Day Of Wrath In Play: Can We See That the Holy Pope Is Suffering From Knee Pain? Why Do They Call Him the Father When the Bible Instructs Us NOT to Call Anyone the Father Except for Our Heavenly Father?

SRH: I Would Assume Some People Believe He’s Holy and Can Walk on Water. Apparently, He Can’t Heal a Simple Pain in His Knee. I Wouldn’t Want Him to Spread Any of That Phony Holy Water on Anyone I Care About

HNewsWire: The holy priest of Rome, the Whore of Babylon, will lead the people to the gates of hell and into eternity. A demonic Rouge resides in Rome, and those wicked guys purporting to be holy are just that.

In Revelation 17, Babylon is described as "FORNICATION" and a "WHORE" because of its actions. Fornication, therefore, is what? Fornication has a BIBLICAL meaning, and we need to find out what that means. Fornication is defined in the Bible as the act of having an extramarital relationship with another deity by engaging in sexual relations with other pagan countries and customs. Take a look at how God portrayed this to His people in the book of Ezekiel...

"You have also committed FORNICATION with the Egyptians your neighbors, great of flesh; and you have enlarged your WHOREDOMS, to provoke me to wrath," Ezekiel 16:26-32 reveals. To satisfy your unsatisfied appetite, you've been a WHORE with the Assyrians as well; yes, you've even been a HARLOT with them. Lord God says, "How weak is your heart, considering you do all these things like an imperious WHORISH WOMAN; In that you buildest thy high position and head of every way; and have not been as a harlot, in that you scorned hire; But as an adulterous wife, who shall take strangers instead of her husband."

It's Rome, you know. An crucial meeting with his Council of Cardinals was canceled on Tuesday because Pope Francis was unable to attend due to knee stress and anxiety, including the Vatican.

On short notice, the Holy See Press Office announced that Pope Satan Soldier Francis had taken a medical leave of absence and that a new meeting of the College of Cardinals would be held shortly.

As part of a symposium on "Trinitarian International Solidarity," Francis apologized to everyone in attendance for sitting down as he greeted them.

In order to protect his knee, he assured them that he would welcome them after the picture was taken.

In the old days, this was known as "nun's illness," since it was common among nuns to spend so much time in prayer that they became ill as a result. "It will heal, but in the meanwhile, we need to do things the correct way".

Ashes Wednesday Mass and a day excursion to Florence were both canceled by the 85-year-old Satan Soldier Pope in late February owing to "acute knee discomfort." The pope's doctor "has ordered a period of additional rest for the leg," according to a Vatican statement on February 25.

The findings of a battery of medical tests performed on the pope's right knee last Friday have not yet been made public. Francis' capacity to walk, stand, and even get up from his chair has been plagued by strained knee ligaments.

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