington declares state of emergency
  • US Surgeon General says “stop buying masks”
  • Trump blasts media/Dems for ‘hoax’-gate
  • South Korea’s Shincheonji Church members found 1557 out of 1900 tested positive for the virus
  • Germany boosts border controls
  • Italy tops 1000 cases (1,128, with 29 possible virus-linked deaths)
  • France bans large gatherings
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In Matthew 24:6, Jesus Christ prophesied that one of the factors that would characterize the imminence of his Second Coming would be “pestilences” on the earth. Religious analysts have commonly linked Revelation 6:8’s “pale horse” of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” with pestilences and plagues (with paleness being a common symptom of severe illnesses).  The coronavirus, spreading very rapidly in China and to many other nations as well due to human travel, is looking more like it may become just such a pestilence as prophesied in the Bible. This appears to have the potential to be far worse than swine flu, SARS and other illnesses that became limited pandemics. Even the dreaded Ebola virus has not become a globe-girdling pandemic, as it tends to kill its victims so quickly that it “burns out” locally if reasonable actions are taken by the world community to prevent its spread. The coronavirus appears to be something new and unusually deadly. This post will explain why even mainstream world media sources are warning this may become the global pandemic that many have feared might occur.

As I write this, the “official” totals from China admit to between 800 and 900 deaths and approximately 37,000 infected in China alone. The world community increasingly is making the case that China’s official totals radically understate the number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus. The first link, an article from the New York Times, cites the well-known Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as saying; “It almost certainly is going to be a pandemic.” That article also cites “various epidemiological models” as calculating the number of infections at 100,000, and that was as of February 3rd. The virus has had another week to spread and infect many more thousands of people since then. The second link, from the USA Today, offers background information on the coronavirus, but I have included it for one salient statement: “Experts believe there are far more global cases than publicly reported. Researchers from the University of Hong Kong last week estimated 75,815 had been infected as of January 25th and projected the epidemic would double every 6.4 days (emphasis added).” Let’s do some quick math based on those expert estimates. If 75,815 were infected on January 25th, that means there have been over two weeks since that date for it to spread, If it doubles every 6.4 days, it would have infected roughly 150,000 by January 31, and 300,000 by February 6. Calculating forward would result in 600,000 infections by February 12th, and 1.2 million by February 18th. You can see how quickly this could spread. The third link reports a Chinese whistleblower, a nurse, stating that 90,000 had been infected in China by the time of a January 26th article.

Where did this coronavirus originate? When I first heard of it, I thought it might be an animal to human transmission from the pandemic that was already raging among China’s pig population. Then others have speculated that it came from bats, wild meats, pangolins, etc. I think these sources are not the real cause. The fourth link cites an Israeli source as warning the coronavirus may have begun spreading from the Chinese bio-hazard facility located in Wuhan, China–the epicenter of the outbreak. According to a Times of India report in the fifth link, a leak from a Chinese source, Tencent, reported that 25,000 had died from coronavirus as of February 1st with the infection total up to 154,000. This information is echoed in the sixth link, which also notes that this figure is remarkably close to the projected infection totals estimated scientifically and discussed above in the second link.

The seventh link offers a scientific analysis which indicates that the coronavirus is, indeed, a bioweapon developed by the Chinese bio-hazard laboratory located in Wuhan, China. It offers convincing evidence that the Chinese developed this virus as a weapon to be used against China’s enemies. It is my thought that either the weaponized coronavirus escaped via some accidental vector from the bio-hazard lab, or it was intentionally (and foolishly) “field-tested” against a local population to determine its virulence–and escaped the boundaries of that test. This link details particular concerns in the nation of India about this Chinese virus. If the coronavirus was developed by Chinese scientists as a bioweapon that could easily be spread into civilian populations of enemy nations, there may be some divine justice in it affecting so hard the nation of China first. It is capable of rapid spread, as it has infected people in over 30 nations the last I had read. Other nations are evacuating their nationals from China via airplanes and then quarantining the passengers for 14 days–the determined incubation period of the disease. The coronavirus has also spread to people on cruise ships, whose pleasure trips have turned into nightmares as passengers are not allowed off their ships in ports.

The seventh link includes explosive evidence that is presented scientifically. It makes the case that the coronavirus is a man-made virus and that it was developed in the Chinese bio-hazard facility in Wuhan, China. I urge you to examine the evidence in that link. Notice the statement that “segments of the [corona]virus’s RNA…appear closer to HIV. The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications.” This argues that the coronavirus is a blend of a known coronavirus strain joined to segments of the HIV virus in a bio-weapons lab. Before you dismiss this claim as being alarmist, I urge you to re-read the first link from the New York Times, which also mentions that the Chinese coronavirus is being treated by combinations of drugs used to treat HIV infections. That an establishment media source like the NYT also acknowledges the coronavirus is being treated as a coronavirus/HIV hybrid virus strongly argues the information in the seventh link is true.

The differentiation here is a line of health supplements to work with their other products including Soaps Household cleaning products Toothpaste Skin and body care Shop

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The coronavirus also has the potential to destroy economies as quarantines are used to keep people from meeting together at jobs, factories, etc. for a long enough time to stop further transmissions. China has already quarantined cities totaling circa 50,000,000 people or more, and more such quarantines are possible. The eighth link offers a look at Wuhan’s nearly vacant streets as life has shut down in this city of approximately 11,000,000. Imagine the global economic effects this will have if many more cities have to take similar shut-downs of economic life in their regions to stop the spread of the virus. In the modern retailing world that features “just in time deliveries,” there isn’t a large surplus of goods stored in huge warehouses. If many factories are shut-down for extended periods in China due to the coronavirus, many retail shelves will soon be emptied of the goods that ordinarily would have come from the shuttered factories.

There is another factor that now has to be faced. It has now been reliably revealed that China has been working to develop bioweapons that will kill off the populations of nations it regards as enemies. Those threatened nations will now redouble their efforts to develop new bio-weapons and/or copy the coronavirus for use against China in any future war. Such bioweapons could be delivered via warplanes, missiles or drones in any future war. Perhaps one good thing will come from China experiencing the effects of a bioweapon amidst its population. A kind of “Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)” may develop among the major nations of the world regarding bioweapons akin to the same situation that prevented a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR during the Cold War. It is a grim reality that now the world knows that China is developing such weapons, every nation that could be a rival to China has to develop and be ready to deploy similar such weapons vs. China in any future war as it seems certain China will use them.

How many more people will be infected around the world from the coronavirus spreading, potentially, everywhere? No one knows. However, as a glimpse into how bad things really are in China, I heard a report on the Shannon Bream program on Fox News that their network was receiving reports of mass graves being dug to dispose of corpses in China because the death totals are so much higher than what is acknowledged officially by the Communist Chinese regime. In doing a web search, I found the ninth link which reports this to be the case, but I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the report. What we do know is that China has a very strong interest in hiding the extent of this plague from not only the world but also its own people.

Is the coronavirus a biblical “pestilence?” It certainly has the potential to become one as it could spread around the globe as the Spanish flu virus did in 1918. It may take a coordinated shut-down of the global economy to stop it from globally spreading everywhere. It can spread easily in airplanes where there are closed environmental systems where the air is recirculated for all occupants of the airplane to breathe. If one passenger (or crew member) has the disease, all on the plane will be exposed to it. The situation may require drastic measures to stop the spread of the disease. If the incubation period of the disease is 14 days, it may take a global shut-down of all transportation systems to prevent further spread of the coronavirus to ever wider numbers of people. This would lead to the rationing of food and other necessities if all normal deliveries are stopped for 14 days. We can hope such drastic action will not be required, but the very real chance that it may happen should give everyone a warning to stock up on essentials to last at least 14 days just if you are required to “shelter in place” for that long.

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Oregon Officials Confirm Third Coronavirus Case “Of Unknown Origin”; Risk Of “Community Outbreak” Is High


  • Health authorities in Texas and Oregon report 12 new coronavirus cases in US
  • US coronavirus case total hits 63, 2nd case ‘of unknown origin’ confirmed
  • US issues travel advisory for Italy
  • Italy says first case discovered in Lazio
  • China, SK release nightly figures
  • Google says the employee who visited Zurich office has coronavirus
  • France confirms 57 cases
  • Italy reports 3 deaths in Lombardy; nat’l toll now 21; total cases 821
  • Google employee tests positive for coronavirus after visiting Zurich office
  • British man becomes 6th ‘Diamond Princess’ passenger to die
  • Two Japanese dogs tested positive for coronavirus
  • Mulvaney says school closures, transit disruptions may happen in US
  • Dr. Tedros said Friday that there’s no evidence of ‘community outbreak’
  • Mexico confirms 1st virus case
  • Fauci warns virus could take ‘two years’ to develop
  • Kudlow says “no higher priority” than the “health of the American people
  • Toronto confirms another case
  • WHO says 20 vaccines in development
  • St. Louis Fed’s Bullard pours cold water on market hopes
  • The Netherlands confirms 2 more
  • United cuts flights to Japan
  • Advisor to CDC says the shortage of tests in the US creating a “bottleneck”
  • Nigeria confirms the first case in sub-Saharan Africa
  • SK reports more than 1,000 new cases in under 48 hours
  • Italy cases surpass 700
  • WHO says virus will ‘soon be in all countries’

* * *

Update (1100ET): With Washington State, health officials expected to brief reporters tonight, we will hopefully have more information about the latest reported coronavirus case in the US – another case that’s believed to be “of unknown origin” – meaning it could be evidence of an emerging community outbreak.

But before we go, we’d like to leave readers with a few thoughts courtesy of Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA director, and frequent CNBC contributor.

Remember: This shortage of coronavirus tests won’t last forever.

Meg Tirrell@megtirrell

“By the end of next week we should have the capacity to test 10,000 Americans a day,” @ScottGottliebMD says on @CNBC special report just now. “Once we have that capacity in place and doctors are ordering more tests we’re going to find more positives.” #COVID197226:54 PM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy438 people are talking about this

Scott Gottlieb, MD@ScottGottliebMD

Tonight administration announced they are allowing high complexity U.S. labs to advance their own tests for #Coronavirus. Coupled with public health labs, which will be at full tilt by Friday using revised CDC test, capacity could reach 10,000+++ tests a day in next two weeks.2,0969:44 PM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy956 people are talking about this

Sleep well.

* * *

Update (2230ET): China released its final coronavirus numbers late on Friday. They were roughly equivalent to yesterday’s figures.

China’s NHC reported 427 new cases confirmed on Friday on the mainland. Once again, almost all of the cases were in Hubei province. The mainland total now stands at 79,251.

Here’s the NHC press release (with English translation provided by the NHC):

On Feb 28, 31 provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland as well as the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 427 new cases of confirmed infections, 248 new cases of suspected infections, and 47 deaths (45 in Hubei province, 1 in Beijing municipality, and 1 in Henan province). 2,885 patients were released from hospital after being cured. 10,193 people who had had close contact with infected patients were freed from medical observation. Serious cases decreased by 288.

As of 24:00 on Feb 28, the National Health Commission had received 79,251 reports of confirmed cases and 2,835 deaths in 31 provincial-level regions on the Chinese mainland and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and in all 39,002 patients had been cured and discharged from hospital. There still remained 37,414 confirmed cases (including 7,664 in serious condition) and 1,418 suspected cases. So far, 658,587 people have been identified as having had close contact with infected patients. 58,233 are now under medical observation.

On Feb 28, Hubei reported 423 new cases of confirmed infections (including 420 in Wuhan), 159 new cases of suspected infections (including 114 in Wuhan), and 45 deaths (including 37 in Wuhan). 2,492 patients were released from hospital after being cured, including 1,726 in Wuhan.

As of 24:00 on Feb 28, Hubei had reported 66,337 cases of confirmed infections (including 48,557 in Wuhan) and 2,727 deaths (including 2,169 in Wuhan). In all, 28,895 patients had been cured and discharged from hospital, including 17,552 in Wuhan.There still remained 34,715 confirmed cases (including 28,836 in Wuhan), with 7,370 in serious condition (including 6,585 in Wuhan), and 1,171 suspected cases (including 788 in Wuhan).

As of 24:00 on Feb 28, 138 confirmed infections had been reported in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan province: 94 in Hong Kong (2 had been dead and 30 had been cured and discharged from hospital), 10 in Macao (8 had been cured and discharged from hospital) and 34 in Taiwan (1 had been dead and 9 had been cured and discharged from hospital).

In South Korea, the total number of coronavirus cases rose to 2,931 on Saturday as 594 new cases were reported.

As we wait to see if we’ll hear from Washington health officials tonight, here’s a copy of a press release from the Oregon Health Authority about Friday night’s press conference:

BNO Newsroom@BNODesk

Oregon Health Authority press release on the state’s 1st case of coronavirus. Appears to be locally acquired. The school the patient works at will be closed.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

9648:46 PM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy775 people are talking about this

* * *

Update (2130ET): During the presser – which is still ongoing – Oregon officials confirmed that the case is of “unknown origin”, the third such case in the US. The individual is a Washington County resident but has spent time at the Forest Hills elementary school in Oswego. The school will inform students and family about the risks.

The case will remain “presumptive” until they get the test result back from Atlanta, though CDC protocols call for treating presumptive cases as legitimate cases. For the record, the Oregon state health lab was able to conduct an initial test, which came back positive.

Amazingly, officials confirmed that the patient is still hospitalized, and has been isolated, but hasn’t been subjected to “quarantine” status. They’re reportedly being treated at a hospital in Hillsborough Oregon run by Kaiser Permanente.

Health officials said they’re scrambling to trace the patient’s movements over the past days and weeks and ferret out anyone who might have come into contact with her during that time.

“The most important thing to do – as mundane as it sounds – cover your face when you sneeze, wash your hands, and if you have any flu-like symptoms, stay home.”

As far as the patient’s condition, officials wouldn’t go into specifics beyond saying that she remains “hospitalized”. Since the patient didn’t travel abroad, the assumption is that the infection was acquired “in the community.”

The officials said they hope Oregonians would “go about their daily lives” and not let the news affect them. We suspect that might be difficult, considering that the patient hasn’t even been quarantined, and is likely only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to infections in the state.

Before we go, we wanted to point out an interesting detail from the press conference: When asked by a reporter about a rumor from earlier in the week about a coronavirus patient at a Kaiser Permanente facility in the state, officials said that they believed that rumor “didn’t refer to this case” – when it’s obvious to anybody with a brain that the rumor was accurate.

Officials insist that they’re conveying the information to the public “just hours” after finding out. But the presence of this rumor seems to contradict that. And if officials did know about the case earlier in the week (their phrasing seemed to imply that the materials for confirmation were sent to the CDC in Atlanta days), why did they wait to tell the public?

* * *

Update (2045ET): Any reporters who were hoping for a quiet night relatively free of coronavirus news, well, those hopes have unfortunately been dashed.

Because in a major bombshell that seriously undercuts President Trump’s ‘everything is under control’ message from his big press conference Wednesday night, state health authorities in Oregon and Texas reported a combined 12 new cases of the virus.

This is in addition to two new cases that were confirmed earlier on Friday and brings the total number of cases confirmed in the US to 74.

11 new cases have been confirmed by federal officials, according to local media reports.

The new cases include nine from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, one from the Wuhan group of quarantined passengers, and one that was transferred from the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego.

