And what the christian response must be. Should it be for freedom too?

In his 1987 UN speech Ronald Reagan said the many sources of discord and conflict around the world "would [quickly] vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." Because under such a threat the world would join as one to defend itself. It is by such a threat today through the draconian measures being used in the so called fight against cov-19 and the c-shot that the world is being made one.

The response we are seeing from people all over the world is a uniting to fight against this "alien threat". A uniting that calls people to protest in Canada, D.C., and California and in countries around the world, who have found that this plandemic was never about health. But, only about power and greed.

I believe this cry for freedom will evolve into the time Paul spoke of in 1Thes.5:3 when "they are saying peace and safety". Peace and safety because the harlot apostate religious system that has been controlling the world for so long who was also mandating the c-shot will have been destroyed.

But, because the desire for freedom is such a strong aphrodisiac, what the world and most who claim to be christian must realize, is that if they are not careful they will find themselves trying to build God's kingdom on earth. Something the christian was never called to do. We who belong to Jesus are called to preach the gospel of deliverance from death to life for inheritance of God's spiritual kingdom.

I repeat, christians are not called to create a better world. We are called to preach the gospel so that men can be delivered from death to life eternal in the kingdom of God. And only when we come with Jesus at the 2nd coming is the world to be made a better place. A place where Jesus reigns with a rod of iron.

The Bible tells us that the world will wax worse and worse until Jesus returns. Getting so bad that Jesus said if He had not caused the days to be shortened no flesh would be saved.

So as christians we must be on guard to make sure as the harlot is being exposed and destroyed we do not find ourselves joining with the 10 horns and 7 headed beast system in a misguided attempt to create God's kingdom on earth.

Those who are joining together all around the world are doing so because they have had enough of her tyranny. And they now want to destroy her because they are being awakened to the tyrannical methods she has used for centuries to control and fleece the world's population.

This global "awakening" to her role as their king and chief abuser. A role she has been perfecting since 325AD. A role that has taken control of much of the western world. And the rest of the world by extension through it's rule. Has caused them to join with the 10 horns and 7 heads beast for her destruction.

But, the true believer in Jesus needs to be on guard. For this destruction of the harlot no matter how right or how noble does not bring God's kingdom on earth. For His kingdom is not of this world. Our kingdom is not this world.

So this is not a "move of God" in the sense of this being the creation of the kingdom of God on earth as so many have wrongly believed it is. It is the 7 heads and 10 horns beast taking over the world for a short space just as Rev.17:10-13 says it would. A beast that comes to power through the destruction of the harlot.

It is because this all is so necessary it seems that there is no other way to accomplish this. Because the battle lines were drawn by satan soldiers who have been running gov'ts all over the globe. Now forcing people against their free will to be injected with a gene therapy poison potion that either kills or enslaves, or both. Leaving all of us with no choice but to either bow to or resist their tyranny. So the christian joins in. But, he must remember he is not of this world, but only in it.

And according to John's Revelation this 7 heads and 10 horns beast will soon be followed by the final 8th beast of Rev.17:11, after plucking up 3 of the horns by the roots as Dan.7:8 says. This is the "antichrist" of 1John4:1-3. The "man of sin" of 2Thes.2:3. Who comes to power only after the true church is removed in the rapture. The beast that has "2 horns like a lamb and a mouth that speaks as a dragon" of Rev.13:11-17. So it appears there is still much that needs to happen before the 42 months of antichrist's reign and the coming of the Lord with all His saints to bring it's end. It is during this time that freedom will reign supreme. But, at what cost?

I am reminded of a book I read years ago written by a man named Tal Brooke who gave his life for it's publication called When The World Will Be As One. In it he spoke of the ingredients that might be used to bring about this unified world.

In this book he wrote about a very new age world gov't wherein freedom is the ultimate good. And from what we are seeing today it seems very likely that this is what will make the world one. The freedom for freedom's sake the world wants after having lived for so long in the shackles of the harlot ridden beast system.

With a special emphasis placed at just the right time, right now, satan is pushing the world to the point where all who will live free must resist. And resist we are. Some for one reason. And some for another.

For the christian it must be for the purpose of making us more able to share the gospel with those who are still under death's reign. To make natural men into the spiritual man that is heir to the spiritual kingdom of God.

