China COVID Vaccine Spawns Uptick In Leukemia Cases. Plandemic Just Getting Started


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After obtaining domestic COVID vaccinations, an increasing number of Chinese residents have been diagnosed with leukemia. They argue, however, that the authorities regard their assertions as a danger to social order and are refusing to respond to their questions.

On May 31, Wang Jun (an alias) of Hujia Township in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, informed The Epoch Times that his wife had been diagnosed with acute leukemia after having two Sinovac vaccines.

“On May 14 last year, she fired her first shot at our town, a Beijing-based Sinovac product,” Wang added. Then on June 4th, the second.”

She experienced a daily headache four days later that was resistant to pain relievers. Doctors didn’t realize she had leukemia until Sept. 22 because of her abnormally low platelet count.

According to Wang, his wife was previously healthy, with no history of harmful drug exposure or blood transfusions. No one in their family had ever experienced leukemia.

According to the interviewee, one of his former coworkers had the condition, and there were six occurrences of leukemia in their city alone last year.

Ms. Lin, the mother of a 14-year-old girl from Loudi, Hunan Province, told The Epoch Times that her daughter was diagnosed with myeloid leukemia two months after getting her second Sinovac dose.

“I feel my child’s ailment [leukemia] is linked to the vaccinations,” the mother explained. “Because of congenital cardiac problems, my daughter had to undergo surgery.” Before giving her the injections, I checked with the [local] CDC to see if she was eligible for COVID immunizations, and they responded yes.”

Yang, a guy from Jincheng, Shanxi Province, claimed in April 2022 that he was diagnosed with acute myeloblastic leukemia M2a and had symptoms of severe anemia and limb weakness. In July 2021, he had the Sinovac vaccination and one month later got a huge area of petechiae on his body.

Wang claims that his family has spent over 200,000 yuan (about $30,000) on his wife’s therapy over the course of eight months, which he describes as a “hard blow” to the family.

Lin told The Epoch Times that her daughter’s five chemotherapy sessions cost her over 500,000 yuan (about $75,072). She stated that she had to take out a mortgage on their home to cover the medical expenses.

Patients in China must pay for the majority of medical treatments since basic medical insurance only covers a restricted number of things that have been pre-approved by authorities, and excludes a big number of imported pharmaceuticals that are more expensive but more effective, with fewer side effects.

During a major anti-COVID meeting convened by the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism on May 27, a top Chinese CDC specialist offered a confused response to a query regarding post-vaccination leukemia.

When challenged about the subject, Wang Huaqing, China’s CDC’s senior expert on vaccination planning, did neither confirm or reject the likelihood of a link between COVID immunizations and the future development of leukemia. He also didn’t identify any research that showed a difference in the number of leukemia cases before and after the epidemic.

Instead, he stressed following reporting rules and evaluating results on a rational basis.

Wang said that when it came to a medical evaluation for his wife’s illness, several authorities preferred to delegate responsibility to others.

“Our complaint was still in our town a month after we filed it,” Wang explained. “They [local town authorities] indicated they couldn’t take our case to a higher level, which they see as an indirect admission that COVID injections caused leukemia.”

Worse, local officials refused to give him with any immunization documentation.

Wang contacted the local health commission, the vaccine manufacturer, and the CDC, but authorities and experts came up with a variety of justifications to postpone responding or refuse to offer an official paper or sign any document.

Wang is still waiting for the authorities to respond to his questions.

An open letter was posted online in early May, urging people to pay attention to the community of people who have been diagnosed with leukemia. On the Chinese internet, however, the original language was highly censored, with WeChat displaying a warning stating that the item could not be published “on suspicion of breaking relevant laws, rules, and policies.”

“We have voluntarily gathered information on 1,000 or more instances, including vaccine takers, vaccination time and place, pre-vaccination health condition, post-vaccination symptoms, type of leukemia, and treatment courses,” the letter stated. The statistical relevance of this extensive statistics and information is undeniable.”

Furthermore, the letter voiced skepticism of the CDC-approved experts’ findings, which consistently reveal a “coincidental” association between receiving COVID injections and having leukemia.

“A simple idea of ‘coincidental relationship’ cannot explain the presence of over 1,000 [leukemia] cases among us,” the letter claimed, rejecting the official explanation.

According to a document supposedly obtained from the National Health Commission, victims are also furious because authorities treat them rudely and regard them as a threat to societal order and targets for repression.

According to the official document, the highest medical authority acknowledged the leukemia patients prior to March 2022. It contains a list of their names, which was supplied to the organization’s branches in each province in order to track their locations in the name of “maintaining social stability.”

According to the letter, victims and their families attempted contacting domestic media and attorneys, but none of them offered to aid them.

The open letter forewarned of a possible disaster, stating that proven instances might continue to emerge indefinitely as long as vaccines are administered and society is unaware of the risk.

There is no official study that links receiving a COVID vaccination to a future leukemia diagnosis.

Finally, the letter encouraged Sinovac Biotech, China’s largest vaccine manufacturer, to provide humanitarian aid to sufferers and urged the Chinese leadership to stop seeing them as “enemy.”