City officials in San Antonio insisted that the risk of infection remains very low since the patients have all been under mandatory quarantine. Another 145 people are still quarantined at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. Ninety Americans evacuated from Wuhan were released after finishing their quarantine without contracting the virus, said the CDC’s Nancy Knight during a Thursday news conference in Austin led by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Meanwhile, state officials in Oregon announced the state’s first “presumptive” case of the virus (“presumptive” since the CDC’s strict protocols often delay – or prevent – testing in at-risk patients, as we discussed earlier, as well as in an update from last night).

State officials are holding a press conference to disclose more details beginning at 9 PM ET.

Oregon has its first presumed case of novel coronavirus. Official announcement/details coming shortly. #COVIDー19 #Coronavirus— 24/7 Crisis News LIVE ☢ (@livecrisisnews) February 29, 2020

Watch live below:

Outside of the US, Mexico confirmed its second case (though it also hedged by calling it a “presumptive” case), this time in Sinaloa – which is bad news for the drug cartels. Iraqi authorities reported the first case in Baghdad. Also, in South Korea, the number of new cases exploded again on Friday, with authorities warning that the next batch of confirmations will likely bring total cases above 3k.

Once again, China reported only a handful of cases outside Hubei.


Over the past day or so, a series of critical reports knocked on the CDC’s strict testing protocols, blaming them for delaying the confirmation of Cali’s second coronavirus case of “unknown origin” by up to a week. Well, one Reddit user posted an anonymous account of their experience after they returned from a week in Japan and reported to a hospital after developing suspicious symptoms.

Since he didn’t display the “most serious” symptoms (like shortness of breath which could signify advanced pneumonia) he wasn’t even allotted a test, and told the individual that they were free to “ride the subway, return to work, do whatever I want” even as their doctor “disagreed” and advised them to stay home in a self-quarantine.

President Trump better prays this thing dies out soon because it looks like his administration is already repeating some of the same mistakes made by Japan.

* * *

Update (1730ET): Health officials in Santa Clara County have confirmed the county’s third case of COVID-19, bringing to total case count for the US to 63.

scott budman@scottbudman

#Breaking: Santa Clara County Health officials announce the third case of #coronavirus334:10 PM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy47 people are talking about this

scott budman@scottbudmanReplying to @scottbudman

#Update: More details: Santa Clara County Health tells us the patient is female, and NOT a Travis AFB patient.164:13 PM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee scott budman’s other Tweets

Shortly after officials made the case public, the Washington Post revealed that the female patient is 65 years old and has no known history of travel to countries hit hard by the outbreak, which means she’s the second case “of unknown origin” in the state.

This means that the odds of a more widespread outbreak in California is extremely possible. As Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told WaPo: Two separate cases of community transmission likely means that there are others in the United States, said Jennifer Nuzzo, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

“I think there’s a strong possibility that there’s local transmission going in California. In other words, the virus is spreading within California, and I think there’s a possibility other states are in the same boat. They just haven’t recognized that yet,” she said.

Meanwhile, over in Italy, the first case of the coronavirus has been reported in Lazio, a region in central Italy, showing that the virus is spreading across Italy.

The US has issued a travel advisory for Italy, which should encourage some travelers to cancel their trips since many travel and hospitality companies won’t refund an individual’s money without at least a level 3 advisory.

Trump had no problem angering the Chinese by imposing a ban on anybody traveling from China or who had recently visited China. But he has appeared to be more cautious about pissing off his European allies, who have opposed travel bans and border closures in what seems like a misguided commitment to their principles of ‘openness’.

Then again…

Jim Bianco@biancoresearch

The first step in closing the border to Italy?

*U.S. SAYS TO RECONSIDER TRAVEL TO ITALY OVER VIRUS IN ADVISORY784:26 PM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy30 people are talking about this

Earlier on Friday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and city health officials said that they were ‘frustrated’ by the CDC’s strict testing protocols which reportedly prevented the city from running its own tests, extending the time it takes to clear a patient by days. 

Officials blamed an obscure bureaucratic quirk for the decision and said the CDC should move to rectify it. De Blasio insisted that city has the resources and facilities, but hasn’t received the OK from the CDC, for some reason.

“We have the facilities; they are underutilized by the CDC,” de Blasio said.

NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot said this was because of the city’s inability to carry out a final validation step in the testing sequence. However, she said “there are specific procedures in place so every time the test is run, it’s valid…issues were found with the third component.

So it sounds like us like de Blasio trying to blame the Trump Administration for the shortcomings of NYC’s public-health emergency response system.

* * *

Update (1610ET): Another wild market session has ended, cementing the worst run for equities since the financial crisis.

As for virus-related news heading into the close, well, there really wasn’t a ton. CNN reports that Kenya’s High Court has ordered all 239 passengers who recently arrived in Nairobi on a flight from Guangzhou into a mandatory quarantine at a Kenya Defense Forces base, or a guarded medical facility.

Following the cancellation of joint military exercises between the US and South Korea, along with reports that an American serviceman was infected in South Korea, the Pentagon has warned that the coronavirus poses an “Increased threat” in certain areas where US troops are stationed around the world (but…mostly in South Korea). Notably, the warning breaks from the administration’s insistence that “everything is under control.”

The travel industry is the latest to be hit by cancellations as its largest trade group canceled its annual trade show due to the virus. The event, called ITB Berlin, had been due to attract 160,000 attendees beginning on Wednesday. But it was canceled by city authorities in Berlin.

In other unfortunate news impacting the travel industry, the Global Business Travel Association estimated in a new report that the coronavirus outbreak could cost the industry as much as $46.6 billion per month, which translates to $559.7 billion annually, the Washington Post reports.

A couple of hours after BI revealed that a Google employee had been infected with the coronavirus, media reports are now claiming two employees at Intesa Sanpaolo, the Italian banking group, have also been stricken.

* * *

Update (1350ET): A Google employee who was recently in the company’s Zurich office has tested positive for the coronavirus, Business Insider reports.

In response, Google has instituted travel advisories for all employees. Google said it would take all necessary measures advised by public health officials. So far, all Google offices – including the office in Zurich – remain open.


It’s unclear whether this case was included in the US total, or where that employee is now – if they’ve left Zurich or traveled anywhere, like to the US, for example. Switzerland has fewer than 20 confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, France confirmed that its total confirmed cases just climbed to 57 as the French health minister says the virus is now “circulating” in French territory, and that some schools will be kept closed after the holiday in the Oise region because of virus-related worries.

* * *

Update (1330ET): In a company-wide memo, Amazon instructed all of its employees to avoid ‘nonessential’ travel within the US. Though many companies have been canceling events and conferences while issuing travel warnings, this is one of the more extreme warnings we’ve seen, CNBC reports.

Perhaps Jeff Bezos’ animosity toward Trump has something to do with it?

As President Trump insists that investors are more worried about Bernie Sanders’ and his ‘democratic’ Communist Revolution, here’s a chart that might offer some insights on what’s inspiring the market’s mentality.

* * *

Update (1240ET): The CDC’s Dr. Messonier announced two new cases of the coronaviruses the US on Friday afternoon, confirming that the number of Americans infected aboard the ‘Diamond Princess’ has climbed to 44.

David P Gelles@gelles

The CDC has confirmed 62 cases of coronavirus in the US

These include 44 people who were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, three people repatriated from China and 15 US cases.

California: 9
Massachusetts: 1
Washington state: 1
Arizona: 1
Illinois: 2
Wisconsin: 11211:35 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy24 people are talking about this

It’s just the latest sign of how bad the shortage of coronavirus tests has gotten. Addressing the issue, Dr. Messonier admitted that the situation with the tests has been suboptimal, but that the CDC hopes to have it cleared up by early next week.

Dr. Messonier

So expect the ‘official’ US total to shoot higher after that.

* * *

Update (1210ET): Italian health authorities just confirmed three more deaths in Lombardy, bringing the national death toll to 21, while the number of confirmed cases rises by nearly 200 to 821.

Italy now has the third-largest death toll, behind only Iran and mainland China.

* * *

Update (1145ET): Reports are claiming a vote on the emergency spending bill to combat the virus could come as soon as next week, which is earlier than the week of March 9, as was previously reported.

* * *

Update (1130ET): The People’s Daily reports that Beijing is tightening its “entrant management” – which we believe means it’s once again restricting who can and cannot enter the city – as the government continues to implement measures to suppress outbreaks even as Beijing insists the virus has finally been ‘contained’.

* * *

Update (1120ET): Infectious-disease expert Anthony Fauci, who has been one of the federal government’s main spokespeople on the timeline for developing a vaccine, said Friday that it could take “up to two years” for a vaccine to be market-ready, according to Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Dem of Illinois. Notably, that’s a longer timeline than the 1 year to 18 months that Fauci and HHS Secretary Alex Azar shared earlier in the week.

* * *

Update (1115ET): Ontario has confirmed another coronavirus case in Toronto, the first since an Iranian passenger aboard an Air Canada flight to Montreal tested positive earlier this week.

* * *

Update (1100ET): As the left attacks the Trump Administration’s virus response, Trump has dispatched one of his top TV defenders, top economic advisor Larry Kudlow, to drive home the message that the White House has “no higher priority” than “the health of the American people.”

Eamon Javers@EamonJavers

Kudlow now: “There’s no higher priority than the health and safety of the American people.” Also says ”by all accounts the president has taken historic and unprecedented actions… we believe and our top career health experts believe that the risks here are on the low side.”

View image on Twitter

199:42 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy48 people are talking about this

Kudlow added that 6 of the 15 coronavirus patients in the US have been released.

His statement follows a barrage of criticism from Trump’s political opponents claiming his decision to task Mike Pence and Alex Azar with leading the containment effort suggests the president is more concerned about the economic fallout and protecting his own image.

Speaking to the press corp., Kudlow sounded less like he was trying to jawbone the markets higher and more like he was trying to understand why the selloff has become so ‘overdone’, as he sees it.

The WHO said in a report published Friday morning that the global community “is not yet ready to implement measures that have continued the coronavirus in China,” while Dr. Tedros reiterated his view that the “window of opportunity” for stopping a ‘pandemic’ is narrowing every day.

More importantly, Kudlow insisted that the outbreak wouldn’t have much of a long-term impact on the market.

“I just don’t think at this point that it’s going to have much of an impact,” Kudlow said.

Asked what advice he would give a friend planning a cruise, Kudlow responded: “stay home.”

Questions about yesterday’s Trump news presser prompted Kudlow to praise the president – saying “the way he is handling this” will help his reelection. He also said he’s not expecting any “precipitous action” on China tariffs.

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As for complaints about Pence asking all CDC officials to route all decisions and every through his office, Kudlow insisted that the administration wasn’t trying to “stifle” or cover up anyone.

“No one is being stifled, no one is being told what to say…we are all ears we want to hear what they have to say,” Kudlow said. “I think you have to coordinate.”

Countries need to understand that they must contain the virus, even if it requires seemingly draconian measures, and while coronavirus cases might increase in the US, it’s unlikely that they will “skyrocket.”

Finally, the WHO has raised its global alert rating to “Very High” from “High” as it continues to do and say everything that would suggest COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, if the WHO refuses to acknowledge it (with reason). “Very high” is the last level of the WHO risk assessment short of “pandemic.”

* * *

Update (1030ET): WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, better known as Dr. Tedros, said Friday that the WHO has seen no evidence of the type of “community transmission” that the CDC warned about. There’s no evidence that the virus is spreading freely in communities, even though seven countries have reported their first cases over the last 24 hours. 

He added that there are more than 20 vaccines in development and that several therapeutics are in clinical trials. The first results are expected in a few weeks, Dr. Tedros said. The spread from both Italy (which has spread cases across Europe) and Iran (which has leaked the virus to its Persian Gulf neighbors) is “concerning”. The WHO added that it has found “no evidence” that the virus will react differently in different climates.

CDC Director Redfield then added that risks from the virus across the US remain “low.”

As the market awaits some kind of coordinated central-bank response, perhaps Sunday evening around the time futures open, the Fed’s Jim Bullard said the adjustment to US GDP growth expectations “doesn’t look that severe”, but that he would be willing to act if he saw evidence of a “very severe” economic hit. In other words, Bullard is pouring cold water on the market’s only source of optimism with the Dow off by 1,000 points intraday for the third time this week.

Fortunately, Bullard won’t have a vote on the FOMC until 2022 (though it’s telling that even the doves at the Fed are skeptical of an ’emergency’ rate cut).

* * *

Update (1020ET): CNBC’s Eunice Yoon sent a handful of informative tweets, reminding the world that the outbreak in China isn’t over yet (while suggesting that two more patients reported re-infection in China).

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

#China to release RMB300bln ($43bln) in cheap loans for household businesses, flags my colleague @chengevelyn. This move comes after Beijing called for more support for SMEs on Tue. …457:51 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy23 people are talking about this

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

Why are stock markets jittery? Because investors worry global business will look like this: Beijing tonight. More people out than in past weeks but still so quiet esp. on a Friday night #coronavirus fears. Overhead screen blasts message to hearten public: 中国加油 or “Go, China!”

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

1926:07 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy104 people are talking about this

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

With #coronavirus cases rising quickly beyond #China, the odds of the outbreak turning into a pandemic have now doubled from 20% to 40%, @MoodysAnalytics says. “Our previous assumption that the virus will be contained in China proved optimistic.”1285:23 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy89 people are talking about this

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

With #coronavirus cases rising quickly beyond #China, the odds of the outbreak turning into a pandemic have now doubled from 20% to 40%, @MoodysAnalytics says. “Our previous assumption that the virus will be contained in China proved optimistic.”1285:23 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy89 people are talking about this

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

With #coronavirus cases rising quickly beyond #China, the odds of the outbreak turning into a pandemic have now doubled from 20% to 40%, @MoodysAnalytics says. “Our previous assumption that the virus will be contained in China proved optimistic.”1285:23 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy89 people are talking about this

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

First confirmed #coronavirus case in Xuzhou city in Jiangsu province tests positive after being discharged from hospital two weeks ago, #China official media says. The patient’s young daughter also tested positive after recovery. The two have been re-hospitalized.2925:11 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy229 people are talking about this

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

#HongKong Protests: Apple Daily owner Jimmy Lai arrested over August 31 march and intimidation of reporter at 2017 vigil …Apple Daily owner Jimmy Lai arrested as police swoop over Hong Kong protestsPolice source says newspaper founder’s arrest is part of crackdown on illegal assembly.scmp.com123:49 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacySee Eunice Yoon’s other Tweets

Yoon has been reporting from Beijing this entire time, and her feed has been a source of some of the best reporting from the capital.

* * *

Update (1014ET): Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney acknowledged on Friday that the coronavirus outbreak is likely to disrupt everyday life in the US, with possible school closures and public transit disruptions included on the list of potential annoyances.

“Are you going to see some schools shut down? Probably. Maybe see impacts on public transportation? Sure, but we do this. We know how to handle this,” Mulvaney said Friday during an appearance at CPAC, which, notably, did not cancel for fear of the outbreak.

If you want to read more about how the US outbreak might impact schools, the New York Times wrote a story about what the outbreak might mean for US schools yesterday.

The CDC’s Dr. Nancy Messonnier stressed the need for companies and schools to develop strategies for keeping employees and students at home during a presser a few days ago.

* * *

Update (0950ET): Nigeria’s top public health official said Friday that the country is “more than capable” of dealing with the outbreak.

