Watchman: Daily Devotional, COVID-19: Is It Mentioned in Bible Prophecy? Bible Prophecy, in Fact, Does Mention Deadly Viruses or Pestilences and Crazy Men That Want To be GOD

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Jesus speaks of the future In Luke chapter 21, Jesus speaks prophetically about the signs that would precede the end of the world. In Luke 21:11, Jesus says that one of those signs would be pestilences, “And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.” (The meaning of a pestilence, according to the Hebrew and Greek definitions, is a plague or disease.)

Frequency and seriousness
In the preceding prophetic Bible verses, Jesus was referring to the birth of a child. He was explaining that, just as a woman's contractions or labor pains become more frequent and intense as the baby's birth approaches, so will these events or signs become more frequent and intense as the world approaches Jesus' second coming.

Is COVID-19 a portent of doom?
Since Jesus mentioned pestilences, does this mean that the coronavirus has been predicted as a sign of tomorrow's end of the world and Jesus' return? Most likely not.

Numerous plagues and diseases have caused fear and death throughout history. Consider the following outbreaks as an example:

The Great Plague Ebola SARS Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Jesus did not return in the past due to these plagues. However, as epidemics, such as the coronavirus, become more frequent and deadly, we should pay attention, as these are signs that Jesus will soon return.

Jesus' main point in Luke 21 and Matthew 24 is to watch for an increase in the frequency of prophetic signs. This increase will signal Jesus' imminent return.

Having faith in Jesus
As we consider the momentous times in which we live, let us not forget that Jesus is always by our side. He will always walk alongside us. The Bible states, "I will never abandon or leave you" (Hebrews 13:5).

Jesus made this promise to His disciples and, by extension, to us before His crucifixion. "I have spoken these things to you so that you may find peace in Me. There will be tribulation in the world, but be of good cheer, for I have conquered the world " (John 16:33). We can have peace because Jesus, our Redeemer, is with us.

In John 14:27, Jesus tells us not to be afraid or troubled because he is always with us, regardless of the situation or circumstances. "I give you my peace, not the peace of the world. Let your heart neither be troubled nor afraid." God repeats Himself in a number of Bible verses because He understands that as humans, we require constant reassurance of His care.

Therefore, in these trying times of COVID-19, pray and ask God to remove your fear and anxiety and surround you with His presence; then take a deep breath and relax, knowing that the God who created you holds your life in His hands.

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Jesus and His disciples were leaving the Jerusalem temple when the disciples, in awe, remarked on its beauty. They were shocked to hear Jesus predict the destruction of the temple, the city, and the dispersion of its inhabitants.

"Do you not recognize all of these? Assuredly, I tell you, there will not be a single stone left here upon another that will not be thrown down " (Matthew 24:2).

Jesus' prophecy was fulfilled in the year 70 A.D., when the Roman armies, led by Vespasian and his son Titus, besieged Jerusalem for five months and captured it. Contrary to Titus' directives, the temple was destroyed by fire. In his book The Jewish War, Flavius Josephus describes how Roman soldiers carrying torches into the temple caused the dry wood of the structure to ignite like kindling. Josephus penned:

On Caesar's orders, the city and the temple were then leveled to the ground. Only the tallest towers and a portion of the western wall remained to demonstrate how the Romans overcame such a formidable fortress.

The disciples, troubled by the words of Jesus, approached him in private and asked:

"Tell us when these things will occur. And what will be the indication of Your return and the end of the world?" Matthew 24:3 says.

This question has captivated Christians for centuries: When will Jesus return to earth? Jesus does not want us to lose hope as we await His return, even though it may seem like we've waited an eternity.

In answering the questions of the disciples, He also answered our questions. In Matthew 24 and Luke 21, Jesus provided several "signs" or indications that His return is imminent. Other biblical prophecies that describe the state of the world just before Jesus' return help to complete the picture. Consider the signs Jesus gave us to indicate when His return is near. For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Prayer: O Lord, hear my cry pouring out from a troubled heart. The sorrow which clutches at my soul has driven me to You my protector, my True Friend in time of need. You know, my God, all my failings, my faults and my sins as well as the torment gripping my soul. My greatest sorrow should be for my disregard of Your holy commandments in the past, and I sincerely hope that you will grant me the grace of true contrition. O my Savior, hide not Your Face from me in this tribulation, let the light of Your Countenance shine upon me that I may be illuminated by Its love. If it be Your will, lighten this burden from me, yet should it be a means of my salvation, help me, help me O Lord, to carry this cross, for alone I can do nothing. Radiate Your love upon Your prodigal child O Lord, this beggar who knocks at Your door seeking shelter in Your Sacred Heart; this once proud earthen vessel made of clay seeks You, O Christ, and in a newly found faith, firmly believes that you will receive him in Your limitless Love and Mercy. Amen

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