Watchmen Warning: Godless Politicians in America Wants to Outlaw Church Youth Groups, Bible Studies, So Our Very Own Homegrown Satan Soldiers Are Busy Destroying America

Watchman: “Christian Bakers Must Make Transgender Cakes” the Ungodly Courts Rule, and the Evil Homosexual Wins One Battle for Now, God Wins in the End…

According to the Colorado Court of Appeals, Christian bakeries are required to create cakes that honor transgender people. The Denver court found in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips.

HNewsWire: Watchmen Reporting: Godless Politicians America Wants to Outlaw Church Youth Groups, Bible Studies, So our Very Own Homegrown EVIL  Satan Soldiers Are Busy Destroying Christian America

For the first time in American history, legislation has been presented that would make it a crime to invite a child to a Bible study or church youth organization. Far-Left Nebraska State Sen. Megan Hunt (D) put out the extreme amendment Friday as a retaliation to Republicans trying to shield minors from all-ages drag events.

Hunt’s amendment would bar minors from attending "religious indoctrination camp," described as "a camp, vacation Bible study, retreat, lock-in, or conference held by a church, youth group, or religious organization for the aim of indoctrinating youngsters with a certain set of religious views."

It would also bar anyone under 21 from receiving Communion that involves wine. "No individual under nineteen years of age shall be present at a religious indoctrination camp." "Any person nineteen years of age or older who knowingly brings an individual under nineteen years of age to a religious indoctrination camp shall be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor," Hunt’s amendment declares. "No individual under twenty-one years of age shall be present at a religious indoctrination camp if alcoholic liquor is being served at such a place, regardless of whether such alcoholic liquor is being served as part of a religious ritual."

The basis for the ban, according to Hunt’s legislation, is "a well-documented history of indoctrination and sexual abuse perpetrated by religious leaders and clergy persons onto youngsters." Abusers within churches and other religious institutions often exploit events like church- or youth-group-sponsored camps and retreats to acquire children’s confidence and gain unsupervised access to such youngsters in order to commit such abuse.

Hunt said she did it only to "make a point" in opposition to a Republican-backed law that would prevent young children from attending adult-themed drag shows and penalize adults who take them, but national radio presenter Todd Starnes isn’t buying it.

"What if the Democrats had a majority in Nebraska?" Starnes asked. "What type of individual walks out there and says, ‘I’m going to make a point here? " We're outlawing Christianity in this country. Take Senator Hunt at her word, and I wonder if similar movements will be made in other state legislatures around the country.

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HNewsWire: Advisory: Be careful of what you read on social media. The algorithms used by these platforms have no regard for Biblical truth. They target your emotions to keep you engaged on their site so their advertisers can drop more ads. These platforms exist to enrich their stockholders. Consider God’s promise to Believers in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” There is no doubt that persecution is a stark reality of living the Christian life. Christian persecution is to be expected: the apostle Paul warned that “everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Timothy 3:12). Jesus said that, if they persecuted Him, they will also persecute His followers (John 15:20). Jesus…


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HNewsWire: God says something interesting when He tells the prophet Jeremiah to tell His people off. God says in Jeremiah 6:15 that even though His people should have been ashamed of what they did and how they lived, “They didn’t even know what blushing was.” Now, too many people in our culture have forgotten what it was like to blush at certain things, but I can remember when God gave me back the ability to blush early on in my walk with Him. Let’s take a quick look at God’s complaint, and maybe try to learn from Him how to blush again. Strangely enough, the reason a country can no longer blush starts in its churches. It starts when men of God start to care more about money and things than they do about the truth and being close to God…


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‘Vile, Satanic Attack’: Gunmen Kill at Least 50 Worshipers and Children at Church on Pentecost Sunday in Nigeria On Pentecost Sunday, gunmen shot at worshippers and set off bombs at a church in southwestern Nigeria. They are thought to have killed at least 50 people, most of whom were children. Legislator Ogunmolasuyi Oluwole said that the attackers came to St. Francis Catholic Church in Ondo state just as people were starting to gather for worship. Ondo Governor Rotimi Akeredolu wrote on Twitter that the attackers “will be found and made to pay for their crimes.” Canadian Pastor Who Was Arrested By ‘Gestapo’ Police For COVID Violations Warns Of Tyranny Coming To America (Photo : YouTube) Pastor Artur Pawlowski kneeling down on his knees as Canadian police arrest him for holding a church service. Update: 4/16/22 Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski, who…