I believe that what we are seeing right now is a set up by satan to get those who have up till now resisted the c-shot to accept the mark of the beast. By the deception of the momentum that leads to freedom and prosperity in a world run by the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns that is causing the whole world to become one by destroying the harlot.

An empire where the c-shot will continue to be voluntary. But, when antichrist comes to power after this kingdom that continues for a short space ends, it will be made absolutely mandatory for buying and selling. And eventually even to avoid the death penalty.

But, during the time when the world will be as one where freedom reigns for freedom's sake men will have the kind of freedom the world has never known. And prosperity will be everywhere. Used by satan to win over those who would not be deceived to take the c-shot by coercion through the use of lockdowns, threats, and even the imprisonment through quarantine, we have been seeing in some parts of the world.

But, those who know the true God and have not been deceived by the doctrines of Moloch espoused by the harlot will not be moved. They will see the hook satan tries to hide in all the glitter of freedom, prosperity, peace, and safety. And will refuse to be tempted by it to participate in this new age that makes the world one.

A new age as men like Justine Trudeau's brother has said will be their longed for age of Aquarius. A new age of peace that brings "enlightenment" to all who will join together in this struggle against tyranny.

Is it possible that this age of peace is just ahead? Or have we already seen the 10 horns as 10 generals that brought Trump and the white hats to power in an unexpected win over evil that lasted only "a short space" while he was the President? A time that has brought most of the world to cry out saying "peace"? While evil men are saying "safety" using the c-shot? And now the sudden destruction Paul spoke of in 1Thes.5:3 is to be next? We will soon see for sure.

But, as I have said before, I expect we will see the complete and utter destruction of the harlot first. The woman that is an apostate religious system that rides the beast. A destruction Rev.17 says is brought on by the 10 horns/kings who have agreed with the beast. After which will bring in the time when all men will be "saying peace and safety" as Paul said. This will last a short time. Probably just a few years.

And then the sudden destruction will come. Destruction that thankfully for us believers can only come after the church, "he who lets", the restrainer, will be taken out of the way.

Don't let Paul's use of the word "he" when speaking of the restrainer, he who lets, confuse you. Because the "he" in this passage is the Holy Spirit that works through the church to restrain evil. The church has no power in and of itself to restrain evil. It is only the Holy Spirit working through the church that does this. Just as Paul said in 2Cor.5:19,20.

Here Paul said that the ministry the church has been given is the "ministry of reconciliation". Reconciliation that acts to restrain evil whenever a man hears the gospel preached by the church and comes to a saving faith in Jesus. By turning his heart from slavery to his natural and God given desires. To serving in the love of God he now shows toward others by preaching the gospel that is shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Spirit.

So it is that when the church, the vehicle God said He would use to restrain evil during this age by the Holy Spirit indwelling them, is taken to be with Jesus in the rapture, he who lets is taken out of the way. Because without the Holy Spirit indwelling men the power He used to restrain evil is no longer personal. This is what allows evil to come to it's fullest potential. This is what allows antichrist to come to power.

Power that begins when he, the little horn of Dan.7, rises up among the 10, and plucks up 3 of the 10 horns by the roots. Then he will cause all men small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead. That without which they can not buy or sell as Rev.13 says.

But, as we who know God hold to the truth of God's word we will not be deceived by this strong delusion of freedom for freedom's sake. Because we trust in Jesus who alone can and will keep us from the day of God's wrath that is coming on the whole earth. A day like no other in it's terribleness that went before or will ever be.

So the christian response to this "alien threat" is the same as it should always be. We must preach the gospel so that as many as possible will hear and come to a saving faith in Jesus. To be made spiritual beings, new creatures in Christ, who will then be heirs of God who will inherit the spiritual kingdom of God. Because this world is not our home. We really are just passing through.

Will you join with us by confessing Jesus is Lord? And believe that He has raised from the dead? Will you trust in Him for deliverance from mortality to immortality by being born from above to be made a spirit being? And from this body of death, corrupted by death? To a body that death can not touch that you will then receive in the resurrection?

If you will then pray with me now.

Dear Jesus, thank you for joining with me in mortality. So that because of your resurrection I can join with you in immortality. Thank you for giving me eternal life. Teach me and help me to share your love so that others can be saved. In Jesus' name, Amen. 

Do this, and I will see you there or in the air!

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Source: Edward O'Hara


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