Sexual abuse of children is tolerated within our culture.


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Jesus come quick, there is nothing left in society that’s sacred….

Sex traffickers are looking for anyone that they believe they can make money on. And that would be Children, women and boys who have very chronic problems with self-esteem. And you have sex traffickers who would present themselves as the knight in shining armor.”

Sex traffickers reach beyond socioeconomic status by preying on the emotionally and mentally vulnerable.

“And one of the patterns that you will see is someone who has already been sexually violated at the hands of family members. Then those people, because of the trauma of that experience, are sometimes very attractive to sex traffickers,” Cook continues. “What you have is a person who is just extremely vulnerable.”

Children are undoubtedly the most vulnerable and most exploited segment of the population. Children may be easily intimidated into keeping silent about abuse. Children below a certain age may not even understand the sexual nature of what is being done to them. There have been cases right here in New York of sexual assault on toddlers and infants. It is not uncommon that family members or trusted friends are the abusers.

Young children, both boys and girls, are extremely vulnerable to all forms of trafficking. They are a specific target for certain sexual predators, and as such they are also targeted by traffickers catering to that demand.  Of key importance to understanding domestic minor sex trafficking is the fact that a child under 18 years of age is automatically considered a victim of “severe forms of trafficking” due to age alone. No proof of force, fraud, or coercion in the case of sex trafficking of a minor is required. Trafficking is a crime of exploitation. The majority of minors who become involved in prostitution are runaway or thrown away children from abusive or otherwise dysfunctional homes. They are often lured into prostitution by sophisticated criminals who convince them not only that they will earn money to survive but also that they will be taken care of and have the secure loving environment that they lacked at home. Broken promises, broken dreams, shattered childhoods. Pimps take the money a child earns on the streets and engage in severe physical abuse to build a relationship of dependency.

StevieRay Hansen
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Jesus come quick, there is nothing left in society at sacred….


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