There Has Always Been a Problem With Liberal Media Being Unreliable, but a New Poll Shows That for the First Time, a Majority of Americans No Longer Trust the Media in General ,Even Fox News



Most people are probably not surprised by this, but it is now proven by the mainstream media's own polls - they are fast losing their audience and influence.

The Reuters Institute For The Study Of Journalism conducts an annual research to assess public views of media, particularly corporate media, and the level of confidence in the MSM. Spoiler: They haven't received any. Indeed, during the last two years, establishment journalists have alienated a sizable percentage of the general population.

According to the most recent poll, 38 percent of individuals worldwide skip most news entirely, suggesting that coverage of certain themes such as covid has become'repetitive' and unpleasant. This is a nearly 10% increase over 2017. The more important figure, though, is the percentage of individuals who do not trust the media at all.

Only 42% of people worldwide indicated they trust the media most of the time. In the United States, just 26% trust the media, a three-point decrease from 2021. This is supported by the recent exponential drop in mainstream news ratings. According to Axios, 56% of Americans feel that "journalists and reporters are intentionally attempting to mislead people by expressing things they know are incorrect or outrageous exaggerations." According to 58% of respondents, "most news agencies are more interested with advancing an ideology or political viewpoint than with educating the audience." When Edelman re-surveyed Americans after the November election, the results were much worse, with just 57 percent of Democrats and 18 percent of Republicans saying they trust the media.

The results may surprise leftist activists posing as journalists at CNN, but they should not surprise anybody who saw how the media acted last year.CNN lost over 70% of its main demographic audience this year, and the network just had one of its lowest weekly viewing numbers since 2015. The failure of the CNN+ premium membership program before it ever got off the ground demonstrates a total lack of public interest in the network's radical leftist agenda.

MSNBC's viewing figures were also down 32% this month, as its prime-time programming struggled to sustain a million viewers. Even the Jan. 6th hearings, billed as a historic event for the US that would allegedly show "evidence" of a planned "insurgency" of the federal government, drew just 20 million people over 12 networks, accounting for around 6% of the American population. Fox New looks to be the only corporate network with a consistent viewership.

Is it any surprise that the establishment media has been collaborating with social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to artificially boost their material to the top of search results? With the public angry with the media's consistently slanted coverage of the pandemic, the BLM riots, the Hunter Biden Laptop problem, the Ukraine conflict, and the growing economic catastrophe, the only way the MSM can get people to watch them is to collaborate with Big Tech to compel people to watch them.

It's simple: if you consistently mislead to the public, they will ultimately disregard you.

Darkness and light are symbols for evil and goodness, respectively. If someone sees an angel of light, it will seem to be a good person, since the link of evil with darkness and good with light is a strong paradigm in human history. Light is a spiritual symbol for truth and God's unchanging character in the Bible (James 1:17). It is used often in the Bible to help us comprehend that God is entirely good and true (1 John 1:5). We are with Him while we are "in the light" (1 Peter 2:9). He exhorts us to join Him in the light (1 John 1:7), since His aim was to give us light (John 12:46). Light is a nice place for love to live (1 John 2:9-10). God created light (Genesis 1:3), resides in light (1 Timothy 6:16), and places light in human hearts so that we might see, know, and grasp the truth (2 Corinthians 4:6).

So, when 2 Corinthians 11:14 says, "Satan disguises himself as an angel of light," it indicates that Satan takes use of our love of light to mislead us. He wants us to believe that he is good, true, loving, and strong - everything that God is. The bulk of people would find it difficult to accept him as a dark, diabolical figure with horns. Most individuals are attracted to light rather than darkness. As a result, Satan disguises himself as a creature of light in order to lure us to himself and his falsehoods.

As with any waste, some valuable objects may be discovered. When we listen to conservative talk radio, we should bear this in mind.

Conservatives, according to Rush Limbaugh, "are going to have to regain the public education of this nation" in order to "recapture the country." He said "recapture," not "abandon." We will never be able to recover the system because we never really possessed it. It was constructed of sewage sand and has just a modest and temporary Tidy Bowl. Limbaugh would never advocate for a mass flight from government indoctrination facilities, despite the evident necessity.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, is embarrassed by its beginnings in the Great Textbook War. Conservatives now are likely to lose because they will make errors that the Courageous Corps of '74 experience might have prevented. Worse, they continue to allow the adversary to teach their children! That is beyond stupid!! It's one of the reasons I stopped being a conservative.

Many Christians believe Rush Limbaugh, the multiple-married misled-Methodist, was on the verge of sainthood. The man is a gifted conservative, yet he seems to be embarrassed of the Gospel. He's simply another annoyance in my ear. Speaking of talk show hosts, the epitome of an Episcopalian, Neal Boortz (no longer on the air), is a baby-killing evolutionist (due to his libertarian leanings). Sean Hannity is a disillusioned Catholic. Glenn Beck is a former LDS missionary. Michael Savage has completely destroyed his Jewish ancestry. Laura Ingram is another compromised Catholic trying to save the TechRepublic Party. She is a staunch Republican. All of them advise conservatism, but may God have compassion on us if we place too much faith in the leadership of those misguided guys. (Boycott Boortz, flush Rush, suspect Beck, bandage Savage, handle Hannity with caution, and abandon Laura.) Mark Levin, a lawyer, is arguably the most admirable and, together with Phil Valentine, may lead the lost league to triumph if they choose to accept Christ. (The most dangerous of all is Beck. With his conservative politics, he combines god talk, kumbaya, and New Age dogma.)

My thesis is simple: we are surrounded by disinformation. Conducting your own research is the best way to prevent getting mislead. "The Holy Bible"

How can we tell which light is from God and which is from Satan? Conflicting messages may easily confuse our brains and emotions. How can we be certain that we are on the correct track? "Your word is a candle to my feet and a light to my path," says Psalm 119, and "the unfolding of your words offers light; it conveys insight to the simple" (verse 130). God's words have power. Just as God's voice created physical light, it may also create spiritual light in our souls. Exposure to His voice - in His Word – will help us distinguish between God's bright light and that which is false.

Satan portrays immorality as something desirable and attractive, and he portrays false doctrine as enlightened and life-changing. Millions of people believe his lies because they do not know God's truth. The darkness that arises from disregarding the Word is described in Isaiah 8:20-22. The people of Israel have been duped by Satan's deceit and have sought truth via mediums. "To the teaching and to the witness!" declares Isaiah. If they do not respond to this term, it is because they do not have dawn.

They will move across the country, distraught and hungry. And when they are hungry, they will get infuriated, speaking contemptuously of their monarch and God, and turning their faces skyward. And when they gaze to the ground, they will see sadness and darkness, the obscurity of agony. And they will be pushed into a dense fog."

Darkness results from striving to discover truth apart from God's Word. Unfortunately, as Isaiah writes, when people lack the "dawn," they wander in darkness and often get furious with God, refusing to seek His aid. This is why Satan's disguise as a light angel is so powerful. It changes white to black and black to white, leading us to believe that God is a liar and the creator of darkness. Then, in our anguish, we direct our rage at the one One who can rescue us.


By StevieRay Hansen | August 4, 2022 |

  Darkness and light are metaphors for evil and good. If anyone sees an angel of light, it will automatically seem to be a good being, for the correlation of evil with darkness, and of good with light, is a powerful archetype in human history. In the Bible, light is a spiritual metaphor for truth…

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People Die From Lack of Truth, Google, YouTube, and the Social Media Platforms Are Guilty of Misleading the American People, Hell-On Earth

These ungodly behemoths are guilty bias towards Christian and Conservative people…




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