We’ve seen examples of adverse effects time and time again, all across the world. So what exactly is the meaning of this? These MRNA “vaccines” seem to have a broad spectrum of adverse effects that seemingly can’t be directly attributed to the vaccine upon first glance. It seem like this is good enough for Xiden and the rest of the tyrannical globalists. Considering they’re no longer shoving vaccine propaganda down our throats. But with that being said, it’s probably safe to say that dissidents such as ourselves have exposed our identities in the process of resisting tyranny. If you don’t know about the patriot act, you’re likely being surveilled right now to for the sake of “national security”.

The word of God is infallible, and it tells you in Ephesians 6:12: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” This battle is fought over our heads, as followers of Christ it is not our job to go out and call for violence against our political adversaries. Prophecy is prophecy, and if the current state of humanity dictates that we be persecuted and impoverished for the sake of the fulfillment of the word of God, so be it. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and hundreds of National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists have received undisclosed royalty payments totaling $350 million from pharmaceutical and other companies, according to the interim head of the agency.

Dr. Lawrence Tabak, who took over as NIH Director when the agency’s long-time head, Dr. Francis Collins, resigned in December 2021, told a House Appropriations Committee subcommittee that royalty payments are legal, but they don’t appear to be ethical.

“Right now, I think the NIH has a credibility problem, and this further feeds into that, and I’m only learning about this,” Rep. John Moolenaar (R-Mich.) told Tabak. People in my district say things like, “Well, so-and-so has a financial interest, or they don’t like Ivermectin because they don’t get a royalty…”

“You may have very good scientific grounds for advocating a treatment or not, but the concept that individuals profit financially from specific studies and grants is to me the height of the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

In response, Tabak stated that the National Institutes of Health does not recommend specific drugs, but rather “supports the science that confirms whether an innovation is or is not efficacious, we don’t say this is good or this is terrible… I see how that may appear to be a conflict of interest.”

“Truthfully,” Moolenaar remarked, referring to Fauci, who was also testifying, “you’ve got directors of the National Institutes of Health stating some treatments are not good.”

According to Tabak, NIH comments are based on clinical trials that the agency supports.

“But if the agency is awarding who is the recipient of the grant, who is undertaking the trial, and there is somehow monies involved, that there is a financial gain that may be obtained if someone’s patent or idea is regarded validated,” Moolenaar questioned Tabak, puzzled.

Tabak proposed to Moolenaar that “maybe this is the type of issue that we can work together on so that we can explain to you the firewalls that we do have, because they are large and important,” after admitting that there appears to be a conflict of interest.

Fauci was mentioned by Moolenaar because he told the Associated Press in a 2005 piece, which was the first to bring the NIH royalties concerns to the public’s attention, that he had given his royalties to charity.

The issue faded from the news after 2005, and is only now resurfacing as a result of revelations first reported by The Epoch Times on May 9 that documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by a nonprofit government watchdog reveal an estimated $350 million in undisclosed royalty payments from pharmaceutical and other private firms to top NIH executives, as well as hundreds of the agency’s health scientists and researchers.

According to Open the Books, a charity that sued the NIH after it refused to answer its FOIA request for information, the $350 million in royalty payments were issued between 2010 and 2020.

According to Open the Books, Collins received 14 payments, Fauci received 23 payments, and his deputy, Clifford Lane, received eight payments.

The founder and president of Open the Books, Adam Andrzejewski, told The Epoch Times on Wednesday that NIH continues to suppress critical information concerning royalty payments, such as the identities of specific payers and the precise sums paid to individuals within NIH.

“With tens of billions of dollars in grant funding and tens of millions of dollars in royalties from third-party payors pouring back into NIH each year, the agency ought to come straight with the American people and open the books.” Andrzejewski stated, “We need to be able to follow the money.”

“We think that openness will transform American public policy.” There is no better example of this than payments made to NIH scientists by other parties (think pharmaceutical corporations). He went on to say that “any single outside payment to a government scientist might constitute a conflict of interest.”

Moolenaar and Tabak had a heated debate during a hearing on the Biden administration’s budget request for 2023.

“It’s no secret that the agency needs change,” said Rep. Neal Dunn (R-Fla.), who is also a surgeon, to The Epoch Times. The COVID-19 outbreak intensified and emphasized their many problems. A core obligation is to provide the public with clear access to how the NIH spends taxpayer monies and makes choices, and they must be held responsible. We must commit to modernizing our federal health agencies and restore America’s faith in public health now more than ever.”

The report states that “hundreds” of NIH scientists have been paid out by these royalties, totaling up to $350 million dollars. If 999 of these scientists split this money evenly, thats $350,000 each. But let’s try to be realistic here. Fauci likely takes a large cut considering he’s plastering his face across America spreading the biggest lies in history. So could we have found legitimate proof that Fauci and his constituents are conducting business in bad faith? Yes, but society is far too polarized to swallow this pill. If this information is correct, the left will be prompted to answer a few more uncomfortable questions about their willful ignorance.

This news will either blow over and we’ll watch the horror show continue, or we’ll wind up seeing this story everywhere; Conjuring a whole new type of problem. The globalists over at the WEF, and United Nations need the technocratic control over society due to their tyrannical and evil nature. But that can’t be achieved when society blows Fauci and his constituents out of the water. So what then is the contingency to this huge orchestrated plandemic? God only knows for sure, but you can count on it being a world shattering experience. We’ve got a long road ahead of us but through faith in Christ we can lead just and moral lives in the eyes of our creator. Matthew 7:13-14 says: ““Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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