Plandemic: The Global Food Crisis Is Nearing, and Russia Is Already Being Blamed by World Leaders for Everything From Record-High Food Prices to Soaring Gas Prices, When in Reality, This Is a Pre-Planned Event by Satan Soldiers a.k.a. United Nations Globalists

HNewsWire- As a result of Russia's and Ukraine's food export failure, commodities prices have hit daily record highs, and food prices have eclipsed levels seen in the historic 2011... well as Russia's imminent prohibition on fertilizer trade...

With commodity prices reaching daily record highs and food prices substantially beyond those observed in 2011 due to the collapse of Russian and Ukrainian food exports...

A growing number of geopolitical strategists are asking when, not if, global food protests will re-emerge and begin toppling unstable – or perhaps stable – governments throughout the world in a re-enactment of the 2011 Arab Spring revolutions, which began as a result of widespread public outrage over rising food prices.
Iraqis demonstrate at Nasiriya's al-Haboubi Square over rising food prices.

According to Al Jazeera, protests erupted Wednesday in Iraq's impoverished south in reaction to a rise in food costs attributed on Ukraine's unrest. Here, prices of cooking oils and wheat have skyrocketed in local markets over the past week as government officials sought to quiet mounting resentment with a range of announcements and measures.

Today, public fury over these extortionate charges exploded, with over 500 demonstrators congregating in a major region of the southern city of Nasiriya – a hotbed of anti-corruption riots that rocked the country in 2019.

"Price increases choke us, whether it's bread or other essentials," retired teacher Hassan Kazem told AFP. "We're barely getting by."
An Iraqi raises a placard that reads in Arabic, 'When you rebel for pride, you will not stop until you achieve your goal,' during a demonstration in Nasiriya to protest rising food prices.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi government proposed measures to offset the spike in foreign prices. These included a monthly stipend of around $70 for pensioners earning less than one million dinars (nearly $700) and a monthly stipend of approximately $343 for government employees earning less than 500,000 dinars ($343). Additionally, the government imposed a two-month suspension of tariffs on food, basic consumer products, and construction materials.

According to local commerce ministry official Mohamed Hanoun, the conflict in Ukraine is to blame for the increase in cooking-oil prices. Indeed, as we noted last week, Egypt imports an astounding 70% of its wheat from Ukraine and Russia, shipments of which have been banned indefinitely.

According to the interior ministry, 31 people have been arrested on suspicion of "raising food product prices and exploiting citizens." On Wednesday in Nasiriya, a demonstration condemned the "greed of businesspeople who manipulate prices."

"This is a huge global problem, since Ukraine controls a sizable portion of the [global market for cooking] oils," he said. According to a security source, a protester was gravely injured Tuesday during a violent gathering in the central province of Babil.

While some may dismiss this as another third-world protest, the 2011 Arab Spring began similarly inauspiciously until Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in December 2010 and died a few weeks later, sparking a cascade of uprisings across the MENA region, many of which culminated in bloody revolutions and unprecedented geopolitical upheaval.

And, while it may be considered conspiracy theory territory, a wave of violence may also have the blessing of the WEF nomenklatura: after all, a large part of the "Great Reset" is the efficient depopulation of vast swaths of the globe, and a second Arab Spring would be precisely what the billionaire overclass ordered.

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned Friday that global food prices might jump 20% from present levels if Ukraine's crisis continues.

The FAO said that it is unknown if Ukraine would be able to harvest crops this year due to the disruption caused by Russia's invasion.

Russia and Ukraine contribute for nearly a quarter of world wheat trade, about a fifth of global maize traffic, and around 12% of global calorie commerce.

Due to the region's inability to export critical agricultural commodities, the FAO believes that global food prices, which are currently at record highs, might rise another 8% -20% from here.

"Disruptions to the agricultural operations of these two key exporters of basic commodities have the potential to significantly increase global food insecurity," FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu said in a statement.

Dongyu said that the interruption might result in an increase of "international food and feed costs of between 8% and 22% beyond their current levels."

For the Northern Hemisphere, spring is just around the corner. Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky encouraged residents on Friday to continue planting despite the turmoil.

Governments across the globe are planning for a global food catastrophe and securing domestic food supply. Russia put a restriction on fertilizer shipments to nations deemed 'unfriendly.'

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has said that his nation must preserve 'our food security' after the Ukraine conflict's repercussions. He anticipates that disruptions in the food supply would be most severe in African nations.

The next global food crisis is soon approaching. Russia is already being blamed by world leaders for everything from record-high food prices to surging gas prices. This week, the Biden administration launched a propaganda campaign accusing Russia of causing excessive inflation. President Vladimir Putin of Russia has easily become the blame for the West's incapacity to rein in inflation after the unleashing of billions of dollars of stimulus.

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HNewsWire- As a consequence of the collapse of Russian and Ukrainian food exports, commodities prices have reached daily record highs, and food prices have far surpassed levels observed in the historic 2011… …as well as Russia’s impending fertilizer trade embargo… With commodity costs hitting daily record highs, and food prices far surpassing levels seen in the historic 2011 as a result of the collapse of Russian and Ukrainian food exports… … an increasingly loud question on geopolitical strategists’ lips is when, not if, global food protests will re-emerge and begin toppling unstable – or perhaps stable – governments around the world in a re-enactment of the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011, when widespread public outrage began as a result of rising food prices. Iraqis march at Nasiriya’s al-Haboubi Square to protest increasing food costs. According to Al Jazeera, demonstrations erupted…

Putin: I have warned that efforts to restrict the export of fertilizers, oil, gas, and metals would have "severe ramifications for this section of the global market and for food in general."