Update: Christian Persecution, Police Arrested a Guy Who Was Calmly Reading His Bible in a Seattle Park as Drag Queens, Pedophiles, and Newborn Killers Applauded His Detention

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Rep. Miller: Biden Is Using the DOJ to Attack Conservative Christians HNewsWire: Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) claimed on the Todd Starnes Show that Biden’s DOJ is coming after conservative Christians who attend school board meetings and want to safeguard children from radical transgender . GUARD YOUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS! JOIN TODD IN SUPPORTING THE ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM BY CLICKING HERE. Completing this poll entitles you to our free news updates. You have the option to opt out at any time. You also agree to our Privacy Statement and Terms of Service. Miller told host Todd Starnes that the FBI is being utilized to pursue President Biden’s critics. “We’re seeing two systems of justice,” Miller said. “The FBI, the DOJ, and now the IRS are going after parents who show up at school board meetings, pro-life activists, conservatives, and Trump supporters.” “We’re already…


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HNewsWire: Denying God’s Truth When Claiming to Be a Christian Can Be a Deadly Mistake, Making One Hellbound, S. Michael Houdmann and Proud of It, There Are Un-Godly EVIL People. The fact is, the truth matters – especially when you’re on the receiving end of a lie.” And nowhere is this more important than in the area of faith. Eternity is an awfully long time to be wrong Got Question .Org. From CEO S. Michael Houdmann  Got Question.Org… Let me say from the outset, I am not going to directly answer the question. Why not? Because I believe it is a decision every Christian presented with the opportunity to get a COVID-19 vaccine and/or a booster should make based on his/her own convictions. My purpose in writing this post is to address some misconceptions about the vaccines so Christians can prayerfully consider…


Christian Persecution In The Land Of The Free

By StevieRay Hansen | March 26, 2022 |

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam criminalized gatherings of more than 10 people, even if they’re attending a religious service… The Democrat announced Monday that, effective Tuesday at midnight, “all public and private in-person gatherings of 10 or more individuals are prohibited” in the state of Virginia. Guidance issued by the governor’s office regarding the order notes that religious institutions are not excluded from this order. Northam’s announcement is further expanded in Executive Order 53, which placed temporary restrictions on restaurants, recreational and entertainment gatherings, and non-essential retail businesses, as well as closed K-12 schools throughout the state due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Only in the Bible are the components of the Declaration’s phrase, ‘all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator (singular) with certain unalienable rights’ present. It is a biblical concept (Genesis) that God created man in His image and likeness. Only because of…


Christian Persecution Continues, Canadian Police Arrest Another Pastor For Holding Worship Service Outdoors.

By Bryce Abbott | October 27, 2021 |

Canada reportedly heightened its anti-Church efforts as another pastor–this time from Steinbach, Manitoba–was arrested for holding worship services outdoors. CBN News said Church of God Restoration Pastor Tobias Tissen was arrested on October 18 during a traffic stop after months of avoiding the police. Tissen was issued a warrant of arrest in May that prohibits him from preaching to more than five people during outdoor gatherings. The bail hearing for Tissen was scheduled for October 19 but it was rescheduled at a later date since he objected to the restrictions imposed by the authorities on his duties as a preacher. Previously, Canadian Pastors James Coates of Alberta, Tim Stephens of Calgary, and Artur Pawlowski have been arrested by police for conducting worship services in violation of the COVID-19 restrictions. In an interview with Fox News, Tissen revealed that church leaders are being attacked by the police based on…


Christian Persecution Has Begun, CA Federal Judge Rules Against Churches: ‘Less

By StevieRay Hansen | January 25, 2021 |

Deserving of Equal Treatment’ The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) announced on Wednesday that a San Francisco area federal court ruled that churches have no place in the dynamic downtown area of one northern California city. The non-profit legal group reports that New Harvest Christian Fellowship has leased space along Main Street in Salinas, CA for over 25 years. As the congregation grew, church leaders decided to look for a larger building, locating one across the street from where they’d been gathering.  Unfortunately, the City of Salinas had a different image in mind for Main Street. City officials imposed limitations on how the building could be used, like reserving space on the first floor for retail shops. This meant worship services and assemblies would have to meet on the second floor – an impractical provision for the church. After realizing that the city…


Sources: HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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