Watchman: Satan Soldier, Accomplish Liar A.K.A Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a Pfizer Board Member, Cautioned That the United States Lacked a Government Infrastructure Adequate of Dealing With Public Health Problems Like the Transmitted Homosexual Monkeypox, All Lies!

HNewsWire: Dr. Scott Gottlieb (His advice should not be trusted!), a member of the Pfizer board, issued a warning that the United States lacked a government infrastructure suitable of handling public health catastrophes like the spread of homosexual monkeypox. SRH: It is a Pestilence

The former head of the Food and Drug Administration wrote in and op-ed for the New York Times, "If monkeypox gains a permanent foothold in the United States and becomes an endemic virus that joins our circulating repertoire of pathogens, it will be one of the worst public health failures in modern times not only because of the pain and peril of the disease but also because it was so avoidable. "Our failures extend beyond political judgment to the organizations entrusted with guarding us against these dangers."

Gottlieb said that during the early stages of the epidemic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should have used private laboratories sooner and that the country did not screen enough individuals for the virus, which is mostly spreading via gay males. The CDC didn't start utilizing such laboratories extensively until June, he pointed out.

According to information made public by the CDC, as of Sunday, there were around 5,200 cases of monkeypox throughout the country. The only states that haven't yet reported any instances are Wyoming, Montana, and Vermont.

Health officials in San Francisco and New York City declared the virus a public health emergency during the previous several days, enabling those cities to release more cash and resources. Monkeypox was declared a worldwide public health emergency a few days before by the president of the World Health Organization.
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Gottlieb characterized the CDC's reaction as "its cultural nature is to take a methodical approach, examining each choice." "With COVID, the virus spread rapidly. The flaws of the CDC's cultural approach haven't been as apparent with monkeypox yet since it spreads more slowly and usually via really close contact. But the flaws remain the same.

Gottlieb said he thinks it's unlikely that the CDC would alter direction and refocus its main purpose on controlling outbreaks.

Some believe that public health organizations misapplied their analysis and overestimated their recommendations after COVID, Gottlieb stated. "It is politically unattainable to get a political agreement that the CDC need further powers to carry out its purpose, such as the capacity to force reporting from states."

98 percent of cases of monkeypox involve Homosexual males, according to last week's statement from WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Infection with monkeypox may cause fever, blisters that resemble the pox, and muscular ache.

Side Note: Americans' faith in the FDA was compromised by Scott Gottlieb! He needs to be charged and sent in prison for his misleading and deceitful monkeypox campaign, which NOT target LGBTQ+E For Evil Homosexuals through butt throttling sexual activity and transmission.

Pedophilia Is the First Cousin of Homosexuality, and They Are in Full Swing With Monkeypox Pride Month

By StevieRay Hansen | March 26, 2024 |

The problem with homosexual attraction is that it is an attraction to something God has forbidden, and any desire for something sinful ultimately has its roots in sin. The pervasive nature of sin causes us to see the world and our own actions through a warped perspective. Our thoughts, desires, and dispositions are all affected. So, homosexual attraction does not always result in active, willful sin—there may not be a conscious choice to sin—but it springs from the sinful nature. Same-sex attraction is always, on some basic level, an expression of the fallen nature. Psalm 10:4 explains that the proud are so consumed with themselves that their thoughts are far from God: “In his pride the wicked does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” This kind of haughty pride is the opposite of the spirit…


Watchman: Monkeypox Is a Homosexual Disease, Similar to Aids. 99% of Cases Are Sexually Transmitted. The CDC (Satan Soldiers) Shift the Focus to Combat Racism & Stigma. Really?

By StevieRay Hansen | June 23, 2023 |

SRH: Homosexuals Are great liars, a real special Sub-human breed. They lie pathologically, constantly, and sometimes without even realizing it. An evil liar will often lie so much that their lies are what form their reality. In living a life of lies, their own minds become prisoners to their own evil behaviors. Some evil people only lie a little bit, maybe stretching the truth to make themselves seem stronger, smarter, or better. Some evil people lie about you and others. But one thing is for sure: they are liars. The lies serve as a tool to manipulate a reality for the beliefs that serve them. When caught in a lie, they will probably try to gaslight you, make you question reality as it is, and make you continue to look to them as a source of strength when all they…


Watchman: Belgium Begins Monkeypox Quarantines, Biden Warns “Everybody Should Be Concerned”—Srh: Well, the Truth Has Finally Come Out. What Everyone Should Have Been Concerned About When the Homosexuals Invaded Children’s Schools; When the Homosexuals Took Over Our Streets With Their Flags and Signs Proclaiming How Proud They Were; They Were to Violate All of God’s Laws

By StevieRay Hansen | June 23, 2023 |

HNewsWire:Belgium has begun monkeypox quarantines, and Biden has issued a warning. “Everyone Should Be Worried” – SRH: Well, the truth has finally come out, what everyone should have been concerned about, when homosexuals invaded children’s schools, when homosexuals took over our streets with their flags and signs proclaiming how proud they were to violate ALL of God’s laws, we were told to stand down, we being Christians, and some pastors in the so-called churches went along with it, and now we have a pestilence running rampant killing innocent people, you who ignore this,”Enjoy” pestilence, starvation, plague, illnesses, pandemics, Tribulation.   After three cases were reported in the nation, Belgium became the first country to impose a mandatory 21-day monkeypox quarantine for people who come into contact with the virus. The formal seat of the Belgian parliament is the Palace of…


