Day of Wrath: Drought-Stricken Southern California Asks Millions to Reduce Outdoor Water Use—Godless California Is Biblically and Financially Bankrupt—No GOD—No Peace

HNewsWire: Southern California's water provider urged approximately 6 million residents on Tuesday to reduce outdoor watering to one day per week due to a water scarcity situation caused by the prolonged drought.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), the nation's biggest supplier of treated water, has requested homeowners in Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Bernardino counties to reduce their outdoor watering.

"Right present, we don't have adequate water resources to satisfy typical demand." "There is no water," MWD spokesperson Rebecca Kimitch said.

"This is uncharted territory." "This is the first time we've done anything like this."

The impacted areas are facing a "emergency due to dependence on extremely restricted" supplies from Northern California, according to the MWD.

"The last three years are expected to be the driest in our state's history, resulting in drought circumstances unlike anything we've ever seen," the report said.

The MWD draws water from the Colorado River and the State Water Project to provide 26 public water agencies, which serve 19 million people, or 40% of the state's population.

However, record dry weather have stressed the system, decreasing reservoir levels, and the State Water Project, which receives water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, estimates that it will only be able to give approximately 5% of its typical allotment this year.

According to Kimitch, the months of January, February, and March of this year were the driest in recorded state history in terms of rainfall and snowfall.

According to the MWD, the water years 2020 and 2021 had the lowest rainfall on record for two years in a row. Furthermore, Lake Oroville, the State Water Project's primary reservoir, hit its lowest level since it was created in the 1970s last year.

The district's board of directors authorized the proposal on Tuesday, but it is anticipated to go into effect on June 1. On Wednesday morning, officials are scheduled to expound on policy specifics.

Kimitch said that the MWD's client water agencies must either apply the one-day-a-week outdoor usage limit or find alternative means to reduce water consumption in a comparable manner.

Although water authorities support the water saving initiative, it remains to be seen if the public would follow suit, according to Kimitch.

The MWD would monitor water consumption, and if the limits do not work, she added, the MWD might impose an outright ban on outdoor watering as soon as September.

SRH: San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With Little Boys, Pedophile, Homosexual Perverted California Representative.

One “who with perversity in his heart continually devises evil.” That is, he revels in the natural inclinations of he’s own depravity (Jer. 17:9; Mark 7:21-22), and in his activities “spreads strife” among men.

San Francisco state Senator Scott Reprobate Wiener has introduced a new bill to decriminalize adult men having sex with boys and he and his allies in the media are smearing all opposition as “homophobic” and “anti-Semitic.”

From The Federalist, “No California Shouldn’t Decriminalize Adult Sex With 14-Year-Olds”:

LGBT activists have pushed reasonable notions of equality to its limits with obscene perversions. State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco — the same lawmaker who co-sponsored a bill in 2017 to remove the felony penalty for knowingly exposing another person to HIV — has introduced a bill, Senate Bill 145 to give judges more flexibility in sentencing gay men who abuse minors.

Under current law — which Wiener, who is gay, describes as “horrific homophobia” — a straight 24-year-old male who has sex with a 15-year-old girl can avoid being put on the sex-offender list if the judge feels the situation does not deserve it, but a gay man in the same scenario with a similar-aged boy would not be given the same option.

Wiener’s argument is one of evolving social standards. In 2015, the California Supreme Court upheld the long-standing separation of vaginal sex from other forms of sex-based on the misguided idea that if pregnancy occurred, placing the father on the sex-offender list could ruin his chances of providing for his family. The extreme of the scenario would be an 18-year-old man with a 17-year-old girlfriend.

Wiener’s bill, however, is not so straightforward. He argues all forms of sex should be treated equally under the law.

The Law Will Protect Exploitation of Minors

Moreover, while there is room for flexibility in a ruling in which a boy turns 18 while his girlfriend is still 17 and her father presses charges, the bill defines the age minimum at 14. Recognizing that minors cannot legally consent to sex, Wiener argues that if a minor age 14 to 17 voluntarily has sex with an adult who is less than 10 years older, the judge should decide based on the individual facts of the case whether the adult should be placed on the sex-offender registry. Data provided by Wiener’s office states, “[A]t least 2,400 people on the [CA] sex-offender registry, and potentially hundreds more, have been convicted of non-vaginal sex with a minor age 14 or older.”

According to the media, you’re “homophobic” and “anti-Semitic” if you oppose this bill.

Sources: ZeroHedge   HNewsWire   HNewsWire   HNewsWire

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