Watchman: The United States of America Declared “In Technology, We Trust,” but This Trust in Technology Is About to Destroy the Faith of God-Believers in Our Nation and Economy, It’s Now a Spiritual Battle

HNewsWire: We have become one nation under house arrest. The patent was filed by Israeli patent attorneys Dr. Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster of Ehrlich & Fenster. The technology used in the patent analyzes data collected by smartphones, government-mandated phone apps, intelligence agencies, public cameras, ATM cameras, private business cameras and other sources. Essentially, people will be given “scores” based on vaccination status, mask-wearing, behavior, movement, socialization and other factors. Electronic devices communicating with each other will determine whether or not someone is a “super spreader” or a “non-super spreader” based on the various elements.

Will Google's social credit system influence your future?
Similar to China's Social Credit System, This Is a Globally Alarming Trend That Endangers Human Rights.

In 2018, China implemented a social credit system that awards and deducts points for particular types of behavior. Google is the world's largest monopoly, and its data-sucking tendrils extend deep into our daily lives, collecting information on every online and offline action and connection.

You may have heard of China's social credit system, a dystopian monitoring plan centered on the moral dimension of human life and behavior, which was designed in 2014 and implemented in earnest in 2018. Business Insider reported in October of that year:

Similar to private credit scores, a person's social score can increase or decrease based on their actions. The actual approach is a closely guarded secret, but examples of violations include reckless driving, smoking in no-smoking zones, purchasing too many video games, and publishing bogus news.

China has already begun to punish individuals by limiting their travel. Nine million individuals with low scores have been prevented from purchasing domestic aircraft tickets...

They can also restrict luxury options; three million individuals are prohibited from purchasing business-class train tickets. The eventual system will explicitly penalise bad passengers. Possible transgressions include attempting to board without a valid ticket, loitering in front of boarding gates, and smoking in no-smoking zones.

In addition to hindering a person's ability to travel, the social credit system may punish "poor behavior" with slower internet speeds, bans on attending particular institutions or pursuing higher education, restrictions on certain sorts of jobs, the confiscation of pets, and, of course, public humiliation.

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by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Today’s meeting of the Federal Reserve and their announcement regarding interest rates was, by far, the most anticipated financial announcement so far in 2023.

Since the start of the banking collapse of the past couple of weeks, there has been widespread speculation about what the Fed was going to do today.

Would they announce rate cuts and the return of easy money, which would throw a life preserver out to America’s smaller banks, or would they continue with rate hikes in an attempt to lower inflation, but potentially doom hundreds of America’s smaller and mid-sized banks to collapse?

It was a no-win situation for the Fed, and most were anticipating at least a halt in rising interest rates, if not the announcement of rate cuts.

In the end, the Fed announced another rate increase, stating that rate cuts were not on the table for the rest of 2023.

Trying to calm the nerves of investors on Wall Street, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced that “all depositor savings” were “safe,” and that they were prepared to “use all tools” to keep the U.S. banking system “safe and sound.” (Source.)

However, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who was testifying before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee at the same time Powell was making his remarks, was asked if the FDIC was going to raise the limit on bank deposits that are insured above the current $250,000 limit, and she replied:

“This is not something we have looked at, it’s not something that we’re considering,” said Yellen. (Source.)

Whoops! The stock markets then began a steep decline in the final hour of trading, as soon as she said that.

Bank stocks tumbled once again, but they are not the only ones looking at disaster. The automobile industry and the housing market are also in big trouble now, as U.S. consumers’ ability to borrow money and make major purchases will now get even worse.

And just as a reminder, this current crisis of liquidity and downward spiral all began last year when FTX blew up, and the Big Tech sector began massive layoffs.

Big Tech’s main bank, Silicon Valley Bank, the 15th largest bank in the U.S., was the first to crash.

And now, America’s reliance on technology is crippling this nation, and it can only get worse, as all of this technology, such as AI which is eating up $billions of cash in Chat bot and other software right now, is all dependent upon hardware, and most of that is produced in China and Taiwan.

China can now easily cripple the United States and bring us to brink of collapse, without firing a single shot or launching a single missile, by simply cutting off their exports to the U.S., and blocking exports from Taiwan.

Made in China.

As the U.S. economy continues to crumble, I am not the only one discussing the dangers of our reliance on Big Tech anymore.

