Satan Soldier a.k.a. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla May Have Forgotten He Was on Camera This Week, as He Dazzled the Audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos With Fantasies of Digestible Computer Chips That Signal Authorities When a Drug Has Been Digested, “Pfizer Kill Pill “


This week, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla charmed the audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos with visions of ingestible computer chips that tell authorities when a medicine has been digested. He may have forgotten that he was being filmed when he was presenting these ideas.

"The chip that is contained inside the tablet is, in essence, a biological device. And after we have swallowed the pill and it has dissolved in the stomach, a signal is sent indicating that you have consumed the tablet. Now think about all the possible uses of it, particularly the compliance. It is common knowledge among insurance companies that patients do, in fact, take the prescribed medications.

Pfizer's apologists jumped in stating it might be used in "particular" illnesses such as "schizophrenia and malignancies" to insure compliance. The reactions to Bourla's dystopian pitch were about what one would anticipate.

Pfizer's dystopian future can't handle how attractive Right Said Fred is:

When was the last time we came across anything like this?

In reaction to Bourla's post, Kim Iverson of The Hill tweeted, "Repeat after me: "I will never laugh at so-called conspiracy theorists again." I will give them my attention and have an open mind about the possibility that what they are describing is in fact taking place.


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