Watchman: According to John Kerry and Bill Gates, “Cow Farts” Are to Blame for “Global Warming.” Who Are These Zany People?


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According to SRH,

Recently published research disproves the globalist claim that cow emissions are responsible for “climate change” and shows that livestock actually reduce atmospheric methane gas levels.

The agriculture industry has been under fire in recent years from unelected international groups like the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF), who have demanded restrictions or outright bans on the public’s consumption of dairy and meat.

Those who support environmental causes and the World Economic Forum contend that “cow farts,” or methane gasses released by livestock, are the source of “global warming.”

The so-called “settled science” surrounding the purported emissions from cattle has prompted heightened scrutiny from farmers all around.

In response, governments around the world have increased agricultural laws in an effort to force farms to close.

Livestock production is responsible for an estimated 11.1% of global emissions, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Less meat consumption is recommended for Americans in a report released last year by the FAO.

The United Nations claims that fewer people will want to buy cows if they “fight climate change” by reducing their meat consumption.

The United Nations has stated that a decrease in the number of cows will lead to a reduction in emissions.

A team of eminent Polish scientists, headed by Dr. Jan Kubicki, investigated how rising CO2 emissions would affect world temperatures.

But not only did they discover that more CO2 didn’t affect things, but also demonstrated that more CO2 can’t possibly raise global temperatures.

Carbon dioxide has already reached a “saturated” level in Earth’s atmosphere, according to three studies published lately by Kubicki and colleagues.

Since this saturation occurs at very low concentrations of CO2, the “greenhouse gas” will not raise global temperatures, even when levels are substantially increased.

In their summary of the findings, Kubicki et al. state that “emitted CO2 does not directly cause an increase in global temperature” due to saturation.

The scientists have stated that once the CO2 concentration reaches 400 ppm, “the CO2 concentration can no longer cause any increase in temperature.” Despite the fact that atmospheric CO2 levels are currently at 418 ppm,

Many in politics, the media, and climate scientists are afraid to mention the CO2 saturation hypothesis.

The incessant alarmism surrounding a supposed “climate crisis” is the downfall of the “Net Zero” collectivism agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF)AKA Clown Show.



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