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The Lucis Trust is an organization that has Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Let us just start with that. Lucis Trust is a very shady organization that claims to have ties with the powers that be. Let’s see what they’re up to.

Heavily emphasized in the webinar, this Mantram for the New Age, that was given to Alice Bailey, founder of Lucis Trust in April 1945 in a message for all people of goodwill. Commonly referred to as a “world prayer”. Alice Bailey was the wife of freemason and author of “The Spirit of Masonry”, Foster Bailey. The invocation goes as follows:

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ* return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

*Many religions believe in a World Teacher, a “Coming One”, knowing him under such names
as the Lord Maitreya, the Imam Mahdi, the Kalki Avatar and the Bodhisattva. These terms are
sometimes used in versions of the Great Invocation for people of specific faiths.

If you’re reading carefully you’d see that people referred to as the “coming one” were listed. Are these people seriously lining up these false religions and outright saying things like “Let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let light descend on Earth” While at the same time, Freemasons struggle to achieve the 33rd degree of freemasonry without acknowledging that “Lucifer is light“.

Lucifer, the Light-Bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!“ – Albert Pike, 33-degree Freemason and author of Morals and Dogma.

To me it sounds like man is trying every which way to attain spiritual enlightenment without bowing their head to God the father. We have an organization here that has a “consultative status” with the UN, called Lucis Trust. They are facilitating information pertaining to spiritual enlightenment and the coming of a spiritual age. On September 11th, Lucis Trust released a webinar video that is still available on their site detailing their intentions on nurturing nature whilst streamlining technological innovation.

It is the belief of founder Alice Bailey that Lucifer was the being that brought knowledge to humanity. And it is my belief that that to seek intellect, man will inevitably be tested based on his holiness. Lack of knowledge is excusable, but acknowledgment of Lucifer himself and pursuing him is the very reason we must spread the word of God.

The Lucis Trust’s publishing company was founded in the early 1920s as the Lucifer Publishing Company

This is right on the Lucis Trust Wikipedia page linked here

These people are leading the masses to their demises. This article is the result of researching with the intent of finding the answers to the questions you have in a vast ocean of information like the internet. The best part about it is, this information is meant to deceive. If you go in already wearing the armor of God, you’ll see the information for what it is, satans orchestrated plan to harvest his people for the end of days. Continue to be inquisitive in the word of God, and in the world around you.

In age of abundant information, it can be hard for a christian to find the answers they want. It takes a little extra digging to find out how satan is turning the gears and unfolding his plan. God is far more powerful however, and as long as we stay in our faith we don’t have a thing to worry about.

Sources: HNewsWire, LucisTrust.org, Wikipedia


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  1. ragman57 on September 17, 2021 at 9:39 pm

    An archbishop and several cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church wrote a letter to humanity, to warn us of global tyranny under the guise of COVID-19. This is an excerpt of this historic message, which was translated in many languages and sent to leaders all over the world. (20)

    We have reason to believe, on the basis of official data on the incidence of the epidemic as related to the number of deaths, that there are powers interested in creating panic among the world’s population with the sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of restriction on freedoms, of controlling people and of tracking their movements. The imposition of these illiberal measures is a disturbing prelude to the realization of a world government beyond all control.

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