Update: The People Children Are Being Led to “Slaughter” by Mandatory Child Kill Shot Vaccination in California Schools and Next to Adults in America and Around the World.

SRH: Amazing how the world sees the saint as the evil one. There is a cry in some societies today against "the intolerant Christians." There will always be a cry against the righteous who stand for integrity and truth. If you represent the LORD, and hold Him as the standard, the world will hate you and blame you for the troubles that stem from the judgments of God. Elijah had come to bring the mercy of God in the form of rain.



I Expect to See the Military Trump's Warp Speed Getting Involved This Time Next Year With the Mandatory Kill Shots, Unless the People Stand Up Now and Stop This Ungodly Agenda

HNewsWire: Parents are considering moving to other states or home schooling after their medical exemptions are revoked.

Many California parents and kids are concerned about school vaccination regulations and their inability to decline potentially harmful doses.

Mary Kelly Sutton, MD is a pediatrician who, like many others, questioned compelled vaccination programs and was penalized as a consequence by state health officials.

Dr. Sutton has been giving medical treatment for 50 years, yet her license in California will be suspended on December 8, 2021, for writing over 1,000 medical exemptions.

She petitioned for reconsideration, but her California license, which she had had for 15 years, was cancelled in March of that year. Sutton has filed an appeal with the Sacramento Superior Court.

"Rather of relying on duly authorized state health authorities, school officials have begun to withdraw medical exemptions." According to the families I know, if appropriate health authorities give exemption revocations, appeals are dismissed without hearings and health problems are not examined. "A medical exemption appeal may be refused online within two hours of being lodged."

"Some filed for additional medical exemptions via the state-only CAIR (California Immunization Registry), but their applications were refused." "Because the information is not made public, there is no way to know how many children's applications have been refused and the reasons for the decision since CAIR began on January 1, 2021," she noted.

"Most physicians in California believe they cannot freely and publicly advocate for vaccination exemptions for their patients for fear of losing their medical license."

As a consequence, parents in need of medical exemptions have nowhere to turn, and their children lose their school and friends.

"The CDC has consistently declined to examine the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, which is precisely what parents witness in their own households." "Parents tell accounts of systematic harassment in order to preserve their children's health and life," Sutton added.

Esther and Samuel Mast of Redding, California, are among those parents whose children are unable to attend their original school owing to their refusal of the innovative immunizations.

"The medical exemptions granted by [our doctor] are being revoked." Our children will not be able to return to school this autumn and will be denied additional education funds,"

"Our daughter is in her junior year and is devastated to be leaving the institution she loves and not graduating with her class of '23." It's also difficult for our incoming freshman son, who has a close friend group from elementary and junior high, to be unable to enroll in the high school most of them are enrolling in, and for us as parents to suddenly have to figure out education options for our children, which is another challenge thrown at us by our government's oppressors."

They emphasized that none of the solutions provided by mainstream media or government sources made sense to them, and that their private rights were infringed during the recent chaos.

The National Library of Medicine reports that California's Senate Bill 277, passed in 2015, "eliminated non medical vaccination exemptions for public—and private—school admission."

"We, the people, cannot afford to be led slaughterer.' We need to figure out what's going on and fight for freedom before it's too late!" she continued.

"The vaccine'overlords' treat us as if we're ignorant, uneducated parents who don't know what's best for our most prized 'possessions!'" Instead, someone else, a stranger who does not know or love our children, is making health decisions for them! "There is clearly an illogical motive at work here that has nothing to do with public health," Esther said.
"It seems that we have lost the ability to choose what goes into our own and our children's bodies... We are unable to vaccinate our at-risk youngsters further. Our valuable liberties are being eroded. "How far will it go?"

Charlene Diaz is the mother of Faith Diaz, an eighth-grade student who has been attending school with a medical exemption. She got a letter from her daughter's high school indicating that they would not issue her a schedule or allow her to enroll in the autumn of 2022 until she had the required immunizations or an updated medical exemption via the CAIR medical exemption.

"My daughter's doctor no longer writes medical exemptions for fear of losing her license, and I have yet to find any doctor willing to even contemplate writing an updated medical exemption," Diaz said.

Faith has had all of her childhood vaccinations except the Tdap. Diaz claims that her daughter was vaccine-injured, and that despite her progress, she still struggles with ADD and is presently enrolled in a 504 disability education plan at her school.

"This situation's worry keeps me up at night." My kid begs me not to withdraw her from school in order to home school her. She suffered greatly with distance learning, and the expense of hiring a tutor at the time was prohibitively costly and taxing on the family."

Kim Ford is in a similar predicament. Her husband is a general contractor, and neither of them can afford to home educate their children.

She considers herself to be "an American, a mother, a company owner, a registered voter, and a taxpayer."

"I have two children, one of whom is still a student." They were both students at Glendale Unified School District. My kid attends Abraham Lincoln Elementary School and is set to enter 7th grade at Rosemont Middle School. She has a medical exemption, which, as we all know, is no longer valid. I'm now obligated to have her vaccinated in order for her to continue attending school. Against professional medical advice from a doctor. "She has a genetic flaw that predisposes her to a bad response to the adjuvants in the vaccinations, but the CAIR and the school district disregard this," Ford told The Epoch Times.

Ford provided information to CAIR asking medical exemptions for her children and has received no response after more than two months; she subsequently filed a form in writing as well, but has received no response.

"So we're trapped between being compelled to either load our kid with poison that we know may have major negative affects on her health, shut one of our companies to home educate her, or relocate out of state," Ford said.

"As the autumn approaches, our time is running out, and we're at a loss for what to do." We've been backed into a corner. Actually, I was bullied. Made to submit our daughter to an unsuitable medical treatment. Our government is not made up of physicians, and elected officials have no authority to compel citizens to undergo medical treatments."

Dr. Sanjay Verma, a cardiologist in Coachella Valley, California,  on childhood vaccinations:

"Because the infection mortality ratio for SARS-CoV2 in pediatrics is 0.0018 percent and the hospitalization rate is 0.7 percent, we must first demand that Public Health authorities explain categorically that there is a 'emergency' in pediatrics warranting enforced COVID immunizations." EUA was given in some of these pediatric age groups based on trial results from a very small sample size with a very short follow-up period. There is no evidence comparing the control and intervention groups in terms of possible long-term consequences (e.g., chronic disease, autoimmune).

Encouragement to vaccinate high-risk persons (e.g., obesity, congenital circulatory issues, type I diabetes mellitus, immune-compromised) has therapeutic rationale. However, the advantages may not exceed the hazards for healthy youngsters with normal BMI and no medical issues. We need more data from a bigger sample size with a longer follow-up."



SRH: Immunologist and virologist Dr. Robert Malone is resounding the alarm about how dangerous COVID restrictions and mandates in Western countries such as the U.S., Canada, and Austria are suppressing civil birthrights. Dr. Malone, who helped develop mRNA vaccines in the 1980s, advised that regimes are using COVID as a “platform for promoting other agendas.”

He cited Austria, the first region to require all of its inhabitants to be vaccinated against COVID, as “the most extreme example” of “the deployment of a totalitarian approach” to a public health emergency such as COVID.

Dr. Malone cautioned that Austria, among other European nations and Western countries, is using “mass arrangement psychosis,” a term used by professor Mattias Desmet of Ghent University in Belgium to describe “the madness of the masses,” the doctor said. He added, “A lot of these regimes have been overtaken by this form of psychosis or hypnosis.”

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