Bible Believing Christian Refer to This Time of Year as “Shame Month” for a Reason. Pride Month for Depraved Homosexuals and Transgenders, Monkeypox People Spreading That Disease Willingly And Pride of it

By StevieRay Hansen | June 20, 2023 |

Soros Minion Catches Monkeypox HNewsWire: Open Society Foundations’ Division Director for Sexual Health, George Soros, tells The Guardian: It’s been an absolute misery since I had monkeypox. My knowledge of monkeypox as a growing concern, particularly among homosexual males, went into the start of the New York Pride celebrations. Over the course of the weekend, I had sex with a slew of men. On July 1st, I began to feel quite exhausted. My lymph nodes protruded two inches from my neck and I experienced a high temperature, chills, and muscular pains. … I’m a 39-year-old man from Sweden, living in Brooklyn and working in philanthropy. Because my professional emphasis has mostly been on sexual and reproductive health and rights for the last ten years, I was aware of the epidemic as soon as it started. A slew of Sorrows of…


Transgender Definition: Someone That Is Completely Void of God’s Plan in Their Life, Another Explanation, Monkeypox “Trans Evil”

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Click On  GraniteRidgeSoapworks   WHAT THE BIBLE SPECIFICALLY SAYS ABOUT TRANSGENDER BEHAVIOR-THAT IT IS AN “ABOMINATION.” Transgenderism’s embrace by popular culture presents Christians with difficult choices. Among those is the issue of personal pronouns: words such as he, him, his, or she, her, and hers. In some situations, those who wish to identify as the opposite of their biological sex prefer to be spoken of using pronouns that correspond to their preference, not their biology. For example, a male who self-identifies as female might ask to be referred to as “she” or “her.” Beyond this, some persons claim to be completely different genders or combinations of genders. Such persons might ask to be referred to using pronouns such as they or them, or even “new” words like xi, xim, or xer. So, does that mean a Christian can or should use “preferred pronouns,” even just to be polite? Or should believers make a…


The City of San Francisco, California, Declared a Public Health Emergency Thursday in Response to the Epidemic of Homosexual Disease Monkeypox, as Incidences of the Disease Continue to Climb in the United States. Homosexuals Are Unapologetic and Proud of Their Ungodly Sexual Orientation

By StevieRay Hansen | November 8, 2022 |

HNewsWire: The city of San Francisco, California, declared a public health emergency over the monkeypox epidemic on Thursday, as instances of the viral illness continue to grow in the United States. San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) said that the bill will go into effect on August 1. There have been at least 260 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the city to far. “San Francisco has declared a Local Public Health Emergency for monkeypox. This proclamation will take effect on August 1 and will enable us to plan and allocate resources to avoid the spread “San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) said. “This virus affects everyone, but our LGBTQ community is experiencing large instances, and we need action; we need more immunizations.” The action comes after the World Health Organization declared the worldwide spread of monkeypox an international health emergency.…


Fauci Issues Warning on Homosexual Pestilence Disease Monkeypox in the U.S. 9,200 Cases in 63 Countries,God Has Cursed-the Sodomite

By StevieRay Hansen | August 21, 2022 |

  HNewsWire: The term “monkeypox” is appropriate since the sickness first appeared in lab monkeys. By asserting that the name offends Black Americans and Africans throughout the world, the PTB, particularly the liberal media, are only showcasing their bias. They need to change the name appropriately if they’re going to. The disease may also be referred to as homopox, Singaporepox, or Denmarkpox by the PTB if they wish to play word games. In order to reduce prejudice and stigma, would the World Health Organization rename monkeypox? Satan’s soldiers at the W.H.O. are lost; it is and will continue to be Satan’s homosexual monkeypox gift. The World Health Organization is more interested in perception than cure. So-called COVID-19 is increasingly losing its fervor for spreading dread among those outside of dedicated cultists. Because of this, a new pandemic is being spread…


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Number of Confirmed Homosexual Monkeypox Cases in the United States Climbed by More Than 500 Over a Five-Day Period. Where’s the Parade, Those Nasty Signs of Your Being So Proud of Perverted Sexual Deviants? I Can’t Hear You Homosexuals

By StevieRay Hansen | July 22, 2022 |

HNewsWire: Throughout ALL of human history, marriage was defined as a religious (and eventually civil) union between a man and a woman. There have been attempts to pervert this going all the way back to when Mormons promoted polygamy. These perversions were viewed by the vast majority of people as perversions…distortions…of God’s design. And thus, they did not become mainstream. When SCOTUS forced all of American society to accept a same-sex union as a “marriage”, they showed a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and the dictionary. By the simple fact that the union is NOT between one man and one woman, it simply cannot be a marriage. It can be all kinds of other things (including an abomination according to Scripture), but it cannot be a M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E. The ruling needs to be reversed and sent back to the…


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