“Nigeria is ready,” Chikwe Ihekweazu said. “We successfully managed Ebola and we manage outbreaks all the time and are currently managing Lassa fever. We have a strong team that is used to doing this.”

United Airlines announced plans to change its flight schedule to Japan now that coronavirus fears are impacting travel and tourism to the world’s third-largest economy.

Here are the specific flights affected:

  • Los Angeles to Tokyo canceled March 8 until April 24
  • Chicago to Tokyo canceled March 8 to March 27, then switches to Chicago to Haneda on March 28
  • Haneda schedule is not affected
  • Newark to Tokyo reduction to 5 times weekly for April (from daily)
  • Honolulu to Tokyo down-gauged from 777-200 to 787-8 for April
  • San Francisco to Kansai reduction to 5 times weekly in April (from daily)
  • San Francisco to Singapore reduction to 1 time daily for March 8 until April 24 (from 2 times daily)
  • San Francisco- to Incheon reduction to 3 times weekly for March 8 until April 30 (from 1 time daily in March and 2 times daily in April)
  • San Francisco to Taiwan down-gauged from 777-300 to 787-9 for March and April.

In the US, a longtime advisor to the CDC told CNN that the shortage of COVID-19 tests in the US has created a “bottleneck.”

“We haven’t been able to test more broadly as many of my colleagues in infectious disease would like,” Dr. William Schaffner, medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, told CNN on Friday.

* * *

Update (0925ET): Japanese TV news network NHK has reported that a British man has died after becoming infected with the coronavirus aboard the cruise ship “Diamond Princess”, which was home to the largest COVID-19 outbreak outside mainland China until this week when South Korea assumed the mantle.

Moreover, CNN reported that the Japanese Health Ministry confirmed the death of a 79-year-old woman, who it said was the fifth passenger to die from a case of the virus contracted aboard the ‘Diamond Princess’. 10 have died from the virus in Japan.

The man is the first Brit to die from the virus, and the first foreign passenger to die from a case linked to the Diamond Princess, and the sixth death linked to the cruise ship.

A spokeswoman for Princess Cruises, which operates the Diamond Princess, issued a statement: “All of us at Princess Cruises, including the crew of the Diamond Princess, offer our sincere condolences to family members and friends for their loss. Our dedicated care team are on hand to provide support.”

Speaking on CNBC Friday morning, host Jim Cramer went on an interesting rant about China deliberately infecting people to test its vaccine, before slamming the WHO for kowtowing the China, a criticism that has been widely shared. A spokesperson for the giant NGO said Friday that the virus would likely make it to most, if not all, countries.

* * *

Update (0900ET): Spain reported 18 new cases Friday afternoon, bringing its total to 32, although 29 of them have direct links to ‘risk zones’ abroad (including Italy in particular). 

Still, Spanish doctors and epidemiologists haven’t been able to trace the origins of 3 cases, contributing to anxieties that the outbreak might be much larger than presently detected.

Some 130 guests at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel in Tenerife the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, will be allowed to leave Friday after several days on lockdown. Four hotel guests have tested positive so far, as Spain’s Health Ministry tested every guest.

With China’s economy humming at less than 50% capacity, the Communist Party has decided to offer another 300 billion yuan (roughly $43 billion) in emergency loans to Chinese companies, particularly the SMEs who are in the direst need of funding.


* * *

Update (0820ET): After several scares, Mexico has finally confirmed its first case of coronavirus, according to Mexico’s deputy health minister.

According to Reuters, the patient recently traveled to Italy and came up positive on the initial test. His case is only the second confirmed in Latin America, outside Brazil. The patient is said to be “not in a serious condition.”

In corporate news, following Facebook, Goldman Sachs and a host of other companies, Kraft Heinz has taken the precautionary step of postponing its March conference in Chicago. The conference was supposed to host 250 of the troubled packaged-food company’s best managers.

* * *

On Wednesday, the coronavirus outbreak reached a new milestone when the number of new cases confirmed in the world ex-China finally surpassed the number being confirmed on the mainland. Two days later, and we’re almost at the point where the number of Thursday new cases confirmed by Iran was roughly half the total coming out of Wuhan.

As of Friday morning, the number of confirmed cases worldwide had passed 83,000, while the number of deaths topped 2,800.

Since yesterday, we we first noted this chart, the number of cases outside China has soared, particularly in South Korea and across Europe, as the number of new cases in mainland China (but outside Wuhan) dropped into the single digits. Vietnam joined the group of countries restricting South Koreans from entry, announcing Friday that it would stop issuing visas for South Koreans, according to CNN.

Of course, China still had nearly two months of lead time over the rest of the world, and it has been home to the bulk of cases so far.

Here’s a rundown of deaths outside mainland China:

Iran: 34
Italy 17
South Korea: 14
Japan: 10 
Hong Kong and France: 2 each
The Philippines and Taiwan: 1 each

A WHO Spokesman said Friday that the coronavirus outbreak is ‘getting bigger’, and that the possibility of it reaching some ‘if not all countries’ is something that we have warned about for a while.

Every Brooklyn hipster who’s been living in blissful ignorance of the pandemic unfolding all around them – dismissing every new warning as ‘racist right-wing alarmism’ – is about to start paying attention: The dog of a coronavirus patient in Hong Kong has been found to carry a “low level” of the deadly virus, according to a statement from the region’s government.

Infographic: Where COVID-19 Has Been Confirmed in the U.S. | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

According to the New York Post, researchers tested the dog’s nasal cavities and swabbed its mouth on Wednesday, and soon discovered that a test returned a “weak positive” for the samples.

“At present, the [Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department] does not have evidence that pet animals can be infected with COVID-19 virus or can be a source of infection to people,” Hong Kong’s government said in a press release.

Don’t worry, dog lovers: The animal is being quarantined in an animal shelter holding no other animals. The pooch will remain under quarantine until it tests negative. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to be showing symptoms.

South Korea has confirmed an additional 571 cases of the novel coronavirus so far on Friday, bringing its total to 2,337, making it the largest outbreak outside of mainland China.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country with more than 200 million people, reported the first case in Sub-Saharan Africa late Thursday night (ET). On Friday, Nigerian Health Minister Osagie Ehanire told reporters in Lagos that his government has contacted the airline on which the country’s ‘patient zero’ traveled to try and trace people he came in contact with. Lagos Health Commissioner Akin Abayomi said the patient traveled to Nigeria on Turkish Airlines flight.

“We are not panicking,” Ehanire says. “We are not banning airlines. We have not seen the need. We are also not profiling and stigmatizing.”

Nigerian officials offered some more details about their first case on Friday, according to Al Jazeera.

The first confirmed case was not detected at the airport, allowing them to travel through densely populated Lagos before becoming ill and visiting a hospital, the country’s health minister said.

The Italian man, who authorities said arrived in Nigeria from Milan on the evening of Feb. 24, had no symptoms when their plane landed.

Authorities are now working to “meet and observe” all those who were on the flight with him, and are also identifying all the people he met and places he visited in Lagos, a giant city of 20 million.

Perhaps the most shocking development overnight was the surge of new cases in Germany, confirming the dire warnings of health officials. Europe’s largest economy has now quarantined about 1,000 people and affirmed “about 60” cases of coronavirus across the country.

Mexico’s streak of being the only country in North America to have rebuffed the coronavirus is about to end: The country just reported its first preliminary positive test on Friday morning, according to Bloomberg.

as the number of confirmed cases in Switzerland slowly grows, one of the most important events for the global auto industry, the Geneva International Motor Show, has been canceled now that Swiss authorities have banned major public events.

In Iran, authorities have nearly caught up to a lawmaker’s warning about 50 deaths in the city of Qom earlier this week: The Islamic Republic reported 143 new cases overnight, raising the countrywide total to 388. It also reported 8 more deaths, bringing the death toll to 34.

“Iran expects an upward trajectory in confirmed coronavirus cases in the next few days,” the health minister said.

Singapore has become the latest country to crack down on the South Korean Christian cult at the center of that country’s outbreak.

Moving over the commonwealth of independent states, Azerbaijan confirmed its first case on Friday, while a second case was confirmed in Georgia. Another case has been confirmed in Thailand after a long period of calm, raising the total to 41.

German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann said on Friday that the central bank’s official forecasts for 2020 growth were probably a little too optimistic, given the supply-side shock rocking Europe’s export powerhouse. Authorities in Germany’s Heinsberg, which is situated near the Dutch border, asked people who came into contact with a married couple with the disease to stay at home. Over in the UK, the first case was reported in Wales, following the first case in Northern Ireland last night. The tally for the four-country kingdom was 19 as of Friday morning in the US.

An update on the hotel in Tenerife where an Italian doctor was diagnosed with the virus and hundreds of guests have been quarantined: The first 9 guests of about 700 who have been isolated since Tuesday have been allowed to leave.

In Italy, cases soared to 650 on Thursday from 400 a day earlier, bringing the European total to more than 700. France has confirmed another 20 cases, according to the Washington Post, while Charles de Gaulle airport is suspected as a source.

Offering a picture of political unity to millions of terrified South Koreans, President Moon Jae-in joined with the leaders of rival parties to speak about the necessity for “bold and swift extraordinary measures,” including some deficit-widening fiscal stimulus, to combat the outbreak and revitalize economy, Yonhap News reported, citing a joint statement from South Korea’s parties. Meanwhile, in Japan, the Northern Island of Hokkaido has declared a “State of Emergency” following an outbreak.

Following the confirmation of the 60th case on US soil, the New York Times blasted the White House Task Force on Thursday for reportedly requiring that all statements and public appearances be coordinated through the office of the VP, a move that the NYT fretted might ‘rob’ Americans of sober, scientific advice. We suspect this isn’t really that major of a violation of norms (otherwise, what’s the point of having someone like Pence in charge of coordinating everything), and the NYT is joining its Democratic partners in slinging mud at the Trump Administration.

As if that weren’t enough, the NYT quickly pivoted to bashing Pence for selecting a trained scientist as the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator, a position that will report to him. The NYT blasted Pence, saying the appointment confused the public about who will be speaking for the administration.

Last night, President Trump bashed the press coverage of the outbreak in the US during an event celebrating Black History Month at the White House.

“15 people is almost, I would say, a miracle,” Trump bragged.

While PM Shinzo Abe tries to quell speculation about the possible cancellation of the Olympics, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi and top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi said Friday that President Xi Jinping’s scheduled visit to Tokyo would go ahead as planned.

Heading into the weekend, stock futures in the US are in the red once again as virtually nobody seems to want to be caught holding risk moving into the weekend.

Dear reader, if you’re wondering why global equities are once again in the red on Friday, CNBC’s Eunice Yoon has got you covered:

Eunice Yoon@onlyyoontv

Why are stock markets jittery? Because investors worry global business will look like this: Beijing tonight. More people out than in past weeks but still so quiet esp. on a Friday night #coronavirus fears. Overhead screen blasts message to hearten public: 中国加油 or “Go, China!”

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

1926:07 AM – Feb 28, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy104 people are talking about this

What a relief to see China getting back to work!

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A Deadly Sickness Is Sweeping Across Ethiopia – and No One Knows How or Why It Came to Be

A “mysterious” disease is wreaking havoc in villages across Ethiopia’s Somali region. In a report published by The Guardian, locals and officials believe that this deadly mystery disease may be linked to a nearby Chinese natural gas project, a claim repudiated by federal government officials in Addis Ababa. In addition, they also denied the existence of a health and environmental crisis, as well as issues with large-scale energy projects, in the region.

The natural gas project in question belongs to Poly-GCL, a Chinese oil, and gas company that has been investing heavily in the region. It has been in talks with Ethiopia and Djibouti to build a 767-kilometer (or 476-mile) natural gas pipeline that will run between the two countries. In the region, known locally as the Ogaden Basin, the company has been prospecting for oil and gas in the area since 2014 and is planning to start commercial gas production soon.

Something in the water?

For Khadar Abdi Abdullahi and many locals, the mysterious disease could be traced back to hazardous chemical waste that has contaminated their water supply.

“It is the toxins that flow in the rainfall from Calub [gas field] that are responsible for this epidemic,” Khadar told The Guardian. During the time of the report, he had just been discharged from the hospital after collapsing from a fever. Before that, his eyes and his palms first turned yellow, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, and he was swollen all over. By the time he was released, his doctors said there was nothing they can do for him.

Khadar died shortly after.

In a statement, Ketsela Tadesse of the federal ministry of mines and petroleum said that the government is unaware of any reports of spillages in the Ogaden Basin, adding that, in any case, there were “there are no permanent settlers” in nearby areas.

An adviser to the Somali regional government says otherwise. In the report, he said the region is now experiencing new diseases “that have never been seen before in this area.”

“Without any public health protection, it is very clear that Poly-GCL uses chemicals that are detrimental to human health,” he added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Khadar wasn’t the first to succumb to the mystery disease. Other locals in the area have died from the same symptoms – swelling, fever, sleeplessness, yellowing eyes and palms, and lack of appetite. According to Xuseen Sheekh Siraad, the chairman of Dhoobaweyn district (where Ogaden Basin is located), there have been at least 2,000 deaths since 2014.

A problem found the world over

Despite the Ethiopian government’s denial, certain practices by the natural gas industry can cause groundwater contamination. To note, Natural News previously reported that even the Environmental Protection Agency has said that fracking, a controversial technique for extracting natural gas, is linked to water contamination — even as the natural gas industry claims otherwise.

In the 121-page report, the agency has found that fracking chemicals from nearby gas wells have contaminated the groundwater in Pavillion, Wyoming. The report explained that “glycol ethers and the assortment of other organic components (found in the water) is explained as the result of direct mixing of hydraulic fracturing fluids with groundwater in the Pavillion gas field.”

Back in the Somali region, the local government has stated that it recognizes the serious consequences of resource exploration, particularly for those living closest to exploration sites.

“We are seriously dedicated to addressing the decades of [marginalization] and abuse that have resulted from oil and gas exploration,” adds to Abdikarim Abdirahman, who heads the region’s energy, mines, and petroleum ministry.

But in the face of the mysterious killer disease, locals remain skeptical. For one, they have not been consulted on the impending natural gas pipeline project, which they feel will disrupt their grazing lands and natural habitat.

Of all this, a local decries: “Not a single person has ever asked us about our plight.”

Sources include:

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Many Christians believe that we are currently living in “the latter days,” a biblical term for the prophesied period of time, which will occur at the very end of our age. Are we living in these days? Can it be proven objectively that we are living in the latter days? The answer is “Yes it can!”

The Bible has many prophecies foretelling the conditions and characteristics that will be present on earth at the end of our age. Since it is well-known that these latter-day prophecies have been present in the biblical texts long before the modern era if it can be shown that these biblical prophecies are concurrently coming to pass in our modern time, we not only have powerful objective evidence that we living in “the latter days,” but also that the Creator God who inspired the Bible is alive and actively guiding modern world events to implement his biblical prophecies.

