Watchman Warning: Update Pale Horse In Play: There Is a Good Possibility of Civil War on the Horizon, and for Those of You Who Are Unprepared, I Would Advise You to Make Every Preparation Possible to Protect Your Family as Well as the God-Given Freedom to Worship Tribulation Warp Speed

Satan's Soldiers, Antifa, the Fascist Organization, They Are Violent; It Is Time to Confront These Thugs... The first thing we can all do is research who these groups are. Take a look at their tactics. Look at where they get their money. The most important thing we can all do is share this information with the people around us. Most people will reject violent extremism, and it is important that we show them what is really going on with groups like the UEAALDF, BAMN, and Antifa. The second thing we can do is to boycott the groups and people that donate to the UEAALDF. This may include changing certain brands that we have all come to love. This was hard for me since I am usually against boycotts except in the most dire circumstances. I think this might be one of...

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