We are one election away from losing the freedom to worship God, not the God they tell us to worship, but the living God of the Bible

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The Old Testament book of Daniel contains one of the most significant and intriguing prophecies of the Bible:

“Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make an atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place” (Dan 9.24)
This prophecy first defines a timeline (70 ‘weeks’) for some of the most significant events in history. It is widely accepted that one ‘week’ refers to a period of 7 (Old Testament) years. The prophecy then refers to the Jews (Daniel’s people) and to Jerusalem (‘your holy city’). The final part of the prophecy refers to the plan of salvation for all mankind. It spans from Old Testament times to the time of Christ, or to the Second Coming of Christ, depending upon how we interpret the prophecy. The prophecy is then expanded in Dan 9.25-27.

One interpretation of Dan 9.24-27 (which fits observed facts extremely well) takes the present age to lie between week 69 and week 70. Week 70 is still future but, prophetically speaking, very close.

Some who adhere to this interpretation believe that the true church will be removed from the earth around the start of week 70. Others believe the true church will be removed ‘mid-week’ or at the end of week 70. Either way, world events will get dramatic just before the end, especially during week 70. Daniel says the world will see a crushing world government led by a godless world dictator who will persecute Israel in particular, Americans will certainly feel the sting of the antichrist.

Christians beware, there are many trying to confuse you about the truth here’s one such group.

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Put on the full armor of God because most of the true God fearing Bible believing groups, authors will be choked out of the information distribution highway, twitter just to name one and the so-called fact check organizations have been set up to mislead you down the path of misinformation about God…

Worldwide Spiritual Darkness
“darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people” (Isa 60.2)
Sadly, the governments of many ‘Christianised’ nations are steadily abandoning biblical truth. Absolute biblical truth on morality link is now replaced by humanistic ‘equality’ legislation, and the biblical concept of creation is treated as a myth and evolutionary theory treated as fact link. Most institutionalised western churches are in decline and biblical faith is being replaced by eastern religions, or no faith at all. The west is being dominated by Satanic blackness – humanism, multiculturalism, relativism, evolutionism, religious pluralism and political correctness.

Spiritual Darkness

Over the past 2000 years there have been dozens of people who have claimed to be the prophesied Christ, or a Messiah under the umbrella of Christianity.

A False World Church
A false (apostate) world church is emerging

“I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast … and on her forehead a name written ‘Babylon the Great'” (Rev 17.5)
Many see this being formed via the Ecumenical Movement and headed by the Roman Catholic church. And, like Wycliffe, Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Bunyan, Huss, Knox, Edwards and Wesley, many identify the Papacy with the Antichrist in Rev 13.

The destruction of the end time World Government link and the judgement of the nations is immediately followed by the return of Jesus Christ to earth link – His feet will stand upon the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem.

Many prophecies then point to a ‘millennial’ age on this earth, where the world is at peace, justice is established, and Christ rules the nations from Jerusalem:

“And the LORD shall be King over all the earth.” (Zech 14.9)

StevieRay Hansen

John Wesley who said that what we tolerate in our generation, will be embraced by the next. Wesley is 100% correct! We are living in sick times.

HNewsWire- “All political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” Just look at some of our modern day examples: torture is “enhanced interrogation techniques”; murder is “collateral damage”; the aggression initiation of war is a “pre-emptive strike”; the theft of taxpayers’ money is a “bailout”; and the theft of depositors’ money in a bank is a “haircut” or “bail-in”.In a blatant example of Newspeak, the New World Order controllers (through the psychiatric DSM V) have tried to rename pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons” and redefine pedophilia as a “sexual orientation”. This makes no sense, since sexual orientation has to do with gender not age, with whether you are attracted to males or females, not how old they are. There are even organizations (like B4UAct.org) which are claiming that pedophiles are being unfairly stigmatized for their feelings!

Justice is a word that stands alone, adding anything to it demeans it….

It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated.

Children are being misplaced or lost in our foster care system, we must demand more openness and accountability from each state.
If you have information or believe there is a child in danger that’s being exploited please contact 127 Faith Foundation
Call 325.347.2654
The 127 Faith Foundationhttps://www.the127.org

Please help me help these kids(orphans) that are in trouble, PLEASE 80% of the book sales goes directly to: The 127 Faith Foundation

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“It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error. It is better to speak the truth that hurts and then heals, than falsehood that comforts and then kills. Let me tell you something, friend, it is not love and it is not friendship if we fail to declare the whole counsel of God. It is better to be hated for telling the truth, than to be loved for telling a lie. It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated. It’s better to stand alone with the truth, then to be wrong with a multitude. It is better to ultimately succeed with the truth than to temporarily succeed with a lie. There is only one Gospel and Paul said, ‘If any man preaches any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”

Proverbs 31:8 (NIV)
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
for the rights of all who are destitute


Jesus come quick, there is nothing left in society that’s sacred….

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The number of Orphans aging out of Child Protective Custody has grown at an alarming rate. The 127 Faith Foundation receives many requests each week to house them at our ranch. Our prayer is that the good people of our country will step up to the challenge and offer financial support for "the least among us." We need your help! StevieRay Hansen, Founder, The 127 Faith Foundation



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  1. Faye Martin on March 14, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    Thank you for putting this on “Facebook”. Two of my three daughters and I studied this 20 years ago. Then life happened and we all had to go our seperate ways. Now 20 later when I could tell we are getting close to the end I find your site on facebook. Thank you for being on face and thank The Lord for me finding your site.

  2. Faye Martin on March 14, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    Thank you for putting this on “Facebook”. Two of my three daughters and I studied this 20 years ago. Then life happened and we all had to go our seperate ways. Now 20 later years when I could tell we are getting close to the end I find your site on facebook. Thank you for being on face and thank The Lord for me finding your site.

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