God, Himself issued a challenge in Isaiah 41:21-26 that people can prove whether or not he is real and all-powerful by looking at human history and events to see whether he has the power to implement his prophecies about the future. Obviously, if ancient prophecies about “the latter days” are being concurrently implemented in the modern world, it proves that the God of the Bible is shaping events toward pre-determined outcomes. In Isaiah 41:22-23, God issues this challenge to all other so-called deities:

“…bring your proofs says the King of Jacob. Let them bring them and tell us what is to happen. Tell us the former things, what they are, that we may consider them, that we may know their outcome; or declare to us things to come. Tell us what is to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods; do good, or do harm, that we may be dismayed and terrified. Behold, you are nothing…” [RSV]

This is a blunt challenge! Have any other “gods” of any other “holy books” made such a challenge to have their prophecies critically evaluated over time to see if they come to pass? We will first examine some well-known, fulfilled “latter-day” prophecies from the Bible and then consider also some lesser-known biblical prophecies about the latter days that have also been fulfilled. Some will find it surprising how many latter-day prophecies there are in the Bible. We will see that the Bible has prophecies about many aspects of the latter days on earth: the destinies of nations and alliances, technological developments, social and environmental factors, etc. The Bible’s prophecies have come to pass. Not even the Bible’s most strident critics (the names of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens come to mind) can claim these prophetic fulfillments were “faked” because it is provable that biblical manuscripts contained these prophecies long before they were fulfilled in the modern era.

There are a number of biblical phrases, which describe the time of the prophesied end of our age. A common one is “the latter days,” but other prophetic expressions such as “the time of the end,” “the day of the Lord,” or “in that day,” also can be found.

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Zephaniah 2 has a prophecy that the Jewish nation would be established in the old Promised Land at the end of our age. Zephaniah 2:2-3 tell us that this prophecy will not be fulfilled until just “before the day of the Lord’s anger.” Clearly, when this prophecy is fulfilled, it will show that the time of God’s “angry” Divine intervention in human affairs is drawing near. Verses 6-7 prophesy:

“And the sea coast shall be dwellings and cottages for shepherds and folds for flocks. And the coast shall be for the remnant of Judah…in the houses of Ashkelon shall they lie down…for the Lord, their God shall visit them and turn away their captivity.” [KJV, Emphasis added.]

In 1948, the modern nation of Israel was proclaimed into existence, in spite of seemingly impossible odds against it. The May 14, 2007 issue of Newsweek magazine detailed the political machinations which would have prevented the Jewish state from coming into existence had not President Harry Truman changed his mind on recognizing the new Jewish state. It reveals that President Truman decided to recognize the state of Israel due to his awareness of the biblical precedent regarding King Cyrus of Persia doing a similar thing. President Truman decided to recognize Israel’s existence in spite of the combined opposition of both the esteemed General George C. Marshall (who headed the US military) and the US State Department.

Proverbs 21:1 states that “The king’s heart is…in the hand of the Lord, he turns it wherever he will.” [RSV] In this case, God turned around the heart of a very powerful national ruler, President Truman, to implement God’s prophecy at the specific time that God wanted to fulfill this prophecy. Interestingly, Newsweek added that “Truman and Clifford expected the state to be called ‘Judea.’” If it had been called Judea, much confusion about the Bible and history would have been avoided. The Jews descended from the ancient kingdom [and tribe] of Judah were used by God to found the modern Jewish state. However, the nation was named after the historic land of Israel instead of the name of the people (“Judah”) who settled it. The Bible consistently makes a distinction between the tribe of Judah and the much more-numerous ten tribes of Israel. For information about the locations of the ten tribes of Israel in the modern world, readers are referred to the author’s books and articles at this website’s links.

When the Jewish state was first declared, it was a seacoast entity joined to Galilee and the Negev regions, due to the partition of the former British-ruled UN Mandate over Palestine. Zephaniah 2:6-7 specifically prophesied that the Jewish state to be established at the end of this age would be located on the “seacoast” region. It also specifically prophesied that the city of Ashkelon would be part of the new Jewish nation. Check a modern map. The city of Ashkelon is located in the modern Jewish nation of Israel, exactly as Zephaniah prophesied. Zephaniah 2 also prophesied the modern Jewish nation would be founded by “the remnant of Judah” whose “captivity was turned away” (or “ended”). This is an uncannily accurate description of the Jewish people in 1948 as their numbers had been greatly reduced by the Nazi Holocaust of World War II. The Jews who founded the state of Israel in 1948 included many refugees from their recent “captivity” in the Holocaust. They were truly the “remnant” (the survivors) of the tribe of Judah from European nations.

Zephaniah’s prophecy about a Jewish state being founded just before the time of God’s intervention in world affairs came to pass in every prophesied detail in the post-World War II years. The events of its fulfillment via President Truman also confirm that God directs the decisions of national rulers whenever he needs to do so in order to implement his specific prophecies. The fulfillment of Zephaniah 2’s prophecy also confirms that the Jews/Israelis, literally, have a “Divine Right” to a nation-state in the old Promised Land at this juncture in history.

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Jesus’ disciples asked him in Matthew 24:3: “what will be the sign of your coming and of the close of the age?” Therefore, there is no question that Jesus’ answer was directed to conditions on earth just prior to His Second Coming at the end of this age. Jesus gave many examples of end-time conditions and events in his response, but this section will focus on the issue of world wars and a near human-extinction. In Matthew 24:6 Jesus spoke of “wars and rumors of wars” characterizing the time just before this age ends. Indeed, many wars have been fought all over the world in the 20th century and afterward.

The phrase “wars” means actual “hot wars,” and the phrase “rumor of wars” aptly describes the decades-long period of time called the “Cold War,” a time of “rumored” war, which didn’t erupt into full-scale, global warfare between the Russian-led Communist alliance and the America-led Western alliance. In verse 7, Jesus also foretold that; “nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.” It is noteworthy that he repeated this theme twice. This argues for a double fulfillment of this prophesied type of warfare. The 20th century saw two World Wars, global conflagrations in which many nations and kingdoms fought each other in exceedingly bloody conflicts. Jesus’ words “the end is not yet” in verse 6 indicates that this period of “wars and rumors of wars” would involve a considerable period of time.

In Matthew 24:21-22, Christ prophesied about a time called the “great tribulation” upon the earth in which “no flesh would be saved” unless those days were “shortened.” Subsequent verses reveal that the event, which prevents the extinction of “all flesh”, is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The term “all flesh” literally means that the human race would become extinct without Divine intervention preventing it.

When the first nuclear bombs exploded on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the military technology was unleashed which could literally fulfill this prophecy. If I recall correctly, the USA and Russia had produced enough nuclear weaponry by the 1960s to annihilate all mankind. As more and more nations manufacture nuclear weapons, this prophecy becomes ever more accurate in its warning. Prophecies in Ezekiel 38, Zechariah 14 and Revelation 19 foretell that a climactic World War III will bring mankind to the brink of extinction (what Matthew 24:21 calls the “great tribulation”). Human extinction is not only possible via nuclear warfare, but also via chemical/bacteriological warfare as well. More exotic types of weaponry (weather modification weapons, genetic-altering “bombs” and nano-technology weapons) make this prophecy even more literally possible.

Matthew 24’s prophecy indicates that the end of this age would see a time when the complete and total extinction of mankind would become possible. That prophecy has been literally fulfilled in the post-World War II years.

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Daniel 12 has a prophecy about “the time of the end” which has dramatically come to pass in the modern world. Indeed, it has literally come to pass far beyond the imaginations of many generations who have preceded us on this planet.

Daniel 12:1-3 has a prophecy about the resurrection of the dead, which will occur as this age draws to a close and the “new age” under Jesus Christ and God’s laws begin. God told Daniel in verse 4 that the prophecy he had been given would be “shut up…and sealed until the time of the end.” This verse further states that “the time of the end” will be identifiable because “knowledge shall be increased” and “many shall run to and fro.”

When one digs deeper into the meaning of the word “increased,” one learns that the Bible here prophesies that the end of this age will be characterized not by a mere incremental increase in the word’s fund of knowledge, but rather an exponential increase in mankind’s knowledge! The Hebrew word translated “increased” is “Rabah” which means, “to be or become many” (Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible, 1978 Ed., see “increased,” p. 513). Another biblical usage of this word is in Genesis 7:17 where the Bible describes how the waters ”increased” on the earth during the Deluge in Noah’s time. The waters “increased” exponentially in Noah’s time so that the entire surface of the earth was covered by water. [The following digression on the scientific objectivity of Noah’s Deluge will be offered to reinforce the faith of believers and respond to the Bible’s detractors.].

Anyone who has flown over mountain ranges can see the river courses that drained the global waters from the Deluge. The mountains you see from your airplane windows were once covered with water. Also, the Deluge was global, not regional. There would be no need for an Ark if the Deluge was merely regional. Also, Genesis 7:21-23 asserts that “all flesh” on the surface of the earth died, and that anything that breathed died unless it was preserved on the Ark. The question is begged though: Where did all the waters come from and where did they go after the Deluge? Genesis 1:9 states God created a global “firmament” (a water layer) above the earth’s atmosphere during Creation Week. This likely helped account for mankind’s long pre-Flood life spans as people were far more shielded from the sun’s aging radiation. That “firmament” rained down everywhere on the planet for 40 days and 40 nights as the floodwaters rose and the “fountains of the great deep were [also] broken up” (Genesis 7:11-12). A Creator God could also move the earth’s tectonic plates quickly under the waters to create the topography he desired for the post-Flood world. In this option, the mountains of today were thrust upward through the Deluge’s waters (when, for example, the Indian subcontinent was pushed into Asia’s landmass, thrusting up the Himalayas) during the Deluge instead of being built over eons. Also, God could carve out deep new spaces under the oceans (such as the Marianas Trench) to drain the waters off the surface of the continents. Science has also recently verified (albeit inadvertently) what Genesis 7:11 meant re: “the fountains of the great deep.” The May 2007 issue of Discover Magazine (p. 16), in its “This just in…” section, states: “Seismologists scan earth’s interior and find an ocean underneath Eastern Asia. The buried water is at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean.” (Emphasis added.) Maybe other vast subterranean oceans also exist. The existence of subterranean oceans also helps explains where the waters of the Deluge went! End of digression. Let’s go back to Daniel’s prophecy.

The point is made that mankind’s “knowledge” will be increased in the “time of the end” as exponentially as the waters increased on the earth during the Deluge of Noah’s time! The 20th century began with mankind using horse-drawn wagons and by the 1970s mankind regarded moon missions as too passé to merit live TV coverage. European militaries still had horse cavalries at the beginning of World War I and by the end of the 20th century; major nations had either hundreds or thousands of nuclear weapons. At the beginning of the 20th century, land-based howitzers hurled cannonballs as far as a charge of gunpowder could propel them. At the end of the 20th century, large missiles could hurl nuclear payloads between continents. All scientific disciplines have experienced “increases in knowledge” that would have seemed sheer science fiction to people who lived when the 20th century began! People alive at the end of the Viet Nam War would have been dumbstruck if they could know that the entire world would be linked via the internet within a few decades. The February 2007 issue of Discover magazine, in an article entitled “The Big Bang Machine” referred to “Moore’s law, first formulated in 1965 by one of Intel’s founders, which holds that computing power doubles roughly every 18 months.” Need we say more? Daniel’s prophecy about a knowledge explosion at the end of our age has abundantly and literally come to pass!

The prophecy of Daniel 12:4 also foretold that in the “time of the end,” many people would “run to and fro.” Modern mankind has forgotten that at the beginning of the 20th century, only the rich could afford to travel very far by any means. There were no airplanes, automobiles, interstate highways, etc. via which the masses could afford to travel widely at a moment’s notice. As the 20th century ended, “many” were indeed able to “travel to and fro” all over the world very quickly. Someone in 1900 would have thought it utter madness to think that by the end of the century people would be able to travel between continents in mere hours. Daniel’s prophecy about widespread and swift travel (and the transit vehicles necessary to make fast travel happen) has also abundantly and literally come to pass!

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The book of Revelation is the Apostle John’s recounting of a prophetic vision for a future apocalyptic time called “the Lord’s Day” (Revelation 1:10). This phrase parallels the prophetic phrase “the Day of the Lord” in Old Testament prophecies. As the context of the book affirms, it foretells events to occur at the end of this age.

A fact of modern life is that “globalism” has come to characterize the world’s business and geopolitical realities. In times past, companies were incorporated within and located within nation-states. Large corporations commonly were involved with international commerce and business but were largely identified with the nation in which they were based. In recent decades, huge global corporations have emerged which are so big that their global sales exceed the gross national products of many smaller nation-states. These global corporations can practically dictate (or at least influence) the decisions of nation-states who change their laws and tax codes as they compete to have the corporations locate facilities within their national territories. The large industry groups of these global corporations have been given such names as Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Military-Industrial Complex, Agribusiness, etc. This trend toward globalism was all accurately prophesied to occur in the end-time about two millennia ago in the book of Revelation.

In Revelation 18, John prophesied about the emergence of an economic and geopolitical system that would become “global” in the last days. Revelation 18:39 and 11 identify the two major elements of this global system. They are called the “merchants of the earth” and “the kings of the earth.” Verses 12-13 describe that this global system [called “Babylon the Great]” will dominate and control the selling of all manner of goods (commodities, foodstuffs, jewelry, clothing, livestock, manufactured items made of metals and wood, etc.). It even says that this global system will deal with “slaves” and trade in “the souls of men.” Many media articles have discussed the growing wealth gap between the rich elites and the average citizens. Sometimes, people in Western nations are called “wage slaves” as they live from paycheck to paycheck with no financial reserves. Workers in other parts of the world are literally slaves or political prisoners laboring for next to nothing to build the projects of Babylon the Great or make its products. Home mortgages are now bundled into large packets for resale to other lenders, hedge funds, etc. The debtors who owe money on mortgages have their future earnings “bought, sold and transferred” among various global money-lending institutions without the debtors’ knowledge or approval. Borrowers are “debt slaves” until their loans are paid off. Proverbs 21:7 aptly noted a financial reality that is true of all eras: “The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is servant to lenders.”

This prophecy in Revelation 18 about globalism has been fulfilled literally in today’s world. The prophesied “merchants of the earth” are the multi-national corporations that have grown so large and powerful in the global trading system now dominating the earth. The “kings of the earth” are the national leaders and political elites who have enacted “fair trade” treaties, “no usury-limit laws” and other regulations which ensure that the large corporations and moneylenders of “Babylon the Great” will make massive profits. Even as globalism has led to multinational corporations, it has also led to multinational governmental units (giving new meaning to the term “kings of the earth”). Such global governmental units include the UN and its many subdivisions, the EU, NATO, the IMF, World Bank, etc.

Revelation 18:9 foretold that the political leaders will “commit fornication” with the “merchants of the earth” and will “live deliciously” as a result. Is there a better way of foretelling that political leaders would be “in bed” with Big Business in such a way that lots of profits are funneled back to the political leaders via “earmarks,” “campaign contributions,” corporate favors and trips as well as outright bribes. There is a huge “revolving door” as members of the global elites go back and forth between serving in multinational corporations and or in governmental positions, and the line between “the merchants of the earth” and the “kings of the earth” is increasingly blurred.

