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By Edward O’Hara

Because in it’s explanation of sin it offers no deliverance from it as the true gospel does. Instead, like the devil it came from, it actually makes you believe that you are inextricably joined to sin until physical death. Talk about slavery. Wow! 

So the doctrine of original sin is the antithesis of Paul’s gospel, and the epitome of his admonition in 2Tim3:5, for those who have “a form of godliness but deny it’s power”. Of whom Paul says “from such turn away”. 

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The doctrine of original sin provides an excuse for sin by saying that men are born that way. It’s no strange thing that the lgbtqrxmy… community of unbelievers makes the same claim as these. They use this mantra so that they are not“without excuse” as Paul says those who reject Jesus are. But, instead are provided with a built in excuse that to their carnal mind seems to be iron clad. Because it makes who they are someone else’s fault. Not their own. Because they say I was made this way. They have been so deluded that they actually think it excuses their abominable choices. And leaves their eternal destiny in the hands of chance. 

So that going to heaven or hell becomes a game of chance, and is not determined by our free choice and God’s will as the scripture says. The doctrine of original sin is a thesis that makes God arbitrary and capricious in His judgments because believing it inequity becomes equity. And what is unfair and unjust becomes fair and just balances. Because they have believed that God saves some men while condemning most to hell by His choosing regardless of what a man might choose. They have no say in it because they were born that way. 

Making their nature inherited from their parents that which determines who they are and where they are going to spend eternity from conception. Unless God has arbitrarily chosen them for heaven regardless of their own choosing. 

So to them God arbitrarily steps in for only a few to save them against their will and nature. While the many God has chosen for hell. What a travesty that so much of what is called Christianity has fallen for this abomination. An abomination that condemns those to hell who have been deceived by it. Because they never come to a love for the truth as Paul says in 2Thes.2. 

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This does not happen because they are not Biblical scholars. But, simply because they have never come to know the true and living God. And have instead been taken captive by the devil through their own choosing by believing this abomination is the way to salvation. Instead of believing what the Bible plainly says. 

But, for those who choose to hear the truth from the plain teachings of the prophets and the apostles this abomination is exposed for exactly what it is. The delusion of satan that in this dispensation has kept all who have believed in it from ever knowing the true God and His salvation. It is the different gospel that Paul spoke of in Gal.1:8,9 which is no gospel at all. The false gospel Paul said was anathema. 

These never know Him as He truly is. A loving and compassionate savior. Who loved us so much that He joined with men in our mortality in death, so that we could join with Him in immortality in eternal life. A Creator whose recompense for the righteous was not that He came to condemn, but to save all who will believe in Him. One who made the way to eternal life by joining with mankind in our mortality. So He could break death’s power over us through the resurrection. Calling all men to be saved that will by their own free will choose to believe His gospel when it is preached to them. So that after saying yes by their free will to the gospel they are given the gift of faith that alone is able to receive the gift of immortality and eternal life. 

Naughty or nice having nothing to do with it. That’s only for Santa Claus believers. Not those who believe in Jesus and His resurrection. Trusting that His saving power, and nothing about our behavior, makes the difference between life and death. Works are anathema to the gospel of grace. 

To be sure we who are saved do not live anymore as the world does. But, not because we it would make a difference as to whether or not we are saved. But, only because when we know His love there is no longer the desire to search elsewhere. We are His servants according to Rom.6:18 by God’s will and our free choice and will not be made slave to any other. 

In Psalm15 we read “Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill?

He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart….” This instruction was written to those who were under the law. So it is written to those who had a works + faith mindset. But, in this dispensation of the grace of God we are spiritual and therefore can think as God does. We have the mind of Christ. And because we do, our thinking becomes consistent only with grace. Grace that speaks of trusting in Him and His resurrection as the sole means by which immortality is attained. Our minds are no longer set on the carnality of works.

So “working righteousness” and “walks uprightly” means to us who have believed that we have trusted in Jesus. Period. We add no works to it. Because if we do then it can not be by grace. Because as Paul said in Rom.11:6 if by grace then it can not be of works. Otherwise grace is no more grace. 

Those who believe in the doctrine of original sin and sin nature put themselves on the same carnal works treadmill the natural minded unbeliever is focused on. They think like the world and act like the world by making works the means for righteousness. Having the excuse from this false doctrine that they were made this way and can not help how they behave. The devil made me do it is their mantra. Only in the case of those who believe the doctrine of original sin the devil to them is the Creator. A more serious accusation against God can no man make. 

Caution against false doctrine being taught instead of the ...

To the contrary, it is God that has provided our deliverance from this abominable worldly system of works. A system adopted by Roman Catholicism and taught to and by all her daughters. Will you come out of her abominations as John instructs in Revelation? So that you will not be made partaker in her sins and plagues? It is God that makes you free from the slavery of sin by delivering you from mortality to immortality. Making you a spiritual being instead of simply natural as Adam was when he was made. So that being delivered you can now understand spiritual things like grace and faith. Things that join you to God who is Spirit. So that now you may worship Him in Spirit and in truth. 

After being joined with Him you will now have eternal life. Because Jesus said eternal life is knowing Him and His Son whom He has sent. And this eternal life delivers you from the sin of missing the mark. Since now the mark is Jesus. And no longer is it the law. And now knowing Him you are free to love as He does. A love that changes us from the inside out as the Holy Spirit sheds that love abroad in our hearts. 

This love changes us so completely that those who were once slaves to sin through the law have their consciences purged from those dead works. And those who were joined to idols are now set free so completely that they do not think as they once did. But, now have the mind of Christ that shows us what love is and how we live in that love. It is by this love that their minds have been purged completely from the old way of thinking. 

Do you want to know this love? Would you be set free from sin so completely that you won’t even think in those terms anymore? Then come to Jesus and be delivered as only His power can do. Don’t any longer deny His power to deliver you completely. Trust in Him and have the liberty that is only found by those who are truly in Christ. Pray with me now. 

Dear Jesus, thank you for conquering death and sin. Thank you for joining with me in death. So that I can join with you in life. I trust in you as you trusted the Father. Make me whole. And make me new. Give me eternal life. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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If you prayed with me then thank God for His deliverance. Trust in Him as you read the Bible. And believe what it plainly says. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth. And you will never again be one of those who makes excuses for sin. Because you will know the truth and it will set you free. 

See you there or in the air!

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