Let the Bull Hookem — Trouble Lies Ahead for Me and You, Well Here We Go Off


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into what seems to be an abyss of sorts, so much smoke and mirrors it’s hard to find a clear vision for tomorrow. Trouble lies ahead for me and you but rest assured we are here for a purpose, to live through these troubling times and to be witness to God’s greatness. News came out over the weekend to prepare for things to come, yes I did. We must listen to trusted sources but beware the Judas. If links are given in any news, use them expand on truth and squash the lies, you will then see the great deception presented by the dark side. My TV is off most all the time, local channels bombard you with the agenda propaganda hour, national news MSM steers you down a path be careful you aren’t fixing to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. This steering has been in place for years hence the swamp may be so much bigger than anyone can imagine. Things keep coming out that were openly exposed years ago yet were swept out of sight, currently, I have had rich content info disappear right in front of my eyes, Twitter & Google, fact. https://twitter.com/gatewaypundit/status/1338653905916473346

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BREAKING: FBI, Texas Rangers and US Marshals Raid SolarWinds HQ in Austin — More News Coming on CEO and Executive Vice President via @gatewaypundit

I feel sure this is old news for most have already seen it etc. but lets take this on. Seems it was a big security hack affecting a huge number of large companies.

A Sneak Peek at SolarWinds PerfStack - NEW Correlation ...

There are some very interesting people in the history of this company, a major investor to SolarWinds was Silver Lake and there we had a Glenn Hutchins up till 2018 I believe and he tranfered his job to Hong Kong based Kenneth Hao.

Now comes the interesting part Mr. Glenn Hutchins seems to be associated with the Obama Foundation. https://www.obama.org/whats-next/leadership/the-board/

I am not a great believer in coincidence, can’t help it, it’s just the way I’m made. One thing always leads to another, follow the sign. Sign doesn’t lie but interpretation may be difficult.

Mitch McConnell what happened to this guy becoming an independent.

The great deception may be pulled off right before your eyes.

Citizen Journalist Network (IRE)


· Dec 14

The paper existed, the story existed, the intention still exists (Ref: Bill Gates – TED TALK 2010.

Things are gonna happen and I feel that day is close at hand. The contests for a free Winter vacation to the state of the art winter wonderland facility in Iceland or perhaps to the newly remodeled Caribbean Guantanamo Bay retirement home I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna have multiple winners and may be underway.

Keep the faith, that’s what this is all about.


The Watchman does not confuse truth with consensus. The Watchman does not confuse God’s Word with the word of those in power…

This is what their New World Order looks like, Democrats Lawmaker in California: ‘legalize child prostitution’ SACRAMENTO – Beginning on Jan. 1, police cannot arrest child prostitutes in the streets of California, except under limited circumstances. And dumb down people wonder why California is burning to the ground, poke God in the eyes enough times and his anger will start to show…


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  1. Trapper on December 19, 2020 at 7:37 am

    Amen Patric, I wish to apologize to the readers on this weak article, there were 6 important links/reads to take this whole article and shine a light on people and events but something happened in the send. I Cant explain it other than Microsoft and Gmail.
    I suppose that was meant to be.
    Say your prayers

  2. Patrick Galasso on December 17, 2020 at 2:45 pm

    So long as I have a breath left in me, I will encourage more Americans to embrace the moral superiority of personal liberty and its main ingredient of limited government. This nation is about your freedom to choose, not government control over your life.

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