I recently saw a cable-TV interview with political analyst Dick Morris who was discussing the contents of his new book, Outrage. His book apparently “names names” as it exposes the corrupt financial dealings, double-dealings, and self-dealings that go on behind the scenes in the USA’s business and governmental sectors. Bribery is a normal cost of the business in many parts of the earth and corporate/governmental corruption is hardly limited to the USA. The system called “globalism” steadily erodes the power of voters to control their elected leaders or their conduct. Why is this global system called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 18? For a deeper examination of why the world’s global system of business and banking is given this name, readers are referred to my article “A Captivity to Babylon the Great?” available at the Articles link at

Revelation 18’s prophecy accurately foretold that the elites at the top of the corporate and political structure of the “globalist” system at the end of this age would become fabulously wealthy (at the expense of the masses). However, their wealth and ease will be very temporary. This prophecy also foretells that the globalist system of Babylon the Great will be utterly overthrown at the end of this age. The entire global system will be “burnt with fire” and destroyed in “one hour.” The prophecy about the “burning” and collapse of the entire globalist system could easily be fulfilled in the final World War III which will break out at the end of our age. That it could all be “burnt” within an hour can literally come to pass in an age of nuclear weapons. Ezekiel 38, Zechariah 14, Daniel 11: 40-45Matthew 24:21-22, Revelation 19 and other prophecies all foretell of a massively destructive World War at the end of our age. Matthew 24’s prophecy indicates that “no flesh would survive” this climactic war unless Jesus Christ intervened to stop it. Babylon the Great’s industries, factories, banks, investment markets, etc. would quickly perish in an age-ending nuclear war among the nations. Ezekiel 38’s prophecy gives the most detailed listing of the nations that will be in each alliance at the end of this age when this war occurs (my research paper on “Ezekiel 38-39 and World War III” at this website offers in-depth details). God may not have to lift a finger to destroy Babylon the Great‘s globalist system at the end of this age. Mankind’s own wars with weapons of mass destruction may implement that prophecy in full. What is clear is that the Bible’s prophecy that globalism would dominate the world’s economies and nations at the end of our age has literally come to pass, further affirming that the God who inspired the Bible is shaping world events to guarantee that his prophecies are fulfilled (exactly as Isaiah 41 said he would).

The detailed fulfillment of each of the above latter-day prophecies is already a fait accompli. These ancient biblical prophecies have come to pass in our post-World War II period. The next section of this report will examine other latter-day prophecies involving on-going environmental and social trends. While it is clear that these prophesied trends are occurring, the ultimate extent of their fulfillment is not always clear. A case will be presented for both a “maximalist” and “minimalist” fulfillment of some biblical prophecies. The first environmental trend especially falls in this category.

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With apologies to my conservative friends, Al Gore is right about global warming being a reality. The Bible itself warns that global warming will be a sign that the end of the age is nearing. However, we are only in the preliminary stages of this prophetic fulfillment. Indeed, global warming could get much worse at the end of this age than scientists can imagine. Revelation 16:8-10 prophesies that global warming will reach a point where mankind will be “scorched with great heat.” However, it will not be mankind’s greenhouse gases which solely cause such global warming. The Kyoto Accords could be implemented by all nations and it won’t stop this prophesied global warming. Revelation 16:8 prophesies that this climax of global warming will be caused by “an angel pouring out a vial [one of the final seven plagues] upon the sun.” At the end of our age, something will go wrong with the sun or with the earth’s physical relationship to it so that global warming gets much worse. Interestingly, the July 2007 issue of Discover Magazine published an interview with Henrik Svensmark, the Director of the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen. His research indicates that the primary reason for global warming is due to the effects of increased solar activity on cosmic rays and cloud formation.

The above prophecy certainly indicates the earth will receive much more heat from the sun at the end of the latter days. At the very least, it indicates that the latter days of this age will occur during an unusually severe “solar maximum” in the sun’s normal cycle. At the very worst, it could mean the sun may be approaching a supernova stage at the end of this age. However, catastrophic global warming could also be caused by other factors, such as a change in the earth’s rotational axis or in its orbital position about the sun. Biblical prophecies indicate such a thing could happen, and severe “global warming” would be the result. Isaiah 13:6-22 is another prophecy about “the day of the Lord,” and it foretells (in verse 13) that “the earth shall remove out of her place.” If the earth “removed” from its current orbital path to one closer to the sun, that would surely cause destructive global warming. Isaiah 24 also has a prophecy that indicates such a thing may indeed literally occur. Isaiah 24:14-6 and 18-20 state:

“The Lord will lay waste the earth…and he will twist its surface…the inhabitants are scorched [remember Rev.6:8-10]…the foundations of the earth tremble. The earth is utterly broken…[and] violently shaken. The earth staggers like a drunken man.” [RSV, Emphasis Added.]

Scientists have confirmed that the current position of the earth’s axis (its “precession”) has not been constant over time. The earth’s axis can change, and it could change dramatically. “Magnetic north” has changed over the eons of the earth’s existence, and there is a theory that the tectonic plates of the earth could suddenly “shift” or “slip” into new positions because they “float” over an underlying layer of less-stable magma. The King James Version of Isaiah 24:1’s prophecy regarding the earth prophesies: “the Lord …turneth it upside down.” This could occur if there is a sudden and major slippage of the tectonic plates on the surface of the earth into new positions. If a new tectonic plate arrangement suddenly moved the Antarctic continent or Greenland into the temperate or equatorial zones of the earth, their glaciers could melt in days, not decades. Keep in mind that I am not stating that this must occur for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. We are examining alternatives for how the sun’s relationship to the earth could change in a way that could cause catastrophic global warming. Since Isaiah’s prophecy foretold violent changes in the earth’s orbital pathway and/or its tectonic plates, this is one possibility. Such events would also cause a violent shaking all over the earth.

Isaiah 13:13 prophesies that God will “shake the heavens and the earth will remove out her place…in the day of his fierce anger.” This language infers a change in the earth’s orbital path around the sun. How could this happen? At least two ways come to mind in addition to the possibility of a global tectonic plate shift. Scientists have confirmed that the earth has experienced previous “extinction-level events,” and it seems evident to me that the discovery of the ancient Chixelub crater astride the Yucatan Peninsula affirms that a large meteor or comet hit the earth long ago and wiped out the age of the dinosaurs due to its impact damage and the aftermath of a planetary global winter which stopped photosynthesis for an extended time. A similar event could occur at the end of this age. Revelation 8:8-11 describes a “great burning mountain” and/or a “star called Wormwood” which will fall “in the sea.” The book of Revelation is the Apostle John’s recounting of latter days events which he witnessed in a vision. A flaming meteor could easily be described as a “burning mountain” and the “star” imagery indicates it will fall out of the heavens into the ocean.

The impact of a large meteor or comet could cause a severe wobble in the earth’s rotation, causing it to “stagger like a drunken man” in its orbital path around the sun and its surface to“twist.” Such a collision could “bump” the earth into an orbit closer to the sun, causing the prophesied, catastrophic increase in global warming. Such an event would also cause many earthquakes on the earth. A large heavenly object hitting the earth in the ocean would also cause tsunamis that would make the recent Indian Ocean Tsunami look like a minor league event. It would be a tsunami-like what was depicted in the movie “Deep Impact.”

There is another possibility. Given the foretold exponential increase in mankind’s knowledge in the latter days, it is not inconceivable that a man-made event could theoretically cause the earth to “stagger” in its orbit and alter its relationship to the sun. Even as scientific discoveries about the atoms and their nuclei led to the development of atomic bombs, the field of quantum mechanics may lead to the development of new “quantum” weaponry with completely unforeseen effects. Could a “quantum bomb” already exist? Surely we are not naïve enough to think that nations haven’t given thought to how they could weaponize the knowledge now being learned in the field of quantum mechanics. A June 4, 2007 article at entitled “Breakthrough brings ‘Star Trek’ Teleport a Step Closer” stated that scientists in the European Space Agency have successfully “teleported” data a distance of 89 miles using “quantum entanglement” techniques. While this application of quantum mechanics seeks a fail-safe communications system, one wonders what weaponry is also being developed utilizing quantum mechanics.

Unlike a nuclear bomb (the effects of which are limited to our Newtonian Universe) a quantum bomb of some kind, if ignited or tested, could have unforeseen effects on our planet (likely candidates for developing a quantum bomb would be Russia, the USA, China, the EU, and Israel). The String Theory version of Quantum Mechanics posits the existence of other, invisible dimensions alongside our Physical Universe (The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene, pp. 391-393; see also a PBS-TV program on this subject called “The Elegant Universe” if you have the chance). While I do not endorse all of String Theory, it has some merit as the Bible asserts that there is a parallel, invisible dimension (the Spirit world inhabited by God and the angels) adjoining our dimension (the physical Universe). By probing ever closer to the point where subatomic particles essentially become quantum energy instead of Newtonian matter, quantum experiments may be probing into the invisible “membrane” which separates our physical, visible Universe from a spiritual, invisible Universe. The Apostle Paul wrote something which supports this concept.

In Romans 1:20, Paul wrote that “the invisible things” about God (and the spirit dimension) are “clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.” Paul essentially says the spirit world and the physical world are “mirrors” of each other, and that one can understand things about the invisible dimension of the spirit world by looking at what exists in the physical world. In discussing how “the worlds were framed,” Hebrews 11:3 makes the extraordinarily-advanced scientific observation that “things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” The writer of Hebrews had to have Divine insight on this matter to realize that our visible Universe is composed of things invisible to the human eye (atoms, protons, quarks, etc.). Indeed, the matter is simply energy that has been compressed and shaped into physical form by the Creator.

A “quantum” bomb could conceivably cause unforeseen effects if it “exploded” at the point where two different (and alien) Universes are joined by an invisible “membrane.” In trying to devise weaponry based on the barely-understood forces of quantum mechanics, mankind is meddling with the very building blocks of matter and energy out of which God created “the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). Could a quantum bomb temporarily alter “space-time” and gravity in a way that changes the earth’s orbit? Any event which caused the “earth to remove out of her [orbital] place” would cause catastrophic global warming if the earth moved to an orbit closer to the sun.

As the above prophecies show, there are several possible causative events that could lead to catastrophic global warming on earth and threaten extinction for mankind. Thankfully, God will intervene to stop mankind’s destructive madness and impose wise Divine rule on the human race; however, Matthew 24:21-22 indicates that God will allow mankind to approach the terrifying point of global extinction before he intervenes. Mankind (and the earth) will not end, but will rather enter into a new glorious age on earth called the Millennium or Messianic Age. Revelation 20:1-5 foretell that there will be a 1000 year period during which the earth and mankind will be ruled by Jesus Christ and the resurrected saints in a time when God’s laws will be universally observed on the earth. Daniel 7:22 is a parallel prophecy about this coming time.

The above options were attempts to analyze how a “maximalist” fulfillment of global warming prophecies and earth changes could occur. Now let’s examine a “minimalist” alternative for prophetic fulfillments because not all the previously-described events in a “maximalist” scenario need to happen to fulfill Bible prophecy. We especially need to keep in mind that it is not always clear which prophecies in the book of Revelation require a literal fulfillment in the physical realm and which do not. In reading the book of Revelation, many readers fail to consider that the Apostle John had a vantage point that humans on earth in the latter days will not have.

John 1:10-11 records that John was “in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day” as he wrote this prophetic book. In other words, he saw a vision of events during what the Old Testament prophecies call “the Day of the Lord” at the end of our age. However, John’s vision allowed him to simultaneously see events occurring in two different dimensions—the spirit world and the physical realm. Sometimes it is clear that John is describing things (i.e. angels, events at God’s Heavenly throne, etc.) that are happening in the spirit realm and which humans on earth will not witness as the latter days unfold. Sometimes John is describing earthly events, but he was always forced to utilize low-tech words from his 1st century AD vocabulary to describe 21st-century events and weaponry which he saw in the vision. Revelation 9 is such an example. In verses 7-10 he described armor-plated formations of flying objects (i.e. “locusts”) which had “stinging” weaponry and very loud noises emanating from their wings, and in verses 17-19 he described armor-plated objects moving on the land which shoot fire out of their mouths and tails. These are apt descriptions of how John would describe modern airplanes, attack helicopters and tanks in 1st-century words when a 21st-century war was seen in his vision.

Consider again the prophecy of Revelation 8:9-11 in a “minimalist” fulfillment scenario. It cites a possible meteor and/or a star named Wormwood falling from heaven and striking the earth. Perhaps these are actual apocalyptic events to occur in the physical world. However, what if the falling “mountain” and “star” were things seen by John that was happening in the spiritual realm concurrently with physical events happening on earth? For example, the same word translated “star” in Revelation 8:8-10 is translated “angels” in Revelation 1:16-20, and “angels” are mentioned in Revelation 8:8-10. It isn’t always clear when John is referring to “stars” in our physical Universe and when he is using “stars” as imagery for angels. Angelic beings can also “fall from heaven” (Luke 10:18). Indeed, Revelation 12:7 prophesies that there will be a latter-day “war in heaven” in which the angels will fight each other. The “star” that “falls from heaven” has a name (“Wormwood”) and the Bible indicates angels have names. An actual “star” which fell from heaven to earth would annihilate the earth because we know physical stars are actually suns located far away from our solar system. If John was describing latter-day events seen during an angelic war in his vision, humans on earth will not see that portion of what John saw in a vision. On the other hand, he could easily see a streaking meteor in the atmosphere in his vision and likened it to a “star” because it was glowing and “falling from heaven.”

Because John wrote down what he saw happening in both the spiritual and physical dimensions in his vision about the latter days (Revelation 1:19), we need to realize that we don’t always know for sure which described events will occur only in the physical dimension and which will occur only in the spiritual dimension. Revelation 8:9-11 do mention John seeing angels during the events of those verses so parts of those verses may describe spirit-realm events that will occur jointly with physical phenomena such as 1/3rd of the sea “turning to blood” and inland rivers becoming “bitter” or “poisonous.” If this minimalist application of John’s vision is the correct application, no meteor need to hit the earth. The physical event of 1/3rd of the sea “turning to blood” could occur as a result of a plague from the Two Witnesses (who will be able to turn the waters to blood, Revelation 11:6) or it could simply be as minimalist as being a prophecy about gigantic “red tides” and/or “dead zones” occurring in the earth’s seas. The prophecy about inland waters being turned bitter or poisonous could be as minimalist in its fulfillment as being a prophecy about widespread water pollution of rivers, lakes and inland seas and/or industrial pollution and acid rain.

We will have to wait and see whether some prophecies have a “maximalist” or “minimalist” fulfillments. Both options are presented so readers can evaluate future events as they occur with more than one prophetic possibility in mind. It may be that God inspired John to write Revelation with some ambiguity as this preserves some flexibility for God to decide how he will choose to fulfill his prophecies in the future. Matthew 25:1-12 has a parable about believers in the latter days being surprised when Jesus Christ comes earlier than they expected. Why? Very likely because such believers will be mistakenly be looking for prophecies to be fulfilled in ways that will never happen!

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The prophecies described above in the book of Isaiah (the earth wobbling on its axis or being removed out of its place) would inevitably cause large earthquakes and other tectonic events such as volcanoes. Indeed, a catastrophic, global earthquake is prophesied to occur in several latter-day prophecies. Ezekiel 38 is a “latter-day” prophecy which foretells that a global earthquake will occur at the end of this age as “God’s presence” comes to the earth (Ezekiel 38:19-20). It says there will be a “great shaking” in which “mountains shall be thrown down and the steep places shall fall.”

Revelation 11:13 prophesies that a great earthquake will destroy a tenth of the city of Jerusalem at the very end of our age when the deceased Two Witnesses are resurrected. Joel 2 is another prophecy about the “day of the Lord” and it too prophesies the “earth will quake” at the very end of our age. Isaiah 2, another prophecy about “the last days” (see verse 1) foretells that God will “arise to shake terribly the earth” (verse 19-21).

