Satan Soldier Joe Biden Endorses Abortion Bill That Will Kill All Pro-Life Laws In America.


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President Joe Biden reportedly officially endorsed a deceptively-named abortion bill that will kill all pro-life laws in America if passed into law.

The Christian Headlines said the bill is expected to guarantee abortions to be legal “without limitations” and to overturn the hundreds of state laws that preserve life from the womb. In particular, Biden has given endorsement for the Women’s Health Protection Act, also known as H.R. 3755, through The White House Office of Management and Budget.

“The Administration strongly supports House passage of H.R. 3755, the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021. The constitutional rights of women are essential to the health, safety, and progress of our nation,” The White House In a statement dated September 20 and entitled “Statement of Administration Policy” referencing H.R. 3755, the Office of Management and Budget pointed out that the move to support the Women’s Health Act comes as reaction to the Texas Heartbeat Act being implemented early this month. The office underscored that the said law, also known as Senate Bill 8, is a blatant violation of Roe v. Wade and thus “significantly impairs” women’s right to health care.

“In the wake of Texas’ unprecedented attack, it has never been more important to codify this constitutional right and to strengthen health care access for all women, regardless of where they live. The Administration looks forward to working with Congress as the Women’s Health Protection Act advances through the legislative process to ensure that this bill codifies and is consistent with the protections established by Roe and subsequent Supreme Court precedent,” the Office of Management and Budget pointed out.

“The constitutional rights of women are essential to the health, safety, and progress of our nation. Our daughters and granddaughters deserve the same rights that their mothers and grandmothers fought for and won-and that a clear majority of the American people support. We will not allow this country to go backwards on women’s equality,” the presidential executive office added.

SB8 raised the ire of the Biden’s Administration and the Democrats for banning abortions on pregnancies from six weeks and beyond once a heartbeat has been detected. It also gives anyone the leeway to file a lawsuit on the medical practitioner for conducting such an abortion. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi threatened to push the enactment of the Women’s Health Act into law, a bill sponsored by Congresswoman Judy Chu, when SB8 was implemented.

“Upon our return, the House will bring up Congresswoman Judy Chu’s Women’s Health Protection Act to enshrine into law reproductive health care for all women across America,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi disclosed plans to codify Roe v. Wade after calling SB8 “immoral” and a “dangerous attack” on women, which in turn was opposed by major pro-life group Live Action who pointed out that abortion itself is the one that is “immoral, dangerous, and unethical.”

Accordingly, the Women’s Health Act is deceptive for it does not safeguard the health of women and the unborn but also puts at risk the rights of medical professionals and facilities to exercise their conscience in so far as religious freedom is concerned. The Heritage Foundation released an explosive report on Monday revealing the “truth” on the Women’s Health Act, which also endangers taxpayer funds.

“This far-reaching proposal would mandate an abortion regime far more radical that the status quo by endangering long-standing and future state and federal laws that protect unborn children’s lives, women’s health and safety, and medical providers’ consciences and religious liberty and that also protect taxpayers from being forced to fund the abortion industry,” the Heritage Foundation warned.

The bible is cut and dry about the value of human life, regularly throughout the bible people are referred to before birth while in the womb. Under divine inspiration, King David said to God: “Your eyes even saw me as an embryo.” (Psalm 139:16) God considered David to be a person even before he was born. It’s so sad that this isn’t even surprising anymore. But i’m confident that God will heal the hearts and minds of many in the coming months.

Sources: ChristianityDaily, JW


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