Update: 8/13/22 If We Can’t Rely on the Department of Justice, the FBI, Our Elected Officials, the President of the United States, the Supreme Court, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, We Can’t Rely on Their Ministry of Truth Either, Tribulation In Play


At the Capitol on Jan. 6, Lora DeWolfe and her husband Darrel Kennemer attended a demonstration but didn't do anything unlawful, they said in an interview with The Epoch Times. They think the FBI mistook Kennemer for another person.

There were no injuries or property damage reported by any of them, since they said they only got as far as the Capitol steps on January 6. Kennemer was shown a fuzzy picture of a guy who looked like him but was not Kennemer by the FBI over and over again, they alleged.

On January 6, 2021, Darrel Kennemer chats with a Capitol Police officer in Washington, D.C. DeWolfe remarked, "I swing between being angry and powerless." It made me feel incredibly low. It was all we sought was a fair and open vote. In an interview, Kennemer claimed, "They're crooked, and they're trying to intimidate us," adding that he believes the FBI targeted him for merely attending the protest demonstration.

Early morning raids are a good idea...

DeWolfe claimed the event started early on June 22 when their gate alarm woke them up. They first assumed the alarm had been set by a deer, but when DeWolfe awoke, he spotted a white automobile. DeWolfe claimed Kennemer walked outside with his AR-15 weapon, not knowing what he was going to find.

In Kennemer's words, "I was watching one solitary white truck driving quite rapidly, and I was afraid someone was going to die....

He had his gun pointed skyward when two FBI agents exited the white truck and urged him to put it down. When the FBI arrived, he maintained his weapon and requested for a warrant to be shown him. To get him to down his firearm, Kennemer claims that someone launched flash bangs at him. She said, "There was an airplane and a drone flying over." It wasn't until the very end that they presented a warrant."

DeWolfe said that when agents broke into the residence, they used a flash bang to startle their dogs, leading one of them to flee.

Separation and interrogation of DeWolfe and Kennemer were carried out by the agents involved. According to Kennemer, they showed him a hazy picture of a guy in the Capitol with facial hair that looked identical to his. Asked about a window break, he also denied it.

The weaponization of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) heralds the start of tyranny (Tribulation). Satan Soldiers is and will be the party of tyranny and state-sponsored terrorism. The misuse of power is apparent, and it is controlled by Democratic lawmakers and Obama's staff who serve as BIDEN's advisors. They will swindle and deceive the people in the next election, and they must display their dominance now! The brown-shirts are attempting to intimidate individuals into not speaking out. The Satan Soldiers intimidate Max.

The terrorist government, Satan Soldiers, is attacking us. The FBI must be held responsible. The FBI is acting as if they are the law, which, of course, they are not! They seem to be simply another crooked agency that needs to be eliminated. Americans should look at the FBI in the same way that I looked at the Soviet secret police.

Side Bar: Life will become incredibly difficult during the tribulation era, and people you trusted will betray you. Prepare yourself.


So we’ve got ourselves a Ministry of Truth, and America’s new Dominatrix of Disinformation is a lunatic named Nina Jankowicz.

The point I’m about to make is important. This means I need you to focus. So…

For just a moment, let’s forget about the terrifying notion of the federal government, especially a government run by extremist Democrats and a corrupt Deep State, creating a “Disinformation Governance Board.”

For just a moment, let’s forget that the very same people behind the “Disinformation Governance Board” are the very same people behind the Russia Collusion Hoax, the Global Warming Hoax, the fairy tale about how men can magically transform into women, and that chemically castrating nine-year-olds is a good thing.

Let’s remove from our minds how these same people handled a very real and very damning laptop owned by Hunter Biden.

Let’s erase from our memory being told inflation is transitory—no, inflation’s not real!–no, inflation’s a good thing!—no, it’s Putiiiinnnn!

Let’s agree to forget being told the president of Russia controls America’s gas prices, that we’re winning the war in Afghanistan, that the border is secure, the Lab Leak Theory is racist, and viruses don’t spread at Black Lives Matter riots.

Let’s delete all that for a moment because I want to focus on one thing… One question…

What is it about Democrats wanting to have sex with little kids?

What is going on?

Did Putin put something in the water that gave Democrats a sudden and uncontrollable desire to rape children? Because that’s what it is. It’s rape. Kids can’t consent. So it’s rape.

Did Democrats always want to rape little kids but are only now pushing to normalize the idea so they can rape all the kids they want, including kids in the classroom?

Listen, I get that this Nina Jankowicz chick is a freak who finds herself absolutely adorable and runs around with a face that screams first wife. I think we all know that few people are more obnoxious than the marginally talented certain they’re on the verge of discovery and worldwide fame. So certain of being discovered are these brittle neurotics that they’re always on … always, always, always on.

And that’s why I call her a dominatrix… Every time she performs, she spreads pain.

Whatever… On close contact, we’re all a little eccentric…

This is what I don’t get.

This right here.

America’s Dominatrix of Disinformation fantasizes about having sex with a child.

If you have some kind of fetish about ghost sex or whatever, it’s a free country. Be a weirdo. Knock yourself out.

But here, right here, we have the Dominatrix of Disinformation openly fantasizing about having sex with a child, with Harry Potter.

Who does that?


Who sits around and fantasizes about raping a little boy to the point where they come up with a song?

Who is so certain of their social bubble that they would post a song about raping a child online?

Now, I know what the grooming enablers in the corporate media and Democrat party will say… They’ll say, Harry Potter’s not a real boy. He’s a fictional character. So what’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal?

Oh, so it would be totally okay for me to sit around fantasizing about Cindy Brady? Even to the point where I come up with a song…

Here’s the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls.
All of them had hair of gold, like their mother,
The youngest one…
[You fill in the blank. I’m not touching this. You see, I’m not a sick freak who wants to have sex with children. In fact, I’m so not a sick freak; I don’t even want to joke about it to make a point. Why? Because we’re talking about a child!!!!!!!!]

Look at just how broken the left is — Democrats, the corporate media, Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Business… this is how damaged and dangerous they’ve become. To expand a base of power leaking the working class of all races and creeds, these sicker than sick fetishists are looking to bring child groomers, child rapists, and child pornographers into their caucus.

And they’re not even trying to hide it. Source: breitbart


SRH: As was the case with communist dictatorships, the more blatant the government's faults become, the more fiercely the establishment targets anyone who speak out in opposition to them. This is how Biden's administration fits the bill.

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