There is no question that the above parallel prophesies about the end of our age all state that a catastrophic, global earthquake will occur at the end of this age when Jesus Christ returns and resurrects the dead. However, Jesus Christ Himself indicated that there will be an increasing crescendo of earthquake activity leading up to this final, global earthquake. In Matthew 24:7, Jesus told his disciples that one of the signs that his Second Coming was imminent would be “earthquakes in various places.” This language indicates not one single, global earthquake, but a variety of smaller earthquakes striking in various places on the earth. Presumably, other seismic events such as volcanoes and tsunamis would fulfill this prophecy. The post World War II period has seen very destructive earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. The explosion of Mt. St. Helens in the USA, the great Anchorage, Alaska earthquake, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, the underwater earthquake which caused the deadly Indian Ocean tsunami (seen by many on TV), the Kobe, Japan earthquake and other such events fulfill Jesus Christ’s prophecy that there will be “earthquakes in various places” prior to his coming. While it is true that “there have been earthquakes throughout human history,” the prophecy in Matthew 24:7 does tell us that the end of this age cannot be preceded by a period of time during which the earth is seismically quiet. There has been much seismic activity on earth during the post-World War II period, so this fact does fit satisfactorily with a biblical prophecy about the latter days.

The Bible also has a prophecy that the latter days will include a period of increased hurricane activity. Luke 21 is a parallel chapter to Matthew 24. These chapters give Matthew’s and Luke’s accounts of Jesus Christ’s reply to the question of what signs would indicate that his Second Coming was near. Luke 21:25 records one sign would be: “distress of nations…at the roaring of the sea and the waves (RSV).” When seas (i.e. oceans) are “roaring” with “waves” that cause distress for nations, we call such tempests “hurricanes.” Scientists tell us we are in a phase of increased hurricane activity, and this seems to be a logical by-product of global warming’s effect on ocean temperatures.

Hurricane Katrina hit the USA’s city of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region so hard that it still hasn’t recovered. The USA was sorely distressed by numerous Hurricanes in 2005. Indeed, it lacked the resources to effectively help so many displaced people and rebuild areas damaged on so vast a scale. National planners weren’t ready for a hurricane that destructive. Tsunamis are also a weather event which “distresses nations” with “roaring waves.” The great Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2005 killed approximately a quarter-million people and devastated large swaths of nations in that region.

The Bible’s prophecies about destructive earthquakes (and other seismic events) and hurricanes occurring during the latter days is also coming to pass in modern times. It is true that “we have always had earthquakes and hurricanes,” but scientists warn we are in for a period of increased hurricane risk. This fact also literally fulfills a biblical prophecy about the latter days.

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The Bible also prophesies that the latter-days would see a great “die-off” of life in the oceans. Revelation 8:9 (the same prophecy about a possible meteor hitting somewhere in an ocean) foretells that “the third part of the creatures which were in the sea…died.” If a large meteor hit the ocean, its effects could catastrophically fulfill this prophecy. As described above, this would be a “maximalist” fulfillment of this prophecy (if the “star” falling to earth was a literal heavenly object). However, this prophecy can also be fulfilled via a “minimalist” application if the “star” falling to earth was something seen by John only in the spirit world and not the physical world. In a minimalist option, this prophecy may already have been fulfilled!

This prophecy has an undefined variable in it. What is the base period from which one is to calculate when “1/3rd” of sea-life “in the sea” has died? Do we start with the amount of sea-life during Creation Week when God created whales and sea-life life “abundantly” in the oceans (Genesis 1:21)? Do we start with the population of sea-life when John received this vision in the 1st century AD? Or is our base figure the amount of sea-life in the oceans when the “latter-days” begin? Let’s examine how this prophecy may already be fulfilled.

The cover story of the April 2007 issue of National Geographic (“The Global Fish Crisis”) confirms a massive die-off of oceanic life due to over-fishing, pollution, etc. It bluntly asserts: “The oceans are in deep blue trouble. From the northernmost reaches of the Greenland Sea to the…the Antarctic Circle, we are gutting our seas of fish. Since 1900, many species may have declined by 90 percent, and it is getting worse. Nets scour reefs. Supertrawlers vacuum up shrimp. Nations flout laws” Consider the following statements found in this article (pp. 42-43, 47):

A. “the population of [giant bluefin in the Mediterranean] is in danger of collapse.”

B. “The word’s oceans are a shadow of what they once were.”

C. “…the number of fish swimming the sea is a fraction of what it was a century ago.”

D. “…cod have plummeted from the North Sea to Georges Bank off New England.”

E. “In the Mediterranean, 12 species of shark are commercially extinct…”

F. “With many Northern Hemisphere waters fished out…”

G. “In Asia, so many boats have fished the waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the Java
The sea that stocks are close to exhaustion…”

H. “…the incalculable number of fish and other sea creatures scooped up in nets, allowed
to suffocate, and dumped overboard as useless bycatch.”

I. “…stocks of southern bluefin tuna…had been fished to between 6 and 12 percent of the
original numbers in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.”

These facts indicate that the aggregate die-off of sea life in the world’s oceans may already have surpassed the 1/3rd die-off of oceanic sealife prophesied by the book of Revelation to occur in the latter days. Indeed, the article also asserts: “Nearly a third of the world’s species are over-fished, with the Atlantic the hardest hit.” [Emphasis added.]

Who is responsible for the destruction of life in the seas? National Geographic cites the “vastly increased killing power [of] the shadowy network of international companies making huge profits from the trade, negligent fisheries management, and enforcement and consumer indifference to the fate of the fish…(p. 42).” [Emphasis added.] As described earlier, Revelation 18 prophesies that one of the signs of the latter-days would be the globalization of the world’s economy. The multinational fisheries industry is just one aspect of the globalization of all world trade. The “shadowy network of international companies” aptly describes Revelation 18’s prophecy about “merchants of the earth” getting rich via their exploitation of global trade. Lax fisheries management implicates the governments (i.e. “kings”) of the earth, prophesied by Revelation 18 to be the partners of the corporate “merchants of the earth” in implementing self-serving globalization of the world’s economies.

I recommend the reader examine this article at a local library to grasp the widespread devastation now occurring to the world’s oceanic life. If the grim assertions in the article are true, Revelation 8’s prophecy about a 1/3rd die-off of life in the seas already appears to be fulfilled, no matter what original baseline is used for the die-off calculation.

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In Matthew 24:7, Jesus Christ also foretold the latter days would be characterized by famines and pestilences. Revelation 6:5-8 (the famous prophecy about the “four horsemen of the apocalypse”) also foretells famines and pestilences will occur in the end times.

There have always been such events in human history, so the only way that this prophecy can identify the arrival of the latter days is if there is an upswing in the frequency, duration or scale of these events. Here too, mankind is arriving at a point where such upswings are likely. Indeed, we are nearing a threshold where global food shortages will get worse. The National Farmer’s Union (based in Saskatoon, Canada) on June 15, 2007, cited a prediction by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that global food reserves will drop in the crop year 2007/08 to “…a 53 days equivalent-their lowest level in the 47-year period for which data exist.” As recently as 1999/00, global food supplies had a 115-day reserve supply. The trend is obvious.

Obviously, the logical precursor to famine is drought because a shortage of rain leads to a shortage of crops. Africa has had several severe droughts affecting many nations and that continent is expected to have increased problems as the Sahara Desert is in a stage of expanding its size into areas that formerly could support human life. Global warming could inevitably increase droughts on the earth, but keep in mind that Revelation 16:8 identifies changes in the sun as being primarily responsible for catastrophic global warming. The well-publicized destruction of tropical rainforests could also contribute to worldwide droughts as the destruction of vast swaths of forest results in less water vapor being evaporated into the atmosphere.

Droughts are spreading. As this article is written, the Australian subcontinent is suffering through a very severe drought, and large regions of North America are affected by severe drought. In an article entitled “A Drought for the Ages”, USA Today on June 8, 2007, had a group of articles documenting how the American Southwest, the Rocky Mountain region and the American Southeast are in severe droughts. The article cited examples of extremely severe drought conditions in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, California, and Northern Minnesota. In Florida, the drought is so severe that 12,000 acres of the dried-out lakebed of Lake Okeechobee caught fire in May 2007. As nations experience droughts and their populations become restive, wars over water resources may occur.

Famines could also be hastened by the recent massive die-off of bees (called Colony Collapse Disorder). If sufficient numbers of bees continue to die-off, many kinds of orchard and vegetable crops will be greatly diminished because of the lack of bees to pollinate the crops.

Pestilences can be intense and local (like periodic Ebola outbreaks) or they can affect many nations. Many media articles and governmental sources have warned about the possibility of a bird-flu pandemic affecting many nations. The widening plague of AIDS also fulfills this prophecy about pestilences as millions of people have already died from AIDS and millions more will die from it in future years. AIDS is a global “plague” which is usually spread by what the Bible identifies as sinful behavior (homosexual contact, extra-marital heterosexual contact, infected needles used by drug addicts, etc.). However, people can innocently die of AIDS as well through no fault of their own (hemophiliacs who develop AIDS from blood donated by HIV-positive people, innocent spouses whose partners contracted AIDS via adulterous relationships, etc.). This plague would be vastly lessened if people simply stopped sinning, but that is not likely to happen.

Pestilences can affect animals as well as humans. As mankind’s food industry becomes more commercialized, livestock, poultry, and fish are “fattened for the market” in very cramped (and often unsanitary) conditions. This creates the conditions in which diseases can develop and spread quickly, causing millions of livestock to be killed to try to limit an outbreak. Examples include the slaughter of many of the cattle herds of Great Britain to stop “mad cow disease,” and the slaughter of millions of chickens or ducks in Asian flocks were bird-flu has been found.

All kinds of diseases can now spread more rapidly due to the fact that mankind is increasingly mobile. People carrying old or new infectious diseases can now quickly spread disease into many continents via air travel. This was highlighted recently by the public health scare created when an American male with a strain of tuberculosis which was highly resistant to antibiotics flew to several European nations and then returned to the USA via Canada. He was promptly quarantined by the US Government, but, in theory, a strain of deadly TB could have been spread rapidly via airplane passengers into many nations. As an example of how fulfilled latter-day prophecies are synergistic, Daniel 12:4 prophesied that in the latter days, technological advancements would be accelerated and that “many” will “run to and fro” on the earth. The advent of swift international transportation via airplane, auto, and rail travel has not only fulfilled Daniel’s prophecy but created the means for pestilences to spread very rapidly.

The possibility of nations using chemical/bacteriological weapons in warfare could also fulfill this prophecy about pestilences in the latter days. Various nations are known to have developed such weaponry. Mustard gas was used in World War I and Saddam Hussein used chemical warfare against his own Iraqi Kurdish population, so this genie has already been let out of its bottle on several occasions.

A final possibility exists for fulfillment of the prophecy about an increase of droughts and pestilences in the latter days. Revelation 11 prophesies that the latter-days will experience the 3 and ½ year ministry of the “Two Witnesses.” Revelation 11:6 says two human beings will be selected by God to wield powers to “smite the earth as often as they will” with such things as droughts and plagues. The Two Witnesses will give God’s last warning message to mankind to repent just before a hellishly destructive final paroxysm will occur which would end all life on earth unless God intervened to supernaturally stop it (Matthew 24:21-22). The Two Witnesses will be the source of some droughts and plagues on the earth. The language of Revelation 11:6 indicates they will be able to assign plagues at their whim. This indicates that they will be able to smite selected individuals, small localities or large regions of the earth with selected plagues of whatever intensity they choose! The Two Witnesses will have the power to punish nations, corporations, government leaders, etc. They will wield delegated Divine powers on a scale not seen since the previous “twosomes” of Moses & Aaron and Elijah & Elisha were on the earth.

It would seem to be logically impossible for anyone to be an evolutionist or atheist when these events occur, but the prophecies in Revelation indicate most of mankind will harden their hearts and refuse to repent. This is also what happened in the times of Moses & Aaron and Elijah & Elisha. Revelation 11:5 foretells that God will also give the Two Witnesses the power to kill any soldiers or military forces sent to harm them, even as Divine fire executed contingents of soldiers sent to capture Elijah (II Kings 1:9-13). Indeed, it might be lethal to even treat the Two Witnesses with disrespect.

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Isaiah 1-4 contains prophecies about social and demographic factors that will characterize the latter days. Chapters 2-4 are clearly latter-day prophecies. The phrase “in the last days” occurs in Isaiah 2:1 and the term “day of the Lord” is found in 2:12. These phrases reveal this prophecy was intended for fulfillment in the last years of our age, and the phrase “in that day” (Isaiah 2:11, 3:7, 4:1-2) also refers to the “Day of the Lord.” Chapters 2-4 follow a denunciation in chapter one of the corruption that was present in the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah circa 740 BC. Some of these corrupt practices are also present in modern society and since chapters 2-4 address the same themes as chapter one (corrupt practices in a society), chapter one is also included in this analysis.

Isaiah was inspired by God’s Spirit to write this prophecy about social corruptions which will be present in the latter-day nations descended from the so-called “lost ten tribes of Israel” as well as the tribe of Judah (the Jews). Isaiah would be very controversial if he were writing this message today, but consider how accurate his prophecy was in foretelling the trends of our modern society. These social trends could easily be the subjects of individual articles, but they will be discussed here only enough to affirm that the subject matter of Isaiah’s prophecy has been fulfilled in the Western nations of the modern world.

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Isaiah 2:12 foretells: “As for my people [the latter-day nations of all the tribes of Israel], children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.” God did not inspire this statement as a compliment.

In the 1950s, American and Western societies began to change dramatically. Rock music captured the hearts and minds of youth and “Pop Culture” was very youth-oriented and stressed short-term gratification and thinking. Pop culture was characterized by such slogans as “Live for today” and “If it feels good, do it.” Mature minds consider long-term consequences, but, at a time when nuclear war hung over everyone’s heads during the Cold War, Pop Culture had little interest in long-term thinking. Pop Culture later gave rise to the free-love movement and psychedelic drug use. Illicit drug usage became a means of escapism for many youths and young adults in the Western world. Teen fads became worthy of front-page news. Youthful narcissists became celebrities. The orgy of youthful defiance against old norms of behavior was typified by “Woodstock” and other such events. Currently, “news” channels on cable-TV air endless stories about Brittany Spear, Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton (or whoever else is the celebrity de jour) instead of devoting time to serious news stories. Clothing and music styles are increasingly designed to fit the ever-changing preferences of youthful buyers. For decades, adults have been abdicating their roles to create a culture that encourages and develops mature attitudes and behaviors.

Short-term thinking and short-term gratification, natural traits of children lacking maturity, now characterize many adults in Western society! The desire to “have it now” has led to public and private indebtedness levels that are “unsustainable” according to many serious analysts. The transformation of Western cultures into a youth-dictated and youth-oriented “Pop Culture” was foreseen by Isaiah in his prophecy that “children shall be their oppressors.” Like other biblical latter-day prophecies, this has also been fulfilled in the post-World War II period.

Feminism began roughly with the Women’s Suffrage movement to give women the right to vote. After women could vote in Western elections, society and politics were changed forever. Retailers and advertisers now appeal to women far more than to men. Look at the women’s and men’s section in any department store, and you will see that retailers realize women are much more likely to buy what they see than men are. As more households are headed by women, retailers steadily try to appeal to feminine viewpoints to increase their sales volumes.

