In Rev.13 we see a beast that rises up out of the sea. This beast has 7 heads and 10 horns. The sea it rises out of is all the peoples of the earth that have a desire for peace and safety.

Paul says of this beast in 1Thes.5:3 that there will be peace and safety. And while the people are saying peace and safety then comes the sudden destruction of the great tribulation. So the time just ahead that comes out of this attempt by the woman riding the beast to stake her final claim over the world will be the time of peace and safety Paul spoke of.

As this time of global peace and safety arrives, a time many refer to as the dawn of the age of Aquarius, it's attraction will be so strong that Jesus said even the elect will be deceived if possible. This will be the time of "strong delusion" Paul spoke of in 2Thes.2. A time that will end with the implementation of the luciferase stamp

as the mark of the beast by those who have been changed to satan soldiers by the c-shot.

So we who have believed in Jesus must be vigilant so that we do not get caught up in it's euphoric qualities of peace and safety the next beast system will bring. Because as attractive as this time may be it is only a counterfeit for the kingdom of Christ on earth in which He reigns for a thousand years. And the kingdom of God that we are the heirs of by the spiritual birth.

This beast that rises up out of the sea seems to be starting to manifest itself in the creation of what is being called the BRICS nations. A group of nations that dwarfs the so called G7 nations by multiples. The G7 claims to be representative of around 770,000,000 people. And the BRICS having at this time somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.2 billion and counting.

Currently the G7 who is part of the framework used by the woman that rides the beast of Rev.17 has enjoyed the control of and the riches of the beast system described in both Rev.17 and 18. But, the BRICS at this very moment are making their move to dethrone her. By taking their sovereignty back from the woman.

Something really big is coming to accomplish this. Because we read in Rev.17 that in "one hour" the beast in agreement with the 10 horns destroys the woman burning her with fire. So it seems a very violent event that happens very fast is right on the horizon. Similar to something Q has alluded to in several of his drops.

According to Rev.17:18 the woman that rides the beast is that great city that reigned over the kings of the earth when John wrote Revelation. That city was and still is Rome.

And the fact that she is referred to as a harlot confirms that this is a reference to the religion of Rome. And we know that religion was and remains to this day the religion of Roman Catholicism. Which according to Rev.17:5 includes her daughters who hold the same antichrist belief that Jesus could not have come in the same flesh all men have.

These are the doctrines known as the doctrine of original sin and sin nature that are the foundational doctrines of the woman that rides the beast. Because it is from these doctrines that she and her daughters derive the perversion of Paul's gospel, to the accursed gospel of salvation by works Paul is putting down in Galatians.

Another characteristic of the woman is her sorceries that Rev.18:23 says she uses to deceive the world. Now the word sorceries in the Greek is Pharmakia. Which is where the English word pharmaceuticals is derived. So we can fairly deduce that her deceptions are done through the pharmaceutical medical establishment and global drug trade. Using the deception of drugs and much of what she calls "medicine" to enslave mankind to her. And boy are we ever seeing that today with her so called "vaccines" and mandates and lockdowns.

There may even be an "alien connection" to all of this. As we know the aliens are inter dimensional beings. Not extra terrestrial ones. And they do not have the same flesh all men have as the true God in Christ Jesus had.

With all this power Rev.18 says she does commerce throughout the earth. Taking the world's riches to enrich herself by deception and by force. Living sumptuously atop the kings and peoples of the earth since she assumed the power of the Roman Empire in 318 AD.

It is this woman that the BRICS are bringing the fight to to see who will rule. The woman riding the beast? Or the BRICS that offer the very attractive proposal of giving the power back to the people? Words I recall President Trump using many times.

Paraphrasing Trump, his presidency is the vehicle through which power will be taken away from the deep state/harlot and given to the people. And, where we go one we go all(WWG1WGA). And, what is coming is not for everyone. And, nothing can stop what is coming(NCSWIC).

And do you remember when Putin gave the ball to Trump. And when he visited the Vatican, Saudi Arabia, and Israel? This is all planned. And the "sudden destruction" Paul speaks of in 1Thes.5:3 shows that satan means to use it to his own ends.

The tumult and destruction we are witnessing, and that which I believe we will witness in a much greater way very soon, is the destruction of the harlot/woman of Rev.17,18 as she tries to maintain her power.

