Daily National Joint Intervention Prayer Sessions Drive Proposal


Dinesh Kaushiva  May 28, 2023
Just a coincidence that today is The Pentecost Sunday. A day to celebrate when all Jesus had instructed His disciples to wait in Jerusalem there to receive from God was gloriously fulfilled and witnessed by thousands of believers who had come there then to celebrate the Jewish Feast of Pentecost.
The Holy Spirit has been prompting me to share this with you to encourage every Patriotic American Citizen to pray to God in The Name of Jesus to join the 'Daily National Joint Intervention Prayer Session Drive' preferably as a Bible Group or even individually believing there are also other fellow believers praying together at home or elsewhere all with the same INTENT AND DESIRE to save America from the Jaws of the Spiritual Satanic Warfare attack.
Being that the nation of America is so wide-spread with multiple time zones and also most individuals already have their own prayer time, it would be impossible to select a singular specific time. But the most important part is that The Holy Spirit is there for us to pray in unity with a specific purpose and understanding along with all those who actually are  praying with their earnest desire to save America and defeat the Enemy.  Please create your own schedule and groups knowing other prayer warriors are joining in this effort everywhere throughout America in this dedicated intervention prayer drive.
You are never alone.
Through the gift of our salvation 'The Gift from God, the power and authority of God', has been given to us "to have dominion on this Earth and replenish it" when we accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, asking Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins and declaring with our mouths that Jesus' body was broken and His blood was shed for the remission of our sins. Also, Jesus took our sins upon Himself and surrendered His Spirit to The Father to die for us. Knowingly, Jesus went to hell in our place and was raised by God, just as GOD had promised to Jesus earlier, that on the THIRD DAY 'THE Temple' will be restored then Jesus arose triumphantly in hell and took back the 'KEYS  OF DEATH AND HELL FROM SATAN' to restore the power and authority that God had originally given to Adam according to the The Book of Genesis. Praise The Lord Jesus , He defeated Satan again and made a mockery of him.
Another most important Gift that God has given to His children now which Adam and Eve and Old Testament believers of God did not have was the Gift of His Holy Spirit , who is now living in us , for Him to be our helper, counselor, teacher, advocate and revealer of the current will of Jesus so then Jesus is Glorified. Also, the most ignored gift , another precious gift, is that now our Father and Jesus also have made their dwelling place in our spirit WHEN YOU AND I WERE BORN AGAIN.
In the common layman's terms  'Born Again Believers are now 'MOBILE - TEMPLES' of God The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. No need for the Old Testament mode of long distance prayers to give any opportunity for any Satanic,  Demonic or Principalities interference. We can now better understand why Jesus repeatedly taught us that it is The Father in Him who is doing the Works.
Hopefully, by now you are aware that you are 'The Church ' for which Jesus came to establish.
Also, Jesus has removed all sideline benches, rules and limitations created by 'the spirit of religion' to hinder from every believer to become a full time participant  through the gift of our salvation access to God's Kingdom on Earth as new Born Again creation of God. Bible teaches us that all things were made NEW !
Hopefully,  your are now encouraged to consider joining me and soon thousands of other fellow Believers of Christ to the Daily National Joint Intervention Prayer Sessions Drive.
Daily National Prayer Joint Intervention Prayer Sessions Drive by every follower of Jesus Christ to put a dedicated effort to exercise what the Bible teaches us in Matthew 18:18-20 (KJV) to make a stand against the enemy;

