Watchman Warning Plandemic Working: Known and Suspected Terrorists Enter the U.S. in Unprecedented Numbers, Around 700,000 to Date. You Can Thank Obama, Biden, Google, FakeBook, Twitter and All of Satan Soldiers

HNewsWire: The Biden administration is hellbent on destroying our once-great nation. Nothing they have done is in the best interests of American folks. In reality, they are assaulting our way of life from every available direction. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) claims that the increase in illegal immigration has resulted in more known and suspected terrorists entering the United States than ever before. The Louisiana delegate told NTD, The Epoch Times' sister publication, that the Biden administration was presenting "absurd" estimates on the real number of known and suspected terrorists entering America's borders. Higgins, a well-respected police officer, believes the figure is significantly higher, owing in part to the number of "got-aways," or suspected terrorists who have worked hard to escape being apprehended by authorities at the border. Higgins' remarks came after Border Patrol officers apprehended 50 persons from the FBI's...

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