I made these remarks at a meeting with cabinet officials on March 10.

I will also reaffirm my support for Russia's Industry and Trade Minister, Denis Manturov, who previously stated that Russia would redirect exports to countries that are not hostile to Russia if "logistics" problems persisted after European carriers claimed they were unable to load Russian products onto their ships.

Among Russia's adversarial nations are the United States, Canada, and European Union member states.



SRH: Consider this on your own.

Americans face little protection from police brutality. Police officers and other government officials have historically been permitted to probe, squeeze, taser, search, seize, strip, and otherwise manhandle whomever they see fit in practically any scenario, all with the permission of the courts. It is becoming more uncommon to hear of cops shooting unarmed folks first and then questioning them. What is becoming more regular, though, is news that cops implicated in these situations escape with a slap on the wrist.

Americans are only conduits for the police state's funding. If there is one absolute axiom that governs the federal government, it is that the American taxpayer is always duped. This is true regardless of whether taxpayers are compelled to subsidize expensive equipment that will be used against us, interminable wars that contribute nothing to our safety or liberties, or bloated government agencies with hidden budgets, covert goals, and clandestine actions.

Americans no longer have the presumption of innocence unless proved guilty. Previously, we assumed that you were innocent unless proved guilty. Due in large part to fast technological advancements and an increased surveillance culture, the burden of evidence has changed, usurping the privilege to be presumed innocent until proved guilty in favor of a new norm in which all individuals are suspects. Indeed, the government has constructed the ultimate suspicious society in collusion with the corporate state. We are all possibly guilty of some transgression in such an atmosphere.

Americans have forfeited their right to self-defense. While the courts continue to debate on the precise meaning of the Second Amendment rights, the government has made its view quite plain. When it comes to gun rights, in particular, and to citizen rights in general, the United States government has embraced a "do what I say, not what I do" mentality. Nowhere is this double standard more clear than in the government's efforts to equip itself to the teeth, while simultaneously seeing anybody who owns a gun lawfully, much alone uses one in self-defense, as suspicious. Indeed, although holding a handgun is still theoretically lawful in America, it may today result in you being stopped over, searched, detained, subjected to various forms of monitoring, considered as a suspect without ever having committed a crime, fired at, and murdered.

Americans no longer possess a private property right. If government operatives are able to infiltrate your house, smash down your doors, murder your dog, destroy your furniture, and threaten your family, your property ceases to be private and secure—it becomes government property. Similarly, if government authorities have the authority to punish and jail you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, putting solar panels on your roof, and rearing poultry in your backyard, you have forfeited ownership of your land.

Americans have lost control over what their children learn in school. Surprisingly, the government continues to assert that when parents enroll their children in a public school, they effectively surrender their rights. This growing tension over whether young people, particularly those in public schools, are effectively wards of the state, subject to whatever government officials deem appropriate in defiance of the children's constitutional rights and those of their parents, is at the heart of nearly every debate over educational programming, school discipline, and the extent to which parents have any say over their children's well-being in and out of school.

In the face of militarized police forces, Americans are helpless. With local police departments gaining military-grade armament, training, and equipment more suited to the battlefield, Americans are discovering that their once-peaceful neighborhoods have been turned into military outposts guarded by a permanent military force.

Americans have lost their constitutional right to bodily integrity. The dispute over physical integrity encompasses a wide range of issues, from abortion and euthanasia to forced blood draws, biometric monitoring, and access to basic healthcare. Forced vaccinations, forced cavity searches, forced colonoscopies, forced blood draws, forced breath-alcohol tests, forced DNA extractions, forced eye scans, and forced inclusion in biometric databases are just a few ways in which Americans are reminded that they have no control over what happens to their bodies when they come into contact with government officials.

Americans no longer have a right to privacy. Despite the staggering number of revelations about government surveillance of Americans' phone calls, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Google searches, emails, bookstore and grocery purchases, bank statements, and commuter toll records, Congress, the president, and the courts have done little to address these abuses. Rather than that, they seem intent on acclimating us to life in this electronic concentration camp.

The United States of America no longer has a representative government. We have passed the period of representative government into an era of authoritarianism, in which all people are suspicious, security takes precedence over liberty, and so-called elected politicians promote the corporate power elite's interests. This absurdity of law and governance has become the new normal in America.

Americans can no longer put their faith in the courts to administer justice. The United States Supreme Court was founded to intervene and defend the people from the government and its agents when they overstepped their limits. Yet, through their deference to police power, preference for security over liberty, and evisceration of our most fundamental rights for the sake of order and expediency, the Supreme Court justices have become the architects of the American police state in which we now live, while the lower courts have established themselves as courts of order dedicated to advancing the government's agenda, regardless of how unjust or illegal.

I haven't even mentioned the corporate state, the military industrial complex, SWAT team raids, invasive surveillance technology, zero tolerance policies in schools, over-criminalization, or privatized prisons, to name a few, but what I have mentioned should be sufficient to demonstrate that the landscape of our liberties has already shifted dramatically from what it once was and will undoubtedly continue to deteriorate unless Americans find a way to wrest control back from the corporations.



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