While the Bible teaches men and women ideally are designed to complement each other in marriage to bring completeness and balance to both, I Peter 3:7 identifies women as “the weaker vessel.” The Tempter brought his “sales pitch” first to Eve, not to Adam. I Timothy 2:14 notes that “Adam was not deceived” by the Tempter’s offer, but Eve “fell for it.” The Tempter knew he could arrange Adam’s fall by first duping Eve into agreeing with his offer while Adam was not present. Advertisers and retailers have perfected the Tempter’s method.

Isaiah 4:16-26 foretells that the “daughters” (i.e. teenagers and young women of childbearing age) of modern nations in the latter-days will have fashions and attitudes exhibiting “haughtiness and wanton eyes” (pride, self-conceit, encouraging sensuality and exciting lust in others). These verses describe the endless array of “feminine accessories” that will be marketed to women in the latter days. This prophecy that young women will dress and act to incite lust in others also has a very specific warning. Verse 17 says such women will be “smitten with a scab” when their “secret parts” are exposed. This is an apt prophecy about the widespread transmission of venereal diseases (VD) that now affect young women as a result of numerous sexual contacts. The numbers of young women reported to have Chlamydia, genital herpes and other types of VD are astounding. Readers can do a web-search on the data if they wish. Genital herpes is so widespread that ads for a drug to treat genital herpes are commonly seen on prime-time TV. Of course, as VD spread in societies, many men also contract VD via sinful sexual practices. However, Isaiah’s prophecy specifically was about women, so a prophecy about women becoming “sex objects” and having widespread venereal diseases fulfills Isaiah’s prophecy for the latter-days.

Politics has been dramatically changed by women having the right to vote. Having women in positions of political power is not called a sin in the Bible, but it happened only rarely. In the book of Judges, Deborah became a Judge over Israel at a time when strong male leaders seemed to be in short supply. When Barak was called to be a military deliverer, he stated that he wouldn’t go unless Deborah came along to give him strength (Judges 4:4-8). When the time for battle came, Deborah gave the attack order, not Barak (Judges 5:14). Deborah was an ancient forerunner of strong, modern female leaders like Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher of Great Britain and the Prime Minister of Israel, Golda Meir. The Bible also has examples of evil female leaders. Queen Jezebel of ancient Israel was so wicked her name is now a euphemism for a totally corrupt woman, and Queen Athaliah of ancient Judah was as bad or worse. Women leaders can be either good or evil today even as male leaders can be good or evil. What will distinguish the latter-day nations of the tribes of Israel is that female leader will be commonplace (i.e. “women will rule over them”). This was not a common phenomenon in ancient societies and it is still rare in many modern nations. Isaiah’s prophecy that the Israelite nations will have many female leaders in the latter days is a very good clue regarding which modern nations are descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel.

Elections at all levels in Western nations are now strongly shaped by the need to appeal to the women’s vote. Political parties know this and appeal to feminine instincts by looking for candidates who are telegenic, emotive and charismatic. In biblical times and in earlier periods of modern democracies, only males voted and emotional/relational skills were less important for candidates. Would the ungainly and uncharismatic Abraham Lincoln have been elected President at a critical time in the USA’s history if his generation had possessed television, the internet and women could have voted? Isaiah’s prophecy that “women will rule over them” is abundantly fulfilled by the commonplace presence of women in politics, corporate boardrooms, voting booths, etc. People can have whatever opinion they want on the subject, but there is no mistaking the fact that Isaiah’s prophecy about this latter-day social trend has literally been fulfilled in modern Western nations.

The millions of abortions of unborn babies in modern Western nations have also been a result of the feminist argument that women have the unilateral “right” to kill their unborn babies if they wish to exercise their “choice” to do so. The Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade awarded this “Constitutional right” to American women even though a careful reading of the US Constitution confirms that its language gives no such rights to anyone. Indeed, it is totally silent about the subject of abortion. Since it is not among the powers enumerated to the federal government in the Constitution, the subject of abortion (like many other subjects) falls within the purview of state governments. Militant feminism made maternal murder a “right” if that “right” is exercised before one’s baby is” legally” born. The framers of the US Constitution would surely be stunned if they could be resurrected to see what is now considered “Constitutional” in American society.

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In Isaiah 3:12, God says to the latter-day Israelite nations: “O my people, your leaders mislead you, and confuse the course of your paths.” [RSV]. The term “leaders” is not limited to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other national, state and local office-holders. It would include all “leaders” in a society. Leaders in the entertainment and media fields have led people astray with content that glorifies lust, greed, and all kinds of sins (while rarely depicting the damage and penalties caused by those sins). Leaders in commerce and retailing use all kinds of deceptive advertising techniques to boost corporate profits. As this report is being written, the US Congress is considering whether to enact laws to rein in numerous deceptive money-lending practices in the mortgage lending industry (subprime loans, adjustable-rate mortgages, arbitrary lending practices, etc.). Widespread deception in all kinds of business practices has led to the common warning: ”read the small print.”

Polls confirm that a large majority of Americans believe the nation is either “on the wrong track” or “going in the wrong direction.” Isaiah’s prophecy confirms the public’s perception is right. Polls indicate the approval ratings for both President Bush and the US Congress are very low. People sense that the nation’s leaders are leading the citizens in a direction that is wrong. This is true in Europe as well as in the USA. European “leaders” (the elites) tried to impose a European Constitution on Europe but were thwarted by the voting publics of the Netherlands and France. Now the elites of Europe are trying to hatchways to implement their Constitution without allowing the people of European nations to vote for or against it. The same cultural sins that are widespread in America are also widespread in European nations. Isaiah’s prophecies apply equally to both.

Isaiah 1:23 states: “Your princes are rebels and companions of thieves. Everyone loves a bribe and runs after gifts.” This indictment of political leaders describes remarkably well the current state of American politics. Isaiah meant that the “princes” (political leaders) are “rebels” against God and his laws, not that they are fomenting civil wars. The well-reported Jack Abramoff lobbying scandals and swindles identified some “companions of thieves” in Washington, DC. However, Congress has figured out ways to avoid prison for taking bribes. How? They have “legalized” bribery by redefining bribes to be “campaign contributions,” “spending earmarks,” etc. Again, political analyst Dick Morris’ new book, Outrage, details many examples of corruption by the American political leaders and the “names names” according to media reviews. Americans who care about how they are governed should familiarize themselves with such information.

Isaiah’s prophecy about the corruption of the elite classes applies to all kinds of political, economic, entertainment and cultural “leaders” in the latter-day nations of the tribes of Israel. There may be a few honest leaders yet who have the best interests of the nation and its people in mind, but their numbers are few. In Matthew 10:26, Jesus Christ prophesied: “there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be made known.” God and his millions of angels are unseen witnesses to all the sins, shady deals and immorality that happens in Congressional back offices, corporate jets, hotel rooms, etc. Those who are guilty will eventually be exposed when Jesus Christ returns and the true history of modern nations and their leaders is written for all generations to see. All the guilty will be punished according to the severity of their sins and corruptions, in either this life or the next. There is no escaping God’s judgment. As biblical accounts confirm, God’s judgments will be especially tough on national leaders who sin themselves and lead nations into sinful practices and national decline.

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Isaiah 3:9 also prophesies: “they proclaim their sin like Sodom, they hide it not.” Sodom and Gomorrah were ancient cities in which homosexuality was widespread and openly practiced. Genesis 19 describes their sins and records these cities were eventually annihilated by God because of those sins. There is no question that the Bible consistently condemns homosexuality in both the Old and New Testaments (Leviticus 20:13Romans 1:26-28). Both Testaments also consistently condemn the heterosexual sins of formation and adultery as well. Isaiah 3:9 and Romans 1:27 also indicate that those engaging in homosexual practices will receive a penalty in their persons (bodies) as a result. This is another apt prophetic reference to venereal diseases. Numerous media articles and public health authorities have urged “safe sex” campaigns for homosexuals because some of their practices uniquely create opportunities for venereal diseases to spread.

In modern Western nations, “gay rights” laws are becoming more widespread. Some jurisdictions even permit “gay marriage” or gay “civil unions.” Homosexuals have “come out of the closet” in Western societies and proclaimed openly their sexual orientations. Some vacation locations and advertisers cater to the homosexual community. Isaiah prophesied that homosexuals would “not hide” their sins in the latter days. This prophecy for the latter days of our age has been literally fulfilled.

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Many think the so-called “lost” ten tribes of Israel either died out or disappeared into history. Nothing could be further from the truth. Genesis 49, Revelation 7 and other prophecies proclaim all the tribes of Israel will be present on the earth in the latter days. Genesis 49 offers specific clues about each Israelite tribe to help people identify them in the latter days. Remember God’s challenge in Isaiah 41. He has prophesied all the tribes will be present among the nations in the latter days. Therefore, the Bible is either proven to be true or false based on whether these tribes can be found and identified today. The answer is they can be found…easily. In what is one of the biggest cover-ups in historical accounts, gentile empires (Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Greece, Rome, etc.) are abundantly discussed and documented. Israelite empires (Phoenicia, Carthage, Scythia, Parthia, etc.) are all but ignored. Why? If one delved very far at all into their histories, their Israelite origins would become obvious, and the Bible would be vindicated.

In Hosea 1, God prophesied that the ten tribes of Israel would be exiled from the Promised Land for their sins. However, almost everyone ignores the fact that in verse 10, God also prophesied that he would vastly increase their populations after they were sent into exile. The biblical book of James shows its writer knew the ten tribes were still present and identifiable in the 1st century AD. James 1:1 Records the book of James was sent to all the twelve tribes of Israel! Jesus sent his apostles to proclaim the gospel to the ten tribes of Israel (Matthew 10:6), and after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, they did so. The Jewish historian of the 1st century AD, Josephus, records that in his lifetime, the ten tribes of Israel were still in Asia. He adds that they were “an immense multitude, not to be estimated by numbers” and he gives their western border as the Euphrates River. When he wrote those words, the Euphrates River was the well-known border between the Roman and Parthian Empires. Josephus attested that the ten tribes were very numerous and lived in the Parthian Empire (one of the world’s greatest ancient empires, but all but ignored in historical texts). Daniel 9:7 confirms that the tribes of Israel did not all go into the same location when they were exiled. Daniel says some of the tribes were “near” (the captive Israelites in the Medo-Persian locations) and others were in countries “far off” from the Persian Empire. They scattered in many directions when they left the Promised Land. Jeremiah 3:12 cites God sending a message to the ten tribes a century after their exile and Jeremiah 51:5 records God’s declaration that he had not forsaken the ten tribes after their exile (as many have incorrectly assumed)!

God gave several biblical clues for identifying the tribes of Israel throughout all periods of human history. To locate the “missing” ten tribes, one must utilize the “maximalist” clues given in the Bible, not the flawed assumptions of the biblical “minimalists.” Genesis 21:12 and 48:16 reveal that the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh would receive the “birthright blessing” (large populations, national power, many natural resources, ownership of strategic geopolitical locations, etc). It also revealed they would be perpetually known by the name of “Isaac.” Such names in history include the “Scans” (a subject people of ancient Persia), the “Sacae” (or Saka) tribes of Scythia and other Asian kingdoms. Later the Romans, Latinized the word to “Saxon.” Genesis 48:19-20 further prophesied that the brother tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh would become a single great nation and a group of nations. This is part of a latter-day prophecy found in Genesis 48-49 which gives clues to help biblical readers locate all the Israelite nations in the modern world. The world has long recognized the Jews /Israelis as the descendants of Judah. It has not recognized the whereabouts of the much larger ten tribes of Israel.

What did the Phoenicians and Carthaginians actually call themselves? Why were “Phoenician” colonies in Spain and the British Isles have given Hebrew/Israelite names? The name “Briton” was based on the Hebrew word for “Covenant” and “Iberia” (the ancient “Phoenician” name of Spain) was based on “Eber,” the father of the Hebrews. The Scythian kingdom of Iberia in the Caucasus Mountains was also named “Iberia” after the Hebrew namesake “Eber.” Some Parthian cities were actually named after cities in the Old Promised Land. Carthage’s real name was “Kirjath Hadeshath,” a Hebrew name.

Ancient and modern history come alive in a biblical context when one realizes where the ten tribes of Israel have been through all historical periods. Latter-day prophecies become clear when one understands where the ten tribes are in the modern world. Remember that the terms “Israel” and “Judah” are definitely not synonymous with biblical narratives and prophecies. Latter-day prophecies about “Israel” refer to the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel, while latter-day prophecies about “Judah” refer to the Jews/Israelis.

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As we have seen, the Bible has many specific prophecies about an apocalyptic time called “the latter days” or “the day of the Lord.” This prophesied time period was to occur only once in human history at the very end of this age. This time was to occur just prior to the return of Jesus Christ to govern the entire earth with his redeemed saints for one thousand years (Revelation 20:4). These ancient prophecies were written in ancient times and preserved so future readers of the Bible could know that the end of the age was drawing near when they saw these prophecies fulfilled.

In Isaiah 41:21-26, God challenged everyone to determine whether he existed and was sovereign over all nations by seeing whether or not he had the power to bring His prophecies to pass over time. One or two fulfillments could be a coincidence. However, if all of the latter-day prophecies come to pass simultaneously, it proves that the Creator God who authored the Bible is actively determining the destinies of nations today. This article has shown that God had proven his case. His latter-day prophecies have either all come to pass in our modern period of time or are coming to pass before our very eyes. Those who ignore God and the Bible’s prophecies do so at their own peril.

The latter-day prophesies have been in the ancient texts of the Bible for millennia. No one can say that the Bible’s prophetic texts were “recently” written. Even though modern mankind has largely forgotten about the Creator and his biblical prophecies they are being unfailingly fulfilled in the modern world, nonetheless. The return of Jesus Christ and the inevitable imposition of Divine rule over all mankind is drawing near. There is no escaping or changing this outcome. People can both accept this reality and repent in order to live their lives in harmony with God and his laws or they can continue to disobey them and reap certain punishments which will be given to them.

Numerous parts of the Bible stress that God is very merciful (Psalm 103:11Isaiah 55:6-9 and many other scriptures). However, Isaiah 55:6 warns: “Seek you the Lord while he may be found.” This indicates there will come a time when “he will not be found” if you delay seeking him. His Divine patience can run out. If you wish to be on the Lord’s side, you must repent before Jesus Christ, the son of God, steps into our visible realm at the head of an angelic army at his Second Coming to forcibly take control of all nations (I Thessalonians 4:16-17Revelation 19:11-21). Some prefer to call the Savior by the name of “Yahshua” and others will simply recognize him as the “Messiah.” It does not matter whether mankind wants the Second Coming to occur or if his return is expected. When the time arrives on God’s prophetic timetable for it to happen, it will happen.

The uniform fulfillment of all biblical latter day prophecies in our modern time confirms that we are living in the latter days of this age. There is limited time left for mankind (or individuals) to repent and turn to God. None of us has a guarantee that we will live long enough to see this age end. This is not a decision to delay making. Have you made your decision yet?

MSM, High-Tech & Reddit Engaged in Heavy Censorship of Truthful News Sources

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Everything is right on schedule and, now, the time is come to remove one of the final obstacles standing in the way of a New World Order: The United States Constitution – even if, over the course of many decades, it has already been greatly diminished by the B.E.A.S.T. system; or, more specifically, Bullshit Emerging As Strategic Totalitarianism (B.E.A.S.T.).

