Satan Soldier Demonic Biden Tested Positive for COVID-19.” He Is Completely Immunized and Has Been Boosted Twice. There Is No Rest for the Wicked

HNewsWire: According to the White House, 79-year-old Biden tested positive for COVID-19 this morning.

Karine Jean-Pierre, Press Secretary, issued the following statement:

Biden tested positive for COVID-19 this morning. He has been completely vaccinated and twice boosted, and his symptoms are pretty light.

He has started taking Paxlovid.

In accordance with CDC useless recommendations, he will isolate in the White House and continue to do all of his responsibilities completely during that period. He has spoken with White House staff members by phone this morning and will participate in his scheduled meetings at the White House by phone and Zoom from his house.

He will continue to work in isolation until he tests negative, in accordance with White House practice for positive COVID cases, which goes beyond and beyond CDC recommendations. He will return to in-person job after he has tested negative.

In the interest of openness, the White House will offer a daily report on Biden's status while he continues to carry out the full scope of his responsibilities while in isolation.

The White House Medical Unit will notify all close contacts of the Biden throughout the day today, including any Members of Congress and members of the press who engaged with the Biden on his journey yesterday, as is customary policy for any positive case at the White House.

Biden's most recent COVID test resulted in a negative result on Tuesday.

We're certain he'll "speak the line"...

We're curious what she's thinking...

Demonic Biden has had quite a month: he falls off his bike, fist-bumps MbS, lies about cancer, gets COVID, and has a new low approval rating.

"Twice-Boosted" Satan Soldier Homicide Biden Tested Positive For COVID-19, while being completely vaccinated and twice boosted.No Rest for the wicked.




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