Immediately following her destruction will be a time of peace and safety just as Paul said. The likes of which the world has never known. But, it is will be used by Satan to deceive so that all will join with this new system willingly obedient in sublime submission to it's own set of heresies and false doctrines.

The heresies and false teachings that are palatable even to many who claim to be christian because they have never come to love the truth. Those who are deceived by the same spirit of antichrist that deceives the new agers that believe in a coming age of Aquarius when the world will be as one.

And though peace and safety are here during this time it is not the kingdom of Christ Jesus. It is a kingdom of great deception that is made to appear as much like what many think His kingdom will be that it deceives them by using their pre conceived notions about what it means to be a christian against them.

Notions that have perverted the Biblical gospel into the gospel of antichrist. A gospel of salvation by works.

With it's main tenet being that the Jesus of the Bible could not have come in the same flesh all men have. Because they are deceived to believe that man's flesh is evil. Believed to have been made so by the sin of Adam. A doctrine that is pagan gnosticism 101.

But, the Bible tells us that this gnostic doctrine is of the spirit of antichrist. The antichrist that is to come. Paul saying in Heb.2:14 that Jesus in fact did come in the same flesh all men have.

And in 1Cor.15:45-50 that all men have the same flesh Adam had when God made him. John also saying in 1John4:1-3 and 2John1:7-11 that the spirit that is from God is one that teaches that Jesus came in the flesh. And only those who have believed the spirit of antichrist believe that He could not have come in the same flesh all men have.

This is the doctrine that makes the world as one in the coming strong delusion. The deception of antichrist. And with the added dimension of DNA changing to all of this that the c-shot brings there will be many who were once human that will no longer be human. Their flesh and blood is being changed to something other than human.

So not only will the false doctrine of antichrist be a factor in receiving antichrist who will not be the same flesh all men have because of the c-shot. But, the change in humanity the c-shot is bringing will make them literal soldiers of satan. And willing servants of antichrist. Who willingly take the mark of the beast luciferase stamp to identify with their savior and lord. And will come to persecute those who will not just as Rev.13 says they will.

As those who have taken the jab are changed to something other than human. So too will their offspring... if they are able to have any. And as these numbers grow they will become more and more hostile to christians. Because they are literally being made into the image and likeness of satan as man was once made in the image and likeness of God.

Fulfilling Jesus' prophecies about the "days of Noah" and Lot when He said "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

This is not intended to mean that everyone would be dead. But, that everyone would be changed from being human to satan's children by the genetic manipulation of the c-shot.

Those who love the truth will never be deceived by this spirit of antichrist. And they will never be deceived to take the genetic manipulation c-shot. And they will never join hands with the world in their quest for peace and safety at the expense of the truth.

We who love the truth and worship and serve only the Lord Jesus will continue as always to shine the light of truth on the deceptions of the antichrist spirit that are so prevalent in the world today. Exposing the work of satan that has deceived so many to believe that it is because the flesh is evil that men can not go to heaven.

So that they will have the choice to receive the truth that it is because men are natural and will not be born of the spirit that they can not go to heaven. And that Jesus, the life giving spirit, came to make spiritual men from those who are only natural. Spirits that are children of God that makes them heirs to His kingdom.

I am not a prophet. But, this is the immediate future as I see it written for us to see in the scriptures. A transition that may yet get very volatile as the woman riding the beast lashes out at a beast system with 10 kings that are going to destroy her. A system where 10 kings rule with and for the people to bring about a world of peace and safety. Peace and safety that will make the world one... except for those who love the truth.

Will you trust in Jesus who came in the same flesh all men have so that He could join with us in our mortality? The Jesus that by the resurrection conquered our mortality so that we could join with Him in His immortality? This is why He came. This is all you need to have eternal life and to be heir to His kingdom.

If you believe in Jesus then confess Him as YOUR Lord. And believe in YOUR heart that He has raised from the dead. And you will be saved. Because by believing man is righteous. And confession that Jesus is YOUR Lord is deliverance from mortality to immortality. From death to life. From natural to spiritual.

Do this and you will be saved. Do this and you will never be deceived by the spirit of antichrist. Do this and the peace and safety utopia that is coming will not be able to blind you to the truth. Say no to the spirit of antichrist by confessing that the Jesus who is almighty God that came in the same flesh all men have is Lord of your life.

Do this... and I will see you there or in the air!

This message can also be heard at: Rumble

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