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Source: HNewsWire

StevieRay Hansen

Google, No More Electronic Prison: You will see many changes on HNewsWire, one of those changes will be to eliminate Google Ads, the other difference, HNewsWire will NOT post videos on YouTube, it is no longer a question about overreach by the un-godly big tech tyrants. There is no question Big Tech can and will persecute any opposing opinion, they will demoralize, sideline truth seekers and those that speak the truth. The People’s Blood is on big tech and mainstream media’s hands. Censorship has NOT worked for thousands of years, their evil tactics will not work now, history proves me right, so we watch the drama play out between good (GOD) and evil ( Big Tech MSM ), God has never failed his people, and God will not fail this time…
StevieRay Hansen

The truth is that all of the warnings of alleged ‘conspiracy theorists’ have turned out to be correct The word translated “pestilence” is often translated as “plague” or “disaster” …

The Bible predicts the rise of this type of societal control within the frightening prophecies about the Antichrist, the final world empire called the Beast, and the final economic system using the Mark of the Beast. The electronic tyranny of technocracy that is now being developed and implemented throughout the world is in preparation for the Antichrist’s rise to power. As we see this final empire taking shape in our day, we can know for certain that the End Times is upon us and the Coming of Christ is drawing near. Now is the time to turn away from sin and evil and believe in Jesus before it is too late!

The Un-Godly — Those That Suppress the Truth, the social media giants built multi-billion dollar empires by giving everyone a voice, but now that they have such a dominant position on the Internet they have decided that many prominent conservative voices should be completely silenced.

In order for sin to work, there has to be a “suppression of the truth.”

The World leaders Are Having Trouble With The Truth, and The World Has been “Quarantined” Tribulation Is Here…

Thousands of People Are Basically Trapped in a Petri Dish of Disease

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Demon Virus
Asked about the virus while traveling abroad last week, Trump said: “We have it totally under control”. In a separate Twitter posting, he offered reassurance but scant detail for his confidence. By Associated Press Updated On: 05:53 PST, Jan 31, 2020

Yes, are we seeing a slowdown in new virus cases reported this morning. We now have 31,481, which does show a day-to-day decline away from an exponential rate of growth if accurate. Yet for those market participants merrily saying this is “just the flu” (there are some) we also have 4,824, 15% of the total, in critical condition and 638 deaths. Further, one arguably cannot measure the death-rate of any virus against the number of currently sick people: you surely measure it against those who eventually recover vs. those who don’t. Given we have 1,563 who have recovered vs. 638 dead (and 4,824 critical) that is a worrying ratio of 29% dead as an end-outcome, which is right up there with the MERS virus from a few years ago – although, yes, there is real reason for us all to hope that number will decline sharply as milder cases will be fully curable. But the simple flu this is not.

WASHINGTON: Wuhan coronavirus: Donald Trump says deadly outbreak ‘very well under control’ as WHO declares a global emergency. President Donald Trump regaled a friendly New Jersey campaign crowd with his thoughts about impeachment, the economy, the border wall, local politics and much more.

But he was conspicuously quiet on January 28 about one big issue keeping much of the globe on pins and needles: the spread of a deadly new type of coronavirus. It has killed more than 170 people in China, sickened thousands more there and led to a handful of confirmed cases in the US, including the first US case of person-to-person transmission reported on by health officials. The State Department on January 30 advised all US citizens against traveling to China.

Trump, a self-described germaphobe, generally has discussed the virus in broad terms, but he offered some of his most extensive comments on the issue to date during an appearance on January 30 at a Michigan manufacturing plant. “Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as some people think it could be, but we’re working very closely with them (Chinese) and with a lot of other people and a lot of other countries, he said. “We think we have it very well under control.”

The Birth Pains Are Growing Stronger….

One of the signs of ruling class collapse is when they can no longer enforce the rules that maintain them as a ruling class. When the Romans started making exceptions to republican governance, it was a matter of time before someone simply decided the rules no longer applied to them. Perhaps the robot historians will consider Obama our Marius or Sulla. Maybe that person is in the near future. Either way, the rule of law is over and what comes next is the rule of men.

“Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.” as in Nancy Pelosi (D-San Fran-feces)

Our government has been overthrown. As evidenced by Trump’s capitulation on the border, his recent servitude to the GMO industry and his acquiescence to the warmongers, our President has been compromised. Our liberties are being eliminated one by one. Gun confiscation is next. The Constitution is gasping its last breaths. Our borders are destroyed and our culture has been turned upside down by every perversion known to man.

The watchman does not confuse truth with consensus. The Watchman does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and this means a power that actually seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.

Everything is right on schedule and, now, the time is come to remove one of the final obstacles standing in the way of a New World Order: The United States Constitution – even if, over the course of many decades, it has already been greatly diminished by the B.E.A.S.T. system; or, more specifically, Bullshit Emerging As Strategic Totalitarianism (B.E.A.S.T.).

They are tolerant of everything except dissenting values and opinions — meaning, of course, they are tolerant of nothing that matters, only themselves.”

The Watchman does not confuse truth with consensus. The watchman does not confuse God’s word with the word of those who happen to hold power at present, or with the opinion of the majority. This is because powerholders and the majority can fall victim to a lying spirit-and; this means a power that seizes the majority of experts, the political leadership, and the public.StevieRay Hansen

If you have a news scoop or an interesting story for us, please reach out at [email protected]

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  1. Free Spirit on March 21, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    Proverbs 1:20 Wisdom is crying out in the street. 1:21 Her words are sounding in the meeting-places, and in the doorways of the town: 1:22 How long, you simple ones, will foolish things be dear to you? and pride a delight to the haters of authority? how long will the foolish go on hating knowledge?
    1:23 Be turned again by my sharp words: see, I will send the flow of my spirit on you, and make my words clear to you.
    1:24 Because your ears were shut to my voice; no one gave attention to my out-stretched hand;
    1:25 You were not controlled by my guiding, and would have nothing to do with my sharp words:
    1:26 So in the day of your trouble I will be laughing; I will make sport of your fear;
    Here is some of what God has said to me….
    1). There are no funerals taking place, with the supposed people who have died of the Coronavirus.
    2). There were no funerals in China.
    3). It was Govt Genocide, not the Coronavirus, that killed the majority of people who died in China.
    4). Celebrities are being paid to lie and say that they have the Coronavirus, when they don’t.
    5). No one has been interviewed nor have come on youtube saying that their relative(s) has/have died of Coronavirus.
    6). Although the Coronavirus is REAL, it is not worse than the FLU people get every year, except it can cut off the oxygen in the lungs if it gets serious…connections with 5G/satellites/technology.
    7). The Main-Steam TV Media (Fake News) has been lying to us about the spreading of the Coronavirus in the USA.
    8) NOW, Coronavirus is a man-made tampered with VIRUS, but “CONTROLLING THE MASSES/PEOPLE” and diminishing the “MIDDLE-CLASS” here in the USA and World-Wide is Satan’s agenda/the New World Order’s agenda.
    9) The “quarantines” are being utilized to get their 5G weapon of mass destruction up and running in all the schools, stores and businesses without anyone seeing them doing it. A lot of this weaponry will be concealed in street lights.
    10) The 5G WEAPON is the “Snare of the Fowler” that CAUSES the “Perilious Pestilence” in Psalm 91. Remember all the birds (FOWLS) that have been “inexplicably” dropping dead from the skies the past few years? Govt beta testing their Weapon of Control and Genocide.
    11). Stop repeating what man is saying and start speaking what God is saying about the Coronavirus.
    12) There is a tiny window of time left to GET THE TRUTH OUT TO THE MASSES ABOUT THIS SATANIC PSYOP. Once enough of them rush to get their deadly and soul destroying “vaccine”….they will FORCE IT ON ALL OF US! We are being led by MOB RULE with Satanic Psychopaths hiding behind the “curtain” like the Wizard of Oz, playing these people for absolute FOOLS. God said “DO NOT FEAR” over 350 times in the Bible. Too bad they don’t read it or know HIM!

  2. Devon Drake on February 24, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    Correction – I did not catch. The rider of the 4th horse is the “1st” beast, not the 2nd. Don’t know if you can fix it, but it is really only intended for your knowledge alone. Just keep it and confirm it for your self. God Bless.

  3. Devon Drake on February 24, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    Stevie Ray,
    Some translations of Revelation say “pale GREEN horse”. This is very significant, to identifying just who the rider of the pale horse is. The “rider named Death with hell following” is the same as “Osiris, king of Death and the Underworld”. Osiris is GREEN also. Sometimes shown as black. The obelisk that sits exalted in the center of St. Peter’s square represents the phallus of Osiris, but specifically the “rebirth of Osiris”. What does this mean? Look to the Egyptian records and you will find that Pharaoh becomes Horus, (god) the sun god. How this happens is by the “rebirth of Osiris”. “Right eye the sun, left eye the moon, sky his body” says it all, once you know what is going on. As Jesus said, the eye is the window to the soul. It represents the soul. The sun and moon are two separate entities, representing two separate souls in the same body. It symbolizes a literal Possession. A demonic possession, but much more than this, due to just who Osiris is.
    Osiris holds the Shepherds crook. He is the “Idol shepherd” of Zecheriah 11:17. No more exalted “Idols” exist today other than those dedicated to Osiris, namely the OBELISK, which symbolizes his rebirth/manifestation to possess a king. 7 kings, according to Revelation 17. The word “Obelisk” literally means “shaft of Baal” – Penis of Baal, to be more precise. Baal was probably one of the ancient manifestations of Osiris possession of a king, probably Nimrod, who was likely the 1st king of this line described in Revelation 17. The 1st “anti-Christ”, also known as the “man of sin” and “son of perdition”, of which 6 have been since the Flood. The 7th king/manifestation/possession by Osiris, is the 1st beast of Revelation 13. The 1st beast is who Jesus kills at His coming to Gather His Elect from God’s WRATH beginning at the 7th Seal. 2nd Thess. 2 – “And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming”. This is 3-1/2 years before Armageddon and the resurrected “Image” of this man of sin/1st beast. At that time they shall be taken bodily and thrown into the Lake of Fire. Got to realize this. Jesus does not set foot on the earth at His coming with the clouds of heaven. He only kills the 1st beast and sends His angels to gather His Elect from All Nations. The 144,000 remain on earth through God’s wrath until Armageddon.
    To understand what is taking place it is necessary to study a very famous New York exorcist and adviser to 3 Popes, named Malachi Martin. A Jesuit priest that was murdered by his brothers for exposing their satanic club at the Vatican. One who wanted and was released from his vows by the Pope after he discovered evil infiltrated into the church. Cardinals and Bishops that worshiped Lucifer. As well as Masonic Orders that serve satan, just as Albert Pike stated as such. Malachi speaks of something called a “Perfect Possession”. This is where a person willingly agrees to become possessed by a spiritual entity, for power, wealth, etc. This is what would take place in a ritual each year at the winter solstice, with the Egyptian Pharaoh. He would become god/Horus, according to the ritual. He became possessed by Osiris. This is what the “rebirth of Osiris” means.
    Likely only a couple of Pharaohs were literally possessed by Osiris, who is Apollyon as you may have gathered by now. Add Abaddon – a derivative or root of Abydos Egypt, the city of Osiris. Add Sheva to that also. Probably even Quetzlcoatl, etc.. Known by many names by many cultures in many times. In my researched opinion, he is the leader of the 7 satans. The most important name is his original name, which is Azazel.
    According to Enoch, before the Flood, Azazel was the “Star” that came to the earth BEFORE the 200 Watchers. He taught mankind war. He was punished by God above all others, for wronging mankind. God commanded specific things concerning Azazel, such as “Ascribe all sin unto Azazel” and “Bind Azazel hand and foot in darkness in a pit. Cover his face that he shall see no light”. “at the Consummation he shall be led off to the Abyss”. Also, concerning him and his position, Enoch says”, “See how the Elect One judgeth Azazel and his host”. No doubt whatsoever exists in the Book of Enoch that the “Elect One” is Jesus.
    The “Man of sin” is the man/king possessed by Azazel, who is the angel/beast of the Bottomless Pit, known mainly as Apollyon by Christians, but as Osiris to the sons of darkness. “Perdition” has a couple of definitions, being “complete and utter death and destruction” and “soul separated from the body”. The “8th” who was “OF” the 7 kings (Possessed them) is the beast that rises out of the Bottomless Pit, “who goeth into perdition”. Thus “son of perdition” is also the man/king possessed by Azazel. When Apollyon/Azazel/Osiris is FREED at the 5th trumpet to rise in his OWN SKIN, he is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13, who exercises all the power of the 1st beast – who he just prior possessed before Jesus arrived and killed him, at the 6th Seal. Notice how after the 2nd beast “gives life unto the IMAGE of the 1st beast”, it is he who does all the wonders and miracles thereafter. It was by HIS power that the 1st beast, who claims to be Christ, deceives the world. “He speaks as a dragon” because he IS one – 1 of the 7 satans. The “4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth” are 4 more of them. These are who are cast out of heaven at the 6th Seal/end of the “war in heaven” which begins at the 1st Seal. Michael is the rider of the white horse. The 2nd beast is the rider of the 4th horse. The red horse is the great red dragon. The 1st and 2nd Seals were loosed over the temple mount, Jerusalem on 1-28-2011. War in heaven began. We see the beginnings of the 3rd horse now. The “8th” 2nd beast/angel of the Bottomless Pit is the False Prophet. Not a man, but assuming the form of such.
    Enough for you to chew on for now. Getting tired. But I will say a couple more things before I go that are very important. The Baldacchino Altar in the Vatican is a representation of the “Shrine of Osiris”, where we also see “the 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth” exalted atop the 4 SERPENTine black pillars (who are also the “4 sons of Horus” always seen with Osiris in his Shrine). The exalted obelisk in the center of St.Peter’s Square, that blasphemously ejaculates the cross from it, symbolizes the “rebirth of Osiris” as Christ. This is what the anti-christ/1st beast is, and what the 6 prior anti-christs were – Apollo/Horus/etc.. The eye over the pyramid without a body, symbolizes the soul alone without the body (his body is bound in the pit in darkness). Osiris’soul escapes to manifest through the portal/star-gate which is represented by the pyramid. A pyramid is a vortex, mathematically.
    One last thing. The symbols of Horus’ power are his “right eye” and “upraised arm”. He was literally called the “gods with the upraised arm”. Zecheriah 11:17 is a direct rebuke by God against the symbols of Horus’ power. This confirms who the spirit of anti-christ is. This also confirms that the rider of the 4th horse is that 1st beast/antichrist/man of sin- Horus #7.
    Compare the Masonic REBIS image to the info above.
    Check out these videos I collected over the years, of the Temple Mount on 1-28-2011, in the 1st hour of the day – beginning. Be certain to read the “Show More” pop-down info. Studied this a long time. War in heaven ends when these 4 red “stars of heaven fall to the earth” at the 6th Seal. Same events as Revelation 12:7-12. 7 short videos –
    Be certain to use a big screen computer and watch carefully for the tetrahedron formation of the red stars and their serpentine/vortex movement. The origin of the square and compass, Amazon symbol, etc. A tetrahedron has 4 corners in 3 dimensions. The earth is 3 dimensional. This proves they are the “4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth”. Study in depth and Compare Revelation 6-7 with Revelation 12:7-12. They are the SAME events. Your eyes will be opened and you shall see – in Jesus name.
    God Bless

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