18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Suggested prayer just in case you need a Biblical format to follow or your own leading of The Holy Spirit  as this is not meant to be a formula but rather just a Biblical foundational starting point.
Holy Spirit, we welcome you and pray for your anointing, wisdom, peace, strength and revelation of the current will of Jesus so that Jesus is Glorified now. We are fully submitting to you to please operate through us for the manifestation of The Word of God. With the assurance of the promise of Jesus that you are now always with us to be our comforter, teacher and revealer of 'The will of Jesus' so 'Jesus is Glorified'  which is the will of The Father and that we are now your Temple and you are in us and help us to know how and what to pray.
Father we come to you together, with all our brothers and sisters in Christ,  in The Name of Jesus as your children to ask for your forgiveness of our sins and are also asking for the forgiveness of the sins of our leaders' and Nation of America which we have committed against you and your Word.
We Believe because we have received our salvation through Jesus we are now your children and according to your Word we are now the  temple of The Holy Spirit ( 1Corinthians 6:19) where You, Jesus and The Holy Spirit make your residence in our Spirit. (John 14:13-3). Now you are always in and with us.
Therefore, we confess and believe you are always with us and The Kingdom of God is always in our mouth.
Thank you, Father, for making it possible for your 'Heavenly Blessing' of your Kingdom and all your promises to manifest right now in this life on Earth. Luke 7:20-21, Matthew 3:2,Matthew 4:17,Mark 1:15.
We thank you for the Nation of America that was established in Covenant with your Word and we declare and receive Your Divine  Peace, Wholeness, Prosperity, Protection, Grace, Mercy. Abundance, Healing, Freedom, Security and Goodness and spreading The Gospel Of Jesus Christ in every inch of our Nation and The World in The Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. We also believe your Word that through The Name of Jesus we now have the authority and power against Satan and all his demonic dark forces.
We believe in The Word of God and what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us in your Word is true and meant for us to exercise the spiritual authority of BELIEVING YOUR WORD by knowing you always hear our prayers and therefore according to Your Word we are calling all those things we mentioned above which be not as though they were right now.
In the name of Jesus, all of you Satanic and Demonic entities come out right now from all the people where ever you have found a resting place and not return there any longer. We bind you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord to function in their lives and affairs no longer. In The Name of Jesus,  we call them delivered, whole, healed and restored. Angels we ask you please protect and comfort everyone and especially our children at home, in school , any medical facility or any where they might be.at any given time with the blanket of love, security, comfort and goodness to follow them all the days of their lives.
In the name of Jesus, Satan and your forces of darkness we are binding you and all your evil influence and schemes and  calling them all to be exposed and also to be made totally worthless and ineffective from this moment on in our lives and every person of the World because Our God so Loved The World That He has given to us His only begotten Son.
Also, according to The Word of God, and in full agreement with each other right now, in the Name of Jesus,we are binding the activities and all influence of the enemy on ourselves, on America, all our Leaders, all  adults and all children, in America and around the world to stop immediately and set each one of them totally and absolutely free.
In the Name of Jesus, we are also commanding all the evil effects off from our Leaders (Elected or Appointed Officials) and are now totally making all the power and influence of the enemy worthless, powerless, ineffective and removed so they are totally freed from the bondage of the dark forces and made totally whole. Their spiritual  eyes are now opened to see the salvation and goodness of The Lord Jesus and Our God.
Again, Father, in the Name of Jesus, we are loosening your power of joy, healing, prosperity, freedom and comfort to spread all over America and The World to Glorify Jesus. Also, in the name of Jesus, we are loosening Your Blessing and Goodness on our Leaders to perform their duties according to the Oath of their Offices they accepted to serve the people honestly, fairly and start to stand up do all in the transparent and righteous manner to protect every American Citizen and America.
In the name of Jesus , we are declaring and binding to be totally ineffective in their whole being any after-effects of every person in America and around the World all those who have received the Poisonous COVID-19 Injections, mRNA and GMO Nano-Artificial Intelligence Technology and all other injections, substances and medicines. Psalms 91.
In the Name of Jesus, we are calling a immediate stop to all GMO, mRNA, Nano-Artificial Intelligence Technology and all other Satanically motivated grooming, teaching and anti-God agendas from America and every country of the World.
In the Name of Jesus, we are calling a immediate stop to all Satanically motivated grooming, teaching and anti-God agendas from our Education Systems for our children.
In the Name of Jesus we are calling a total IMMEDIATE halt to the looting of Americas' Wealth, Heritage, Traditions and Assets by both by all the elected, appointed and non elected and non appointed individuals and entities and destruction of The Constitution of The Republic of The United States of America and all to be immediately returned and restored.
In the name of Jesus, we are freely giving them what we have freely received of healing, prosperity, peace and wholeness of  mind, soul and spirit. Thank you, Father, for creating us in such a fearfully and miraculously way that our bodies, soul (mind) are renewed daily in Your Word, Presence and Glory. We are calling our bodies natural immunize system  to be whole and strong to immediately repulse against any attacks of the enemy.  Psalms 91.
We now Praise you, Father, and thank you for not only hearing our prayers and are now rejoicing that we do have what we prayed for according to your Word as you are the one who performs the works whenever we operate according to Your will, which is Your Word, and witness the manifestation of the miracles performed by you as Jesus said you always did when He prayed by Faith.



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