A few days ago I referenced a piece written by Graham Summers of PHOENIX CAPITAL RESEARCH who traced the current liquidity crisis to Big Tech and their addiction to “easy money” from the Fed keeping interest rates low for so long.

Tech is finished.

Ever since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, the Fed has been primarily in an accommodative framework. For most of 2008-2023, interest rates were at ZERO or 0.25%. The below chart shows where rates were from 2007 until today. You’ll see that with the exception of 2017 to mid-2019, rates were effectively at ZERO for most of this time.

The Fed didn’t just keep rates at zero either. It printed money and used that money to buy assets/ debt securities to prop up the system anytime things started to break down.

We’re not talking about a little money printing either. Between 2007 and 2023, the Fed printed over $8 TRILLION. 

This suppression of interest rates… combined with the money printing and easy access to credit had one primary beneficiary…

The Tech sector.

Tech, particularly high beta garbage Tech (apps, texting companies, social media, etc), NEEDs low interest rates to even exist because these companies require a TON of capital/ debt to reach profitability (assuming they even do that, which 95% DON’T).

And remember, we’re not talking about the Fed creating an artificial environment for a few months. They’ve been doing it for most of 15 years. And every time the system began to break down, the Fed would do even MORE extreme versions of these policies… which in turn made the environment even more favorable to the Tech industry.

How bad did this get?

Talk to anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur today and he or she will say they want to found a Tech company. NO ONE says they want to go into energy, or materials, or manufacturing. It’s all about apps, social media, search engines, etc.

Think of it this way, as of 2021…

The largest automaker in the stock market was a tech stock (Tesla).

The largest commerce company in the stock market was a tech stock (Amazon).

The largest consumer discretionary company in the stock market was a tech stock (Apple).

And so on…

The Tech sector was the largest sector by weighting in the S&P 500 by almost a factor of two. In fact, Tech was larger than both the 2nd and the 3rd heaviest weighted sectors COMBINED!

The below chart shows the performance of the Tech Sector relative to the broader market (S&P 500 since 1999). As you can see, Tech outperformed the broader market non-stop from 2008 onward. By the time 2022 rolled around, it was at levels that EXCEEDED those established by the Tech Bubble of 2000!

All of this is due to the Fed.

Most of the people who work in Tech are not geniuses, nor are they the best entrepreneurs on the planet. They were simply the beneficiaries of an artificial environment created by the Fed.

In the simplest of terms, Tech is to the bubble today, what Banks were to the bubble in 2007: the sector that benefited most, generated the largest profits, and consumed the largest percentage of talent/ aspirations.

That period is now OVER. And it’s not coming back.

So what does this mean for the markets?

Well, if the largest sector in the market is in a spectacular bubble the likes of which won’t return for at least another decade… what do you think?

The Silicon Valley Bank bailout is the Bear Stearns moment for this bubble. Lehman is coming… as is AIG… and this entire mess won’t end until the stock market hits levels most cannot even imagine today. (Full article.)

According to, there have been 152,858 layoffs in the technology sector here in 2023, which is almost equal to the layoffs in Big Tech for ALL of 2022, and we are not even at the end of the First Quarter yet.

So tech stocks should be tumbling the most now, right?

Wrong. Their banks are, but Big Tech has amassed such huge sums of money over the past two decades, that Wall Street investors actually are looking at Big Tech as a safe haven to put their money since the banking collapse started a couple of weeks ago.


HNewsWire: Most of These Big Tech Social Media Platforms Are Demonic, They Hate Conservatives and Christians, It’s Time People Wake up Stop Using, Google, Twitter and Reddit… Professional criminals usually have rejected all or part of social ethics. These are usually burglars, robbers, confidence men, racketeers, gangsters and killers. Sometimes they desire to be caught and punished because this relieves repressed guilt feelings. Those criminals who feel no guilt or remorse over their acts are psychopathic personalities. In society, consistent, serious and inappropriate disobedience of the written and unwritten laws is considered a sign of abnormal behavior. Big Tech CEO–The psychopathic personality is characterized by disequilibrate and gross errors in judgement. It is egocentric, disdains Bible, country and people, and has no natural affection for family members. When opposed, will vacillate between big bully attitude, and quaking and cringing.

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Source:  HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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